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Male Calico Cats For Sale

Precious Calico Cat For Adoption In Honolulu Hawaii Supplies Included Adopt Lucifer

Calico kitten for sale..rare colour pattern in persian cats

Looking for a lovely Calico Cat to adopt in Honolulu, HI? Just 6 years old and weighing 13 lbs, Lucifer is a very special little cat looking for a very loving home where she can be a cherished only cat.

Lucifer has been fixed, fully vaccinated and litter box trained. She is gentle and sweet with babies and small children, older children and adults, and she loves her people with all her heart. Lucifer is not one to enjoy spending time with other cats. They frighten her, and she hisses at them. Lucifer is happiest playing with children, following you around the house, meowing her moral support and rubbing her sweet little body against your ankles as you do laundry, dishes, house cleaning and other daily chores.

In the afternoons, Lucifer loves nothing more than to bask in sunbeams and have a good, long cat nap. She is a snuggle bunny and loves to snuggle up with you in the evening and at night. She is anything-but an aloof cat.

Lucifers owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished cat. They are hoping to find a new home for Lucifer where this special cat will feel safe without the presence of other cats in the home. She may be OK with very laid back, cat friendly dogs, but that is not for sure.

Chromosomal Abnormalities In Male Calicos

For a male cat to have a calico pattern, the feline has to have three sex chromosomes: two Xs and a Y. This phenomenon can happen in both humans and animals and is, in either case, known as Klinefelter syndrome. The XXY combination can occur when there’s an incomplete division of the male’s XY chromosome pair at the time of fertilization.

This phenomenon is rare, although the likelihood of a male cat ending up with an extra X chromosome is unclear. Klinefelter syndrome affects only one in every 500 to 1,000 humans. Like humans with this condition, cats with the XXY combination have malformed sexual organs, which typically makes them sterile. This makes them an unpopular pick for breeders, despite their rarity.

Every cat is different, but often male calico cats with Klinefelter syndrome experience a range of health problems that shorten their lifespans. Some common problems associated with the syndrome include increased body fat, which leads to diabetes, joint pain, and heart disease. One pet insurance site says, “It’s possible for male Calico cats with Klinefelters Syndrome to lead full and happy lives, but they may require special care to help deal with these issues.”

Are Calico Cats Worth Money

Calico cats are worth money because theyre a specific cat breed and a beautiful one at that.

The age and sex of your cat may change the price slightly, so be aware of that. Youll probably expect to pay more for a kitten than an older cat. Whether a kitten or an adult, you might be paying more for a male Calico cat.

Check out the charts below to see what you can expect to pay for a Calico cat.

Kitten Calico Cat:


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Do Calico Cats Have More Costs Than Other Cat Breeds

Theres nothing about Calico cats that may keep the general expenses of owning a cat higher than other breeds.

Since your Calico cat is probably a purebred, you might think about regular grooming and vet check-ups. People who purchase a purebred animal are often most consistent with the health and maintenance of a pet.

Also, since most Calico cats are female, youll pay a higher price at the vet to get your cat fixed. Spaying is more invasive than neutering, so youll pay more then, but thats the same across cat breeds. Youre just more likely to have a female Calico, thats all.

Even though you might have to pay more than you expected for a Calico cat, the beauty that your new Calico cat will bring will be worth it. Calico cats have a unique coloring that will undoubtedly bring in the compliments from friends and family who meet your Calico cat for the first time. Maybe just dont let your parents know how much you spent on that male Calico cat.

So What Exactly Is A Calico Cat

Half Calico Male Kitten for Sale. Ready to leave

The first thing you should know is that Calico is not a breed of cat. You can check the Cat Fanciers Association list of breeds, but you wont find it listed there.* A number of breeds, including American Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail, and Persian to name a few can have a calico coat color.

What sets Calico cats apart is their tri-color coat. Calico cats have at least three colors in their fur, which at their most basic are white, orange, and black. However, variations on these colors, such as cream, blue-black, reddish, brown might also be noted in the coat of a Calico cat.

Calico cats are sometimes mistaken for Tortoiseshell cats or Torties and vice versa. Torties are similar to Calicos in that they have black and orange coloring. However, Calicos are usually mostly white with patches of color, while Torties typically have a mainly brownish coat with streaks of colors and almost no white.

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Calico Cat Personality Facts

Learn all about the calico cats personality and what you should know about them before choosing one to come and live with you. Although very similar to other domesticated house cats, calicos do have some characteristics that are unique to them. Find out more about these characterful cats below.

45. Some say there is no particular personality trait shared by calico cats, as they arent a specific breed. There are calico cats in many different breeds.

