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Cat In A Tree Emergency Rescue

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Emergency Cat Rescue – Arborist Rescuing Cat Stuck In Tree

Dan Kraus started rescuing cats stuck in trees in 1998 during a wet winter in the Seattle area. It all started when Dan heard about a cat that had been stuck at the top of an 80-foot tree for five cold and rainy nights. The cats owner had made many phone calls looking for help and the story reached Dan. Dan knew he could easily climb any tall tree to help and having a soft spot for cats, he just couldnt go home after work knowing the cat was going to be up there for a sixth night. Dan drove through the Seattle rain and traffic after working all day in the rain. He still remembers how miserable the poor, wet cat looked, so weak and bedraggled. By the time he arrived the little cat could barely muster many meows. Dan gently scooped the cat into a soft bag and carefully descended down the large Douglas-fir. The touching reunion between owner and cat left a thoroughly soaked Kraus with warm thoughts. He decided then to begin an arboreal feline emergency response service, using his expert tree climbing skills to help concerned cat owners when cats get stuck in trees.

And so Cat in a Tree Rescue Service was born. Kraus has traveled all around the Puget Sound and Seattle area since 1999 and has rescued about 1,000 cats . Each rescue, is a story with a unique situation filled with concern, drama, and sometimes danger.

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As A Professional Pet Sitter What Should You Do If A Client’s Cat Gets Stuck In A Tree

Obviously, notifying the cats owner is an important first step. Sean and Tom advised that after a cat has been stuck for more than 24 hours, calling outside help is necessaryfor strictly indoor cats, you may need call for rescue help sooner.

While some local fire departments may still be willing to help rescue cats in trees, this is not a service typically offered by fire departments any longer. So, who should you call? An arborist.

An arborist will have the necessary equipment and tools to reach stuck cats, even at great heights in large trees.

Please note: Your local tree service may not be like Canopy Cat RescueSean and Tom offer the service for free because EVERY cat deserves the chance to be rescue. So, inquire about the fees associated with the rescue.

When you contact your local arborist or tree service, youll need to provide a variety of information including the type and height of tree, type of cat and also whose property the tree is on. The tree service would need permission from the property owner to come on the property and climb the tree to rescue the cat.

Sean and Tom shared that the time of day may also impact the rescue. At Canopy Cat Rescue, they will do rescues at night for friendlier cats, but may opt to wait until daytime for cats that are more skittish.

To learn more about Sean and Tom at Canopy Cat Rescue, visit their website, like them on and follow them on .

What To Do If Your Cat Is Stuck In A Tree

Do NOT just leave your cat in the tree indefinitely and wait for them to come down. They might, but some will just get so weak and dehydrated that they will eventually fall out of the tree. Also, do NOT put food or litter out at the bottom of the tree. This is more likely to attract other cats or predators that will KEEP your cat hiding up in the tree.

Your cat may just be frightened and scared to come down. Try standing at the bottom of the tree and talking to your cat. Also try tapping on the tree trunk to get their attention. If your cat does not come down, you could try waiting a little while, but you definitely want to seek assistance if your cat has been in the tree for 24 hours or overnight or if they are potentially injured or in bad weather.

For more information on what to do and when to contact a professional, visit these sites:

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Your Local Fire Department

You can also seek help from your local fire department, and they will do the job free of charge. However, they are not always available to carry out a cat rescue since their primary job is to focus on human emergencies. Firefighters are expected to respond to issues like building, car, and forest fires automobile accidents and medical emergencies.

These professionals can carry out a cat rescue due to the following:

  • They have the resources to fund the gas and staff that are needed to respond.
  • They have enough training to rescue a cat from a tree without endangering the lives of their personnel.

An animal emergency is considered one of the lowest priorities of a fire department based on emergency calls. Nevertheless, firefighters have an active role in communities and are always willing to assist.

Helpful Tips About Cat’s In Trees

Helpful Tips  Cat in a Tree Emergency Rescue

So your cat is stuck in a tree. What can you do?

Dont panic, cats are excellent climbers and will rarely fall out of a tree. Most cats might come down on their own, if given some time to calm down. In my experience cats are very tough and hardy animals. If yours has to spend the night in a tree it should be fine. Some cats may come down during the night after things have calmed down and when it begins to feel confident again.

What about the fire department?

Everyone pictures a friendly fireman using the red fire engine and long ladder to rescue a stuck cat out of a tree.

The reality is that most fire departments will not rescue cats out of trees. This is mainly for two reasons. The first is because they have to be ready to respond to any human emergencies. They dont want to be in the middle of a cat rescue when an emergency call comes in. The second reason is a fire engine with its long ladder truck may not be able to reach the tree a cat might be stuck in. With that said, some fire departments still do cat rescues occasionally. If you live in a small town your chances might be better that they will be able to come and help you.

