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Best Way To Move Cats Across Country

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Moving Across the Country WITH OUR CAT in a UHAUL | Moving Vlog #5 | Dingle

Best way to move pets across country. Needless to say, air travel is the quickest way to move with pets across the country. Find airline companies that accept pets, then check the requirements to make sure youre ok with them. Some airline companies permit small dogs or cats to be flown in the cabin with you the best-case scenario for flying with pets to another part of the. Tom and Liana were absolutely fantastic!! From the moment they picked up Sammy to all of the wonderful pictures and correspondence along the way. They always answered when I asked how he was doing. We are so happy and so was Sammy. The care and love he was given put our whole family at ease on the move across the country. Moving with cats across country is not only challenging for you as a pet owner, but it can also be rather stressful and even traumatic for your beloved cat. Pay attention to these 10 tips for moving with a cat long distance so that both you and your dear pet have a pleasant stress-free move across the country.

Recently we moved across the country with six cats and a dog in tow. We drove two fully loaded vehicles. While I was very excited about the move, I worried about the impact on the animals.

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Bring Out Carriers Early

You need to be very strategic with cats when moving, says Amy OBrien, who relocated from Kansas City, MO, to Denver. OBrien placed carriers for her three cats around the house a month ahead of time to acclimate them to the temporary transport homes.

Cat carriers allow you to ensure the safety of your pets, as well as you and your family. Before your move, take your cats out for a drive with your cat inside the carrier. Dont forget to let them have a few of their favorite toys inside to keep them company.

What Kind Of Litter Box To Use While Traveling With Cats

I recommend getting a small litter box to bring with you that will fit easily in the car and in a hotel room if necessary. A disposable litter box is an easy option as they are lightweight and easy to transport.

If you would prefer the plastic litter box route, I do not recommend a sifting litter box. We bought one thinking it would be easier, but it was a nightmare and hard to clean. The clumping litter got stuck in holes in the bottom and it didnt work well for us. If we ever do this again we will get a plain litter box and bring a small cat litter scoop with us.

To transport the litter box we left the cleaned out litter in the box and wrapped the whole thing up in a garbage bag. We also used the garbage bag as a makeshift litter mat under the box while in the hotel room. This cut down on litter mess in the room and made transport easier and cleaner.

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Tips For A Taking A Cat On A Road Trip

Without further ado, here are the 11 tips we have learned from long-distance road tripping with Fitzgerald. We hope these insights will help keep you and your feline companion stress free on the road!

  • Try to stop as little as possible
  • Get your cat a collar with tag for traveling
  • Bring a familiar comfort item from home
  • If possible, make one long trip rather than several shorter trips
  • Create a safe space in the car for your cat to retreat to
  • If your cat is especially nervous, try feline anxiety medication
  • Try letting your cat roam free, but always pack a cat carrier just in case
  • If you must crate your cat, leave the carrier out several days before your trip
  • Pack your cats litter box, filled with clean litter
  • Take away your cats food the night before the trip
  • Set up a small, quiet place for your cat to rest at your final destination
  • Watch Out For Feline Depression

    Best Way To Move Cats Across Country In A Car

    You may have been acclimated to your new place but with cats especially, they may not have.

    Some cats go through feline depression after moving cross country and they become sensitive to the changes in their environment.

    Some of the most common symptoms that coincide with feline depression are loss of appetite, aggression, excessive sleeping, prolonged periods of the cat not meowing

    If you believe that your cat is showing any of these symptoms, then you should consider scheduling an appointment with your vet.

    Hopefully, you made copies of your cats medical records then when you visit your new vet, it will make the transition go smoothly.

    You will need to monitor your cats behavior more frequently for any worsening symptoms. As well as being there for your cat as much as possible.

    Now and then try to have them play with you and show them as much love and attention as you can.

    Whether youre planning to move cross country with cats, the best thing you can prepare ahead of time and make sure you have everything ready.

    If youre confused about what would be better either to fly or drive, then talk with your vet first to determine which of the two your cat is qualified for.

    So, plan accordingly and when you move cross country with cats it will make the transition easier.


