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Purina Pro Plan Kitten Chicken And Liver

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Ingredient Analysis

Ragdoll kitten – what they like to eat – Royal Canin dry food and Purina Pro Plan canned food

Purina Pro Plan uses a range of high-quality meat and fish such as chicken, turkey, duck, beef, lamb, salmon, and tuna as protein and fat sources. Some recipes include organ meats for an additional protein boost.

For carbohydrate sources, the brand uses a variety of grains . While some healthy grains are important, others can cause allergies. Therefore, Purina Pro Plan offers grain-free food varieties too.

Other commonly used ingredients include beef fat, sunflower oil, dried beet pulp, pea protein, and guar gum. The only controversial ingredients in Purina Pro Plan are meat by-products and powdered cellulose.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Review : Advanced Nutrition For Cats

For decades, the Purina brand of pet food products has been a household name for all homes with cats and dogs alike. It is home to some of the most well-known cat food brands such as Purina Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Fancy Feast, and Friskies.

With the hundreds of cat food options available, how do we pick the best for our pets? To help you narrow down your search for the best cat food, we have created this 2021 Purina Pro Plan cat food review.

Established as a farm animal feed business in 1894, the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company was eventually named Ralston Purina. To perfect the palatability and nutrition of their pet foods, the company established their first pet nutrition and care center at the Purina Farms near Gray Summit, Missouri.

Today, it is known as the Nestle Purina Pet Care Center in Northwest Missouri.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

FelineLiving.Net is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both cats and dogs. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your cat.



Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Formulas

Purina Pro Plan is more than good dog food. Offering innovative formulas, the brand ensures outstanding nutrition. To help you understand the quality of nutrition Purina provides dogs of all ages and sizes, we will thoroughly review five lines with wet and dry formulas.

Summary: The Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food is specifically formulated for active dogs of all life stages. The food supports lean muscle maintenance and ideal body condition, thus helping dogs prepare for exciting events and performance activities. These formulas are enriched with antioxidants, glucosamine, live probiotics, and fatty acids .


  • Ensures easy and healthy digestion


  • Meat by-products and corn gluten meal
  • The kibble size is relatively big

Review: Customers describe the formula as amazing dog food for high energy breeds and Purina as a trusted brand with a top record for quality. All factors considered the Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food is our choice as best overall dog food.

Summary: The Purina Pro Plan Adult Dog Food offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. Featuring added probiotics, it boosts immune health and digestibility, while vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids support healthy skin and shiny coats. The unusual mixture of crunchy kibble and tender meat chunks makes the diet extra palatable.


  • Added vitamin A and omega-6


  • Contains poultry by-product
  • Soybean meal can be allergenic




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Purina Pro Plan Kitten Dry Cat Food


Helped resolve digestive issues. Kittens who previously had digestive problems such as chronic diarrhea have shown significant improvement since being started on Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula. This food contains guaranteed live probiotics that help kittens digestive systems.

Kittens love it! This cat food is popular with little kittens. They love the crunchy kibbles and the meaty shredded pieces. It is rich in protein and flavor from real chicken and beef fat.


A bit pricey. A handful of buyers find the price slightly expensive compared to other grocery store kitten food products.

Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Kitten Food is a good dry food to try for kittens below 1 year old. It has 40% protein that kittens need to grow lean muscles. The crunchy texture is also good for kittens developing teeth.

The guaranteed probiotics in this SAVOR kitten food seem to benefit many kittens who previously had digestive issues such as chronic diarrhea. Their issues have been significantly reduced or completely resolved. Kittens also love this crunchy food. Some however, find this product a bit too expensive.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Salmon & Rice Formula

Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten Classic Chicken and Liver ...


Vet-recommended. This dry cat food has been recommended by vets to many cat owners. According to reviews, quite a number of customers discovered this product through their vets recommendation. Their pets have shown good overall health, which they credit to SAVOR Adult Salmon & Rice Formula. According to one review, their vet remarked that her 18-ear old cat who is regularly fed this dry food is the healthiest 18-year old kitty hes ever seen.

