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Cost Of Tapeworm Treatment For Cats

It Has Plenty Of Storage

Best Tapeworm Medicine For Catsð¾How to Get Rid Of Cat Worms Easily

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Lets Take A Look At The Types Of Dewormers On The Market And Which Types Of Infestations They Treat

Dewormers are available both over-the-counter and by prescription, and may be oral or topical.Oral deworming medications come in tablets, liquids, and pastes so you can easily administer the medication in the manner most comfortable for your cat. Topical medications are typically applied at the base of the head, much like topical flea medications.

The most important thing you must do when shopping for dewormers is make sure the product you choose is made to kill the type of worms your cat has.

How Often Should I Deworm My Indoor Cat

You should deworm your indoor cat at least every three months, even if they spend their days indoors, to keep them healthy and free of worms.

Kittens and their mothers are the most vulnerable to intestinal parasite infection, and as a result, they are more likely to harbor worms and produce infective-stage larvae.

As a result, they require a more thorough deworming regimen than an adult cat.

According to the manufacturers recommendations, deworming kittens should begin at six weeks of age and be repeated at 8, 10, and 12 weeks of age.

Nursing dams should be treated at the same time. After that, kittens should be dewormed once a month until they reach the age of six months.

During the summer months, it is advised that adult cats have monthly dewormers in addition to their flea and heartworm prevention, as well as an annual fecal check.

It is also recommended that all outdoor cats be dewormed for tapeworms 1-2 times a year.

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Here Are The Main Attributes We Looked For:

Safety and efficacy: We only considered FDA or EPA-approved dewormers and preventives for this guide. We then consulted the Merck Veterinary Manual to ensure all ingredients in these products are known to be safe and effective for use in cats and kittens.

Number of parasites treated: In general, the more parasites a preventive product covers, the higher it was rated. This consideration did not apply to the tapeworm dewormer, which is only intended to treat one parasite.

Ease of use: Products were rated lower if they were more complicated to use than a similar product. For instance, products ranked lower if the pet owner must wear gloves to apply the product or if children and pets need to be kept away from the treated animal for a specified amount of time.

Is There A Cure For Tapeworms In Cats

Roundworm and Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats 4 Tablets

Yes. Tapeworms in cats can be cured with deworming medications like epsiprantel, praziquantel, and fenbendazole. While these medications will eliminate tapeworms from your cats intestinal tract, they do not guarantee protection from reinfection, which is why its important to treat any underlying cause, such as a flea infestation, and follow good hygiene practices when cleaning the litter box.

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Benefits Of Natural Tapeworm Treatment For Cats

Natural tapeworm treatment is a safe, effective, and convenient way to keep your cat from becoming infected with tapeworms. Here are some of the benefits of natural tapeworm treatment for cats:

  • Natural Tapeworm Treatment Is Safe And Effective. One of the biggest benefits of using a natural remedy to treat your cats worms is that it is safe and effective. If you have been considering trying out other types of treatments but are worried about their potential side effects or complications, then this may be the right choice for you.
  • Natural Tapeworm Treatment Is A Good Option For Cats With Health Problems That Make It Difficult To Take Medicine Or Have Their Food Swallowed Easily. Another reason why natural remedies are so popular among pet owners has to do with how easy they make things on both them and their pets when it comes time to administer medication and feedings which can be difficult if your cat has any kind of health problem like heart disease or diabetes.

Alternative Animal Worm Free Natural Cat Wormer For All Worms

Who should use: For cats with hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms

This product is a homeopathic remedy with natural ingredients and claims to tackle multiple kinds of infestations. Cat owners skeptical about administering medicines may try this natural therapy.

The formula contains kelp, vitamins, and probiotics, to not only get rid of the worms from your pets system but also to ensure the pets overall well-being. Its style of dealing with parasites is a little novel as compared to other products on the list. Alternative Animal Worm Free Natural Cat wormer deals mechanically with parasites and damages their coating in ways that can make it lethal for them.

Because of the way it works, parasites will not be able to become immune to this cat dewormer treatment as they would to other medication.

This homeopathic concoction is available as a powder to be mixed with your cats food. It can be used for small as well as big cats. Big cats can have one teaspoonful of the powder added with food while smaller cats and kitten can eat half a teaspoon with their food.

The company recommends the correct dose for cats once a day for three months and then one dose three times in a week to prevent reinfestation.

Side-effects: This product is a homeopathic remedy and does not have side-effects.

  • A long treatment period of three months to rid your kitty of intestinal parasites.
  • This product is not recommended for nursing kittens.

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Comfortis Chewable Tablet For Dogs & Cats Best Flea Pills For Cats

Comfortis is more commonly used on dogs, but it has also shown effectiveness on fleas in cats. Just pay extra attention to the dosage amounts so you dont accidentally give your cat too much.

