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Best Dental Treats For Cats

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Cat Treats Editors Pick

Dental Treats for Cats – Do They Work? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Seventy percent of cats suffer from dental disease by the time they reach three years old, and the problem tends to worsen as they age. Unfortunately, our pompous felines have a knack for concealing pain. You can only guess that they are in serious discomfort when the problem escalates.

So, kick things off by giving your feline companion only the best dental treats for cats!

Greenies are notable for their vet-recommended pet treats, and these goodies are a part of a family of products that have been accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

The Greenies we looked at comes in salmon, tuna, and roasted chicken flavors. Aside from its variety of flavors, we also like that it offers vitamins and minerals to help improve the general health of our whiskered friends. The irregular-shaped treats also provide plenty of crunchy edges for your cat to clean its teeth on.

These dental treats are formulated for one-year-old cats and older, so be sure to follow the feeding guidelines stated on the package. The fine print will let you know how many pieces your cat can have per day depending on its weight.

For instance, the recommended daily dosage for a mature cat is up to 18 treats. While that sounds excessive, it is due to the small size of each treat. Each piece is less than 1.5 calories, making it a guilt-free snack.

This product comes in an 11-ounce plastic container that provides great value for money. I assume the treats will last you a while, too.

Meow Mix Brushing Bites

Treating dental conditions in your cat can lead to high veterinary bills. Prevent that from happening by giving your feline Meow Mix Brushing Bites to supplement its routine tooth brushing.

These yummies are made with real salmon, plus they are fortified with vitamin D and calcium to promote strong teeth. The crunchy ridged texture of the treats also helps clean teeth and remove plaque.

The only con you will be getting from this product is a cat that will keep begging for treats. Hence, you would have to be vigilant because your kitty will surely steal some given the opportunity.


As the name hints, one of the most outstanding features of this product is its grain-free formula. Your little meat-eater doesnt need the extra calories from treats, lest it gets obese. Each treat is less than two calories, so feel free to give your kitty some more.

Best of all, this product uses real meat to ensure it satisfies the cravings and nutritional requirements of your feline. We like that, instead of carbohydrate-rich grains, this product includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will not find anything artificial in these goodies. To boot, the makers of this product proudly states that these treats are exclusively manufactured in the USA.

Appropriate for kittens and adults

Taking Care Of Your Cats Teeth And Gums Is An Important Part Of His Health Regime These Dental Products And Tips Can Help Make The Job Easier

Periodontal disease is one of the most common health problems in cats. Because it causes a lot of pain and discomfort, and can impact a cats overall well-being, its important that you take steps to keep your own kittys teeth and gums as healthy as possible. There are lots of dental products on the market to help make that job easier lets look at a few of them.

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Best Lickable + Best For Bonding: Inaba Churu Lickable Cat Treat

Calories: 5-6 calories/treat depending on flavor | Flavor: Tuna, chicken, and blends | Lifestage: Adult

  • Lots of plastic packaging

  • Cats should not be left alone with packaging

These wet treats, packaged in skinny plastic tubes, are hugely popular with just about every cat. Because you’ll need to hold the treat while a cat licks at the tube, this treat creates an extra special bonding experience with your cat, so they’re particularly good for building trust with a new feline friend. Churu lickable treats are popular with cat foster parents who are tasked with socializing cats who have been rescued from outdoor situations.

These treats are also very moist, so they can add some extra hydration to your cat’s diet. Churu treats are available in a range of grain-free flavors, including chicken, tuna, tuna with chicken, chicken with scallop, and tuna with scallop. If you want to save some of a treat for later, opened tube should be stored in the fridge.

My cat absolutely loves these little pouchesfrom the second I open one up, her attention will be laser-focused on it until the tube is empty or weve stored it away. I even used them to start clicker training her, since one tube is much easier to divide into small bits over a training session than her regular dry treats. – Kate Geraghty, Editorial Director, Commerce Home Group

Cats That Have Previously Been Outdoor Hunters Will No Longer Have Teeth To Continue To Hunt

Hartz Dentist

Best cat treats for cats with no teeth. Regular cat treats can be given to healthy adult cats with no dietary or medical restrictions, while kitties with dietary needs might need homemade or special supplemental treats. The care of its skin, teeth, bones, joints, etc. It is recommended to keep cats indoors or have supervised outdoor exposure for cats without dentition.

7 #4 blue buffalo wilderness cat treats. With 50 to 90% of cats affected over the age of four, they can use all the help they can get to prevent it. The choice of whether to feed your cat crunchy of soft treats is mostly a personal choice between you and your cat.

Canned food is generally recommended for a cat with no teeth. Best treats for cats can keep your cats teeth cleaner and healthier. Cats can suffer different types of dental issues from time to time

These cat treats are low in calories which make them an ideal choice for overweight cats. Cats should enjoy the chicken taste of the treats. In addition, treats should not contain any dyes or chemical preservatives.

