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Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Clean Blossoms

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Tough Odors Solution Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Glade Clumping Cat Litter

Meet the dream team that brings freshness to the litter box, especially in multi-cat households. The pleasing fragrance of Glade unites with the Tidy Cats odor control that you trust, giving a one-two punch to unpleasant smells. Tidy Max technology neutralizes ammonia, urine and fecal odors, while the Glade fragrance leaves behind a clean scent for a litter box that starts fresh and stays fresh. Ammonia Blocker defends against ammonia smells, providing immediate and lasting odor control. The litter, with moisture-activated Power Pieces, absorbs wetness and forms tight, lightweight clumps for fast scooping. Our LightWeight formula is half the weight of clumping litter. Plus, this power couple of the litter world features a low dust pour, letting you pour without stirring up clouds. Powerful odor control with the Glade scent you love√Ęthat’s the innovation of Tidy Cats.

Ingredients: Natural Clay And Mineral Product With Deodorizing System

*with regular maintenance

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Lightweight Multi Cat Litter Tidy Max Glade Clean Blossoms Formula 17 Lb Box

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  • Clumping multi cat litter in leak-proof bag features packaging with easy-to-carry handles that’s easy to open, pour, store and break down for recycling
  • Odor control cat litter blocks ammonia odor for up to 2 weeks
  • Moisture-activated Power Pieces in scoopable litter absorb odor and liquids to help keep your cats comfortable and dry
  • Tidy Cats scoop away multi-cat, scented cat litter made from natural clay and mineral product forms strong, tight clumps for easy cleanup
  • Scented clumping cat litter from two trusted brands has a light, pleasant fragrance to help you maintain a fresh-smelling home

Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight Low Dust Clumping Lightweight Glade Clean Blossoms Multi Cat Litter

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Every Home Every Cat There’s A Tidy Cats For That

Outsmart litter box foes with Tidy Cats LightWeight clumping litter. We have a Tidy solution to every challenge, from messy clumps to heavy litter to odor. Our clumping, low-dust cat litter makes scooping easy with light, tight clumps. When it comes to odor control, Tidy Cats LightWeight stops ammonia odor from forming for at least two weeks when used as directed. Look to our complete line for the easy-to-lift, hardworking formula that best fits your home, including 24/7 Performance for around-the-clock control and Free & Clean Unscented for unscented odor control.

Light, Tight Clumps

Our LightWeight formulas form light, tight clumps in the litter box for easy removal, so you can scoop and move on with your day. Checking litter maintenance off your list is simple with Tidy’s reliable clumping.

99.9% Dust Free Litter

Enjoy a clean, easy pour with our 99.9% dust free formulas. Cat paws are adorable, but no one wants dusty paw prints everywhere, so we’ve worked to minimize dust in and around the box.

50% Lighter than Leading Clumping Litter

Take the heavy lifting out of litter box care. Our LightWeight formulas are tough on odor, but easy on you. Carry, store, pour and scoop with ease.

14 Day Ammonia Blocker

Feel confident welcoming guests into your home any time with no worries about “cat smell”. Ammonia Blocker prevents ammonia odor for 14 days when used as directed, so your home smells like home.

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping ...

Outsmart odors with the power of Tidy Cats and the freshness of Glade Tough Odor Solutions. Combining the strength of two trusted brands, this cat litter neutralizes ammonia, urine and fecal odors with TidyLock technology, leaving only a pleasant Glade scent. Ammonia Blocker combats lingering smells, preventing the formation of ammonia odors for at least two weeks* when used as directed. Add it up, and you get an ally against odors that’s strong enough for multiple cats. Tidy Cats Glade Tough Odor Solutions helps cats feel comfortable, too. The absorbent litter locks in moisture to maintain dryness in her box. Plus, our formula is low dust, so she can use the litter box without stirring up clouds. Our lightweight formula simplifies life for you as well. At half the weight of clumping litter, our litter takes less effort to carry, store and pour. Deliver a blow against odors with this powerhouse combination for a clean, fresh home that puts you and your cat at ease.

Ingredients: Natural Clay And Mineral Product With Deodorizing System.