No more vomiting. Owners of kitties who were frequently vomiting stated in their reviews that their cats are able to keep this cat food down. No more upset stomachs or vomiting. This product appears to be gentle on sensitive kitties tummies.


Grains and by-product meals. According to a few reviews from cat parents, they find that this product is not as high-quality as it claims to be due to the presence of grains and by-product meals in its ingredients. As cats are obligate carnivores, some believe that they do not benefit from plant-based ingredients, especially grains.

This salmon and rice recipe from the brand has given many cats health benefits such as healthier skin and coats. It has also been gentle on sensitive kitties stomachs, preventing vomiting and upset tummies. However, a few still find the ingredients lacking in quality due to the inclusion by-product meals and plant-based ingredients such as grains.

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Do Vets Recommend Purina Pro Plan

Yes, Purina Pro Plan is recommended by veterinarians worldwide. The Purina Pro Plan formulas are scientifically backed up. They are made of high-quality ingredients and carefully crafted by top field experts scientists, nutritionists, and veterinarians. In addition to being vet-approved and recommended, Purina is the most trusted pet brand in America.

Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula


Helped resolve urinary issues. True to its promise, this Purina Pro Plan cat food has helped kitties who were previously suffering from various urinary tract conditions. Issues like crystals, blockages, and infections cleared up after being regularly fed with this turkey and giblets recipe. This particular product has been called a life saver by some cat parents.

Good alternative to prescription food. Many owners of cats who require urinary health prescription food have found that this canned food from Purina is a great alternative to more expensive prescription foods. Some vets have actually recommended this as a comparable alternative. Their cats conditions have improved, and they were able to save money on food as well as vet bills.


Needs more moisture. A few cat parents stated in their own reviews that they wish this recipe had more moisture in every serving.

Pro Plan FOCUS Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Turkey & Giblets Entrée is a highly recommended wet cat food for kitties who have urinary health issues, or those who require urinary health food maintenance. It has helped resolve various conditions from blockages to infections in many cats. It has also been called a life saver by some cat parents.

This product is much cheaper than prescription cat food. Many have found it a good alternative to save on prescription food costs.

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Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Recalls: What You Need To Know

Purina Pro Plan is not a recall-free brand. And this is completely expected considering the wide range of products and the fact that the brand has been around for so many years.

Purina has had several recalls over the years, but when it comes to Purina Pro Plan specifically, there is only one recall. Namely, on March 10th, 2016, the brand recalled Pro Plan Savory Meals due to inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals.

We should note that in comparison with usual recalls due to dangerous chemicals and foreign contamination, the reason for the Purina Pro Plan Recall was less concerning.

On July 14th, 2021, another recall covered the Purina Pro Plan Cat Food or, more specifically, the Complete Essentials Tuna Entrée In Sauce.

Nutrition For Healthy Growth & Development

Purina Pro Plan Focus for Cats | Chewy

support a kittens developing immune system

for brain and vision development

for digestive and immune health in every dry kitten formula

Purina Pro Plan is a veterinarian recommended brand

phosphorus and other minerals build strong bones and teeth

fatty acids and vitamin A nourish skin and coat

and taurine support healthy vision

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Making The Switch To Pro Plan

Although youll be anxious to see the difference Pro Plan can make in your kitten, please allow 7 – 10 days to ease the transition from your kittens current food. Each day, simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more Pro Plan until youre feeding Pro Plan exclusively. This gradual transition will help avoid dietary upsets.

Contains a source of live naturally occurring microorganisms.

Provide adequate fresh water in a clean container daily.

For your pets health, see your veterinarian regularly.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Wet Kitten Food With Essential Nutrients

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Purina Pro Plan Kitten Food

  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

My kitten loves this and comes running when she hears the bag every day. She is 16 weeks old and I havent had any problems since we put her on this brand. Overall, I would recommend this product.

Nourish Your Kitten LikeThe Individual They Are

No one knows your kitten better than you do. First, tell us all about their unique traits and preferences. Based on your answers, our experts will recommend a Pro Plan kitten formula to help you choose the best food for them. And, youll also get a custom feeding guide.

