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Places That Cater For Baby Showers

Do You Tip A Wedding Caterer

Hosting A Bridal or Baby Shower At A Restaurant!

Tipping 15 percent to 20 percent on a $3,000 catering bill can feel daunting especially in light of all the other costs of throwing a wedding but tipping your wedding caterer is standard practice. Be sure to ask your caterer about their specific policies. Many catering companies include gratuity as a line item on their bill. If tipping is not automatically included in your total, a good approach is to tip all the people involved the day of the event rather than paying one lump sum to the catering company. For each server and bartender, you can tip $20-$50, depending on how long they were onsite and whether they did exceptional work. You can also tip the chef experts suggest $50. Its also a good idea to tip the catering manager, the point-of-contact person who keeps the catering service running smoothly the day of your wedding, ensures all the food looks beautiful and is plentiful, and resolves any mishaps. Industry pros recommend tipping the catering manager $100-$200. If gratuity is not included and youre tipping individuals, set aside $200-$500 in cash to be safe.

At A Dinner Theatre Lovely

If the mom-to-be loves food and music, you can arrange the event at a dinner theatre! Isnt it lovely and fun? You and the guests would surely enjoy the lovely evening which involves upscale dinner and the entertainment. After the music show, you can exchange gifts and messages. It would surely be a night well-spent. But remember, you need big budget for this.

How Do You Find A Good Caterer

Reviews, interviews and menu tastings will help you find the right catering choice for your big day. Start by screening possible wedding caterers based on past reviews. If a caterer you are interested in has a review that concerns you, ask them about it how they respond will be very telling. Next, ask about their availability for your wedding date.

If the wedding caterer is available on your date, its time to talk about menus and prices. Be clear about what your maximum budget is find out what choices this will allow you. Caterers may custom-create a menu for your event, or they may have menu templates within different price ranges that can guide your decision. A clear budget gives the caterer clear parameters within which to work and offer creative suggestions. Schedule a menu tasting to confirm you love your wedding menu. Once you have a menu and date, and have paid a deposit to reserve the caterers services, confirm additional details including when the food will be delivered to the site, what kind of service will be provided, how many servers will be onsite and for how long, and who is responsible for setup and cleanup. The more specific your contract, the fewer worries youll have on your wedding day. Get more smart hiring tips here.

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Caterer For Baby Shower In Gilbert Az

While there are several reasons to celebrate and plan a party, a few events in life are particularly special and precious as a baby on the way. Its a wonderful celebration of a new life, love, and family. Planning and hosting a baby shower is a massive responsibility which can be frustrating and overwhelming with all your family and close friends gathering to celebrate the new addition to the family and shower the mother-to-be with wishes and thoughtful gifts. The organizer will have to make a decision relating to food, decorations, invitations, location, and service ware prior to this important event. This planning process can cause a lot of hassle and stress for grandparents, in-laws, aunts, friends or the mother-to-be herself planning the baby shower. When it comes to catering, why not leave it to someone with experience and skills so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful event with the guests. Fortunately, if you are looking for a caterer for a baby shower in Gilbert, AZ, Z Catering is there to help you with planning and organizing every detail of the event and take the burden off.

Experienced Baby Shower Caterer

How much is catering for a baby shower?

Themed Baby Shower Buffet

Let Z Catering be your trusted baby shower caterer to make sure that your gathering runs smoothly and nothing is overlooked. Contact us at 480-747-0756 or visit for more information about our services and to get a custom quote for your baby shower.

Amazing & Attentive Service

Catered baby shower

I wanted to send a HUGE thank you specifically to yourself for all of the hard work organising our big day and to Tony for his amazing & attentive service on the night, plus to the whole team for putting together a seamless evening. I am so happy with how everything came together and I have had nothing but perfect compliments about the food, service & atmosphere on the night.

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Creative Baby Shower Catering Ideas

Besides the invitations, decors, and gifts, everyone will be expecting good food and drinks, which are essential aspects of any party. It is also challenging to prepare all the food and serve guests by yourself, as it deprives you of the time and energy for enjoying your baby shower.

Professional catering service always comes to the rescue during such a special occasion as it ensures your guests are happy and satisfied. Not only does it save on time and budget, but also provides beautiful memories and experiences to your guests.

  • Focus on the Theme of the Party
  • Most new parents always have a theme in mind that they will use to decorate the babys room. This makes it a good idea to stick with the theme when decorating the cake or a centerpiece that you would want to match with the newly decorated babys room. It is important for your chief caterer to have a good idea of your selected theme whether you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. The same can be reflected during food presentations, cutlery, and other items that will be used during the event.