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    Pack Your Cats Litter Box Filled With Clean Litter

    Cats have an amazing ability to hold in their urge to go to the bathroom. That being said, sometimes the urge can be overwhelming and your cat will need to use the litter box on the road, particularly if you are road tripping long distance. Make sure their litter box is accessible in the car so they can relieve themselves if nature calls.

    Most importantly, make sure the litter box is clean before you leave! You do not want to be stuck in the car with a dirty litter box for hours! The smell of clean litter can be overwhelming on its own! We recommend getting a covered litter house with a door, if you dont have one already, to help contain the smell and reduce the likelihood of any litter spills.

    How To Ship Pets Across Country

    So, its a fact youre about to move house and things are getting kind of chaotic around the house. Time is sprinting towards moving day and you feel like youve fallen behind schedule. The pressure is on! Will you be able to finish all the required tasks before the big day comes around? Only time can tell.

    Whatever your specific plan of action is, your family comes first. Your top priority is to make sure the safety and well-being of each family member is guaranteed, and that also includes any pets you may have.

    Moving with pets is no joke and the pet relocation challenges you will face wont be a walk in the park either. Special cares are required when transporting your dear animal friend to another home across the country or even to another country altogether. The pre-move preparation period is crucial for the success of the entire operation but making the right decisions as far as arranging the proper pet transport is even more vital.

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    Get Storage Out Of The Way Ahead Of Time

    Cats are especially sensitive during those last few weeks leading up to moving day. You pack up, taking away all their favorite hiding spots, youre constantly on the go, and they sorely miss the calm of everyday life. You can make that easier for them by getting big tasks out of the way ahead of time, so you have more hours to spend with them in the runup to the move.

    For instance, its smart to figure out storage well in advance. If youre going to leave possessions behind when you move cross country,examine your options andfind the right unit several months before youre scheduled to leave. Pack up those possessions first, wherever possible, and unload them at the storage unit ASAP to cut down on clutter in your home. This will create a much more zen-like packing environment, which youll appreciate as much as your feline!

    Moving cross country with cats is no walk in the park, period. But with these handy tips at your side, youll have an easier time than ever relocating with your furry friends. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

    Prep For Peace Of Mind

    Moving With Pets Across Country | Part 2

    Theres no such thing as winging it when youre moving with cats cross country. Having a plan will help you feel more in control of the situation, and will help relieve stress on both you and your cat.

    As soon as you know youre moving, get to work figuring out how youre going to be traveling and how you can keep your cat as comfortable as possible in their carrier while you do . Working out the kinks in advance will offer a lot of relief, and will free you up to focus on all of the other things that you need to get doneyou know, like packing up your entire life and moving it to another state.

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    Pick Your Mode Of Transport

    One of the biggest debates around moving cross country with cats is whether your best option is to drive or to fly.

    The answer really depends on the preferences of your cat and your location. Doing a cost-benefit analysis can help you determine which option is going to make sense for you and your cat.

    The benefit of driving is that it provides a quieter and less chaotic environment for your cat. It takes longer, but there arent likely to be quite so many anxiety-inducing triggers along the way.

    Driving may not be feasible if you are relocating from the East coast to the West coast, or youre not planning to bring your car with you.

    The main benefit of flying cross country is that its over quicker. If your cat is going to be scared either way, then it may be better to just get the whole thing over and done within a few hours instead of an entire day or several days of driving.

    But flying presents its own unique stressors, including loud noises and large numbers of people. Youll also have to remove your cat from his or her carrier at security and get them back in again.

    Another thing to note is that different airlines may have different rules.

    For example, United Airlines requests that cats should be at least 16 weeks old if traveling on board and American Airlines has some restrictions on breeds.

    Research the restrictions your airline has before the move, as you dont want any surprises at the airport!

    Consider Shipping Your Cat By Air

    How to move across the country with a cat? Now you know the best way, but it can never be as fast as transporting your feline pet by air. Distance is usually the deciding factor in such cases somehow you wouldnt be thrilled by the thought of driving from one coast to another , and you shouldnt subject your cat to such as an excruciatingly long car drive either.

    Of course, the alternative is to ship your cat by air.