Comfortis uses an ingredient called Spinosad, and it causes seizures in fleas that bite your cat. Spinosad is derived from naturally occurring microbes in the soil, making it a good choice for anyone whos leery about putting toxic chemicals on their best friend.

Its a chewable tablet, so you wont have to deal with oil on your cats fur, but not all cats will be eager to swallow it down.

These are big tablets too, so youll likely have to chop them up to get your cat to eat them. Fortunately, most cats dont seem to mind the taste, so as long as you mix it with food, you should be fine. The pills are flavored, so you may even need to hide them from your cat to prevent an overdose.

This is one of the priciest flea treatments out there, and the company recommends pairing it with another product for flea prevention, so its a little disappointing that you dont get complete protection for that price.

Still, if you want an oral medication thats lethal to fleas, Comfortis is the way to go.

  • Needs to be paired with flea prevention product
  • Have to be careful with dosage sizes

What Are The Extra Costs

Giving your cat tape worm pil EASY WAY

If a professional checkup shows more problems than the tapeworm, additional tests and medicines may be prescribed. Note that some over the counter medications will not work for some animals. If you are not seeing results within 24 hours, then it is always best to check with a professional.

Flea control is highly recommended, even when the tapeworms disappear to prevent these tapeworms from coming back. Over the counter flea treatment options often cost about $50 per month.

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Diagnosing Tapeworms In Cats

Veterinarians diagnose tapeworms in cats through a fecal examination. A diagnosis can be made once evidence of tapeworms, either in the form of eggs or proglottids, is discovered in the feces. Veterinarians then diagnose the type of tapeworm through a microscopic examination or a diagnostic PCR test. Diagnosing the type of tapeworm is essential for proper treatment and management, as treating environmental factors may be necessary to prevent reinfection.

Tapeworms shed proglottids intermittently, which means that your veterinarian may not be able to accurately diagnose your cats condition right away, as there may be no physical evidence of tapeworms in your cats feces. If you notice any abnormalities that you suspect could be proglottids in your cats litter box, be sure to collect the sample in a plastic bag so that your veterinarian can inspect it.

Cats Dogs And Ferrets Eu Travel

If you are coming to Ireland from another EU country you should follow thesteps below to bring your cat, dog or ferret with you toIreland. These rules also apply to pets travelling from:

  • Andorra

Different rules apply if you are:

  • Buying a cat, dog or ferret abroad and having it shipped to Ireland
  • Shipping your cat, dog or ferret back to Ireland unaccompanied
  • Travelling from outside the EU or from a country not listed above

Detailed information about thesesituations is on the Government’s Pet Travel Portal.

The law governing the importation of cats, dogs and ferrets fornon-commercial purposes is the Pet Travel Regulations 2020.

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Types Of Cat Tapeworms

There are several types of tapeworms in cats that are divided into the following categories.

Diplydium caninum the most common tapeworm in cats, exclusively spread by fleas.

species acquired by ingesting dead animals or undercooked meat. There are many different species.

Echinococcus tapeworms are very rare in cats but can cause severe disease.

What Else We Considered

Roundworm and Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats 4 Tablets

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer Tablets for Cats: This product contains the same active ingredient as our top choice for tapeworms, Droncit Tablets for Cats, but it’s sold in a slightly more expensive three-pack .

Profender Topical Solution for Cats Like Centragard Topical Solution, Profender kills tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms, but Centragard also prevents deadly heartworm when given monthly. Kittens must be at least 8 weeks old to use Profender while kittens 7 weeks and older can use Centragard.

Heartgard: The only other chewable parasite preventive available for cats, Heartgard has been on the market a long time and is a safe and trusted heartworm preventive. However, unlike Interceptor, which treats and controls three other intestinal parasites in addition to heartworm, Heartgard only treats and controls one other parasite, hookworms. Heartgard requires a prescription from your veterinarian, as well as a current negative heartworm test.

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Hartz Ultraguard Rid Worm Liquid For Cats

Who should use: For both cats and kittens infested with roundworms only

This dewormer contains the active ingredient piperazine that can effectively tackle roundworms in your cats intestine. It is very easy to administer because of its delicious flavor.

The product is recommended only for cats and kittens more than 8 weeks in age. Because it is available as syrup, it can be given directly or can be mixed with the food. For more effect, the treatment needs to be repeated after 14 days.

Side-effects: May cause salivation or tremors in the pet.

  • The flavor makes medication more palatable.
  • Easy to administer syrup form.
  • A very effective remedy for roundworms.
  • May cause salivation or tremors in a few animals.

What Is The Treatment For Tapeworms In Cats

Luckily, treatment for cat tapeworms is pretty easy and effective. If your cat is infested, your vet will give you a tapeworm medicine called a dewormer. Typically, dewormers are oral medications, though they can also be given through an injection.

The deworming medication causes the tapeworm to dissolve in the intestines. Since the worm has been digested, you shouldn’t expect to see evidence of it in the litter box. The deworming medication should not cause your cat any adverse side effects, like vomiting or diarrhea.

