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Cat Food Pate Vs Chunks

Why Does My Cat Need Wet Cat Food

EPIC Wet Cat Food COMPARISON! Pate – Minced – Morsels – Kitten – Veggie – Whole Hearted Cat Food

While both wet and dry cat foods have benefits to your cats health, some pet owners like to feed their cat solely wet food. This is for a number of good reasons.

Natural Instincts

Cats are natural carnivores. This means that, in the wild, your cat would be eating meat and not much else. This is because meat contains essential amino acids that cats need to thrive. While plant-based foods also contain amino acids, feeding your cat solely plant-based food can be dangerous to their health because they will be missing out on the most essential amino acid found in meat, which is taurine. Taurine is very important in making sure that your cat develops properly and maintains healthy muscles.

It is also very important for eye health and ensuring the central nervous system works properly. So, while your cat might not necessarily live out in the wild, it is still important for you to follow their natural instincts and give them meat based products, otherwise you may see some big health issues in your kitty.

Low Carbohydrates And Plant-Based Foods

As we mentioned above, a cats diet should be mainly meat. Another reason for this is because cats have a very short digestive tract and therefore find it difficult to digest carbohydrates and plant-based food. While they can eat them and you will see these ingredients in cat food to act as a filler, you should still always go for a cat food that is, for the majority, made up of meat.

Low Thirst


Tiny Tiger Pat Chicken Recipe Grain

This chicken-based pate is Tiny Tigers most popular recipe. As you can tell, chicken is the main ingredient in this recipe. However, it also contains a few other protein sources, such as liver, fish, and meat by-products.

This food also contains an array of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to provide your cat with a nutritionally complete meal.

The Tiny Tiger Pate Chicken recipe has a natural flavor, which is derived from hydrolyzed animal tissue. It also contains guar gum, whose fiber content helps to bind the pate for easier digestion.

Overall, this food is excellent for cats, thanks to its high protein, low carbohydrate, and moderate fat content. However, some cats do not seem to appreciate its taste and texture. Additionally, we do not like the inclusion of meat by-products.

How To Control Your Cats Weight On A Dry Food Diet

Splitting the dry food into multiple small controlled volumes over the course of the day is most useful. That way, the cat is never full and never quite starving. With most cats, dropping below 1/3 to ½ cup of dry food per 24 hour day will make them too hungry even if adequate calories are being taken in. The actual amount needed by any given kitty is going to be unique to that cat and will likely change as the cat ages.

Using canned green beans can add bulk to the diet to make cats feel more full. This should not be done with cats that have a history of urinary tract crystals since the veggies raise the urinary pH, which predisposes to crystal formation.

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Why Not All Canned Cat Foods Are Created Equal

by Kimberly | Jul 14, 2015 | Cats |

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Last year I realized that I’m the worst cat owner on the planet. I love my cats. They’ve been with me through thick and thin.

  • They forgave me when we moved from our adorable bachelorette pad to J’s place.
  • They forgave me when we brought home 2 puppies.
  • They forgave me when we moved again.
  • And they’ve continued to forgive me as my love of dogs has grown into an obsession.

I had a session with a pet communicator, and she told me that my cats knew that I’m a dog person, and they love me anyway. And that’s why I love them. Only our animals accept us for who we are.

So why was I feeding our cats crappy food while the dogs were eating raw?


Pate Cat Food Is Beneficial For Cats Who Have Trouble Chewing

Sheba Pate Cat Food Recall

Whether pate foods are served in their normal form or have had additional liquid added, they are beneficial for cats who have difficulty chewing. This is because pate cat food is soft, and little chewing is required. Pate foods can be made into a gruel for cats who have lost all their teeth.

Kittens benefit from pate foods because they are easy to manage when they are first learning to eat. Senior cats also benefit from pate foods as they must do less work to eat the food of this consistency.

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Buying Guide For Best Canned Cat Food

Sometimes kibble just doesnt cut it especially for the rulers of the household. If youre in the market for cat food for a beloved feline pet, you want to give her the very best. But before you buy, its important to understand the nutritional needs of your friend.

Protein content is one of the biggest factors to examine before buying canned cat food, but its not the only important factor. A cat food with too much filler could actually rob your cat of nutrition and set the stage for obesity and a roller coaster of other health problems. There are different formulas to choose from, too. Youll want to take into consideration your cats age, how active she is, and her unique flavour palette. This information will aid you in selecting the best canned cat food for your furry friend.

How To Shop For The Best Cat Food

You should approach buying cat food the same way you look at breakfast: Start with a nutritionally balanced diet. You need food that is complete and balanced and appropriate for the life-stage of your cat, says Bruce Kornreich, DVM, the director of the Cornell Feline Health Center in Ithaca, New York.

