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Can Cats Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Risk: A Threat To Young Children

Most Oddly Satisfying Video to watch before sleep

The old wives tale about cats sucking the life out of sleeping children isnt rooted in fact, but its still a good idea to keep cats out of the rooms where babies sleep. Cribs are attractive napping spots for cats, given that theyre high up, protected on multiple sides, and soft. But there is a risk that that tight ball of fur could inadvertently smother a sleeping baby. So you should save the irresistible combined cat-baby cuteness for when theyre awake! These friendly cat breeds might make the best choice for families.

Schedule Playtime With Your Cat

Cats are playful and active so be sure to keep them engaged especially during the daytime. Allot at least 15 minutes of playtime with them at least twice a day. This will allow them to use and release energy so they may be able to sleep better. Provide interactive toys to keep your cats mentally and physically stimulated.

Signs Of Focused Cat Behaviour

  • Their eyes will be open with pupils narrowed.
  • Their ears and whiskers will be pricked forward, with their body angled towards the focus of their attention.
  • Their body might be low to the ground as they stalk, with hind legs coiled under their body.
  • Your cats tail language will show focus by being held out low behind them. The end of their tail, along with their hindquarters, might be twitching as they get ready to pounce. This is one of the more obvious cat tail signs to look out for once you see it, youll know theyre hunting!
  • If the object of their focus is you, for example if theyre trying to get food or strokes, they might rub against you with tail held in the air, but dont be fooled theyre still focused on their end goal!

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Cats Can Indeed Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Yes, cats can indeed sleep with their eyes open sometimes. In fact, this isnt really all that unusual to see.

Sometimes you might notice that your cat will be sleeping and itll have its eyes open. This definitely looks kind of strange and you might even find it off-putting.

However, its not something that you need to be overly concerned about. A cat sleeping with its eyes open isnt necessarily an indication that something is wrong.

You will find that lots of cats will sleep with their eyes at least partially open. It seems like older cats are a bit more likely to sleep with their eyes open than younger ones, too.

That being said, you may want to keep an eye on your cat just to be on the safe side. It is possible that your cat could be sleeping with its eyes open due to some type of medical issue.

It isnt likely that theres anything wrong with your cat, and this is something that you might notice happening infrequently. Cats just sleep with their eyes open sometimes and it doesnt mean that you need to be overly concerned.

Being a good and proactive cat owner is great, though. Its sensible to be worried about your cat and its certainly best to make observations so that you can definitively determine that nothing is wrong.

Cat Sleeping Flat On Stomach

Cat sleeping with eyes open

A cat will rarely choose to lie on its stomach when planning a deep sleep. An unwell cat may be reluctant or unable to sleep properly. There are two positions a cat will adopt while on its stomach:

  • Paws and tail tucked, headupright
  • Paws outstretched

When a cat tucks its paws and tail under its belly, it is called the loaf. This is common and usually not concerning. Stretching the paws and legs out is worthy of your attention. This can be worrying.

The Loaf Position

A cat in the loaf position is usually planning a brief nap. The cat tucks its paws and tail to keep warm. The cat will keep its head upright to remain alert. If sleep claims the cat, the head will eventually drop. This is referred to as a collapsed loaf.

Sick cats will rarely adopt the loaf position. If the cat has serious concerns about body temperature, it will curl up for warmth. If it is a pain, it will avoid remaining quite so conspicuous.

One exception is if a sick cat is worried about falling asleep. The cat may be concerned that it will not wake up. Equally, it wants to remain alert. It may suspect that a rival has noticed its illness and plans to take its territory.

In such instances, the cat will regularlyadopt the loaf position. The cat is hoping to get enough rest through a seriesof micro-naps. In the mind of the cat, this negates the need for genuine sleep.

Paws Outstretched

A cat may also lie on its stomach with its paws outstretched. This can resemble the flying position.

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Fact: Dogs Have A Look Of Love

When your dog locks eyes with you, it may genuinely be a look of love, and not simply a form of begging. Dogs can develop this atypical behavior with close human companions — while between dogs or with a strange person, a direct stare is a threat. Of course not every glance from Fido is loving — they may simply want your dinner. Or, if their;body is tense and ears flattened, they may be telling you to back off.

Keep In Mind That This Will Happen More As Cats Age

Remember that this is likely going to happen more often as cats age. Cat owners have observed that older cats seem to sleep with their eyes open or partially open more often.

If your cat is getting a little bit older now, then that might be why youre noticing this. Younger cats can sleep with their eyes open sometimes as well, but its much more frequent when a cat is older.

