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Why Does My Cat Swat At Me

They Want To Get Your Attention

Swat kats what to do now episode 1 why? Part 2 (OLD)

What better way to get your attention as your pass by than grabbing a hold of your leg?

Its not how we would get the attention of someone else. Unless we were laying on the floor, then it might actually be something wed do.

For cats, however, it makes sense to just grab at whatever they can. Plus, they dont realize that its going to hurt if they connect claw with skin.

When cats play with each other they will usually have their claws out, but with a thick coat of fur and two layers of skin, they rarely draw blood.

If your cat is trying to get your attention, Id bet it means they are either hungry or want to be let out. Am I right?

She Has Enough Of The Petting And Wants You To Stop

According to Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois, Chicago, biting their owners during a petting session is one of the common behavioral problems of cats.; These so-called love bites or when a cat nips you are usually referred to as petting-induced aggression and your cats way of telling you that she has had enough.;

Some cats will also lick and then bite you but the bite does not typically puncture your skin.;

Dr. Liz Stelow, Chief of Service of Clinical Behavior Service at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California also notes that cats that engage in love biting do not show other signs of aggression such as hissing, growling and clawing. She also adds that the cats body language is relaxed but the cat could become slightly tensed immediately before biting.;

Observe if your cat is manifesting the following behavior as it will give you cues when not to overdo petting to avoid overstimulation:

  • her tail or skin is twitching;
  • her pupils are dilated;
  • the whiskers are forward;
  • her head or eyes are turned toward your hand;

Cats will usually give a warning before nipping or biting you, thus, it is important to watch out for any warning signs as indicated above to decrease your chance of being bitten.;

Keep An Eye On Your Cat To See If Theyre Trying To Tell You Something

Have you ever wondered why your cat slaps you with his tail? Youre not alone! There are many guesses as to why cats do this, but the most popular hypothesis is that theyre trying to communicate with their owners. We dont like to judge here at PetsLady, but some people are lousy communicators. Have you ever tried communicating with someone who has no desire to listen? Well, cats must have this problem too because theyre always looking for new ways to get their point across.

After all, the other thing a cat can do with his tail is batted it around and try to hit you,

so why not evolve that into something more productive?

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Why Did My Cat Suddenly Start Biting Me

Some cat owners find that their kitty seemingly develops this biting behavior overnight. One day everythings fine, and the next, their cat becomes a biting terrorist.

Cats bite, claw and swipe as a natural part of their lives and playtime. If you find your cat suddenly develops this behavior, it could be due to them reaching developmental points in their lifecycle. These changes unlock this behavior, such as the start of adolescence in your cat and sexual maturity.

Is It Normal For Cats To Reach Out To You

Why Does My Cat Slap Me In The Face?

It is normal for your cat to reach out to touch you.

If you dont have a declawed cat, it can be a scary experience the first your cat reaches out to touch you. Is she going to grab your sleeve? Scratch you? Pull you in to bite you? Not use claws at all? Who knows!

What we do know is that it is perfectly normal for your cat to reach out to touch you like that, even though it might be scary when its happening. Its a habit that is common for cats to have.

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Trying To Bury Their Food

via Giphy

If your cat doesnt like his own main dish, he might just walk off in protest. Some cats, though, display an ineffective instinctual behaviorthey try to bury the food.

In a less-tame environment than your home, a cat might want to cover the carcass of a dead animal it had killed to avoid attracting other predators to its own territory. Whatever the thought process, there is something in the smell of the food that sets off similar actions to covering feces in the cat litter box. But, in the average kitchen, there isnt much organic material like soil or leaves to cover the dead body. So, the cat ends up looking like he is sweeping around the cat food bowl.

One of my males thinks he needs to hide the leftover food where I serve my kindle of cats on the dining room table. He scratches at the table cover until he manages to flip it over the bowl. Oh, well that table cloth probably needed to be washed anyway!

Why Do Cats Walk In Front Of You And Stop

When a cat walks in front of you, she likely wants something from you. Shes learned that this is an effective form of communication, and shes using it to tell you a need or a want that she has. Next time she does it, follow her to see where shes trying to take you.

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What Should I Do If My Cat Experiences Sudden Aggression

The first stop any time a cat shows these aggressive signs without obvious provocation is your veterinarian. She can examine your cat and make sure he;does not have a medical condition causing the unwanted behavior. If your cat has a clean bill of health, your veterinarian can refer you to a;behaviorist who can help determine the triggers of aggression and the steps you can take at home to resolve the problem.