These crunchy treats help clean teeth and reduce tartar buildup while also freshening your cats breath. They will use their tongue as a shovel for ingestion. But if you wish to prevent your cats from dental problems buying cat treats that support dental health is an excellent alternative.

4 #1 nom nom chicken chicken jerky. Feline greenies adult dental cat treats are a fabulous example of this. To cure them, you need a vet.

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Veterinary Approved Cat Dental Treats

Dental treats are a valuable part of your fluffy companions daily oral home care routine. Thats because plaque accumulation occurs rapidly after a professional cleaning. If oral hygiene is not kept up on a regular basis, periodontal disease will likely recur. As a veterinary dental practice in Loveland, CO, we highly recommend that your felines oral home care routine includes daily tooth brushing with adjunctive oral rinses and vet recommended cat dental treats.

Features To Look For In Dental Treats For Cats

Below are some important features to consider when choosing the best dental treats for your cat:

VOHC seal of approval: VOHC is the acronym for Veterinary Oral Health Council. Some dental treats for cats have this seal on the packaging, which means that the VOHC has deemed the treats effective in plaque and tartar reduction. But dont worry just because cat dental chews dont have the VOHC seal doesnt mean they wont be beneficial for your cat!

Flavor: A majority of cat dental treats are available in popular proteins such as chicken and salmon. Luckily most of the treats on our list come in several different flavors, so you can pick one based on your cats preferences.

Texture and shape: Dental treats for cats generally have a unique shape specifically designed to scrape plaque and tartar off teeth. Some shapes are larger than others, and the size is important to take into consideration if your kitty has trouble chewing.

Caloric intake: Cat dental chews tend to have about 2 calories per treat on average.

If your cat is on a weight management plan, you may want to purchase cat treats that have less than 2 calories per snack.

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Dental Cat Treat Ingredients

Most dental cat treats resemble standard kibble treats in many ways. They are often grain-based, with protein sources, such as chicken or fish, added for flavor and nutrition. Dental cat treats may include natural breath fresheners like catnip. There are also treats containing the same active ingredients as human mouthwashes designed to reduce plaque or loosen tartar.

Take your cats dietary concerns into consideration when comparing treats. If you already give your cat dental supplements, consider opting for a dental treat with a different set of active ingredients.

Do Raw Bones And Meat Clean Cats Teeth

10 Best Cat Dental Treats – Review and Guide

Besides cat teeth cleaning treats, you can give your kitty raw bones to maintain her dental health. Please note, while raw bones are completely safe for cats, cooked bones arent. Cooked bones can break or splinter, and pose a choking hazard.

When eating raw bones your cat uses her jaw to gnaw and tear, digging her teeth into muscle tissue and bone. This chewing action strengthens her jaw and helps clean her teeth.

Furthermore, raw meat doesnt have any carbohydrates and are low on residue. Resulting in a minimal bacterial population in your cats mouth. To ensure the best results, choose small bones that wont overwhelm your cats jaws.

Always supervise your cat while she is chewing on bones.

Some of the best choices are raw chicken necks, chicken wings and raw chicken ribs.

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Starting To Feed Your Cat Their Dental Treats

Remember that cats are creatures of habit. As such, they dont necessarily enjoy it when their routine changes or you gasp introduce a new cat food or treat to the scene. So when starting to feed them their new dental treats, allow time for them to get used to a new flavor and texture.

Most dental treats come in at an average of around 2 calories per treat. But bear in mind for these treats to work effectively, youll need to feed the amount recommended by the manufacturer. This will vary depending on the weight of your cat. As a rough guide, for the treats included in our review above, its recommended that you feed between 10 17 treats for an average-sized cat of up to 15 pounds. BUT if you have a large breed cat, you might need to feed up to 35 for them to be effective!

While this is great for your cats teeth, it will take up some of their daily calories.

If youre unsure how to adjust your cats rations, talk to your veterinarian. They will be able to advise you how much of your cats regular food to feed in combination with their new dental treats.

How Often Should I Give Dental Treats To My Cat

It all depends on the treats you pick out every brand has a different formula, which will mean that the dosages and timings will vary. Asa general rule, however, most dental treats are given at least once a day, if not more, to ensure that the chewing motion does its job of removing plaque and tartar from your cats tiny teeth. Just be careful not to go overboard, as all treats should be given in moderation, to avoid obesity or GI upset.

