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Duralactin For Cats Side Effects

Duralactin Feline Side Effects

Duralactin Feline L-Lysine, 32.5mL

One of the newest drugs available to combat cat arthritis and bone damage is Duralactin. Felinepatients with arthritis have weakened bones and joints, and Duralactincan help to repair and restore those injured or inflamed areas of thebody. Duralactin contains a hormone called microlactin, which wasdeveloped from hyperimmunized cows. Because Duralactin is classified asa nutritional supplement, it is not necessary that you obtain aveterinary prescription in order to obtain it for your cat.

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Cats 13 lbs and over, 2 soft chews daily.

Duralactin For Cats Side Effects – does not have the side effects of other therapies one of the few therapies available for inflammation in cats 13 years of clinical use with very few side effects reported, and those reported have primarily been in animals sensitive to milk proteins Do not have the side effects of other therapies. Like humans with herpesvirus infections, cats with herpesvirus infections benefit from additional lysine in the diet. Although dogs arent as hyper sensitive to milk products as cats are, few pets may show signs like vomiting, diarrhea and symptoms of gastrointestinal intolerance. And because duralactin is such a safe option, it has no side effects which might interfere with other therapies the animals might be using. Do not have the side effects associated with other therapies.

The Use Of Lysine Supplements In Cats

As mentioned earlier, lysine is an amino acid that is used to treat feline herpes. Those who own cats will often utilize lysine supplements in treating the signs and symptoms of the virus. The lysine for cats supplements are specially formulated to inhibit current and recurring symptoms in your cat.

Lysine supplements are available for purchase over the counter with no need for a prescription. However, it is prudent to consult with your vet before making a purchase. One on the main reasons to speak with you cats doctor is because the dosage will differ depending on the cats size, eating habits, and background.

Your vet will be able to assist you with determining how much to give your cat. Plus, since it is a health-related issue, and just like how people tell their physicians about any changes in medical issues, we should be sharing it with our cats veterinarian too.

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Chronic Pain Can Often Be Overlooked When Managing A Cat’s Quality Of Life And Difficult To Manage When Finally Presented With The Problem

Alison Gottlieb passed the National Veterinary Technician exam and also the Emergency Critical Care boards sponsored by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society . Her career began at Cat Hospital At Towson where her passion for cats bloomed.

Alison was part of the health care team at the Veterinary Referral Center in Little Falls, New Jersey, serving Senior ICU Nurse. She was also responsible for training new technicians at the hospital, through lectures and hands-on experience.

Ali has served on various boards and professional committees, giving lectures and speeches on her work in the ER/ICU. She is also co-founder of Four Paws Consulting LLC, which focuses on technician education.

In recent years, veterinary medicine has made great strides in the treatment of chronic pain in cats. Twenty-plus years ago, painful procedures were performed with chemical restraint alone and without consideration of analgesia or the patients pain level. The veterinary paradigm has shifted from questioning whether animals feel pain to recognizing and treating their pain.

FIGURE 1. A cat after cruciate surgery is at risk for chronic pain associated with injury and surgery.

FIGURE 2. Post abdominal surgery indicators of pain include unwillingness to lie down, narrowing of the eyes, and head-down position. Additional analgesia is needed.

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VPL Duralactin Feline Plus Fatty Acids 60 Soft Chews  Maercsi

Manufacturer’s suggested use for duralactin feline capsules: Duralactin is a nutritional supplement that is used to treat inflammation, supporting normal activity and wellness. Certain cats can have milk protein sensitivities. The typical dosage of lysine is 400 mg a day, delivered in the form of kitty treats. As a nutritional supplement, duralactin does not have any documented standing with the fda. Duralactin feline helps manage chronic inflammatory conditions.

Microlactin® can be used safely in dogs, cats, and horses. If diarrhea or vomiting present, or if your cat’s condition begins to worsen, notify your veterinarian. As a nutritional supplement, duralactin does not have any documented standing with the fda. Are one of the few therapies available for inflammation in cats. The typical dosage of lysine is 400 mg a day, delivered in the form of kitty treats. And because duralactin is such a safe option, it has no side effects which might interfere with other therapies the animals might be using.

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Try Microlactin For Dogs And Cats

Your vet may also recommend treating your pet with microlactin, a joint supplement also known as hyperimmunized milk factor . This patented dried milk protein is derived from the milk of hyperimmunized cows. It protects joints by limiting damaging agents from getting into the tissue in the joints. Microlactin protein helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. Not only is microlactin effective at reducing inflammation, unlike some other pain and inflammation medications, microlactin doesnt have any side effects to upset your pets stomach.

One commonly recommended supplement containing microlactin is Duralactin, which contains microlactin for long-term management of chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs and cats.

What Are The Ingredients Of Duralactin Canine

Duralactin canine is made from all natural ingredients that have been proven effective and safe for use in animals. The ingredients are designed to stop inflammation and promote cartilage formation.

  • Have difficulty moving up and down
  • Experience cracking and friction in joints.

