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How Much Is To Spay A Female Cat

What Happens During The Surgery

How much does spaying a female cat cost?

The surgical process for males and females is a little different. First, both cats will receive sedation to fall into a deep sleepthey wont feel a thing.

In males, there is no need to go internally. They will be given a general anesthetic beforehand. Vets make a small incision in the scrotum and remove each testicle.

In females, vets have to make an incision and work inside of the body to remove ovaries, uterus, and reproductive tract. So, the process is a bit more extensive, and the recovery is a bit longer for female felines.

Reasons To Spay/neuter A Cat

Obviously, the main reason to spay/neuter a cat is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, having a cat fixed has additional benefits as well. Neutering a male cat will decrease its desire to wander, keeping it closer to home. Roaming cats have a greater risk of getting lost and of contracting diseases, such as feline leukemia. Additionally, neutering a male cat should help reduce its tendency to mark its territory or fight. For females, spaying will eliminate the heat cycle and normalize hormones. A spayed or neutered cat will also have a reduced risk of cancers of the reproductive organs. As a result, the cost of neutering has the potential to save a pet owner a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Subsidized Spay And Neuter Assistance Program

Low income families can apply for the SNAP program to get their cats, dogs or rabbits spayed or neutered for a discounted rate.

SNAP is open to low income families and individuals. The program is based on:

How many family members reside in the household

The total gross earnings for spouses, partners, and/or guardians combined

If the family is on Social Assistance they automatically qualify, but must provide their 6 digit case number.

There are many ways to qualify, so e-mail: to see if you do .

You will be required to provide proof of household income or proof of social assistance in order to participate in SNAP.

We recommend that your pet be spayed/neutered any time after the age of four months and ideally before the first heat.

Subsidized spay and neuter surgeries are also available for dogs and rabbits living outside of Winnipeg. While not part off the SNAP program, out of Winnipeg participants may qualify for spay and neuter surgeries according to their household income.

SNAP Fees within the City of Winnipeg*:Dog Spay: $115

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When Is The Right Time To Do This Procedure

Well, this is a frequently asked question by all pet owners before deciding to have their animals neutered or spayed. For any successful veterinary operation, it depends on the age, weight and breed of an animal. It is therefore advisable to perform this operation at a younger age .

  • The right time to neuter or spay a cat is at a young age.
  • The spaying or neutering depends on the type of breed and the physical well-being of the cat.

What Does Neuter A Cat Mean

The Importance of Desexing Your Cat

The cat will be taken to the hospital and undergo a minor surgery that lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Sterilization is the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus, which means that the female will not be able to reproduce and become pregnant. This is a common surgery performed under general anesthesia.

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Is Spaying Or Neutering Painful For Cats

Before the spaying or neutering procedure even begins, your cat will be fully anesthetized. They wont be able to feel any of the surgery, and their vital statistics will be carefully monitored throughout the surgery and their recovery.

Female cats will often stay at the surgery overnight while they recover. Males can usually go home the same day.

After the surgery, your cat may experience soreness, discomfort, and a little pain. To help with this, your veterinarian will likely give your cat long-lasting pain relief in the form of an injection before they allow your cat to come home. This will wear off after roughly 24-36 hours.

If your cat still seems in discomfort or pain after 36 hours, speak to your veterinarian to see if its necessary to give them more pain relief.

As the dust from cat litter can come into contact with your cats surgery site, it can potentially cause an infection. Its recommended to use a dust-free litter, like shredded paper for around 1 week after surgery. If your cats incision site looks inflamed ad red or is hot to the touch, speak to your vet for advice.

Before Your Favorite Feline Goes Under The Knife Get The Facts

Your kitten is practically perfect in every way, so why should they need to go under the knife to get fixed?!

When you adopted your cat, you probably didnt imagine that a few months later they would need surgery. But trust us, getting your kitten spayed or neutered is one of the best things you can do for your kitty, and for the domestic cat population as a whole.

Around 80 percent of cat parents in the United States choose to spay/neuter their cats, usually within the first six months of their cats life.

Having your kitten go through any medical procedure can be stressful for a cat parent not to mention put some serious stress on your wallet.

Well take you through the what, where and why of spaying or neutering your cat, so you can keep calm when you drop your sweet kitty off at the vet and when you get that bill.

Heres what well be covering:

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How Long Does It Take A Cat To Recover From Spaying/neutering

Dr. Mar points out that animals are incredibly resilient and cats are no different. âThe first 24-48 hours your cat may be a bit painful and tired, which is expected after any surgery,â she explains. âHowever, pets are given pain medications before or during surgery in order to ensure your pet is not in pain when they wake up.â The pain medicine is generally taken for three to five days after the surgery. Neutered cats will recover much faster because removing an external organ such as the testicles does not open up the abdominal cavity and require stitching the way itâs done with spaying.