Kornreich recommends looking for a nutritional adequacy label from the Association of American Feed Control Officials , a nonprofit that assesses whats in pet food and animal feed. Since cats are carnivores, meat is a key component of achieving the balanced diet that Kornreich emphasizes.

If meat and meat by-products are among the first ingredients listed, it suggests the food likely has enough animal source ingredients to provide essential amino acids and fatty acids, says Kornreich. But cats cant live on meat alone.

Cats must get nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D from other ingredients, says Shelly Ferris, DVM, the regional director of Petco Veterinary Services.

She recommends looking for cat food with natural whole ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and high-quality carbohydrates like rice, oats or potatoes.

As for what to avoid, Paz Veterinarys Julien keys in on ingredients that are more about sentiment and marketing than nutrition. He points to dyes that make food look more appealing to people and exotic ingredients like kangaroo and lentils, which are less well studied in cats.

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favourites

Moisture: 82.5%

Felix Mixed Selection in Gravy is a multipack of wet food sachets which includes four flavours: chicken and kidney, duck and lamb, tuna and salmon, and turkey and liver. Wet cat food uses either jelly or gravy to encase the food and ensure that it retains its moisture levels. Some cats do enjoy the jellied broth, but others turn their noses up at it. Gravy is aromatic and moist, with a better consistency than jelly tends to offer.

Felix Original food is very well priced, comes in a good selection of flavours, and it is popular with most cats. It meets all the nutritional requirements of cats. However, its 6.5% protein is low, even for a wet food, and while the food does contain real meat, this only accounts for approximately 4% of the food ingredients, whereas some premium foods contain up to 90% or more.

Considering cats are obligate carnivores, the meat percentage figure could be higher, but the combination of price, palatability, and availability, makes Felix Original the best overall wet cat food in the UK.

Moisture: 80%

Purina Gourmet Cat Food Perle Chefs Collection is another multipack of pouches consisting of meat chunks in gravy, described by Purina as mini fillets in gravy. The multipack includes four flavours: duck, lamb, chicken, and turkey, and the food has a high 12.5% protein ratio, which is higher than other foods of a similar standard.

Moisture: 85%
Moisture: 79%
Moisture: 84%
Moisture: 79%
Moisture: 82%
Moisture: 80%
Moisture: 82%

How To Serve Pate Cat Food

HOW TO: Wet Cat Food from SHREDS to PATE in 10 Seconds – For picky cats who ONLY like PATE.

Serving pate food is simple. All you need to do is open the can or container and plop the food into your cats bowl. Before you serve the food to your cat, mush it up with your fingers or a spoon to make it a smoother consistency.

If you want to make sure your cat is getting enough fluid, add a teaspoon of water or broth to each meal and stir. Make sure to stir well so the food is a consistency that your cat will find appealing.

If you are feeding a kitten, a cat with dental issues, or a senior cat, make the pate into a gruel. Gruel can be made by putting a can of pate cat food into a bowl and then adding half a can of water or broth. You can also use kitten milk replacer for added calories or for sick cats who need more nutrients.

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Wet Cat Food: The Verdict

Wet cat food is ideal for cats with urinary or kidney issues, as the extra water helps these systems to function properly. Its also great for fussy cats or those that have few teeth. However, its more expensive and harder to store than dry food, and some wet cat foods allow cats to pick their favorite bits and leave the rest.

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts In Gravy Wet Cat Food

In this multi-pack of Perfect Portions from Sheba, you get 24 twin pack trays, giving you 48 servings. These are split into 12 Gourmet Salmon Entrée, 6 Signature Tuna Entrée and 6 Delicate Whitefish & Tuna Entrée, offering your cat great flavors. All of these meals are made with real protein, with chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, whitefish, salmon and tuna being high-up on the ingredients list. There are also essential vitamins and minerals included in this food to keep your cat healthy and growing properly, and every recipe is formulated without grains, soy or corn so you know your cat is only eating exactly what they need.

There are also no artificial flavors or preservatives present. Available in convenient trays there is no mess and it is very easy to give your cat the right amount in a serving. You can also purchase this wet cat food in individual flavors if needed.

Key Features:

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What Other Users Are Saying

We scoured the internet to see what Tiny Tigers customers have to say about this company and its recipes. Tiny Tigers reviews are mostly positive, with most customers praising its high nutritional content and affordability.

However, not all customers were happy with the Tiny Tiger Cat Food. The majority of unhappy customers say that their cats did not like the food. However, a few mentioned that the food gave their pets digestive issues. We think that that could be due to the meat by-products contained in this food.

Nevertheless, up to 84% of reviewers say that they could recommend Tiny Tiger cat Food to a friend. As a pet parent, it is important to double-check reviews from other buyers to help you make an informed decision. Check out those reviews here.

Customer Feedback About Cat Person

ULTRA Pate Chicken, Lamb &  Salmon Entree Senior Dog Food ...