The benefits of using this product are

  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • There are no known side effects
  • Duralactin canine doesnt have any cyclo-oxygenase inhibiting activity and is ideal for dogs suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Duralactin canine is affordable as compared to most products that promise to give the same results.
  • These tablets are flavoured to make them easier to administer
  • It is available over the counter without the need of a prescription

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What Are Duralactin Feline Capsules And Duralactin Feline + Fatty Acids Soft Chews For Cats

  • If your cat suffers from chronically swollen painful joints, Duralactin Feline can give her relief.
  • The active ingredient in this natural dietary supplement is MicroLactin.
  • Made from a patented dried milk protein derived from the milk of hyperimmunized cows, MicroLactin blocks the chemicals in the body that cause inflammation and pain in the joints.
  • Using this product may reduce the need for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs .
  • Duralactin Feline can be used long-term and in conjunction with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Duralactin Feline + Fatty Acids Soft Chews contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids which help to decrease the production of inflammatory substances.

Why do cats and dogs use Duralactin Feline?

  • Duralactin Feline contains MicroLactin, an exclusive dried milk protein concentrate derived from hyperimmunized cows that contains factors that appear to block cytokines and help manage neutrophil participation to support a healthy and normal inflammatory response.
  • Duralactin products also support normal activity and wellness.
  • Duralactin Feline + Fatty Acids Soft Chews contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids which help to decrease the production of inflammatory substances.

What else should I know about Duralactin Feline?

  • Reduces swelling and joint pain in cats.
  • Supports general health and wellness.
  • All-natural product designed for long-term use.
  • Looking for Duralactin Feline L-Lysine Paste?

What problems could my cat have with Duralactin Feline?

Duralactin Feline Joint Plus Paste

Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : Side Effects of Advantage for Cats

Duralactin Feline Joint Plus Paste packs lots of healing power into one, easy-to-use paste. Each dose contains active ingredients that reduce swelling, support joints and muscles, lower free radicals, and improve overall health.

  • Reduces joint inflammation and pain
  • Maintains joint and muscle health
  • All-natural product designed for long-term use
  • Salmon-flavored paste is easy to administer

If your cat isnt as active as normal, isnt grooming herself well, and seems out of sorts, she may be suffering from chronically swollen, painful joints. Duralactin Feline Joint Plus Paste reduces pain and swelling and provides important nutritional support for joints and muscles. This easy-to-use paste contains 8 proven ingredients that work in four different ways to keep your cats joints healthy. Duralactin Feline Joint Plus Paste contains: Microlactin, made from a patented dried milk protein that blocks the chemicals which cause swelling and pain Glucosamine HCl to help maintain healthy, resilient joints and connective tissues Methylsulfonylmethane which supports muscles and joints Omega 3 Fatty Acids vitamins and minerals. Cats love the salmon-flavored paste give it directly or mix it with food.

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Treating Pain Is Often Overlooked And Underdone

Modern Veterinary Medicine Has Made Great Advances In Pain Control WHY Has It Not Found Its Way To Most Clinics?

As a chronic severe pain patient myself, I have a very sincere and personal interest in pain control. I have studied this subject and focus on practical methods for controlling pain in all animals, but especially those nearing the end of their life. I cannot stand to see an animal in pain and 70-80% of our senior pets have some disease process that generates pain. These include cancer, arthritis of both the limbs and spinal column, spinal disc disease, stroke, old injuries, chronic infections and the list goes on.

Please do not let your pets suffer with pain, either because of not knowing the signs of pain, or by believing that something you bought over the counter is working. So often I hear of a pet owner giving a half an aspirin or glucosamine for their dogs severe pain. These things are practically useless, especially in any case with moderate or severe pain. Over-the-counter supplements are also a waste of your money. You would be far better off spending that money on things that actually work.

Questionable Science:

If you would like to read more on the lack of effectiveness in alternative pain medications, see this site: The Skept Vet.

Multi-Modal Pain Management

How Do I Know My Pet Is In Pain?


Real Medicine:

What Does Duralactin Consist Of

Duralactin consists of a protein thats extracted from the milk of hyper immunized cows. This protein is known as MicroLactin. Apart from this ingredient, Duralactin contains small quantities of dextrose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and other artificial flavors. Since theingredients slightly differ in the supplements formulated for dogs and cats, its important to read and the label and administer products that are specifically manufactured for use in dogs.

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The Benefits Of Duralactin

Since Duralactin doesnt cause any long term side effects, its preferred over other corticosteroid drugs or non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications. The product doesnt have any cyclo-oxygenase inhibiting activity and is ideal for dogs suffering from musculoskeletaldisorders. Since corticosteroid drugs are contraindicated in some pets,Duralactin serves as a safer alternative. However, some pets do experience a few side effects that are mild or temporary in nature.

Where To Get Duralactin

VPL Duralactin Feline Plus Fatty Acids 60 Soft Chews  Maercsi

As Duralactin is not a prescription drug or medication, it is easier to obtain than some other treatments may be. It can be easily found by searching online and is currently available at online retailers such as Chewy, Walmart, and PetMeds. It will be easy to purchase this online, too, because it is not required for you to send in a prescription or have the company contact your vet, which is often the case when buying pet medications online.