How Will Spaying Affect My Cats Diet

Spay your cat for a reduced cost

As soon as your cat has been spayed, youll start to notice changes in their behaviorincluding their feeding habits. Their appetite can increase by 20-25%, but their actual energy expenditure reduces by 30%. This means its very easy for your queen to overeat and store the extra energy as fat. If you decide to spay your cat while they’re still a kitten, they will still be growing and therefore needs a food that supports this without encouraging them to put on weight unnecessarily. Specific food, formulated for spayed/neutered kittens, is one of the best things to feed them at this point.

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How Old Does A Cat Have To Be For A Spay Or Neuter Procedure Can You Spay A Cat In Heat

According to the ASPCA, cats can be spayed or neutered as young as eight weeks old. They recommend scheduling the procedure before your cat is five months old to avoid urine spraying behavior and eliminate the chance of pregnancy.

The ASPCA also states that female cats can be spayed while in heat. Of course, it is always advised to speak with your vet to figure out when it would be best to spay or neuter your cat.

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Cat

Although the cost to neuter a cat varies, neutering usually costs a little less than a spay surgery. A random sampling of veterinarians showed the following prices: $122 in Ohio, $169 in West Virginia and $340 in Illinois.

As with spaying, neutering can also take place at a low-cost clinic or shelter and will usually cost less, around $30-50.

Keep in mind that there can be other costs associated with these procedures as well, from the cost of vaccinations beforehand to pre-surgery bloodwork to make sure your cat is in optimal health.

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What Is Neutering And Spaying

Neutering is generally referred to for both male and female cats. The reason for this procedure is to stop the animal from reproducing and the cost varies depending on where you live.

Neutering is defined as the removal of the reproductive parts of the male cat. The veterinarian removes both the testicles through an incision in the scrotum, and the cost of neutering depends on the breed, age, and weight of the cat.

Spaying is defined as the removal of ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus in female cats. The cost of spaying depends on the breed, age, and weight of the cat.

You may ask yourself, why should I have to pay to prevent the pregnancy of my cat? What could go wrong if I dont have this operation? Yes, we would love to have a cute little kitten in our house, but what if there are more than one perhaps ten kittens?

Damn, thats a hell of a lot of responsibility, isnt it? No need to worry: here is some of the important medical evidence to prove why your cat needs to be neutered or spayed once in a lifetime.

Why Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

Spay it Forward for World Spay Day and Share the Facts on ...

There are numerous reasons to spay or neuter your cat, including community, behavior, and health reasons. Cats are able to have four litters a year, which rapidly leads to overpopulation and, consequently, millions of euthanized cats yearly, says Dr. Meghann Kruck, D.V.M., of Kindest Cut, a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Minnesota.

Sarah Humlie, executive director of the Pensacola Humane Society in Florida, agrees that overpopulation is a problem and explains that getting cats spayed and neutered is one of the Societys missions.

Coming from the shelter side of it, we see spaying and neutering as a humane and pro-active way of trying to reduce the number of animals who are going to come into the shelters and possibly have their lives threatened or ended because of overcrowding, says Humlie.

Spaying and neutering can also prevent unwanted behavioral issues, says Dr. Adam Corbett, V.M.D., and Director of Shelter Operations and Surgery at the Pennsylvania SPCA. He says unaltered male cats tend to spray urine in the house and try to get outside more, which could lead to injury due to fighting with other cats or getting hit by a car. Unaltered female cats also have behavioral issues, such as yowling when theyre in heat and also trying to go outside to find a mate, he said.

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Difference Between Castration Spaying And Neutering

Neutering is a general term used to describe the surgical removal of the reproductive organs of an animal. This term, also known as desexing or fixing, applies to both females and male cats.

Spaying, aka ovariohysterectomy, refers to the neutering or surgical procedure done in a female cat. This operation involves the elimination of the female cats ovaries, uterine horn, and uterus.

On the other hand, the neutering of a male cat is known as castration or orchidectomy. The process calls for the surgical removal of the reproductive organs, which are his testicles.

Licensed veterinarians should do both types of procedures. General anesthesia is also required.

Since cat spay surgeries are more complicated than castration, spay surgeries typically last for 60 minutes, while castration lasts for around 30 minutes. Recovery time also typically takes longer for females compared to male cats.

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter Or Spay A Cat

Spaying and neutering your cat is a very important part of pet ownership as it can have direct health benefits. It also aids in reducing the number of unwanted and/or homeless animals, especially if you have an outdoor cat.

Male cats, when neutered, are less likely to mark their territory or exhibit aggression towards other cats. On the other hand, female cats, when spayed, have lower risks of mammary cancer and are less likely to urine mark.

The costs for these surgeries will, of course, vary by location and veterinarian, as well as based on specifics about your animal.

