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Cats And Dogs Vet Clinic

Welcome To Our Olive Branch Animal Clinic

How To Run A Vet Clinic | The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Guide

Cat and Cow Vet Clinic is a full-service pet hospital that offers comprehensive medical services for cats and dogs in Olive Branch and the surrounding areas.

From preventive care and wellness exams to surgery, our broad and varied service offering can meet all of your pets health needs in one place.

We care for Olive Branchs companion animals and have developed a reputation over the years for quality, professional care with a compassionate touch.

Whether you are bringing your pet in to see us for the first time, or have been counting on our veterinary team for years, you can be sure that we will treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Providing Dedicated Veterinary Care To Your Furry Feathered And Scaly Friends

The Dog Cat & Bird Clinic of Nutley is a full-service animal hospital. We proudly serve Nutley, Belleville, Clifton, Bloomfield, Lyndhurst and surrounding areas. Our staff of certified veterinarians is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care to meet your pets needs. Most importantly, we care for your dogs, cats, pet birds, small exotic mammals, and reptiles as if they were our own. Like those who visit us, we share an abiding love for animals. We provide each of our patients with the same high-quality care we would recommend for our own pets. We have dedicated our professional careers to seeing that lifes important animal companions are treated with the care they deserve.

Cat & Dog Hospital Of Columbia

Welcome to the Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia where we have been serving pets in the Columbia, Maryland community since 1984. Since that time, our family pet clinic has grown exponentially and we are so thankful to our clients and community! We are a cat and dog hospital that provides affordable and professional pet care services, dog boarding service, cat boarding services, and veterinary care including veterinary surgery and emergency services.

We understand and respect the human-pet relationship and its important to your family and ours. With this in mind, our staff strives to use the following 4 principles in all aspects of our hospital: Compassion, Excellence, Education, and Family.

We seek to use compassion and understanding with people and their pets. At Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia, we attempt to educate our clients so that they understand all aspects of health and preventative care, emphasizing the highest possible quality of life. We strive to practice medicine with excellence and to the best of our ability for all well, injured, or ill pets. You will notice, we keep our facilities clean and well-maintained. Lastly, we try to treat you and your pet with love and respect just like family, with the sincerest hope that you reciprocate these attitudes with us.

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Veterinary Services Provided By Our Long Beach Veterinarians

Our mobile vet services are one of our most popular services available to pet owners who cannot find a way to our animal hospital. We can give pet wellness exams, blood testing, euthanasia, and nursing treatment at your location if needed.

In addition to basic veterinary services, we also provide therapeutic/diagnostic/radiology services, surgical procedures ranging from spay/neuter and tumor removal to emergency surgery for pets suffering trauma. Pet dentistry , microchipping and dietary counseling are even more services available at our animal hospital in Long Beach .

If your pet needs nuclear medicine services, CT scans or MRIs, we work closely with specialists knowledgeable in the field of advanced diagnostics to complete these services as quickly as possible. Our in-house laboratory complements our diagnostic services by providing rapid results from parasite, urinalysis, serology, hematology, and serum chemistry tests. Additionally, pet owners do not need to shop around for top quality flea products, pet vitamins, shampoos, pharmaceuticals or heartworm medications since we maintain an extensive inventory of these products.

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Welcome To Cat & Cow Veterinary Clinic

Cat and dog in vet clinic stock photo. Image of professional

If you live in Olive Branch or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets look no further. Our Doctors are licensed MS veterinarians, treating all types of pets. Your pets health and wellbeing are very important to us, and we take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve.

Cat & Cow Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital and welcomes both emergency treatment cases, during regular work hours, as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Our Doctors have years of experience treating serious conditions and offering regular pet wellness care. Beyond first-rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our Olive Branch veterinarians.

At Cat & Cow Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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How To Boost Your Star Rating

The basics are that simple greet patient, examine pet, administer treatment. However, when it comes to reputation and stars there are a few things that help to get you those solid ratings. The growth opportunities you see displayed after each day should help you identify the gaps but there are also specific categories to build up. Heres what you need to know.

  • Wait Times

Low wait times are desirable. In order to keep them this way, purchase the patient patrons perk and then keep adding vets as your clinic becomes more popular. Youll need enough staff to ensure no one is kept waiting long.

  • Environment

Sims love to be welcomed into a great environment. Place nice decorations and quality furniture that increases the environment score of the clinic. Playing music on a good quality reliable stereo also helps.

If you still need a boost and have the cash grab some expensive items with a high environment value and use the move objects cheat to scale them down and place them inside any items that Sims wont need to directly interact with.

The final thing that really helps is the robot vacuum. Get an upgraded one and make sure you frequently set it to run a cycle. If its stopped empty it out or send it back to its dock to charge between patients before restarting it.

