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Are Female Orange Tabby Cats Rare

How To Care Forfemale Cats

Wheaty the Talking Orange Female Tabby Cat Rare tells about how she is hungry! So cute 🙂

Here are some simple tips on how to care for female cats in thehouse. If you think that this will be hard, just try to be patient and makesure you know all of the basic things about cats first.

The first thing you should do is to feed your cat well. It is important that your cat eats a good amount of meat because it is one of the best sources of proteins.

However, your cat should only eat a small portion every day. Most importantly, make sure that it has plenty of water to drink every day.

Your cat will be happier if you leave her alone so that she can groom herself. However, you should always keep an eye on her at all times. Keep her in the bathroom where there is less opportunity for you to have an accident.

Be patient because it may take a while for your cat to get used to the grooming process. However, this is a great way to show your cat affection.

Most male cats do not want to groom their own fur so they tend to ignore it. You should never force your cat to groom itself because it might hurt itself.

This is a common mistake that most people do when they try to groom their cat. If you want to give your cat the option to groom itself, you can try putting some mild anti-fur product on its fur and let your cat take care of it.

You should also teach your cat what she wants to do in terms ofgrooming. Tell your cat that you would like her to groom your legs or yourarms. Cats are very good at figuring out what you want and how they shouldbehave.

Orange Tabby Cats Have A Place In History

While the origins of the word tabby are steeped in mystery, one possibility is from the Arabic word attabiya, referring to Attabiy, a place in Baghdad known for making silk with a striped pattern. As the pattern is so common in the wild, many medieval cats were likely tabbies.

Winston Churchill had an orange cat named Tango. Perhaps it was because he looked like a tangerine or perhaps he moved like a dancer. He also had one named Jock and made a stipulation in his will that an orange tabby named Jock must always reside at Chartwell.

The beautiful orange cat has shown up in art. Utagawa Kuniyoshi did a xylograph called Woman Holding a Cat depicting a woman in a traditional kimono holding an orange and cream feline.

Horatio Henry Couldery had a whole series of paintings depicting mackerel cats and kittens getting up to mischief.

Henriette Ronner-Knip did an oil painting of a mother calico with three ginger kittens appropriately titled Contentment. John James Audubon, better known for his placid bird paintings, depicted a ginger cat and a black cat fighting viciously over the bloody corpse of a squirrel in Two Cats Fighting.

The cat Pablo Picasso depicts in Cat Eating a Bird is a brindled orange. Many fairy tale cats such as Puss in Boots, Dick Whittington’s Cat and the Cat and the Fiddle are depicted as ginger tabbies.

The previously mentioned Morris was originally a shelter cat, as has ever Morris 9Lives selected as their spokescat.

Male Tabby Cats Are More Affectionate Than Female

Judging the affection of a cat is tough to do. Each cat has their own unique personalities. While certain cat breeds tend to be more affectionate than others, those with certain coat patterns dont necessarily have that kind of effect. For that reason, its entirely a myth that male tabby cats are more affectionate than female tabby cats.

Female cats are generally more protective and at times can seem less affectionate than male cats. In general, male cats are more tolerant when it comes to being handled and interacted with. Male cats also do quite well with embracing new cats who are added to the family.

Things that actually control the affection of any cat include:

  • How well the cat is fed
  • Past life experiences
  • The temperament of the owner
  • How the cat is raised
  • Social skills of the cat
  • The health of the cat
  • Whether they are neutered or spayed

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Orange Tabbies Are Usually Large

RARE Female Orange Tabby sold

On top of being prone to weight gain, theyre also usually a bit bigger than other cats. While the difference isnt extreme, they do tend to get a little taller .

Perhaps a majority of that is because they are males who tend to be larger than females in any pattern.

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Are Orange Female Cats Good Pets

Some people have a problem with orange, female cats. I dont know exactly what they think they are doing to the cat, but this is not an animal that is meant to be around other animals.

Orange female cats can be great pets if you are going to get them from someone that already has a litter of kittens.

However, if you plan on getting an orange cat from a breeder, you are going to need to have a lot more patience and understanding.

If you want to get an orange female cat from an irresponsible breeder, it is best that you leave your pet to the evil of someone who does not take the time to be responsible.

Is an orange female cat a good pet? Yes, in the sense that they are cute, cuddly, and extremely affectionate.

However, if you own an orange female cat, you should be prepared to put up with many forms of abuse.

These will include biting, clawing, incessant whining, constant scratching, and just generally not being able to take care of themselves.