Why do some cats get stuck and refuse to come down all the while crying for help?

What if I have a pet bird stuck in a tree?

Who do you call?

Tree climbing combined with handling a scared cat, even if your own, is extremely dangerous.

Cat on an electric pole?

How do I find a professional to rescue my cat?

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Ohstar Helps Animals In Distress

Emergency Animal Rescue: OHSTAR

Contact the OHS Technical Animal Rescue Team when your pet is trapped or stranded and needs help to survive. Trained OHSTAR volunteers perform these types of rescues:

  • Evacuating injured pets from wilderness areas.
  • Retrieving pets stranded on cliff sides, river banks, and other areas and structures that can only be accessed safely using ropes, climbing equipment and other technical rescue equipment.
  • Extricating animals trapped in enclosed spaces whose lives are in danger.

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Save Them By Yourself

So – why contact arborists to save that poor cat rather than attempt a daring DIY rescue mission or calling the fire department? The brothers explain:

The main reason to call a professional is that climbing trees – especially large ones where cats tend to get stuck – is a dangerous venture. The Atypical Cat Rescuers have the training and equipment needed to stay safe during these extrications. If you dont have a team of qualified brothers who have climbed trees all over the world to help get the kitty back to land, your other option is the fire department. But understand that their ability to help is hit or miss depending on the equipment they have available.

If your cat gets stuck in a tree, you should always try to call a certified professional first, before contacting emergency services. Thankfully there is an online international directory of tree servicers you can call for your area called Cat In A Tree Emergency Rescue.

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Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees

Cats are great climbers, but their paws aren’t really made for backpedaling, according to Haylee Bergeland, CPDT-KA, RBT and Pet Health and Behavior editor for Daily Paws. “A cat’s paws are made for climbing upwards and their back legs help them to jump and land. This makes them great at climbing up short distances that they can easily jump down.”

However, Bergeland says, a cat’s retractable claws are curved, which makes it difficult to maneuver backwards. So if it’s too high for the cat to jump safely, they may be in need of rescuing.

So Your Cat Is Stuck In A Tree What Can You Do

Fire crew rescue cat stuck in a tree

Dont panic, cats are excellent climbers and will rarely fall out of a tree. Most cats might come down on their own, if given some time to calm down. Cats are very tough and hardy animals if yours has to spend the night in a tree it should be fine. Some cats may come down during the night after things have calmed down and when it begins to feel confident again.

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Which Cat Is Yours

Over the years Burley Boys has been called many times to rescue cats.

If your cat or other pet has climbed a tree and refuses to come down, a skilled climber is what you need.

When you need a skilled climber, theres no better choice than a Burley Boys climber who can not only climb the tree without harming it, but get your furry friend down safely.

Be comforted in the fact that

How often do you get called to rescue pets from trees?

Youre Not The First 🙂

The crew did an incredible job! They were on time, worked very hard all day and were very courteous to myself and our neighbours. We will certainly recommend your company to others.

Donna K.

I have used the Burley Boys for years. The work is always done just the way I ask.

Sheila F.

The guys did a great job. Amazing how they were able to fall all that material without damaging my garden below.

Dorothy M.

I have had the Burley Boys on several occasions and have always been pleased with their work and often recommend them. They are always kind and courteous, qualities that are much appreciated.

Pat R.

The Big Boys of the Tree Business did an outstanding job. Thank you for your work, your professional approach and knowledge, the clean site etc.

Allen B.

The crew were most professional and provided a well organized and executed job. I would be pleased to recommend you at any time.

Brian P.

Cat And Animal Rescue

Greg loves animals, and being an expert climber has saved the day for homeowners whose cats have gotten too far up a tree. He approaches it the same way he would in pruning. He lifts himself up in the tree using his ropes and knots and saddles and lowers the cat safely to the ground in his arms.

He always saves birds nests when he sees them in the tree. He will climb an adjacent tree and place the nest in it, so that mama can find it. He also wont cut a tree that has a nest of squirrels or raccoons in it. He will talk a customer out of it every time.

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Reasons Why Your Cat Is Up In A Tree

These are some possible reasons your cat is up a tree:

  • She is chasing small prey like a squirrel.
  • Your cat was running away from something, such as a dog.
  • She just wants to be up in a tree to get a good view.
  • Unfortunately, cats are not designed for climbing down. They must climb with their head up to avoid falling, and they cannot climb down headfirst . This proves to be a great challenge for cats, especially for inexperienced indoor cats that are not used to climbing trees.