In a large clinic you may need several vaccums to keep on top of the mess left by puking patients, something which has a hugely negative effect on your environment score.

  • Interactions

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Looking For A Leavenworth Veterinarian

As you might guess from our Clinics name, we specialize in caring for Dog and Cats, and have been doing so since the 1970s right here in Leavenworth, Kansas. Were small enough that you dont have to meet a new vet every time you come in, yet big enough to provide the care you want and your pet deserves.


Preventative checkups, shots, surgery, microchipping, prescription diets and pet food, along with pet boarding. Click below to view a list of the services we provide.


If you have a pet-related emergency during business hours, contact us right away. We also provide after-hours emergency consultation and hospital referrals.


Appointments are easy to schedule and we rarely have more than a 24-hour wait for routine appointments. To schedule an appointment, just contact us via email or phone and we can get you on the schedule.

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Caring & Experienced Veterinarians

The passionate team at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital has decades of combined experience in veterinary medicine.

We deliver excellence in veterinary care, because Berkeley’s pets deserve nothing less. With our qualified veterinarians and comprehensive services, you can rest assured knowing your furry friend is in good hands.

Now Welcoming One Healthy Masked Pet Parent Per Appointment

Life as a Vet Trailer

We are pleased to reopen our office at a limited capacity. If you choose to accompany your pet inside, please note that we are limited to welcoming only one healthy, masked caretaker per appointment.

Please be mindful that our lobby remains closed, so call our front desk upon arrival. We are working to maintain social distancing and reduce time spent inside the building for all human visitors.

Our staff will operate as bellhops for your medications and other pick-ups. For appointments, well transition people and pets to allow for plenty of personal space for everyone involved. We cannot wait to see your shining, masked faces!

We Are Still Offering Curbside Service If curbside service is still whats best for you, were happy to accommodate your needs. Your pets have been perfect patients this past year, and we are always honored to serve you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate these uncertain times.

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Dog & Cat Clinics Pet Care Services

This page provides a summary of the services that we have been providing for many years to the local community.

Speaking of the local community, while most of our customers are located in Leavenworth, Ft. Leavenworth, and Lansing, we also take care of pets in Atchison, Basehor, Bonner Springs, and Tonganoxie, Kansas not to mention pets across the river in Platte, Missouri.

Surgical Services

Our operating room is equipped to handle many types of pet-related surgeries. From spay and neutering, to dental maintenance and oral surgery, to dealing with lumps and cancer. We perform surgery Monday through Friday.

General Medicine

From puppy and kitten vaccinations, internal and external parasite control, and geriatric wellness exams, we can provide the preventative medicine necessary to keep your pet healthy. We are also ready to help provide a diagnostic and treatment plan when your pet isnt feeling well.

Pet Boarding

We offer climate controlled indoor runs and covered outdoor runs for our boarding pets. We require all boarders to have a current vaccine status and be parasite free so you dont have to worry about your pet picking something up. Boarders will be fed Science Diet food or a food that the owner has provided. All bowls and bedding will be provided by the clinic.

Maintenance Visits


Wellness Care And Microchipping

Routine exams give you peace of mind that your beloved animals are healthy. During regular wellness care exams, our veterinarians can look for major changes that hint at a growing problem. These visits are also a good time to talk to us about your animals health, get vaccines boosters, and ask any questions that you have about them.

If your pets do not have a microchip, we can put one in during a wellness visit. Microchipped pets have a better chance of finding their way home than those without them.

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Experience The Difference With Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic

Located in the Memorial neighborhood of Houston, our practice provides exceptional veterinary care with a wide variety of services and we see pet emergencies during our regular hours, serving Westchase and the surrounding communities. Dr. Jessica Parkerson has over 15 years of experience in caring for cats and dogs and other small animals. We strive to provide professional, timely care to every animal that is brought through our doors, and you can be assured that your furry family member will be treated with love and compassion each time you visit us.

We are also proud to be an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association and a Gold Certified Cat-Friendly clinic by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. AAHA believes in The Standard of Veterinary Excellence, which is why our patients receive the best quality of care possible. With over 900 different criteria, covering medicine, surgery, diagnostics, and more, AAHA hospitals are regularly evaluated to be sure that the standards set forth by AAHA are met and sustained.

Therefore, you are provided with the highest level of care possible. With only 14% of the hospitals in North America certified, TangleWilde Veterinary Clinic is among the elite few.

Take The Exit Toward Ne 139th St


Cat clinic north vancouver. Toor is a licensed bc veterinarian, treating dogs and cats. All about cats veterinary clinic. 606 likes · 36 talking about this · 47 were here.