46. However, like tortoiseshells, they are often described as having a personality trait known as tortitude, which makes them very independent and sassy. They can also be very loyal and affectionate cats. If you get one of these white, black and orange calico cats, they are very likely to make a great companion.

47. Calico cats are said to have quirky personalities.

48. Calico cats can be more feisty and more vocal than other types of cat.

49. Sometimes owners of female cats with this genetic color pattern report higher levels of aggression than cats whose colors arent determined in the same way.

50. Having a calico, tabby or tortoiseshell cat of many colors doesnt, however, mean that your cat will be scratching and biting you all the time, simply that it may be a bit more of a diva than cats with non-calico colors.

Emily Munden

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Calico Cat Facts That Are Purrr

Welcome to the mystical universe of the legendary calico cat.

A calico cat is a domesticated cat with tri-colored fur, meaning it has three colors on its fur. For comprehensive calico cat information and the facts you need about these beautiful animals, look no further, we can help you out with all the information you need to know.

Many different breeds of cats can be calico, meaning there are many different calico cats breeds, rather than a single breed called Calico. Calico cats are very rare and are considered lucky in many cultures around the world.

Here you will find out about the most rare calico cat and why the male calico cat is so few and far between. You may also discover why calicos are considered good luck and why the Japanese maneki neko money cats are in fact calico cats. Finally, find out how to take care of calico coats, and what calicos need nutrition-wise to keep their calico multicolor coat healthy and shiny.

We have all the calico cat information and facts that you might need. Many types of housecat can have the calico genetic mutation, meaning calicos can pop up anywhere through random chance!

If you enjoy reading all about the fascinating world of calico cats, why not check out our cool ladybug facts and our brilliant bear facts for more?

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Calico Cats And Kittens For Sale

Sherman the Calico Male Cat

Calico for sale at Affordable Prices – Mr n Mrs Pet is India’s most ethical place to buy and sell Calico cats and kittens near you. Most popular free pet advertising and the number one source of information for feline lovers in India.

Wave dull days goodbye when you get a Calico cat home that has a quirky personality. They are known for their sassy temperament and enjoy active play as much as sitting on your lap and purring. Calicos can be found in different cat breeds thus, their personalities vary from breed to breed. Generally, they are highly warm-hearted cats with an intelligent nature. Your Calico cat will bring a sweet and endearing aura into your home that will lighten up the entire vibe of your everyday life. They will likely get along with your family and children, making them loving household pets.

Start your pet parenting journey consciously with Mr n Mrs Pet. We will help if you start by choosing a responsible cat breeder to give you a healthy and purebred kitten. Our foremost priority is your cat’s comfort and adjusting to your lifestyle. It sets us apart from Pet shops in India as we provide you with a loving pet and give you our complete care and attention so that your pet feels welcomed at home. Before that, you must ask yourself whether you are ready for a furbaby because it is a commitment for life.

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Why Are Most Calico Cats Girls

Calico cats are predominantly female because theyre coloring is related to the X chromosome. Ill try not to put you to sleep with a complicated genetics lesson, so heres a quick overview:

  • Two X chromosomes are needed for a cat to have that distinctive tri-color coat.
  • If a cat has an XX pair, she will be female.
  • Male cats have an XY chromosome pair, so they cant be Calicos.

However, there is an exception. In rare cases, cats can have an extra X chromosome making them XXY. These cats present as male, but can be Calico because they have two X chromosomes. This XXY configuration can cause Klinefelters Syndrome, which is a health issue well get into later. These cats are also sterile and cant be used to breed other Calico cats.

On a side note, please keep in mind that even sterile male cats should be neutered. Although they cant produce unwanted litters, this procedure provides them with important behavioral and health benefits, such as preventing testicular cancer and unwanted territorial spraying.

How Much Do Calico Cats Cost Prices & Considerations

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If you want a Calico cat, youre going to have to do some searching, just like anyone else looking for a specific breed of cat. And if you want a purebred Calico cat, youll have to expect a high price to pay. No matter how much you end up paying, Im sure your Calico cat will become your best friend! So, how much do Calico cats cost?

Calico cats cost between $400 $2,000 to purchase. Adopting a Calico cat costs between $60 $125. The price of a Calico cat is determined by its age, sex, and whether it is purebred. Male Calico cats are rarer and cost significantly more than females.

Like any breed, kittens will cost more than an adult cat, but whats interesting about Calicos is that males are more expensive than females because they are rare. If you fall in love with a Calico cat I mean, who could blame you if you do? just know that theyre an expensive breed. Lets talk a little bit more about how much Calico cats cost, why, and what you can expect to pay as a cat owner.