  • Neuter

How much does it cost to neuter a cat? In general, in an average clinic, neutering would cost around $50 to $100. This would include the full procedure, anesthesia, and recovery time.

The surgery itself can actually be completed in less than 5 minutes. Neutering involves simple incision being made on the scrotum and then the testicles are being removed.

After 20-30 minutes of recovery time, the cat can be brought home. In fact, both spay and neuter procedures for cats are performed on an outpatient basis.

  • Spay

Spay surgeries are more expensive than cat castration cost because they take longer to be carried out as theyre more complicated. Compared to neutering, more intensive surgery is required as the female cats abdomen needs to be opened up so that the reproductive tract can all be removed.

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How Much Does It Cost To Spay Or Neuter A Pet

The price to spay or neuter a pet will vary based on several factors, such as weight, breed, species, and age .

To give you a better idea of the ranges you might encounter, here are a few examples of spay and neuter costs for dogs and cats throughout the U.S. They include low-cost options such as nonprofits and voucher programs.

Spay/neuter base price for dogs


Keep in mind the above prices may not include everything associated with your pets surgery, so you may end up paying more when the bill comes due. For example, you may have to pay a general examination fee or pay separately for medications used during your dog or cats surgery.

What Are The Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Spaying Or Neutering

Postoperative Care for a Female Cat Spayed at Pets In Stitches

Your pets age, weight, size, and existing conditions may impact the cost of their spay or neuter procedure. In fact, many vets and clinics charge different rates depending on the weight of the animal. And anything that may complicate the procedure will often incur its own fees as well. For example, if your male pet has a condition where a testicle has not descended, its a more complex surgery that will cost more.

Your dog or cats spay and neuter appointment might also include other preventative services that impact the cost. You may see the following listed as separate fees on your final bill:

  • Microchipping

  • Required vaccinations such as rabies

  • Flea, tick, and worm preventative medications

Its best to ask what is included in the quoted cost up front. That way youll be able to gauge whether or not the figure is accurate, and you can budget accordingly.

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What Does It Mean To Spay Or Neuter A Cat

Spay and neuter surgeries are the processes of surgically removing a cats reproductive organs.

When a female cat is spayed, her ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus are removed. The technical term for this is an ovariohysterectomy. After this surgical sterilization procedure, a female cat will no longer come into heat, and she wont be able to reproduce.

When a male cat is neutered, his testicles are removed, so he no longer produces sperm. The technical term for this procedure is an orchiectomy. Besides meaning the male cat can no longer reproduce, neutering stops or reduces breeding behavior like urine spraying and aggression.

These two procedures are the most commonly offered, but you can also speak to your vet about whether they recommend the following procedures:

  • This procedure removes the vas deferens, the part of a male cats anatomy that transports sperm from the testes. This surgery stops a male cat from being able to reproduce, but they may still demonstrate hormonal behaviors because the testes will still be producing testosterone.
  • This procedure removes a female cats uterus and some of the fallopian tubes. The ovaries will remain and still produce hormones, but the cat wont be able to get pregnant. The cat may still display heat-related behaviors, like yowling and trying to search for a mate.
  • This procedure removes the ovaries only. This stops the production of hormones and will reduce or completely stop the cats heat cycle and any hormonal behaviors.

Best Pet Insurance Companies That Cover Spaying And Neutering

Cats are known for being tough, independent little companions. Still, that wont stop their owners from obsessing over every little aspect of their health, especially when they need surgery. Financial distress can only make these situations worse. Thats why we at Insurify have compiled a list of the best pet insurance companies that include coverage for sterilization.

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So How Much Does It Cost To Neuter Or Spay A Cat

When it comes to costs, neutering costs less because it is a less complicated procedure than spaying. The total cost includes both pre-hospital care and post-surgical care.

Average neuter costs: $50-$100

Average spaying costs: $100-$250

In pre-hospital care, the veterinarian must ensure the age, breed, weight and activity level of the cat prior to surgery. This preliminary examination confirms whether the cat needs surgery now or later and whether the cat will recover soon after the operation. As a pet owner you must therefore make an informed decision based on the preliminary examination. Pre-hospital care includes an office visit, a stay in hospital and pre-operative sedation, anaesthesia, etc.

Most veterinarians would prefer to keep the cat in the hospital for a few days after surgery to monitor for infections or complications. These times are most critical for the cat and she will need your full attention for a few weeks until she is back to normal. The neutered cat will also need to be separated from other pets, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, eat very little food for a week, and make sure she doesnt do anything that might interfere with the stitches .

A Few Additional Costs Which Need To Be Taken Care Of By The Pet Owners.

If the cat is obese: +$25-$30

If the cat is pregnant: +$50-$150

Pre-anesthesia blood work: +$40

Extra pain medication: +$10-$30

Laser Surgery: +$30-$50


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