Youre more likely to observe your cat sleeping with its eyes open when it reaches an advanced age. Dont let this unnerve you or make you feel worried for the cat.

Now that you know that cats sleep with their eyes open without it being a big deal, its not going to be anything to worry about. It might simply be that your cat has reached an age where this is going to become a more frequent thing.

You might be worried about your old cat, but theres almost surely nothing wrong. An older cat is just more likely to sleep with its eyes open than a kitten.

If you notice your cat sleeping with its eyes open, then you should just let it sleep. So long as youve ruled out any problems such as epilepsy, its going to be fine to chalk this up to normal behavior for the cat.

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When To See A Vet

Your cats eyes are as delicate as they are beautiful. Small problems can quickly turn into serious conditions. If your cats eye discharge symptoms dont clear up within 24 hours or if your cat is squinting, talk to your veterinarian right away.

If you have medications left over from a previous eye problem, dont use them on your cats eyes. Different eye issues call for different medications, and you can end up causing serious injury by using the wrong one.


Our Cats Seem To Spend Most Of Their Lives Asleep So It’s Only Reasonable For Us To Wonder Do Cats Dream Find Out What Your Feline Thinks About When They Drift Off To Dreamland With Purina

Baby Sleeping With Eyes Open – Reasons & What You Can Do About It

Cats are known for being notorious nappers. They seem to spend most of their lives asleep, either curled up on our laps or hidden in their favourite secluded place. It may surprise you to learn that they sleep twice as much as humans and on average spend around 15 hours per day asleep, but for extremely tired cats this can easily be up to 24 hours.

With so much time spent resting, its reasonable to assume that they dream just like we do. But is that true? Keep reading to discover whether cats do dream and what it means when your cat twitches in their sleep.

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In Summary Its Normal Dont Worry

Seeing a cat laying down with their eyes wide open and then realizing theyre fast asleep quite a shock at first. But once you get past this initial shock and get used to this little quirk your cat has, there shouldnt be anything to worry about.

We can chalk this one up to just one of those cat things. Much like sleeping in a particularly annoying place or position, having a taste for weird foods, or any number of strange habits and behaviors we as cat owners have to get used to.

All That Sleeping Is In Your Cats Genes

When answering the question, Why do cats sleep so much? lets first look at how long cats sleep. Cats can sleep as much as 16 hours a day, and older cats spend even more time at rest as much as 20 hours a day. That sleeping habit is a result of the cats evolution, nutritional habits and physiology. In the wild, cats have to hunt in order to eat, and the stalking, chasing and killing of prey burns a lot of energy. Sleeping helps cats conserve energy between meals.

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How Long Do Cats Sleep

It might seem like your cat is only awake for a few hours a day. On average, cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours each day. As cats get older, they tend to sleep more to conserve energy. Some older cats can sleep for 18 hours or more per day. If youre worried that your cat might be sleeping too much, keep in mind that they require more sleep than humans do. However, if you notice significant changes in your cats behavior, you may want to consult your veterinarian.

Why Do We Close Our Eyes During Sleep

Why do cats sleep with their eyes open?

Our eyelids play an important role in getting a good nights sleep. Eyelids act as a protective barrier, keeping the eyes safe from debris. They also provide lubrication and prevent the eyes from drying out.

Closing our eyes also blocks light, which is crucial for calibrating the bodys internal 24-hour clock. Specific cells in the retina process light and send information to the hypothalamus, signaling that its time to be awake. When we experience darkness, melatonin is produced, telling our body its time to sleep.

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What Shots Do Kittens Need

Kittens need to have injections when young to make them immune from diseases.

“All kittens should receive a course of two primary vaccinations at around 9 and 12 weeks, this coincides with their immunity from their mother’s milk falling,” Rosemary Fisher, director of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy , told Newsweek. The GCCF is the leading registration body for cats in Britain.

“Kittens need protection against diseases common to cats and since they are new to this world they are vulnerable to picking up diseases and parasites. The main three vaccinations a kitten needs to get are: Cat flu, Feline panleukopenia virus and Feline leukemia virus ,” Kelsey added.

Cat Sleeping Flat On Back

Leaving paw pads and belly exposed does not come naturally to cats. This suggests that your cat trusts you and feels secure.

This is not always the case. Cats roll onto their back when feeling threatened or vulnerable. This provides the cat with access to all four claws, in addition to teeth. If the cat needs to protect itself, it is easier to do so.

If your cat is affectionate during the day then sleeps on its back, it is no concern. The cat is demonstrating its trust in you. As long as you do not betray this trust, youll be fine.

