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Cat C12 Turbo Wastegate Actuator

Oem Original Garrett Actuator Wastegate For Cat C13 C15 Turbo Turbocharger Valve

Adjusting Waste Gate
Brand New Original Garrett Turbo Actuator / Wastegate for CAT C13 C15If you are unsure about fitment, please contact us for more information. What you see is exactly what you will received. Need it Fast? Ask us about Next Day Shipping! We offer turbocharger rebuilds, upgrades, and costume builds. If you need help with your turbocharger or diesel fuel injection parts, please give us a call. We are your one stop source for all your turbo and diesel fuel injection needs.

Cat C12 Boost Leak Looking For Opion

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    I bought this truck few months ago and always suspected it had a good deal of turbo LAg. Not sure if its achieving full boost either. I think It struggles getting 20-25 psi and takes a while to get there. Up until today I just struck it off as the nature of this beast. So today I had time to look into if there was a leak somewhere and the first thing that came to mind was to look at the wastegate.The motor is a 2003 c12 non bridge motor with serial number prefix 2ksI removed the little hose to the waste gate actuator and put 30 pounds of air to the nipple and guess what, there was a major leak, the air just blows straight through the back of the actuator with no restrictionat all. so I guess obviously the diaghpram is destroyed. I have been wanting to disconnect the hose anyway and just fold it to pinch it off and zip tie it. I did as much reading as I could and found that guys have been doing this for years on older motors. I want to do this but would like your input. Do you recommend replacing actuator?Next, obviously I have to remove the bad actuator to make sure that wastegate is closed and nut stuck partially open. Need your thoughts on a good method to free it up and make sure it is closed fully if I’m gonna just delete the actuator.LAst, with all that air free flowing freely through the actuator, would that be enough to cause all that turbo lag and not full boost? I assume this is causing bad fuel milaeage as well.I appreciate your thoughts and advice

  • Fits The Following Turbos:

    752538-0009, 752538-0007, 752538-0010, 10R-2862, 10R2862, 259-2400, 2592400, 752538-0014, 284-7707, 10R8733, 752538-0013, 752538-5013, 752538-13, 752538-0003, 752538-0004, 752538-0005, 752538-0006, 752538-0008, 752538-0011, 752538-0012, 752538-0013, 752538-0014, 752538-0014, 752538-0015, 752538-0016, 768234-0001, 768234-0002, 768234-0012, 768234-0013, 768234-0018, 768234-0019, 768235-0001, 768235-0002, 768235-0003, 768235-0007, 768235-0013, 768235-0014, 768235-0015, 768235-0019, 768235-0021, 768235-0022, 768235-0023, 768235-0027, 768235-0037, 768235-0038, 768235-0039, 768235-0043, 803416-0001, 803416-0002, 750346-0007, 750346-0008

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    Wastegate And Its Relation To Jake Operation

    379Longhood said:Maybe the super heros at the cat house set the waste gate pressure way down when they stole your tune. the waste gate doesn’t have any valves or other stuff in the line between the spring cylinder and the intake manifold does it?? the other question is does the engine pull different (pre “overboost” with the line pinched??

    ShortBus389 said:Best it does without the pinch is 22 psi. Runs a TON better pinched, no matter what Johnp3 says… like a full gear and 5-6 mph up hills better, and fuel mileage gets about 10% better. No heat that I can see, but since I put the engine in the 389 glider, it hasn’t created enough heat to even kick the fan on… even earlier this week at 94 degrees, loaded at 80K+, the AC is the only thing that’ll kick the fan on. Even with it pinched, it only makes 30 psi. Does anyone ever install a second boost gauge to measure and monitor exhaust manifold pressure? Is the wastegate easily adjusted?Nothing in the line… hose is about a foot long, just goes from the actuator to the compressor outlet.


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    Pete 387 With 2004 Mbl Cat C12 Has Low Boost

    For Caterpillar C15 Acert Twin Turbo High Pressure Turbo ...

    Hey everyone! I really hope I can find a solution soon because this sucks! Almost two weeks ago, my rig suddenly wasn’t making boost like normal. The happens consistently, though about 5-10% of the time, in 8th or 9th gear , the turbo will spool higher and I’ve got almost 20psi and my power back until I let off the fuel and let the pressure drop. Engine has no miss, smoke, or trouble of any kind aside from what I’ve described. This engine is pre-emission. No egr, dpf, def, and it’s not an acert.

    • max boost under load 11-13 psi.

    • low power

    • possible different engine sound. Maybe just a hair rougher or more bass to the sound, small enough that in not even sure if I’m not tricking myself.

    • exhaust back pressure, possible stopped up resonator, fuel temp sensor, and boost pressure sensor

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    Caterpillar Cat C13 C15 452603

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    Seller:turbopartscity0297.8%, Location:Monrovia, California, US, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:292143496720Caterpillar CAT C13 C15 452603-48 452603-42 Turbo charger Wastegate Actuator. Turbo Model: Caterpillar C13 C15. We will check it for you. 3572113, 3431958, 3299987, 10r8614 10R-2862 20r1177.Condition:New, Interchange Part Number:GT4088 452603-0048 452603-0042 452603-0047, 768234-9001, 3572113, 3431958, 3299987, 10r8614, 20r1177, 20r0581, 10r9833, 10r6305, 2935419, 20R-1177 20R-0581 10R-9833 10R-6305 10R-8614, Caterpillar C13 C15 GTA4594 GT3782 GT1749 GTA4088, Manufacturer Part Number:GTA4594 GT3782 GT1749 GTA4088, Other Part Number:452603-0049 752538-0009 752538-0007 752538-0010, Brand:Gyturbo GT4594 GT3782 452603-0048 Actuator, Manufacturer Warranty:Yes See More

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