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How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good For

How Do I Store Dry Cat Food

Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food?

There are several ways to store dry cat food and ensure it remains fresh for longer.

Fortunately, we also have dry cat food that comes without an expiry date.

These are the freeze-dried versions that remain fresh for longer periods.

But if you go for normal kibble with a best before date, you have three ways of storing it;

  • Ziplock bags

Once you open dry kibble, it is recommended that you store it in ziplock bags.

Ziploc bags keep oxygen out and ensure the kibble does not go rancid.

Once you put the kibble inside the Ziploc bag, squeeze out the edges to remove air before storing it.

Also, always ensure there are no tears or openings on the bags that will let air in.

Airtight containers are stronger and more durable compared to ziplock bags.

They are also easy to seal and open anytime.

Ensure the Tupperware containers you buy are labeled as airtight.

Some containers leave out spaces around the lid that let air in.

Freezing dry cat food is ideal if you still want to maintain the original packaging.

Freezing prevents bacteria from growing and making the kibble stale.

Ensure you thaw out the kibble before serving it to your cat.

Huge chunks of frozen kibble can easily choke a cat.

One more thing

Make sure the kibble bag is not damaged when you get it off the shelf. As you read the label, also inspect the packaging for any wear and tear.

How To Buy The Best Cat Food According To Veterinarians

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

Good news. Your cat needs you. They also need the right cat food, not just a separate bowl of dog food. Like dog food, there are many options on the market when it comes to cat food. Cats are often thought of and fed as smaller dogs, says Tim Julien, DVM, the chief medical officer at Paz Veterinary in Austin, Texas. It turns out cats are not small dogs. Cats are obligate, or strict, carnivores and have a decreased ability to digest and use carbohydrates.

So whats the best cat food for your obligate carnivore? We consulted experts about how to figure out which cat food is right for you and your cat, as well as compiled some of the best cat food options around.

Wet Cat Food Vs Dry Cat Food

Should you feed your cat wet cat food or dry cat food? There are certainly pros and cons to each, and it can be hard to decide. As a veterinarian, and in the absence of any medical conditions, I would advise that you feed your cats a mixture of both wet and dry: around 75% of the diet calories should be from wet cat food, whilst the other 25% can be from dry food.

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For Weight Loss Wet Cat Food

Moisture is the winning factor here again for wet cat food. The high water content of canned cat food makes it perfect for your cats weight loss or maintenance since water helps your pet feel full. The high protein and low carb content help, too, since it promotes satiety, keeping your cat from returning to the bowl hungry after only a few hours.

It can be hard for cats to lose weight when fed only a kibble diet. Since kibble is dense and doesnt include a lot of moisture, it can be easy for your cat to overeat. Restricting your cats food is not easy to do while still maintaining balanced nutrition, so canned food may be the way to go, even if youre only replacing a meal a day.

For Hydration: Wet Cat Food

The Ultimate CAT CARE Guide

Many cat nutrition experts warn against feeding cats a strictly dry kibble diet. Dry kibble diets average around 7-12% moisture content, making your pet prone to dehydration if they don’t drink a significant amount of water.

Add to that the high sodium content of your feline’s food, which causes water retention and more dehydration, and your pet is seriously moisture-deprived. Since cats have a low thirst drive, your cat is likely at least mildly dehydrated if they are being fed a dry food diet only. Even mild chronic dehydration can lead to urinary tract issues and health complications.

In the wild, cats would receive most of their hydration from the prey that they would eat, which is typically 60-70% water. At 70-80% moisture content, canned or wet cat food is very close to your kitty’s natural prey diet.

Try to choose a wet food that is close to 70% moisture content. While hydration is good, you don’t want to be paying for mostly water.;

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Purina Cat Chow Naturals Dry Cat Food Best Selling Dry Food

Protein: 38.0% | Fat: 9.0% | Fiber: 5.4% | Moisture: 12.0%

At the time of writing this review, Purinas Cat Chow Naturals is the best selling dry cat food around. Its no surprise to us.

It contains plenty of natural fiber that helps to control hairballs by moving hair through your cats system. We love that it has absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives and is made from real meats that are clearly listed in its ingredients.

The 358 kcal/cup is also very modest, with the right portion control it could definitely be a viable weight control food for your cat. Because of the low caloric density, your cat will feel more full after consuming less calories. As with most of Purinas products, it comes in a variety of flavors and formulas each designed for cats of different age ranges and weights.