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How Can I Help Keep My Cats Teeth Healthy

Brushing your cats teeth is the best way to support her dental health. This may sound like an impossible task, but with a bit of patience and plenty of practice, most feline parents find that they can get into a routine of regular brushing. Doing so will remove any bacteria from your cats mouth before it has the opportunity to cause any real damage to her dental health, so ideally brush at least every other day. Visiting your veterinarian is another important aspect of your kittys dental care. This is because your vet has the knowledge, training and experience to be able to accurately assess the condition of your cats teeth and identify any possible problems early, before they become painful and require comprehensive and potentially treatment. There are also a range of products designed to support your felines dental health. One of the most common and popular product types is marketed as dental treats.

What Makes A Good Dental Treat

Best Dental Treats for Cats  Reviews and Buying Guide for ...

Dental treats differ from regular cat treats because their shape is specifically designed to help clean tartar and plaque off your cats teeth. They do this by being big enough that your cat has to actively bite them into smaller pieces before swallowing.

The best-quality dental treats will be made with a high percentage of real meat. Some dental cat treats include something youll see listed as by-product meal. This is a rendered mixture made from the organs and fatty tissues leftover. While this isnt necessarily a bad thing you can read more about that here its something you may choose to avoid.

Its a good idea to try and avoid artificial colors or flavors something that many of us lookout for when choosing our cats kibble or wet food in any case.

Grain-free formulations are also a good idea. As a carnivore, your cat does not need grain so we can cross that one of the ingredient lists!

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Best For Hiding Pills: Greenies Pill Pockets Feline Salmon Flavor Cat Treats

Calories: 3 calories/treat | Flavor: Salmon | Lifestage: All life stages

  • Easy to hide any shaped pill

  • Popular salmon flavor

  • Not good for dental health

Feline Greenies Feline Pill Pockets are extremely helpful for getting your cat to take a pill. Pilling cats is not an easy thing to do but if your cat will eat a soft treat, you can mold this tiny dough cup around the pill to completely hide it. You can even combine multiple Pill Pockets if you need more dough to disguise a pill or capsule. The salmon flavor is a popular option for cats that like fish, but a chicken flavor is also available. The resealable bag keeps this treat soft and fresh, but care should be taken not to crush the bag in order to maintain the Pill Pocket shape.

If youre looking for an easy to administer and tasty cat treat, Temptations cat treats take the cake in popularity with kitties. If you want something that may double as a treat and benefit your cats well-being while still being desirable to your cat, then Greenies Feline SmartBites Healthy Skin and Fur treats are your best bet. These treat options will please even the pickiest of felines and will therefore help strengthen your bond with your cat.

Common Cat Dental Problems

Although there are relatively few common dental problems that affect cats, those that do can be extremely painful, especially if left untreated.

Periodontal disease: Periodontal disease starts with gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs when plaque, a biofilm containing thousands of bacteria, builds up on the surface of the teeth. When plaque is not regularly broken down with at home dental care, a cat’s immune system will mount a defense against the bacteria, causing the gums to become red, swollen, and painful. Over time, plaque mineralizes to form tartar or calculus which, in turn, attracts more plaque. Eventually, the gingivitis progresses to periodontitis, an irreversible condition that weakens the tissue attaching the teeth to the gums and causes teeth to loosen or to fall out.

Stomatitis: “Stomatitis is somewhat poorly understood, but it’s more of a global inflammation that extends to different areas of the mouth,” explained Snyder. Mucous membranes, the back of the mouth, the lips, and the tongue can all be affected by stomatitis. The pain caused by the condition may cause a cat to eat or groom less often.

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Approved Dental Chews For Pets Plus 5 That Are Bad News

Rare is the dog who does not enjoy chewing on something, whether its a stick, toy, or random item found on your daily walks. However, everything that goes into your poochs mouth may not be safe for chewing. In fact, many items dogs discover on their ownand some sold in storescan seriously threaten your furry pals oral health. From fractured teeth and pierced gums, to intestinal obstructions and stomach upset, some commercially produced chews can do more harm than good when it comes to your pets dental care. Choose carefully when picking out your pets dental chew products by following these recommendations.

Best Dental Food For Cats To Help Prevent Tartar Buildup

Top 6 Best Cat Treats (We Tested Them All)

by The Dutiful Cat | Health |

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Poor oral care, improper diet and bad eating habits are the most common factors that contribute to dental disease in cats. If you cant manage to brush your cats teeth regularly, using dental cat food can make a difference. To help you switch her diet, weve listed the best dental food for cats that will be good for her teeth and overall health as well.

Periodontal disease is a real and painful problem for so many cats. Feline dental health diets are designed to prevent oral disease and improve dental health in cats. However, they arent a cure-all, and you should definitely use other dental care products for cats.

Dental food for cats is specially formulated to fight plaque and tartar, and freshen cat breath. It also serves as complete and balanced diet for your cat. Meaning, it is made to meet the daily nutritional needs of adult cats.

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