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Royal Canin Cat Food Shortage

You Know Its Bad When Pandemic Shortages Affect The Family Pet


Pet owners are having trouble finding canned food. Supermarkets are having trouble stocking it. And guess who is most displeased about the situation? Yup, your finicky cat.

Lois Stailing went to Hannaford, Shaws, Market Basket and finally Walmart before she could get her hands on a box of Fancy Feast canned cat food.

Fancy Feast, is one of the only foods that Stailings fussy 19-year-old cat, Taffy, will eat, and Stailing couldnt understand why, suddenly, the staple was nowhere to be found.

But Stailing, who lives in South Portland, isnt the only cat lover grappling with bare shelves.

Canned cat food and to a lesser extent canned dog food has been in short supply, putting many pet owners in a bind as makers Nestle and Mars, among others, deal with pandemic-related supply chain issues and increased demand.

Cat owners, especially, are feeling the pinch. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that, for the most part, theyll devour just about anything, so switching dinner brands is no big deal. Cats, however, are notoriously picky eaters, prone to turning their noses up at a can of food thats not up to their standards, so a switch isnt always easy.

Its not just shoppers who are facing low stocks.

According to Kate Griffith, community programs manager at Midcoast Humane in Brunswick, the holiday season is usually met with a rush of donations, but this year, the animal shelter has received less canned cat food than ever.


Pandemic Causing Pet Food Shortages

Pet food shortages

Pet supply stores are reporting shortages in certain brands and types of pet food.

NEW YORK – It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions to the supply chain. Empty shelves were common at grocery stores during the start of the pandemic.

Some pet shops and companies say they are dealing with this issue right now. Pauline Gratt, the manager at Pet Town on the Upper East Side, said the problem is affecting food for cats and dogs.

“The fast few months we have seen more shortages, some more significant than others. It’s been mostly canned food,” Gratt said. “A lot of beef-based items. It will be a certain protein that they can’t offer for a certain time.”

Pet owners said they’ve also taken notice.

“There were a couple of times that I remember their supply on the cat food was a little lower than normal, based on the brand that I like,” Danny Kayton said.

In an online message, Royal Canin, a pet food manufacturer, apologized to customers for the problems with availability.

“We take full responsibility for this, and deeply regret the impact that these issues may have on you and your pets that we are so privileged to feed,” Royal Canin said. “We have experienced incredible growth in demand for our products at a time when a broader global crisis is putting additional strain on all of us.”

The retailer Petco has also seen a disruption in supply, the company said. It cited data showing a spike in pet ownership over the course of the pandemic.

Who Manufactures Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast is made by Purina, with North American headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Purina has some 20 pet food manufacturing plants in the United States. We cant say for sure which of them make Fancy Feast products. Since Fancy Feast makes such a wide range of products, they are probably made at more than one facility.

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Fancy Feast Cat Food Shortage 2022

In the United States, Fancy Feast cat food is a typical food found in most grocery stores. Many people worry about what will happen to their cats when this famous brand of cat food runs short. So, has Fancy Feast Cat Food stopped? However, pet owners shouldnt worry as other brands are available and can be found at a low price. These brands also have different flavors and types of cat food to suit your pets needs.

There is a permanent shortage of cat food in Fancy Feast. Why is there a lack of cat food? The company was unable to meet demand due to the recent recession.

In addition, some retailers seem to be taking advantage of this situation by raising prices. There are several ways to prevent a cat from starving to death while waiting for new material. You can replace that fancy celebration with a cheaper brand or give your cat ham and canned cheese for a more nutritious meal.

The lack of cat food at Fancy Feast is a city problem. People look for cat food for their cats, especially those with older or disabled pets.

Many people think of the situation in the United States in the middle of winter when they think of food shortages, but this problem can occur anywhere and at any time, even in summer.

In winter, your area struggles with cold temperatures, and many farmers cannot heat the green spaces where they grow food. Now you know why Fancy Feast cat food is running out in stores. Your local supermarket will start selling more frozen foods like meat and poultry.

Pet Owners Grappling With Pet Food Shortage

Cat Food Shortage December 2020

Owners struggling with pet food shortage

FOX 26’s Heather Sullivan has some smart sense on what you can do if you’re struggling with the current pet food shortage.

HOUSTON – Many pet owners say they’ve been scrambling to find some pet foods throughout the pandemic, especially for cats and dogs that need special diets.

Some pets are finicky eaters. Others have health problems and need special food. But a pet food shortage throughout the pandemic has been making some pet foods hard to find.

Dog trainer Manuel Golden hears from his clients at TyCal K-9.

“They’re like wow, what do I do now? I can’t find my dog food anywhere,” said Golden.

Golden says he and pet owners have not been able to buy some pet foods for months.

“It’s a little concerning because your pet is like your child. You want to do what’s best for them,” said Golden.