The real meat ingredients in this food ensure your cat is getting natural, animal-sourced proteins that are packed full of the building blocks they require to live a healthy life. Dry cat is often guilty of using plant-based proteins which arent as good, but this is a good example of a food containing plenty of animal-based proteins. Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry food review.

How Much Dry Food Should I Feed My Cat

The amount of food you give to your pet is depending on age, healthy, status, activity level, etc. and other factors. You should adjust the amount if you are feeding kibble to your cat. Your veterinary may also be recommended how much is right for your cat. You should check the label on back the package, it clearly recommended how much you should serve your cat according to her body weight.

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Obesity And Feline Diabetes

Cats on a dry food diet have more risks of having diabetes and obesity than cats consuming wet food. Your cat might be prone to diabetes due to the carbohydrate level in many kinds of dry food if youre allowing 24-hour access to food.

Therefore, to avoid diabetes, stick to premium dry food or try canned food for your cat.

Is Dry Food Bad For Cats

Dry Cat Food vs. Wet Cat Food | Cat Care

Our favorite felines can be notoriously picky eaters, which makes choosing the correct food for your cats a tricky balancing act between a foods nutritional value and your cats selective palate.

Many cat owners, for example, have cats that favor dry kibble over wet food from a can or pouch . You may have heard concerns that dry food is bad for cats and can affect the health of their;kidneys, urinary tracts, and even teeth.

In short,;the nutrition cat food contains is much more important than whether its wet or dry, but if youre concerned about what food is best for your cat, read on.

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Is Dry Cat Food Better Than Wet Or Canned Cat Food

These question has always been there. And, there is no right or wrong answer to it. It has always been controversial, peoples have a strong opinion for both the foods.

Both premium wet and dry cat foods are nutritionally very similar. So, what we mean by premium? Premium means it is made by best cat food brands that have earned an excellent reputation throughout the years.

The main difference between dry and wet cat food is dry food does not provide the same amount of moisture content than wet food.

If your cat is only eating dry cat food. Purina suggests she should drink one cup of water per ten pounds of body weight every 24 hours. This is why many cat owners suggest combining both wet and dry cat.

Otherwise, you can make use of a drinking fountain for your cat to make sure she is staying hydrated.

In the end, it comes the preference, if your cat doesnt like the food there is no point of giving it to them. Best premium wet and dry food are very similar. You can definitely combine the two to get the best out of it. We are suggestive to give your cat what excites her most and also filled with nutrition and protein.

If you have a cute puppy or dog in your house. You should check out DogFoodItems. They have written an detailed guide on Dog Food Without Legumes.

How To Store Dry Cat Food And Keep It Fresh

When it comes to storing any kind of food, it is important to seal it in a way that will keep it fresh and ready to consume. The same goes for your cats food. Luckily, there are so many great food storage options and ideas to make sealing up food easy and quick. Many dry cat foods;come in bags and resealing these bags is almost impossible. Because of this, it is important to store your cats kibble in ways that will keep it fresh for weeks to come. You wouldnt want your own food just sitting around, open to the air, dirt, and dust, so dont let your cats food fall victim to bad storage methods, either. Check out some of the best and most creative ways to keep your cats dry food fresh and delicious.

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What Is The Best Dry Cat Food For Weight Loss

The best dry cat food for weight loss is the one with a minimum of 30% protein and a maximum of 12% fat inside. Please choose the formulas with natural elements, a balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals, and no by-products and preservatives inside. The fewer carbohydrates it contains, the better. And feel free to consider any recipe from this guide: I did my best to collect the best dry diet cat food options on the market.

What Treats Can I Safely Feed My Cat

Encore Cat Chicken with Salmon Dry Food 800g

Everybody loves to treat their pets, and as a vet, I always calculate a treat allowance into a meal plan for cats. In order to make sure your pet doesnt end up overweight, you should definitely consider their calorie allowance when it comes to treats. Nutrition experts recommend that no more than 10% of your cats daily calories come from treats, and dont forget to take those calories out of your calculations for daily food allowance!

As for what sort of treats there are lots of cat treats on the market that are suitable- as a vet I like to opt for dual-purpose treats such as those that help with dental health or hairballs. Id definitely steer clear of human food though, as flavorings and ingredients can be toxic to cats, and it can be really hard to find out how many calories are in a small bit of tuna.

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Invest In A Water Fountain To Encourage Your Cat To Drink More

Cats who eat dry food drink more water than those who eat a high-moisture diet, but that doesnt mean that theyre better hydrated. In fact, one study found that cats who ate wet food took in more water despite not drinking anything at all.