    You need to get help as soon as possible if:

    • It is a kitten that is trapped upon a tree.
    • It is an indoor cat that has no climbing skills.
    • Your trapped cat is declawed.
    • Your cat is up a tree for more than two days and she is already dehydrated and weak.
    • The weather is wet, cold, or windy.
    • Your cat is injured.
    • Your cats situation is causing stress in the household.
    • Wild animals may attack.

    We Rescue Drones From Trees Too

    Cat In A Tree Emergency Rescue/New Leaf Tree Care

    When we are afraid our pet is dying, we call a veterinarian. If a vets solution to every illness was to terminate the pet, we would be very concerned about his or her credibility. Trees should be no exception. Tree Ninja realizes that a customers tree often means a great deal to them so we have researched and equipped ourselves to solve their particular problem. Many trees are irreplaceable and extraordinary so we offer service which is as incredible as the trees we service. One of the most satisfying services Tree Ninja provides is possibly rescuing animals from trees. Although it is quite rare, when an animal or drone is stuck in a tree in Edmonton, Tree Ninja is here to help. We are tree experts and climb trees everyday. Firefighters will definitely not help if it is a drone, and is unlikely to help even if it is cat. Their responsibility is human life and need to be prepared at all times. We love making somebodys day and possibly saving an animals life. Drone rescue is also a growing demand as the industry expands.

    Professional Tree Service Edmonton For a free quote click hereCertified Arborists Edmonton & area

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    Ways To Get Your Cat Out Of A Tree

    Here are some fool-proof ways to get your cat out of a tree:

    • Get her down with the use of your hands and a ladder.
    • Encourage her to get on her litter box or carrier as an alternative way to go down if you do not want to use your bare hands.
    • Use familiar scents to lure your cat down from a tree. This could be her cat food, soiled or unsoiled cat litter, catnip, tuna, chicken, or familiar bedding and clothing.
    • Try to wait out your cat and see if she will come down on her own.

    How To Rescue Your Cat From A Tree

    The right person can get the right cat out of a tree, but if you have even the slightest doubts about getting your cat down from a tree yourself, put down the ladder and call an expert. There is an entire nationwide directory of cat rescuers who can help while you watch from the safety of the ground. If there isn’t a cat rescue expert in your area, the fine folks behind the Cat in a Tree Emergency Rescue website suggest calling your local animal shelter or a tree care company in your area who might be able to help.

    Generally, fire departments arent going to respond to a call about a cat in the tree, since they need to be able to respond quickly to humans in emergency situations. So dont call 911 if your cat takes to the branches.

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    But if you have a sturdy ladder and the tree isnt too high, you can climb up and try to bring the cat down. Just make sure there arent any nearby power lines and ensure the help of a friend or neighbor who can help keep the ladder sturdy from below as you ascend.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

    Cats are famous for being agile climbers. So, why do they get stuck in a tree once in a while? The reason they get stuck in trees is that they find it hard to maneuver down. They have curved, retractable claws and strong hind legs that help them climb up, but they are not designed for climbing down.

    Who To Call For A Cat Stuck In A Tree

    Live Rescue: Cat Stuck In a Tree (Season 2) | A& E

    Weve all seen it in the movies and theres a chance youve encountered it in real life – a cat is stuck high up in a tree. A spectacle ensues and everyone cheers as the cat is safely brought back to the ground. In movies and reality, most people reach for the phone to call the fire department.

    But if youre in the Jefferson County area of Missouri, a local business has got you covered.

    Atypical Cat Rescue is staying true to their name and saving kitties stuck in trees. According to their website, the business consists of two ISA Certified Arborist brothers who share a passion for climbing and working with trees. They note that their skills in conjunction with a love for animals, give them the ability to bring your kitty to ground level.

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    How To Keep Your Cat Out Of Trees

    Having your cat get stuck in a tree is no fun for anyonecat or human alikeso you’re better off keeping it from happening in the first place so everyone can stay safe on the ground.

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    If you let your pet cat outdoors, it’s best to do so with supervision, and consider investing in a cat harness or leash. And, of course, make sure your cat is wearing ID tags and is microchipped. That way, you can get her back if she scampers up an unfamiliar tree and someone else rescues her.

    Although cats may appear as though they would love the outdoors, it can be a dangerous world for them. If you want to keep your fantastic feline safe but also want to make sure she is happy and content inside your home, there are lots of fun, inexpensive things you can do to enrich her indoor world instead of letting her roam the neighborhood. Here are four great ideas to try:

  • Purchase a great “cat tree: Encourage safe climbing from indoors with a cat tree that offers perches and “bark” for her to scratch.

  • Make places to hide: Cats are happiest when they can hide and have alone time. Create hiding spaces by offering your cat old boxes or cover furniture with blankets and pillows .

  • Offer lots of enrichment toys: Cats need enrichment and love to play! Give your cat toys that will stimulate her mind and body.


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