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Natural Chicken & Liver Kitten Formula

Purina® Pro Plan® Focus Chicken &  Liver Entrée Classic ...


Helps with stomach issues. Tummy issues such as diarrhea or vomiting are quite common feline problems. With this Grain Free Natural Chicken & Liver wet food, many cats who previously had diarrhea, gassy tummies, and other issues have shown significant improvement. This TRUE NATURE cat food seems to agree with the tummies of sensitive kittens.

Healthy skin & coats. According to some cat parents reviews, their littles kittens have grown to be soft, silky and shiny kitties. Some who even had rough fur now have very healthy skin and fur. Cat parents credit this cat food with giving their kittens the healthiest skin and coat.


A bit pricey. A few cat owners find this product somewhat too expensive compared to other brands of wet kitten food. It could be especially expensive to feed to multiple cats on a daily basis.

Pro Plan TRUE NATURE Kitten Grain Free Natural Chicken & Liver is overall a good grain-free wet food for kittens. It is very flavorful from real meat bits and chicken liver. Many kittens have thrived on this product, including those who suffered from issues such as diarrhea. Their symptoms have been reduced or even completely resolved.

It has also given numerous kittens soft and shiny coats. Their owners take this as a sign of the overall good health that their kittens get from this nutritious wet food.

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Nourish Healthy Beginnings With A High

From wobbly steps to giant leaps, the first year of a kittens life is a crucial time of growth and development.

Give your kitten the nutritional building blocks they need to thrive, with advanced nutrition specifically formulated to nourish their developing body and mind.

Pro Plan kitten food contains DHA for healthy brain and vision development, antioxidants for immune system support, and guaranteed live probiotics in every dry formula.

Because every kitten is different, Pro Plan offers a variety of high-quality wet and dry kitten foods to meet specific nutritional needs, textures and taste preferences.

Nourish Your Kittens Full Potential

Your kittenâs first year is a time of rapid growth and development. Support them on their journey to a healthy adulthood with Pro Plan Kitten formulas. Fortified with live probiotics for digestive and immune health, and with antioxidants to support a kittenâs developing immune system, Pro Plan Kitten formulas help kittens like yours reach their full potential.

an omega-3 fatty acid, nourishes brain and vision development


phosphorus and other minerals build strong bones and teeth


fatty acids and vitamin A to nourish skin and coat


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Purina Pro Plan True Nature Natural Chicken & Turkey Entre In Gravy


Kitties love it! This Purina Pro Plan cat food is popular with many felines. They love the bits of real meat in this turkey and chicken recipe. The rich, meaty flavor of the gravy gives them the hydration that they need. Cats just enjoy having TRUE NATURE Grain Free Formula Natural Turkey & Chicken Entrée for dinner.

Good for sensitive tummies. Cats who had sensitive stomachs, and were previously suffering from issues such as diarrhea or vomiting have been thriving on this cat food. The problems have been resolved, and the kitties seem happier and healthier.


Needs more gravy. According to a handful of cat parents reviews, they wish that this recipe had more gravy in every can.

TRUE NATURE Grain Free Formula Natural Turkey & Chicken Entrée is a good grain-free wet cat food to try if your kitties have sensitive stomachs. Many sensitive cats have shown significant improvement after being switched to this product. The kitties have thrived and have shown good overall health. the cats absolutely love this meaty recipe too. Some however, wish that it had more gravy in every serving.

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Company Information

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Cat Food | Chewy

Purina Pro Plan is the most well-known brand within the Purina dog food family. From providing live probiotics to supporting agility performance to ensuring healthy aging, the Purina Pro Plan is all about advanced nutrition.

In other words, there is a Purina Pro Plan match for every dog regardless of its breed, size, age, lifestyle, and potential food sensitivities.

For dogs with health issues, there is a Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets line supporting digestive health, urinary tract health, cognitive health, etc. Interestingly, there is even a Purina Pro Plan LiveClear food that fights the major allergen in cat hair and dander , thus helping pet owners sensitive to cat allergens.

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