  • Serve a Wide Variety of Foods
  • Add Non-Alcoholic and Boozy Details
  • A Craving Table
  • An Epic Dessert Table
  • At A Glorious Spa Yes

    Well, if the mom-to-be is not a party lover that much and actually just wants to celebrate the event relaxing, then you can have it in a glorious spa. The mom-to-be will be relaxed, as well as the selected guests. You may not have decorations or personalize gifts and cool looking food, the important thing is the mom-to-be is satisfied with the baby shower. Remember, baby shower isnt just about the party, its about the quality time.

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    Total Lord Of The Hospitality Industry

    We just wanted to reach out and say a HUGE thank you for being a part of our special day. We loved every second of it. We received so many compliments on the food throughout the night. Everyone said it was delicious, there was plenty of it and the presentation was amazing. Thank you for being such a professional, such a legend and a total LORD of the hospitality industry.

    The Blue Wolf Tavern Of Boardman

    Baby Shower || Decor, Food & Gift Ideas

    The Blue Wolf is one of the most well-known restaurants in Boardman for good reason, great food! They also provide catering services, offering full banquet services at the Maronite Center in Austintown, off-site catering services at a venue of your choice, or even pick-up for simpler affairs.

    1295 Boardman-Canfield Rd., Boardman, Ohio 44512 726-1736

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    Unrivalled Baby Shower Catering Service For Garwood

    A baby shower is the perfect opportunity for respite and relaxation for a Garwood mother-to-be during the final weeks of pregnancy. Being pregnant is a truly wonderful time in any womans life but that doesnt mean that it isnt without its challenges. From back pain, restless nights and swollen ankles to problems fitting into those jeans you loved, it can often be quite stressful. This is especially true in the final weeks of pregnancy. A baby shower is the perfect opportunity to take a day and unwind. However, for the friend, partner or family member organizing the event, it can be a lot of work. The best way of ensuring that your friends baby shower is as relaxing yet memorable as possible is by investing in a professional catering service.

    With a wealth of experience in catering for baby showers in Garwood, Ciao Bello Restaurants knows what it takes to produce a seamless and stress-free celebration that will live long in the memory for all the right reasons. Our highly skilled team of chefs, serving staff and event planners will take care of every aspect of this important day, so you can concentrate on ensuring that the mother-to-be has as relaxing a time as possible. Dont take risks with an event of this importance, call the catering team you can trust today.

    How Much Should Catering Cost Per Person

    Catering prices can range from about $10 per guest on the low end to $150 or more per person on the high end. Catering costs represent the quality of food, presentation, variety, ingredients and service. But catering prices are more than the cost to cook the food that will be at your party they also include the cost for the company to do business. Here is a simple breakdown of catering prices:

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    How To Plan A Baby Shower

    Posted on

    Of all the reasons to celebrate and plan a party, a baby on the way is one of the most precious. We have created a baby shower hosting guide that includes baby shower theme ideas as well as proper baby shower etiquette to help you begin your planning process.

    Baby Shower Theme IdeasBefore you can successfully plan an adorable, festive baby shower, you have to decide on a shower theme. Aside from the traditional baby boy blue and baby girl pink shower traditional themes, there are a few more unique theme ideas that you can use, like these:

    • Build-a-Babys-Library- This baby shower theme is perfect for those who do not want or need expensive baby gifts and would rather accumulate baby books and baby music CDs for their future childs enjoyment. This theme is a great option for a second-time-around baby shower as also.
    • Nursery Set-Up- Have your guests help set up the babys crib and other nursery room furniture. For those creative/artsy guests, ask them to take charge of a paintbrush for added baby room decoration.
    • Tea Party- This theme is for more elegant baby showers, with finger sandwiches and a variety of tea served on fine china.

    Once youve selected a theme for your baby shower, next you can decide on baby shower invitations, decorations, games and baby shower cake to bring your party theme to life.

    Baby Shower Etiquette

    These questions are common when it comes to hosting and/or attending a baby shower. Our answers should help you figure out your role:

    Celebrate Your Child In Style

    baby shower catering

    Theres no doubt about it children are a miracle. Having a child calls for some miraculous food, and luckily, Marleys Gourmet Sliders offers the best catering in Utah Valley. If theres a party, we want to be a part of it. Treat your guests to the mouthwatering sliders were known for or let us know if youd like to plan a custom menu. Either way, wed love to be a part of celebrating such a momentous occasion!

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    Plan Your Baby Shower Catering With Us

    Baby shower catering isnt easy. You have to entertain family and friends and take care of the mom-to-be. Let us help you with the planning and presentation. The burden does not have to fall entirely on you. In fact, it shouldnt be a burden at all!