227 mountain highway, north vancouver, bc v7j 3p2 directions. 108 west 2nd street, north vancouver, bc. We believe that each visit provides our team with an opportunity to educate you on feline wellness care and healthy aging.

Our veterinary staff provides excellent and affordable prices and the quality care and services you expect for your faithful companions. One time my wife walked over to buy dog food and cat litter and the owner said she wished she could give her a ride home, but she couldnt leave. They are proud members of the american animal hospital association .

1.0 harbourside vet housecall services north vancouver, bc 0 lynn valley veterinary clinic north vancouver, bc Best cat boarding in north vancouver, bc. We welcome new patients to our clinic and are happy to provide extra services ie:

As a cats only clinic located in north vancouver, we welcome your feline family into our clean, quiet, fully equipped facility which includes resort boarding at the palms. We offer preventative care for pets of all ages as well as aiding in early detection and continue reading lonsdale clinic We strive to enrich the lives of cats by focusing on wellness and preventative medicine, including vaccinations, spays or neuters, and dentistry.

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IMG_1724.jpg Veterinary services, Veterinary clinic

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Starting A Vet Clinic

The bare minimum needed to create a vet clinic. Decorations would improve the place, but this is all you need and it can be made for less than $6000.

To start a vet clinic, use your Sim’s phone and go to the Career/Household tab. There you can find the ‘buy a vet clinic’ option. You’ll need at least $10,000 though more is recommended. The money is transferred to a separate business account. You can pay yourself from this account, though you may need to deposit more funds if your business isn’t making money. Some of the initially deposited money is just to pay for a lot on which to build the clinic. You can certainly start very small, but want to purchase a lot that will leave a little room for expansion. Your clinic could be just a couple of medium sized rooms.

A few items are needed to qualify as a vet clinic. You’ll need a Vet Podium , an exam table , and some form of waste disposal . The surgery station , medicine crafting table, and vending machine are optional items.

Once you’ve constructed all this, you’re ready to open your business for the first time.

Welcome To All Cats And Dogs Veterinary Clinic Llc

Founded by Laura Smith, DVM in 2002 the business started as a House Call practice known as All Cats and Dogs Veterinary Services.

In 2010 Dr Smith opened All Cats and Dogs Veterinary Clinic, LLC at its current location at 6543 Crain Highway, La Plata, Maryland.Conveniently located in La Plata in the Shelton Center

We have now a 2 veterinarian practice with both Dr. Laura Smith and Dr. Thomas Smith providing care to the pets of Southern Maryland.

We provide wellness services, sick pet visits, surgery, dental care and in house laboratory and radiology services.

We provide in home euthanasia services for both Charles County and the surrounding areas of Southern Maryland.

We feel the most important thing we do for our clients is providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have done well for their petsby having them cared for by us. We strive to always be advocates for pets, letting owners know the care that will be of greatest benefit to their pets long life and health.

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What Should I Expect For The Surgery

Pre-Operational Consultation: As with all surgeries, a pre-operational consultation is imperative to ensure the needs of your pet are met to the best ability.

It is your opportunity to consult with your vet about your concerns and questions and to gain as much insight as possible to secure your furry companions comfort during and after the surgery.

Because there are a series of corrective surgeries, each condition has a unique surgical procedure.

Orthopedic surgeries work to relieve pain and deformities in your pets bones and skeletal structure. These surgeries are often considered the saving grace and last resort for discomfort.

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How To Manage The Clinic

HOW TO VET – The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs | Veterinary Career Walkthrough

In this subchapter, you will learn how to hire an employee, how to boost your income in the clinic and how to upgrade it.

In the bottom-right corner, there is a cash register icon. Click it and access Manage staff. Here, you can hire new staff for your clinic of course, you have to offer a sufficient pay to them, but good staff will increase the performance of the clinic. By the avatar of each character, you will find their hourly rate and their skills:

  • it affects the effectiveness of examining and treating pets.
  • Handiness it affects the effectiveness of maintenance of the clinics machinery.
  • Charisma it affects the employees interaction with patients and clients.
  • After you have right-clicked on an employee, you can change their assignment it is best if it coincides with the employees skills. One with high Vet skills is better assigned to treating animals, than to cleaning and maintenance. Also, you can pay to train your staff to perform a particular job, to increase their skills. Apart from that, you can fire, or promote them, as well as to appraise them .

    In the clinic management menu , you can set the levels of mark-up, advertising, quality of supply and change outfits of your staff.

  • defines profits from examination and treatment. You can change the values within range of 75% and 200%. If you set the level high, you have to ensure the best service possible, or you will be receiving negative opinions from your clientele.
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