If the cat is acting off in other ways, be mindful of this sleeping position. The main warning signs are uncharacteristic aggression and prolonged periods of hiding. This suggests that the cat feels the need to be on high alert at all times.

This vulnerability may be due to a medical illness or physical pain. Arthritis is another explanation here. If sleeping on its back, a cats legs will be in the air. While not ideal, this is preferable to placing weight on the joints.

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Fact: Smoking Kills Cats And Dogs

Secondhand smoke increases the risk of at least two fatal cancers in cats: lymphoma and oral carcinoma. Housecats get a double dose of toxins by breathing cigarette smoke in the air and by licking the residue off their fur when grooming. Dogs with long noses may develop cancerous nasal tumors from living with a smoker — and short-nosed breeds are more prone to lung cancer.

Signs To Look Out For

Cheezburger : Cat Dreaming with Open Eyes

There are some signs that you should be on the lookout for if youre worried that something might be wrong with your cat. Its going to be wise to observe your cat when its sleeping to see how its reacting.

If something is amiss, then you might notice that your cat will start twitching while it sleeps. A sign like this could mean that your cat has a condition such as epilepsy.

This isnt for you to determine, though. When you notice signs like this, its going to be imperative to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Youll want to tell the veterinarian everything that you have observed. The veterinarian will examine your cat and should be able to determine if anything is wrong.

Aside from concerns about epilepsy, its possible that your cat could be experiencing some type of eye trauma. Itll be good for your veterinarian to examine the cats eyes to see if everything is fine or not.

Veterinarians are trained to take care of situations like this and they will know what to do. Depending on whats going on, your cat might need to take some medicine or something like that.

You can discuss the details of what needs to be done with your veterinarian. Just understand the importance of taking your cat to see the veterinarian if you notice that the cat is twitching while it sleeps and that it has its eyes open.

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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

The primary reason behind your cats excessive sleeping is energy conservation. This is again connected to big cats living in the wild. For them, food doesnt grow on trees, nor do they have you feeding them at regular times of the day. Its hard work chasing after prey, and they need all the energy they can get.;

Domestic cats also use up a lot of energy playing, hunting, kneading your favorite blanket, and eating, and they need rest to replenish. The more they run around, the more sleepy cats will be.;

Another aspect that affects how much your pet sleeps is the weather. The weather doesnt only impact a cats sleep, it also affects their mood. Cats tend to sleep more on rainy days. This is true even if your furry pet doesnt go outside that much. When the weather is cold, overcast, or wet, your kitty will yawn and settle down for a nap.;

Sometimes cats can sleep for longer than normal because of an underlying health condition. If you notice your cat sleeping all day and not eating, or its not as playful and active as it used to be, its time for a trip to the vet. The same goes if your cat is sleeping less than usual. Keeping a close eye on its sleeping habits can show if its in pain or suffering from some kind of gastrointestinal issue.

Another reasons why cats sleep is because theyre overweight. If you want your furry companion to be more lively, switch to a healthier diet. Forget the treats and maybe incorporate some playtime into your kittens day.

And If Those Arent Issues For You

The bottom line is that, yes, there are some risks associated with snoozing with your catbut, as long as you know about them, its perfectly okay! If you arent allergic and your cat sleeps soundly at night, then by all means, cuddle up with your kitty, Dr. DeWire says. And as for COVID-19, we all know that is scary, but please do not allow fear to cloud your judgment, he says. Theres been no evidence that humans can contract COVID-19 from a cat, no matter how much they like to cuddle. Next, make sure youre not making these other common mistakes of cat owners.

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Why Do Cat Sleeps With Eyes Open

Surely, we have observed our cats in their sleep more than once. After all, cats like to sleep with their owners. We see them make the most absurd sleeping position unimaginable, and perhaps a human body is incapable of.

Let me guess, you were fascinated and curious at the same time about the large variety of adorable antics and weird quirks our cats have as they sleep, such as why do cats sleep with eyes open; and that is the very reason why you are here right now!;Read more about cat’s eyes here.


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  • Is There Cause For Alarm If I See My Cat Sleeping With Its Eyes Open

    What Do Common Cat Sleeping Positions Mean?

    Sure, it looks strange, but generally there is nothing wrong with this. Its just a sign of a change in cat sleeping patterns, i.e., your fur-iend is entering deep sleep. In some cases, the vet would prescribe eye drops, but more often than not, cats sleeping with their eyes open is a sign that theyre just a little bit quirky and weird.

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