*with regular maintenance

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Who This Cat Litter Is Intended For

This cat litter is designed for multi-cat households who have struggled to keep cat waste odors in check while using other products. They are looking for a standard clay product that also has clumping capabilities. Also, they and their cat dont mind the use of artificial scents to help combat the strong cat odors. Finally, they are willing to spend a bit extra for a product that works even if it sneaks up into the highest price tier.

Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter

$46.59eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:thelocallocalstore99.3%, Location:Marietta, Georgia, US, Ships to: US, Item:185260315307Tidy Cats LightWeight Litter – Low-Dust, Clumping – Glade Clean Blossoms – 17 lb. One 17 lb. Box – Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, LightWeight Glade Clean Blossoms Multi Cat Litter. Half the weight of the leading clumping cat litter. Low dust for a clean, easy pour.Condition:Brand New, Size:17 lb. Box, Brand:Purina Tidy Cats, UPC:070230168979 See More

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Clumping Litter As Well As Sodium Bentonite


Seventy-five percent of the litter we purchase for our pet cats today is quite awful for the environment. They all have the same issue that Fullers Earth had in the 50s, they produce a lot of hazardous dirt in the air, terrible for both animals as well as humans. Other than in the 1980s, Sodium Bentonite was presented into litter just to make it easier to scoop due to the fact that the moisture made globs.

Sodium Bentonite is strip-mined, which is a procedure that creates water air pollution in addition to wild animals variation, and also much more. There are many biodegradable and all-natural items on the shelves that benefit your family pet and the setting as well. Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Clean Blossoms

Tidy Cats Glade Clear Springs Lightweight Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Extra Strength, Scented, Clumping Cat Litter
  • Ammonia Blocker prevents ammonia odour for 14 days, guaranteed
  • Glade Clear Springs scent adds a pleasant fragrance to your home
  • Lightweight formula is over 50% lighter than the leading clumping litter
  • 99.9% Dust Free
  • Easy to carry, pour and store
  • Designed to accommodate multiple cats
  • Tight Maxx Clumps for an easy scoop

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Exactly How Do I Select Cat Litter

Picking your pet cat litter can be puzzling if you dont recognize what to try to find. Occasionally you will find yourself checking out only the rate as well as not the advantages. While clumping litter functions well for solitary feline houses, it obtains overwhelming when you have numerous felines. If you have multiple felines, you require super-advanced smell control, and also you will certainly still have to alter it more often than if you have only one cat. There are lots of variables you need to examine. Age, weight, and also the allergic reactions of pets and people in the home are all essential variables when picking. Locate what works for your house, every house as well as every housecat is different. You can do this by experimentation up until you locate what benefit you.

Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Clean Blossoms

Being a cat proprietor is an extremely rewarding title. They arent overly caring like pet dogs as well as offer you space until they desire focus. Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Clean Blossoms

Everyone that has a cat knows of the difficult task that is the dreadful LITTER BOX.

I indicate, that in fact delights in having an open cat commode in their residence?

The smell of having pet cats is possibly the only reason there are pet owners to begin with!

That is why you need to understand whatever you can about pet cat litter and also exactly how the right or the incorrect kind can be excellent or ruining to your home.

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Available Tidy Cats Litter Coupon:

They have Tidy Cats Coupons available for Lightweight, Yesterdays News, Naturally Strong and Breeze.

These coupons will only be available for a limited time.

Wow, who knew there were so many different varieties of Tidy Cats?! I think its great that there are so many options to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your cat. Which cat litter does your cat prefer?

Where to buy Tidy Cats?

You can find Tidy Cats at many local in-store and online retailers. Some of them include Walmart, Target, PetSmart, PETCO, , Chewy and more!

We hope this Cat Litter Coupon will help you save on your next pet supplies shopping trip!

Be sure to check out all of our printable pet coupons before theyre gone!

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Tidy Cats Lightweight With Glade Clean Blossoms Clumping Cat Litter

Tidy Cats LightWeight Clumping Cat Litter

Power up your odour-fighting skills with Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade. Enjoy the pleasant fragrance of Clean Blossoms with no worries about odour!

  • Prevents ammonia odour for 14 days, guaranteed.
  • 50% lighter
  • Light, tight clumps for easy scooping
  • Powerfully absorbent
  • Low dust for a clean, easy pour
  • Pleasant floral scent

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