The best-case scenario is to keep your cat from getting infected in the first place. You can greatly reduce your cat’s risk of ever getting tapeworms by using flea control treatments regularly and keeping your cat inside. Tapeworms are not contagious, like a cold, per se, but they are transmittable through fleas from animal to animal and in rare cases to humans. Just like your cat, if your dog eats an infected flea while chewing his skin, he can get tapeworms. If you or your child accidentally ingests a flea, you could get tapeworm, too.

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How Much Does It Cost To Deworm A Cat

Although, the thought of our cats carrying around a belly full of worms is very unappealing, worms in cats are not uncommon. Left untreated, various types of intestinal parasites can cause other health issues for your feline buddy.

Read on to discover the basics of intestinal worms in cats and to find out how much does it cost to deworm a cat.

Best Prescription Dewormer: Revolution Topical Solution For Cats

Natural Dewormers For Cats
  • Parasites Targeted: Fleas, Heartworm, Hookworms, Roundworms, Ear Mites
  • Typical Price per Dose: $23.14
  • Doses per Container: 6
  • Ideal For: People who want to prevent and treat a wide range of parasites

In most cases, a cheap over-the-counter dewormer works just as well as a prescription product. Cats who are frequently exposed to internal parasites are the exception to that rule.

While OTC medications kill the parasites infesting your cat now, it takes a prescription product to keep them from infecting your cat again.

If your cat eats wild animals, spends a lot of time outside, or lives with dogs, a prescription dewormer can help to kill existing parasites and prevent them from taking up residence.

Revolution is a topical medication that protects your cat against the most common parasites. It protects your cat from heartworm and fleas while treating hookworms, roundworms, and ear mites. It doesnt treat tapeworms. By administering once a month, this medication provides round-the-clock parasite prevention, something that no cheap OTC medication can do.

Revolution is made from selamectin, an insecticide that appears to be safe for cats aged six weeks and older. If your cat accidentally consumes this small amount of selamectin, he might experience salivation and vomiting, but there arent any reports of more serious reactions.

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Are Tapeworms In Cats Contagious For Humans Or Other Pets

Certain tapeworms can be contagious for humans and other pets. Humans, especially infants, can contract dipylidium caninum if they swallow an infected flea in a household with a tapeworm infestation. Humans can also contract several other species of tapeworm, including echinococcus multilocularis and diphyllobothrium tapeworm species.

Special Rules For Travellers Fromukraine And Russia In Emergency Circumstances

You may be able to bring your pet to Ireland without the documents and rulesthat are described on this page. If possible, bring as much information as youcan about your pet, for example, information on vaccinations, microchip, andworming.

You should contact the Department of Agriculture before you arrive byemail:

  • Dublin Airport –

You can readabout the current arrangements in Ukrainian and Russian.

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How We Selected Products

For this guide, I consulted two veterinarians who work at two different Certified Cat Friendly animal hospitals for advice regarding the treatment and prevention of intestinal parasites like tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms, as well as heartworms and ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, and mites. Although this information guided us in our product selection, our veterinary experts did not specifically endorse any of the products included in this guide.

I also used the quick product reference guide published by the independent, nonprofit Companion Animal Parasite Council while researching for this guide. The CAPC lists all FDA and EPA-approved parasite control products for small animals, including each productâs active ingredients and uses.

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What Happens If I Give My Cat Too Much Dewormer

Seresto Flea &  Tick Collar for Cats + Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats (3 ...

Giving your cat too much dewormer could do more damage than good and can even prove to be fatal. Symptoms include:

  • Drooling
  • Depression

Overdosing of dewormers must be avoided at any cost as it could create numerous problems for your cat.

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How Are Cat Worms Treated

cat worms are generally treatable, so long as they are diagnosed, arrested and treated before the onset of advanced stages of infestation. Your veterinarian can prescribe the proper deworming medication , along with the appropriate administration protocol, based on the parasite and extent of infestation.

  • For tapeworms in cats, the medication breaks up tapeworms inside of the intestinal tract, making them too small to see in the feces
  • For roundworms in cats, the medication detaches the worms from the intestinal tract, and excrete them into and with the stool
  • For hookworms in cats, the medication kills the adult hookworms only. We will recommend another treatment in 2-4 weeks to treat the hookworms that were babies during the first treatment
  • For ringworm in cats, we can prescribe antifungal medications, shampoos, lime-sulfur dips, and the shaving or severely affected areas
  • For whipworms in cats, we can prescribe medication in 3-4 week intervals, and then every 3-4 months to help prevent a re-infestation
  • For heartworms in cats, and depending upon the severity of the infestation, we can prescribe oral and injectible medication, antibiotics, special diets, diuretics to reduce fluid accumulation, and even extended prescription of heart medication in extreme cases


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