    Read More

    Corkys event planners want to make this fun for you. Take a look at our for a sample of what we offer and contact us today at to make your baby shower an event that goes down in the baby book forever!

    Our team has been able to work with people at corporate events, wedding reception events, anniversary party events, and even birthday parties. We offer great food at your corporate event or bridal shower in the Addison, IL area and are pleased to work with you on this amazing event as well.

    Find out how we meet your needs on your special occasion and present amazing food options at your social events in the Buffalo Grove, Oak Park, or general Addison, IL area. If you are looking for the right company that offers quality catering services in the Addison Il area, reach out to us at Corkys catering today.

    How To Find A Truly Unique Venue In Sydney

    Sydney boasts sunny weather for the vast majority of the year, so why not take advantage of it and hire an outdoor baby shower venue? Rooftop terraces in the CBD will do the job if youre keen on something in Sydney city centre. If youre dreaming of a low-key rustic baby shower close to the beautiful nature on offer, with us youll discover the best gardens, lawns and woodland spots around.

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    At A Private Movie Theatre Why Not

    If spa time is not possible, and preparation of the party doesnt coincide with your time, you can rent a private movie theatre and watch your favorite movies. This way of celebrating baby shower doesnt just brings fun to your as a group of friends but its also a way of going back to the past by watching the movies you used to love. You can personalize the drinks, the foods and even have a theme of movies youd be showing.

    How Much Does Wedding Catering Cost Per Person

    Dollar Tree Centerpiece for bridal, baby shower or birthday event

    Wedding catering costs will always vary based on the number of guests youre inviting, the menu you want to serve, and the way the food will be served to your guests. As you interview wedding catering companies, youll be presented with a cost per person for various menus. On the low end, wedding catering may cost approximately $15-$18 per person. This would include prepared food only, with no setup or service of any kind. The starting price for a simple buffet meal with minimal service typically averages $22 per person. Opting for the same menu with all organic ingredients could raise your costs to about $33 per person. A moderately upscale menu could range from $24 to $34 per person. High-end wedding catering cost truly has no limit. Lobster, filet mignon, specialty seafood, organic ingredients menu choices like these can boost your cost per person up to $150 and more.

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    Baby Shower Not At Meal Times

    If you avoid meal times , food can be a light, snack affair with cake. As you get closer to meal times, more food would be expected. Two o’clock in the afternoon is a fairly common time for baby showers. At this time of day, a menu might include:

    • Fruit salad
    • Mini sandwiches or hot hors d’uvres
    • Cake or dessert

    Keep It Light With An Out Of Meal Time Event

    Avoiding having your baby shower at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, means you can keep the catering light with snacks, finger foods, hot hors doeuvres and mini deserts. If you hold your baby shower during set meal times, guests may turn up expecting more as they wouldnt have eaten already. Keeping your event catering light, will also have the benefit of lower costs and less to plan.

    Popular times for baby showers are around afternoon tea time 2pm or brunch time 11am. Some example foods for an afternoon tea time baby shower are

    • Finger sandwiches
    • Mini muffins in various flavours
    • Omelets

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    The Hippodrome Grand Ballroom Of Warren

    The Hippodrome is a part of the Mocha House family so choosing a Mocha House desserts is an absolute must if you have your shower here! The Hippodrome can accommodate 20 to 300 guests, and offers preselected or custom menus. Prices here start at $8.50 per person.

    150 High Street, Warren, Ohio 44483 392-3020

    Work With The Best Baby Shower Catering In Charleston

    Baby Shower Buffet Catering by Des Kitchen

    Duvall Catering & Events knows Charleston inside and out and can bring your baby shower the best this city offers. If you want the best in professional baby shower catering service, you can depend on Duvalls decades of experience to deliver on your event. Call us or contact us with details about your event, and we can make your vision come to life.

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    Sandwiches Were A Hit

    Thanks so much for Friday. The food was beautiful, plenty of it and on time. Normally sandwiches arent something guests rave about, but wow we had some outstanding comments! Several people also mentioned that we have raised the bar with this conference and that was due solely to the food provided. So, as far as feedback goes the whole thing was perfect. The young delivery man was extremely pleasant and went all out to do anything to help. Thanks again and will call on you for future events. All the best.

    Best Houston Places To Host A Baby Shower

    Planning a baby shower can sometimes get a bit stressful there are so many things to take care of, from the menu, decorations, cake, finding the perfect venue, and thats just the start. We have compiled this list of unique venues in the Houston area to host the perfect baby shower to help you out.

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