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Where Did Calico Cats Originate

While nobody knows for sure where Calico cats originated, its thought that they were initially found in Egypt. From there, they may have been brought down along the Mediterranean to port cities in Italy, Spain, and France. Today, you can find Calico cats all around the worldincluding the one typically napping in a sunny windowsill at my house.

Many Breeds Can Be Calico

Male Calico Cats For Sale

Calico refers to the tricolor nature of the fur, not the breed. Quite a few breeds can produce calico cats with long hair, such as Maine Coon, Persian, Siberian, and Turkish Angora.

Are you wondering about what kind of personality to expect in your calico? Because a long-haired calico can be found in a variety of breeds, their personalities cannot be clearly defined and vary according to their breed.

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Calico Cat Health Facts

Here are some calico cat facts about health and wellbeing. Find out how to take care of the calico coat and keep a calico cat fit and healthy.

1. The average lifespan of a calico cat is between 12 and 15 years.

2. While indoor cats live quite a long life, outdoor calicos have a lower lifespan of between seven and nine years.

3. Male calico cats have much shorter life expectancies that female calicos because many of them have Klinefelters Syndrome, a genetic condition where a cat is born with two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome, which can cause all sorts of health problems, including diabetes.

4. Male calico cats are sterile, so cant breed.

5. A calico kitten can be cared for in the same way as youd care for most non-calico cats. Unless you have one of the rare male calicos with Klinefelters Syndrome, your cat wont have any more health problems than a cat without a calico pattern.

6. Calico pattern cats need yearly vet check ups like any other cat.

7. A cats white, orange and black color calico fur can be kept in tip-top condition by giving it a high protein diet and supplementing with an essential fatty acid supplement.

8. Owners have to make sure their cat is well hydrated as dehydration can cause a cats calico coat to appear dull and dry.

9. It is a good idea to get a female calico cat spayed so that she doesnt have too many kittens, which can be a strain on her body and decrease her life expectancy.

Calico Cat Genetic Facts

Here are some awesome genetic facts about calico cats. Discover facts about the genetic makeup of calicos and why there are more female calico cats than male calico cats with these cool facts!

14. Just one in 3,000 calico cats are male.

15. 99.8% of calico cats are female.

16. Cats get their color from the X chromosome. Female cats have two X chromosomes, receiving an X chromosome from each of their parents. Male cats get one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, which makes them an XY. There have to be two X chromosomes in order for the cat to be a calico, so hardly any male cats are born calico.

17. Sometimes, however, a cat can have an extra X chromosome. Very rarely, a cat inherits two X chromosomes and an XXY cat is born, resulting in a male calico. Most male cats are XY and this is the reason why male calico cats are almost always sterile and suffer a variety of health problems, their coloring is as a result of a genetic mutation. This means that a female calico and a male calico cant mate and have a calico kitten together.

18. Calico cats have one X chromosome and another X chromosome. One of these two chromosomes inactivates in every cell some time during the development of the embryo. This is a totally random process known as lyonization, and this is what makes calico cats all look so very unique.

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The Reason For The Male Calico Cats Are Quite Rare

As male Calico cats are born among other 3000 cases of female, and the ratio of a male calico is equal 0, 0003 percent.

Each Calico cat is born with three chromosomes deciding the fur color which are two X chromosomes from their mothers and one Y from their fathers.

Calico cats are born fortuitously by a combination of X and Y chromosomes from their parents irrespective of breeds, and the occurrence may happen to any case.

In fact, Calicos grow up with tricolor or more appearance is not any under synthetic process produces them distinctive and exceptional to natural as well.

In the case of incomplete division, inadequately separated chromosomes including the third color will connect to another pair which fortunately is a pair of male cat and this pair could join another chromosome.

Most of the Calicos have the Klinefelter’s symptom included some other confusions which make them sterile as well as sick all the time.

How Long Do Calico Cats Usually Live

Persian Cat White Male And Calico Female For Sale 8668473910

Being Calico doesnt affect the longevity of a female cats life. Many healthy cats can live to be around 15 years old or more. Of course, every individual cat is different, and this rule of thumb doesnt apply to male Calico cats.

Unfortunately for these tri-colored guys, they often suffer from Klinefelters Syndrome because of their XXY chromosomes. This condition can negatively impact their health and result in shorter lifespans. Some problems associated with Klinefelters Syndrome include:

  • Cognitive and developmental issues that can lead to behavioral problems
  • Reduced bone mineral content that can up the risk for broken bones
  • Increased body fat, which can lead to conditions such as joint pain, heart disease, and diabetes

Its possible for male Calico cats with Klinefelters Syndrome to lead full and happy lives, but they may require special care to help deal with these issues.

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