Even dry-fed cats may be hesitant to drink from a bowl. Cats instinctively avoid still, potentially stagnant water. A water fountain appeals to your cats preference for well-aerated moving water.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food Best Natural Formula

Protein: 34.0% | Fat: 14.0%

Packed full of natural prebiotics that aid in cat digestion, this food from Rachael Ray is the perfect option for those owners who are looking for the best natural dry cat food.

Available in both salmon and brown rice or chicken and brown rice, this natural food is a very good value choice for adult cats. Both flavors contain realmeat and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Its a really easy brand to get behind, not only because of the all natural mentality but also because a portion of proceeds from sales goes to the Rachael Ray Foundation, which at the time of writing has donated a staggering $21 million to various pet charities. Good on you Rachael!

It comes in bags of 3, 6 and 14 pounds so there are plenty of buying options regardless of how many kitties youre caring for. Click through using the button above to seejust how many customers consider this to be one of the best dry cat foods around, youll be astounded.

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What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Wellness Offer

All Wellness foods are made with whole foods and are free of wheat, corn, and soy. They dont contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Wellness two lines are CORE, which is a protein-centric, grain-free food, and Complete

Health. The Complete Health line offers whole food nutrition with grain-free options for your cats everyday health. The line includes products geared towards specific life stages and lifestyles, including foods for kittens, indoor cats, and weight management.

Blue Wilderness Indoor Chicken Dry Cat Food Best Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food Gave My Cat a UTI!

Protein: 38.0% | Fat: 16.0% | Fiber: 6.0% | Moisture: 9.0%

Delicious, grain-free and packed full of protein. Blue Wilderness has produced an absolute stand out contender for the best dry cat food ever.

BLUEs dry cat foods are cold-formed, a process that avoids excess heat to ensure the ingredients dont lose their nutritional value. Much like what happens if you cook vegetables on high heat they lose some of the heat-sensitive nutrients.

The TRUE BLUE promise gives you peace of mind that the protein comes from natural, real chicken instead of any nasty by-product. It also promises that their foods contain no artificial flavoring or colors, and no grain, wheat or soy!

Its ingredients clearly list the of all proteins, fats and amino acids which gives you peace of mind that theyre coming from natural sources. Best of all, its totally grain-free, so if your cat has any allergies to grains you can rest assured theyll be perfectly safe eating this food.

Supposedly inspired by the diet of the lynx, this tasty cat food really is the perfect blend of high quality, tasty ingredients, and health benefits, making it the best there is.

Our readers heavily agree with us on this pick. Weve received excellent feedback across the board for Blue Buffalos Wilderness range in particular, but this food has been more popular with our readers than we could have imagined. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Chicken review.

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I Have Open Cans Of My Felines Food How Do I Store Them

Once you uncover a can of cat food, you should store it in the fridge. This refrigeration helps the food to:

a) Retain moisture

b) Reduce odor transfers to other foods

c) Minimize to-air exposure

Using a plastic food lid for pets is the best storage way for open cans of cat food. If the cover is unavailable, you can use a plastic wrap since it works as a good air, odor, and moisture barrier. While zip-to-close bags may function as excellent barriers for moisture, they may not provide a pleasing scent or oxygen barring.

Incorporate It Into A Rotational Feeding Plan

Rotating kibble with homemade, raw, or wet cat food will keep your cat from becoming a dry food addict. It also promotes healthy moisture intake. Proper hydration helps to prevent urinary tract disease, helps to support healthy skin, may keep your cats immune system healthy, and supports overall wellbeing.

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Can Cat Food Go Bad In Heat

This will depend on how long the food is in the heat. If you leave the cat food out exposed to heat, it will not go well. The heat will introduce bacterias that come with warmth while getting rid of moisture in the food. Thus, the food goes bad.

On the other hand, the cat food will not go bad if you put it in the microwave for a minute to warm it. It is advisable to warm the cat kibble,m and a microwave is the best option. This way, you will have your cat eat more because cold food is not tasty for cats. After all, warming the cat food will prevent respiratory illnesses and add warmth to the cats body if it is cold outdoors.

Best Dry Cat Food For Cats

How Long can you Keep Cat Food Out For? » Petsoid

Well discuss each single dry cat food in details. Before going into details, we should keep in mind, the main ingredient of cat food is protein. As you go to our best selected dry cat food list, you will notice most have a protein content of 30% or more. It is because cats are carnivorous. Their diet primarily consists of animal-based protein in the wild.

So, we already know protein plays an important role in their body. That is why we have to note the protein content.

Here, we have listed best and healthy dry cat food, each with a high protein substance to advance great wellbeing.

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