    • Make a reservation for your cat as soon as you can. Make sure you are well familiar with the pet policy of the airline carrier.
    • Prepare the required documents a health certificate is a must.
    • Check again whether the pet carrier is approved for air travel.
    • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure time.

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    How To Move Cats Across Country

    • Fact Checked

    Any cat owner knows the ordeal of taking cats anywhere. First, you have to find themnot an easy task when theyre hiding under a bed, in a closet, or on top of the fridge. Then, you have to encourage them to enter their carrier, a step that often requires kitty treat bribes and promises of wet food dinners for life.

    Its hard enough to take cats a couple of blocks down the street to the vet. So what about moving cats across the country? You want to make them comfortable during the hustle and bustle of packing, and you also want to keep them content during the long journey.

    Fortunately, weve got you covered. In this blog post, well discuss all you need to know about how to transport cats across the country. By following these tips, youll make your felines less prone to show you their claws and more willing to give you affection no matter the distance.

    Have A Designated Room In The Home For Your Pet

    Best Way to Move Cats Across Country in a Car (2021 ...

    Another thing that will stop the feline from feeling anxious is to keep them away from all the action. While movers are packing up everything from the household inventory list, pets should be kept in a room thats off-limits for unknown people. You can leave them in a bedroom or a space that was packed up and emptied beforehand. This chill area is also a great place for you to relax when the whole relocation process becomes too much.

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    Tip #: Consider Using Cbd

    Along with learning how to massage a dog or cat to relieve tension after a long move, consider CBD for pets to help make your furballs as content as possible both before and during the move. Unlike THC, cannabidiol doesnt have the psychoactive properties that create the effect of being high. Instead, CBD uses all-natural, plant-based hemp products to help soothe and ease anxiety naturally.

    Giving your cats CBD products before and during the move can have many benefits. In addition to helping ease anxiety before the move, CBD can help reduce inflammation and any soreness in your cats from their many hours spent in their carriers.

    If youre thinking about CBD for your cats, youd be wise to consider Canna-Pet. As a pioneer of CBD products for pets, Canna-Pet is one of the few companies to create a line of hemp products specifically for felines. Check out our Hemp Canna-Pet Advanced Small Capsules which contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

    Help Your Pet Adjust To The New Home

    Now that youre familiar with the basic concept of how to move across country with pets, its time to say a few words about what you should and should not do once you reach the new house with your pet animal.

    Whether you just moved with a cat, a dog, a bird, or another pet, the fact remains that your animal friend wont be familiar with the new surroundings. The new place will be strange to them , filled with unfamiliar smells, sounds, and sights. The chances are that your pet will already be rather stressed out and scared by the long-distance trip, so now the last thing you would want is to just let them loose in the new place and tell them to deal with it.

    Moving pets across country sounds like a lot of work, and it often is just that. And should you ever feel like youre not giving the necessary attention to your lovely pet just because you cant spare the time, do consider hiring professional movers to help you out so that you can spend more time with your animal friend.

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    After The Move Have Your Cat Stay Indoors

    Once you move cats across country and reach your destination you will now need to get your cat use to the new place.

    To do so, simply put the cat in a designated room and have them stay there after moving cross country with cats.

    When you take them to the new room make sure that you supply them with enough food and water in case, they get hungry or thirsty.

    The cat may be frightened by the sudden change of environment and it might make them want to escape.

    So, before they do escape close off any entrances, windows, or holes that they might be able to escape from.

    If your cat is reluctant to eat or you see that your cat is just scared and stressed out, then you may leave the carrier open in the room.

    Having the carrier open will allow them to go inside where they feel safe and most comfortable.

    When Moving With A Cat Ensure You Keep Up With Their Routine

    DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH A CAT || Episode 6 || 1 Man, 1 Cat, 1 Drone & 1 Moving Truck

    Relocation takes a lot of time, and you might get overwhelmed by the number of tasks. It will be all up to you, from finding a job to simpler things like preparing a house for movers. However, while dealing with those tasks, dont forget to pay attention to your furry little friend.

    To avoid stressing them out during the move, try to keep their daily routines intact. Feed and play with them like you usually would. Have daily snuggles, and if you have kids, encourage them to play with felines as much as they can. The playtime will be a great distraction for both kids and animals.

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