Veterinary technician and Practic Manager Landis Perret at Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital says there’s a shortage of Royal Canin, which makes dog and cat foods for different breeds and health problems.

“Primarily we’re seeing urinary diets, renal, and kidney diets, and very specific GI diets. And the GI ones are really concerning because those pets have very rare conditions,” said Perret.

Pet owners have reported shortages off-and-on with brands, including Purina, FreshPet, Fancy Feast, Friskies, or 9-Lives. Manufacturers say it’s due to manufacturing shutdowns and a surge in pet adoptions during the pandemic.

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About Royal Canin Cat Food Brand

Royal Canin is an organization that is popular for providing pet foods in more than 91 nations with cutting-edge producing offices arranged worldwide. It is a French producer of feline and canine food, and French veterinary specialist Jean Cathay set up the organization. Jean effectively treated various skin and coat conditions in pets by taking care of them with a grain-based eating regimen he arranged in his carport. In the wake of bringing in an extruder from the United States, the organization quickly made dry pet food in France.

It is generally seen that vets recommend Royal Canin, and its nothing unexpected, considering the organization was established by one. During the 1960s, the founder began exploring different avenues regarding his feline food equations in light of various skin protests endured by his clients felines.

Such was his prosperity that he made his feline food line, which proceeds right up till today. This text discusses the fundamental data you want to be familiar with Royal Canin feline food items.

Is There A Pet Food Shortage


With scores of new pet parents created during the pandemic as households have sought out added companionship, it would appear that one type of pet food is now in short supply. Wet food found in cans may be hard to come by for a few months, explained Chewy CEO Sumit Singh.

“Wet food is a really popular category within pet food and it makes up roughly 20% or 30% of the category. What’s happening is a high quality problem to have actually. Three or four manufacturers produce wet canned food in the United States and they were running high utilization levels given the secular trends in pets and the demand arrived, and shot the capacity constraints. So as a result, you have an imbalance and a bit of a shortage,”Singh told Yahoo Finance Live.

Singh continued, “The shortage is at the industrywide level, so like isolated out of stocks. We are working very closely with these manufacturers and vendors to be able to course correct. It’s going to take a few months before new capacity comes online, but ultimately there should be new capacity released into the marketplace and the situation should go back to normal. We are being hyper vigilant on this right now, and so far we are not seeing material loss of demand and momentum as a result of this.”

Pet food and treat sales surged 9.7% to $42 billion last year, according to a new report from the American Pet Products Association.

As for Chewy, the spotty inventory of wet canned food didn’t slow its fourth quarter one single bit.

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Which Types Of Cats Is Fancy Feast Best Suited For

The huge range of cat foods on offer from Fancy Feast means theyre a good choice for fussy cats. With so many different textures and flavors to choose from, youll likely find something to suit your fussy feline.

Fancy Feast generally gets good reviews for palatability. It also has options for both kittens and adult cats. The nutritional profiles are generally good, with high protein and low fat.

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Whiskas Cat Food Shortage

ROYAL CANINĀ® A better world for pets

The maker of Whiskas, a spokesman for Mars NZ, confirmed that the bottlenecks were due to ongoing restrictions on ports, shipping, and production.

As pet lovers, we know the current shortage of some Whiskas pet food product lines is frustrating for pet owners.

We want to reassure New Zealand pet parents who have worked hard to get their pets favorite food back to Anbar as soon as possible.

Senior Vice President of research at APPA, Loren Feinstein, reveals that Weve been having issues with several raw materials for a few months. This has been impacting our operations. And this particular one, $30 to $35 per week in some locations. Just to give you an example, so now were dealing with both and doing the best we can, and were not always able to have the quality we need.

What could it mean for the pet world? First, King explains the difficulties in manufacturing and shipping, revealing the challenges of keeping up with demand.

Opinions are divided between those looking for and those dismissing such predictions.

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Working Towards A Sustainable Future

Our belief that pets make our world better inspires and gives life to our purpose of making a better A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS


Water sufficient for processing, rabbit, potato, dried potato, rabbit liver, vegetable oil, potato protein, powdered cellulose, fish oil, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, choline chloride, taurine, vitamins , sodium carbonate, carrageenan, trace minerals , marigold extract .

Calorie Content

This diet contains 1080 kcal ME/kg 416 kcal ME/can on an as fed basis .

Guaranteed Analysis
1 1/4 cans 1 1/4 cans
27 lb 1 1/4 cans 1 1/2 cans
35 lb 1 3/4 cans 2 cans
2 1/4 cans
55 lb 2 1/4 cans 2 3/4 cans
66 lb 2 3/4 cans 3 1/4 cans
77 lb 3 1/2 cans
88 lb 3 1/4 cans 4 cans
4 1/2 cans
132 lb 4 1/2 cans 5 1/4 cans

Covid 19 Delta Outbreak: Pet Food Shortages Causing Angst For Fussy Felines

14 September 2021. There are 15 new cases of Covid-19 in the community today – and all have been linked to other cases in the outbreak. Video / NZ Herald

By Tom Kitchin of RNZ

It’s not just toilet paper and flour – pet food shortages have exacerbated over New Zealand’s Covid-19 delta outbreak, clearing out supermarket shelves faster than normal.