In many cases, simply being aware of the early signals of a cat about to freak out gives you the chance to remove yourself from the situation before it escalates to violence. While you cant always control the causes of the anxiety, owners can often give the cat the space he or she needs to wind down without injuring anyone. With patience and some good detective work, many cats are quickly back in everyones good graces.

Want to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of aggression in cats? Read an;overview of the condition.

Why Does My Cat Swipe At Me When I Walk By Is It Normal

Why Cats Lie on Their Backs When They See You

Any time you walk by your cat, youre putting your ankles on the line. You may be minding your own business while you walk by your cat, and your cat will suddenly swipe at your ankle when you walk by. If you dont have jeans on, you may be yelling, ouch! Every time, you ask yourself this: why does my cat swipe at me when I walk by?

Cats swipe at you when you walk by to get your attention. Most swiping is playful, but it can also be a sign of redirected aggression in some cats. Cats also swipe out of fear, or to assert their dominance.

Sometimes its hard to know exactly why your cat does something, and swiping is no exception. Swiping usually happens because your cat wants attention or feels playful. Rarely, it may be an act of an aggressive cat. Keep on reading to learn why your cat swipes at you when you walk by.;

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Why Does My Cat Suddenly Attack Me For No Reason

That energy might be fear, excitement, the urge to defend territory, pain, or the desire to chase prey. Cats that are otherwise friendly might attack people or other animals in the home when they are affected by this. An indoor cat can see or sense a cat or another rival animal outside but cant get to it.

Petting Minus The Aggression

Often petting aggression can be minimized by adjusting where, how, and how long you are touching your cat.


Most cats prefer petting around their face. When cats instigate petting, they typically do so by rubbing their face on their person. On the flip side, touching at the base of the tail, along the tail length, or on the belly is more likely to cause a negative reaction. Every cat is different though so pay attention to what your cat enjoys rather than just tolerates.


Long strokes with gentle, even pressure typically get the best reaction. Hard, quick scratches may get a less positive response.

How Long

When first working on your cats petting aggression, start by keeping petting sessions very short. Pay attention to when your cat reacts and try to pet for a shorter time. At first, you may only pet them a few times and then take a break. Over time though youll be able to build up.

If you see any warning signs, give your cat a break immediately and see if they actively ask for more petting. Cats that walk away or dont rub back against you are telling you they are ready for the break. If your cat isnt the walk away type, grab a toy and give them something else to do.

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What Can Happen If I Ignore My Cat Hitting Me With Its Paw

Uncorrected behavior is often repeated and cats are no different than any other animal in that regard. In all likeliness, the behavior will continue or increase in frequency.

Its important to not allow aggressive behavior to go on without an adequate response. Never physically punish your cat, as that will increase her fear and aggression.

Learn to recognize signs of overstimulation petting. When your cats body language signals aggression, stop petting her and set her down. Use treats to encourage good behavior, such as when she is calmly allowing you to pet her.;

Spend more time in play mode, encouraging her to get her energy out and improving her bond with you.;

Why Does My Cat Suddenly Hate Me

"Why do you look at other cats on the internet when I am ...

Cats dont really hate you; what they hate is something about their particular situation, living environment, or physical status/well being, and in response to that frustration, they are acting out at you. Your cat may be hurt/injured. Your cat may dislike a change in his or her environment. Your cat might be bored.

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As A Form Of Aggressive Fighting

If you notice your cats swatting each other, it could be that they are having a full-blown violent disagreement. While most of the time you cannot determine why your cats are fighting, look for clues like having their claws out and ears that are flat against the head. This may signify that the cats are threatened or scared which means they are ready to fight it out.;

Also, listen if they are hissing, screeching or meowing angrily and loudly. If this is so, break them up at once. Catfights do not necessarily mean they have bad blood between them, it may stem from fear or from one cat being startled by the other cat.;

If the occasional swatting becomes more frequent, you should consult your vet or a veterinary behaviorist and discuss your cats behavior with them. Increased aggression and erratic behavior may signify an underlying illness or infection which should be addressed promptly.;

Confrontation With Another Cat

I witnessed multiple confrontations between two cats in my neighborhood last year. I recorded one of the encounters. Its in the video below.

The gray cat lives next door to me and the black cat lives in the neighborhood. As you can hear , the black cat is persistent and demanding.

Over the course of two months or so, the black cat was coming around and constantly trying to infringe on the gray cats territory. Well, it was more like a hostile takeover attempt.