To ensure that your orange female cat can survive the abuse that she will receive, you will need to make sure that you are the one providing it.

The first thing that you will need to do is find a healthy adult orange female cat with no mites or ticks that you can train to help out with the housework.

This is going to be a very long process, so make sure that you have plenty of patience to deal with this part of the process.

If you get one orange female cat from a breeder, make sure that you are very careful with the one you get.

Why Is A Female Orange Tabby Rare

I just adopted a female orange tabby and I knew going into the adoption that they are very rare. Why is it so special for female cats to be the orange tabby colour?

The color orange has to be present on all X-chromosomes that the cat has. A male cat has 1 X-chromosome, while a female cat has 2 X-chromosomes. Therefore, a male cat has to inherit the color orange only from his mother . A female cat must inherit the orange color from both her mother and father, and so that is statistically more rare .

It’s explained in more detail, with approximate percentages for the UK, in David Greene’s book Light and Dark: An Exploration in Science, Nature, Art and Technology.

This answer is an addenda to Zaralynda’s answer. The reason why also depends on the special way the X chromosome is handled in the body. The other chromosomes are always both ‘in effect’ in the body. Since the male only has one X, the body has developed so that only one X is ‘on’ in any particular cell. The other is turned off, called X-inactivation.

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What Does That Orange Tabby Cat M Stand For

One of the most distinctive markings on the orange tabby cat is the M above his eyes. This is seen in all types of tabbies, so its not just the orange kitties that boast these cool peeper accouterments! Tabby stripes are probably predominant because of their camouflage properties, so its most likely that the markings helped them hide in the wild. Depending on the orange tabbys parental décor choices, this may or may not be the case for the modern tabby.

Orange Cats Can Have Long Or Short Hair

Carmella – 3 1/2 month old orange tabby female kitten – Peninsula Humane Foundation @ PetCo

Long haired breeds such as Persians, Maine coons and American curl can have the orange tabby pattern. Abyssinians are favored for the orange ticked pattern. Bengals, toy-gers and Savannahs look like tigers in miniature. So, it appears that whether your cat has long and fluffy or short and fuzzy hair, they might be of the ginger persuasion.

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Tabby Cats Can Be Left Or Right Pawed

Much like humans do with their hands, tabby cats have a paw preference.

Whether the tabby cat is male or female, they each have a preferred paw that they use. Tabby cats can either be left-pawed or right-pawed. A large percentage of male tabby cats are left-pawed while most female tabby cats are right-pawed.

Some interesting studies have been done to show paw preference in cats. Researchers have actually found that 39% of all cats prefer to use their right paw. The study also finds that 28.3 percent prefer their left paw mostly male cats. Other studies have also shown a closer balance in the numbers with most still preferring their right paws. There are of course cats who are ambidextrous and dont have a paw preference at all. The preferences really come down to the brain structure of each gender.

Cats who are left pawed tend to rely on the right part of their brain to perform other functions. Cats who are left pawed tend to be more aware of their surroundings, sometimes more fearful and cautious, and are more likely to show some signs of aggression. This is all relating to the conditions of stress though and not normal day to day behavior in cats.

Any easy way to tell if your cat is left or right-pawed is to see which paw they put forward first. Observe your cat walking towards you and look closely to see how they begin their movement. You can also toss a toy to your cat and see which paw they reach with first.

Are Spotted Tabby Cats Rare

While most domestic tabby cats feature stripes, blotches, and ticks, there are also some that have spotted patterns too.

So, are spotted tabby cats rare? Not necessarily. Spotted tabby cats are one of the four main coat patterns that youll find. Breeds like the Bengal carry spots. Spotted tabby cats have coat patterns that look like a mackerel, but its broken up.

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Orange Tabbies Are The Color Of Appetite

What? The psychology of colors arguably started with Goethe. His writing asserts that red-yellow is associated with warmth and gladness. He also claimed that yellow-red possesses the highest energy .

Contemporary findings include that orange is the color of adventure, social communication and, yes, stimulating the appetite . While it may be a broad brush to paint all orange tabbies in we can see that theres definitely an anecdotal correlation between their coat colors and their personalities. Now we know exactly why Garfield couldnt resist that lasagna!

So, whether theyre trying to hog the pillow so youll wake up and pet them or purring up a storm so youll pick them up and pet them theres one thing we know for sure: orange tabby cats are as bright, beautiful and varied as their coats!

Tell us: Do you have an orange tabby cat? Did you know these facts about your orange tabby cat? Is your orange tabby cat a snuggler who loves to talk a lot? Do you have an orange tabby girl?