Global shipping challenges have led to less pet food in the aisles for some months, but shoppers say the items are becoming even more limited during high alert levels.

Wattie’s managing director Neil Heffer said demand has risen for cat food brands, such as Chef, in recent weeks.

” up almost 20 per cent on this time last year,” Heffer said.

“We think that’s related to scarcity of supply. We’re quite fortunate in that we are able to produce all of our pet food locally, but unfortunately for some of our competitors they have to bring in pet food from overseas, and obviously with global shipping constraints and challenges in global supply chains, that has led to some shortages.

“That scarcity we expect will probably give some people some cause for concern, so they might be buying a little bit more than they ordinarily do.”

Wattie’s did not shut over alert level 4, but had to socially distance staff, provide PPE and have work bubbles.

A spokesperson from Mars, which owns Whiskas, Iams, Dine and Royal Canin said pet populations have increased all around the world in the past 12-24 months.

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Pet Owners Are Struggling To Find Pet Food Amid Supply Chain Woes

As companies experience shortages of labor and materials, as well as logistics hurdles, its affecting the supply of pet food.

  • Many grocery stores around the country are struggling to stock their shelves with pet food.
  • Supply chain problems along with labor and material shortages have struck the pet food industry.
  • Some owners have resorted to making their own pet food.

The supply chain crisis strikes again, and this time its targeting the furry creatures that have helped keep many people sane during the pandemic, as reports of pet food shortages roll in from around the country.

As companies experience shortages of labor and materials, as well as logistics hurdles, its affecting the supply of pet food. This comes as pet ownership across the U.S. skyrockets.

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet ownership in 2021 increased to about 70 percent, and in a survey, 35 percent of pet owners said theyre spending more on their pet and pet supplies, including food, over the last 12 months.

Thats now being reflected in grocery stores, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that pet food sales grew almost 7 percent over the past 52 weeks, ending Nov. 27, compared to 2.3 percent for food overall.

America is changing faster than ever!Add Changing America to your or feed to stay on top of the news.

Some pet owners have resorted to making food for their pets themselves, which may or may not be accepted by ones pet.


Pet Owners On The Prowl For Cat Food Amid Supply Chain Issues

Whiskas Cat Food Shortage 2021

LELAND, N.C. – Many pet owners have noticed a new shortage lately, causing families to dig deeper into their pockets or venture out of their pets comfort zone.

Well, I gotta burn a bunch of gas or get on my cell phone and start calling around Do you have this or Do you have that? said Leland cat owner Alex Fulcher. You know, its just kind of aggravating not being able to find it. Ill probably go to three or four different stores.

Canned wet pet food seems to be hard to find lately, especially for cat owners. Some stores are better than others when it comes to empty shelves, but some pet owners will go store to store in search of their furry friends favorite meal.

Ill have trouble finding the pate cans, said Fulcher. I think theyre five and a half ounce cans. Usually, I get the 32- or the 48-count. We buy in bulk because its a little bit cheaper, but I cant even buy that the last two months.

Its a problem impacting people across the country as supply chain issues impact which foods are delivered. Meanwhile, some brands wait for products still sitting on cargo ships.

Petsmart is just one store struggling to keep shelves stocked in some locations.

Thats pushed some pet owners to buy more expensive brands or shop online from places like Chewy or Amazon. If theyre lucky enough to find a story with stocked shelves, theyll stock up.

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Sheba Cat Food Shortage

Sheba is a brand of cat food manufactured by Nestle Purina Pet. Sheba is available as dry and wet food as well as cat food. However, cat food may not be commercially available due to the lack of some ingredients such as fish oil .

Cat owners have no food at night. The price of its products has increased since Shaba became part of March, one of the worlds leading pet food manufacturers. This price increase is due to the increasing demand for cat food. Some pet owners are now spending $ 100 more a year on their pet food than before this last change.

However, some people are lucky enough to still pay for spending $ 50 or more a month on their pets. If your budget is limited, consider other options for your furry friends, such as Buying dry cables instead of wet cans.

This shortage of cat food in 2021 resulted from some production changes at Nestle Purina Pets Company. The shortage began in the first week of July after Purina decided to stop producing some of the dry pet food due to an expiration date issue. Instead, the company decided to focus on making wet cat food during this time.

In the past fortnight, new words regarding Sheba cat food shortages have popped up in the UK. Older news coverage dated from 2017 hinted at a start to the shortages in April 2017, supplier Woodbridge Pet Nutrition sent a notice to its suppliers, which was found to be a crying wolf given that suppliers were granted a considerable order.


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