Although you dont hear the gray cat hissing in this video, there were many times when the black cat would corner the gray cat in the stairwell behind them, and the gray cat hissed.

PetMD explains that the hissing cat is often the victim while the staring and stalking cat is the aggressor.

Thats how it played out for these two. Entrapped, the gray cat would crouch with his hair on end, much like in this video, and hiss, while the black cat blocked his escape, glaring and bullying him.

What to do:;The noises that came from these two felines freaked me out. At least two times I darted out of my apartment to scare the black cat away and ultimately set the gray cat free.

Without realizing it, my instincts kicked in and I did the right thing. Separating two cats in a confrontation is the best thing to do to prevent the situation from escalating, PetMD advises.

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Why Do Cats Bite

Cats normally don’t bite out of fear like dogs do. A cat who is scared or stressed will run away and hide unless she’s unable to escape. Be sure your cat always has a safe place where she can get away from stressful situations, including children, other cats or kittens, or dogs or puppies.

Playful cats can be quite aggressive. My cats chase each other around, while bouncing off the walls and furniture. It looks scary sometimes, but usually, it doesn’t mean a thing. Cats need to blow off energy, and laying in wait and attacking each other is one way they do it.

Your Cat Is Aggressive

SWAT Kats But Only Razor

While none of us want to admit that we may have an aggressive cat, aggression may be one reason why your cat swipes at you when you walk by. An aggressive cat is also easy to aggravate, so you may have done very little to make your cat upset.;

Some cats develop bad behavior because it hasnt been dealt with. You may want to train your cat to react differently when you walk by. Treats are a great way to divert that aggression. But, if your cat has had negative experiences in its past, particularly with you, they may only swipe at you and not others.

it may be worth getting a specialist to help you figure out whats going on.

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Play Aggression When You Walk By

Kittens and young cats learn how to hunt by playing rough with their litter-mates. Sometimes, this type of play extends to humans when they walk by. Sooner or later, kittens will actually learn to be more gentle when they play with humans â however.

If a kitten wasnât socialized or was adopted too early, they might still play rough towards their adulthood.

Play aggression is most common for three-year-old cats who are the only cats in the household and are left alone for a lot of time in the day. They start getting too enthusiastic about playing because they have a lot of pent up energy.

How Can I Prevent My Cat Swatting At Me

You can prevent swatting by providing distractions and rewarding your cat for good behavior. Since punishment can be retroactive, taking preventative measures is much more effective at maintaining a swat-free household!

If your cat has problems with aggressive swatting or tends to swat more than the average feline, preventative measures might be the best way to fix your problematic cats swatting behavior.

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The Tail Slap Is A Form Of Play

You may have noticed your cat slapping you with his tail and wondered why. This is a form of play for your kitty, but youll never guess the reason why.

If youve ever been to the vets office, and they have to give your cat an injection,

this can be traumatic for your kitty. Thats because he knows that when he gets injections he wont like it. But is there something he can do to try and avoid this?

Will A Cat Learn To Stop Hitting You With Time


Consistency and routine will teach her your habits and shell learn that shes wasting her time and energy trying to get an immediate response from you.;

An untrained cat may even throw down on you while youre blissfully asleep, batting you with her paws for attention and playtime. The best way to redirect such behavior is to ignore her and play with her fifteen, maybe twenty minutes after you wake up.

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me When Im Playing With Her

If you find that your cat starts biting you when youre playing with her, its because theyre trying to tell you they love you. But seriously, its usually a display of their natural hunting instincts.

Cat owners can stop this behavior by praising their cats for gentle play. You also have the option of giving your cat a toy if they start the biting behavior, redirecting their aggression.

Confusing Kitties Why Does My Cat Purr Then Bite

Are you confused when your cat is snuggling on your lap, purring, seemingly content, you are gently stroking them and all is harmonious then they turn around and bite you?

Rest assured, this is not unusual! Some kitty lovers call this a love bite, others call it petting aggression. Its a controversial subject but its believed that if your cat suddenly bites you for no apparent reason, it could be because they are being overstimulated by the constant stroking – which you thought they were enjoying!

Another theory is that repetitive stroking creates static electricity on your cats coat, causing little shocks – which would of course make them react adversely. Or your cat may have a painful joint that you inadvertently touch when you are stroking – this could be the case if your cat is elderly.

Whatever the reason, petting induced aggression, or defensive biting can be prevented by promotion socialization from an early age. The amount of petting a cat tolerates can be influenced by their experiences with humans when they are a young kitten, so spending time with your kitty when they are small is key!

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