This post was originally published in 2018.

Fascinating Facts About The Orange Tabby Cat

Are Orange Female Cats Really That Rare?

Chances are pretty high youve seen an orange tabby catand youve probably met a few, too. If youre familiar at all, you know that this coat belongs to some of the sweetest, most lackadaisical felines who love long naps and snuggles.

If you are thinking of searching for an orange tabby, or youre just curious about this fantastic felinetake a look at these 15 terrific facts.

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Orangies Tend To Be Relaxed

Ginger cats have quite the reputation for being super chill. Some of them even borderline lazy. If you want a cat who will plop down by your side whenever youre ready for some downtime this is your guy or gal.

Their naturally low energy makes them ideal companions for small kids or seniors. They also work well in multi-pet households.

Male Spayed Cats Are Much Calmer

When it comes to spaying cats, the whole point is to calm them down. Usually, if the male or female is not spayed, they will become frustrated while in heat. While the process works well for female cats, it tends to work much better for male cats. Male spayed cats are indeed much calmer than female cats.

Neutered male cats tend to be more snuggly and affectionate. Their concentration is less focused on the female cat and now more on their owner. To a degree, male cats can become quite clingy to certain objects and individuals.

When female cats are spayed, it takes them a bit longer to return to normal. They have to take time to process their hormones and sometimes that can lead to redirected aggression.

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Chocolate Smoke And Cream Are Rare Coat Colors

There are certain cat coat colors that are seen less frequently than others. You might even call them rare. Chocolate, Smoke, and Cream are some of the rarest coat colors you can find on a cat. The chocolate coat is unique because its a mutation of the black color gene. Similar to how the orange coat works, the black is watered down into this unique chocolate color. Its really only present in a few cat breeds such as the Havana Brown cat. Birman, Abyssinian, Cornish Rex, and Persian.

Smoke colored cats can be found in many breeds such as the Oriental Shorthair, Turkish Angora, and Cornish Rex. This coat is easy to spot because the cat will have a bit of silver shine to their coat. Its a color thats present in longhair and shorthair tabby cats. Cream cat colors are when the red/orange color gene is diluted. Birman and Oriental Shorthairs are known to carry this color. The color comes across as a yellow or beige tint.

While many of these coat colors occur as solids in most cats, they can feature traces of the tabby pattern in there. That can include stripes, spots, and blotches. In these cases, the colors are seen specifically in the patterns themselves rather than on the main area of the cats coat.

How Many Tabby Cats Are There Around The World

Molly – Affectionate Lap Cat Female Orange Tabby Kitten for Adoption

Its not known exactly how many tabby cats there are around the world, however, estimates are in the hundreds of millions. Most domestic cats that you see will have this pattern.

Because cats reproduce at such a large rate, theres really no way to give an exact number. Also, the tabby gene is present in almost every cat, even if you cannot see it in the coat pattern. Some people also have mistaken their cats for not being tabby, especially if its a cat with agouti hairs or with a ticked coat pattern.

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The Orange Tabby Isnt A Particular Breed

The orange tabby is not a breed in itself. Many different breeds can have the orange tabby look, so the color isnt dependent on a specific type of cat.

The most common breeds that can have this pattern and color variation are Persians, American No-Tails, British Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Abyssinians, and Egyptian Mau cats.

How Much Do Orange Tabby Cats Cost

Orange tabby cats are not specific to one breed, instead, this coat color is found across a variety of breeds.

Therefore, the price of these cats also varies according to their breeds.

However, the commonly available ginger kittens can be bought into your homes within a budget ranging from about $50 to a hefty sum of about $400.

These cats are available in a variety of locations and their prices are usually determined by their breeders.

The best option to get an orange tabby cat at an affordable price is to adopt them from shelters. Since the shelters usually contain litter of stray cats and other abandoned cats, they charge a much lower price for the cats adoption.

Adopting a ginger tabby from a humane society also adds the benefit of a spayed or neutered cat at no added cost.

This also helps the cat to attain a comfortable and safe life, away from the dangers of the outside world.

However, if you decide to buy an orange tabby from any local pet store, the price of the cat will be comparatively higher.

You can choose the exact shade of orange coat you want and have a proper check of the cats health as well.

Stores usually charge between $150- $300 for a commonly available short-haired orange tabby cat.

However, the exotic breeds of cats with an orange coat and a tabby pattern are quite expensive and cannot be found across all the pet shops.

The majority of the orange tabby cats are males. It is quite rare to find a female tabby kitten with an orange-colored coat.

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