Check-in at the local branch of your favourite pet store as well. Many chains, such as Petco, also offer Duralactin. It can be purchased in bottles of varying sizes, so you can choose to buy a smaller bottle to try out the medication, or be cost-effective and buy a larger bottle to stock up!

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Veterinary Products Laboratories Duralactin Feline L

Good for my Asmathic cat

Works great for my cat .

This formula mixed with cat food has helped my 10 yr old female cat with chronic sinusitis and nasal inflammation. Her overall health profile has improved immensely. We use this formula daily as a maintenance treatment

This helps heals heal upper respiratory infection in cats

I have two cats with chronic sneezing and mucous, I have read that Lysine can be helpful. I gave 5 stars, I will update after I receive.

My cat likes it ad my vet told me to buy

Cat likes it. First one he has ever liked.

My cat needs this medicine and I& #39 m glad you have it. Thank you cindy

Side Effects Of Duralactin For Dogs

If you are considering Duralactin for dogs, consider that one of the biggest perks is that it’s simply extracted from cow’s milk and consists of a protein that goes by the name of Microlactin. This means that Duralactin offers the advantage of not causing severe side effects as some corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Rimadyl often do.

Side effects from Duralactin for dogs can be seen in pets who are lactose-intolerant and prone to vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues after ingesting products containing milk. Dogs allergic to pork or vegetable proteins can also develop side effects when administered the liver-flavored chews.

According to veterinarians C. Woods and D. Gingerich, Duralactin showed no evidence of gastrointestinal tract irritation. Even though Duralactin is relatively safe and available over-the-counter, it’s always a good idea to consult with a vet before giving any supplements. Before starting my Rottweiler on these, I asked my vet’s opinion and her statement was that there’s nothing to lose as this supplement won’t cause harm.

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Easiest Option Lysine Powder For Cats

One of the most traditional options is the powder form likely because it is so easy just to mix it in with your pets food. As long as your cat cant detect it or dont mind it mixed in, they will eat it up with their meal. With the lysine powder, you can also always mix it with a strongly flavored cat food as a treat. The Fancy Feast wet foods tend to be outstanding options to disguise medicine and supplements in for your cat to eat it.

Administering Lysine To Felines

Vetoquinol Lysine Cat Supplements

You should always isolate the affected cat from the rest while handling the patient. Furthermore, ensure your hands are properly washed with soap and water before you administer the supplement. Dont forget to wash up thoroughly afterward too.

People vs. Cat Supplement

Most people wonder whether it is effective to give their kitty supplements that are formulated for humans. Well, although it is possible, it can be dependent on that specific supplement.

It is better to just buy supplements made for felines. For a definitive answer on using people supplements, you should ask the vet about whether it is safe to do so and dosage. The choice of using treats allows you to easily dial the required dosage then administer it to your pet. In most cases, the cat will like it, and this makes things a little bit easier for you.

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Does Your Cat Need Lysine Supplements

Lysine supplement benefits have been said to be undeniably crucial for the well-being of your cat. It not only treats feline herpes but it also helps to eliminate the symptoms. Some of the dangerous effects of feline herpes include upper respiratory damage and a painful discharge from the eyes which could result in blindness.

Herpes is highly contagious and spreads within cats however humans can not contract it from cats. It is only from cat to cat. Most cats tend to suffer from herpes virus and carry the condition all throughout their lives. Supplementation helps manage herpes since there is no cure for the condition.

Remember, a cat is capable of treating feline herpes naturally as part as its typical immune system function up to a point. However, using the lysine supplement as an extra therapy can suppress the symptoms.

Offers Help for Cat Immune System

Its when your cats immune system is being taxed that the supplement provides the additional help your cat needs. Causes for a lower immune system can include various reasons such as when cats are under stress, become ill, get fleas, and extreme temperature changes to name just a few examples. It is under these types of conditions when symptoms tend to reoccur.

Treating Multiple Pain Pathways

According to Dr. St. Denis, the three main goals of treatment are to reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint function and mobility, and slow the disease process so the cat has a better quality of life for longer, and you have many modalities at your disposal, including nutrition, nutraceuticals, analgesia and environmental modifications.

Nutrition. First and foremost, says Dr. St. Denis, if the cat is overweight, we definitely want to work at a controlled weight loss program because that will help with its overall demeanor, activity levels and how it’s feeling. We know that fat cells release proinflammatory mediators, and we don’t need to egg on inflammation.

When selecting a therapeutic diet, you’ll need to consider comorbidities, as Dr. St. Denis notes that cats like to have more than one medical problem at a time . If they’re overall healthy senior cats, something like the Royal Canin Senior Consult is a good food because it has omega-3 fatty acids, green-lipped mussels and a number of other features in it that are helpful with joint health, she says. Other recommended diets include Royal Canin Mobility Support and Hill’s k/d + mobility.

Nutraceuticals. While there are a lot of nutraceuticals available, cat-specific data on these products is lacking. However, Dr. St. Denis notes that data from canine studies can be extrapolated.4,5

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