The only notable negative feedback that stands out about Cat Person food is regarding the price. While the actual cost varies depending on your choice of food recipe and delivery frequency, this food is higher priced than other comparable services.

Their website and subscription management service appear to be easy to manage, and cancellation is hassle-free. Cat Person even gives you three days notice before your renewal date to give you plenty of time to cancel if you wish. Their customer service representatives are only available via text or email, so its difficult to get in touch with someone in person. If youre more comfortable having a customer service representative available over the phone, this might not be the best choice.

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What We Feed Our Cats

Our cats share a small can of Weruva twice daily. They still get Petcurean NOW, a small amount, that’s mixed with Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw for cats. The dry and freeze-dried foods are split between our 2 cats and they graise on it through the day. Because they like to graze, I only give them a small amount of food to prevent over-eating and vomiting.

We order all of their food through our local raw food co-op, which offers discounts on Weruva, Stella & Chewy’s, and Petcurean NOW.

And here’s a piece of trivia for you. David and Stacie, owners of Weruva, used their pets’ names to come up with their business name: Webster, Rudy and Vanessa. WeRuVa.

Which Types Of Cats Is Tiny Tiger Best Suited For

Tiny Tiger cat food is approved for cats of all life stages. This means you can feed it to both kittens and adults, which is why Tiny Tiger is an excellent option for families with multiple cats. However, as mentioned, it might not be a good idea to give Tiny Tiger cat food to a cat with food sensitivities since we do not know the specific ingredients used in the by-products in this food.

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Cat Food Nutritional Composition Sortable Charts

Data compiled by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM – September 2012Data provided by the respective companies – June – September 2012

This is an HTML version of the PDF file found at This version has sortable tables .

Technical note: on printing from the browser, this document shows all notes in the tables also, the tables should fit width-wise on standard 8.5 x 11.5 paper using 0.3″ margins and scaling the page size to 72-73%. If your browser allows choosing to print with background colors, doing so will render white pages with table lines.

The charts below include:

If your cat is a dry food addict, please see Tips for Transitioning Dry Food Addicts to Canned Food.

Sniffing Out A Favorite Recipe

ASMR Cats eat wet food | Merrick Purrfect Bistro Bon Appétits Chicken Recipe Chunks in Gravy

A cat will usually sniff the food in their food bowl before eating it. And, if the smell isnt appealing, they may simply walk away without even taking a mouthful.

Cats have 65 million olfactory receptors, compared to the 15 million human receptors. Thats why feeding a cat a meal that has a very appealing aroma is so important.

When it comes to different wet food textures , think of Goldilocks and the three bears and how she tried out their porridge bowls, chairs and beds until she selected what was just right.

The ease with which cats pick up a food and the way it feels in the cats mouth plays a big part in whether they will make a meal of what is being served in the food bowl. Cats are very individual creatures and, in a multicat household, each will have its own preferences.

In the wild, a cats prey will have different textures, so texture preferences are instinctive. In a domestic setting, some prefer soft minced foods, or lots of gravy. For others, the preference may be more chunky bites. Fortunately, there are lots of options for your cat to emulate Goldilocks and find one textures that are just right!

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Finding Out Whether Your Cat Likes Or Dislikes Their Food

The type of food that your cat was exposed to as a kitten plays an important role in influencing their current food habits. A cat that was born on the streets, for example, will have a different food preference when compared to a cat that was raised in a secured environment.

We would also like to point out that letting your cat’s diet include a combination of dry food and wet food is always a good idea from an early age. This can be beneficial in two ways firstly, as a pet parent, you won’t have to worry about your cat not eating properly and secondly, your cat will experience the benefits of both the food types. While consuming dry cat food will help to keep teeth clean, wet cat food will help to keep your cat hydrated.

Evolve Classic Turkey Recipe Canned Cat Food

Evolve Classic Turkey Recipe Canned Cat Food is a growth and maintenance recipe made with real turkey, turkey broth, and turkey liver. Ocean fish has been added to this formula to provide more animal proteins for healthy muscles and energy levels. The recipe includes superfoods like cranberries, flaxseeds, and carrots, and it is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and taurine. This provides antioxidants, improves urinary tract and eye health, and supports gentle digestion.

A downside of this formula is that rice is also included, which may not be necessary for your cat if they are healthy, in which case, the rice takes up valuable space that could be better filled with real meats.

This formula is made specifically for adult cats, so kittens should be fed another option from this reviews list instead. Your fully grown cat will love the thick gravy that envelops the pâté. This food is made with real meat and liver, sweet potatoes, and brown rice for great all-around nutrition.

It includes no soy or wheat, making it a good option for cats with food sensitivities. There isnt anything special about this food compared to the others on our reviews list, but it is affordable, and it does contain all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your adult cat requires to thrive.

  • Nothing makes this a unique food that stands out from the competition
  • The pull-tabs on the cans sometimes break before they get fully opened

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