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Caring For Cats Rochester Ny

Real Customer Reviews About Caring For Cats

Paws and Claws Pet Care, Inc.





I have read some horror stories in these reviews, and I must say I am sorry for all that bad stuff I am reading. My experiences has been welllllllâ¦â¦ Kinda flat. They see my baby, they tell me what the findings were, they send me to the counter, I pay and check out and leave. No friendly conversation, a tad bit robotic, and they make me feel slightly uncomfortable.



Very nice vet and great for cats. Just wish theyâd inform you better instructions to prevent having to come in twice for the same thing.



If you own a cat in and around the Greece, Hilton, Northwest Rochester area, this is where you take your it. Knowledgeable, caring staff. Modern facility and reasonably priced.


Caring For A Grumpy Cat

If theres one thing we know about our feline friends, its that they all have their own purrsonalities. Some kitties are lovable little cuddlebugs, others tend to ignore their humans, and some are, well, rather cranky. If you have a four-legged curmudgeon on your hands, read on for some great tips from a Rochester, NY vet on caring for grumpy cats.

Comfort & Quality Of Life

We focus on comfort and quality of life for every patient, at every age. Our palliative care plans usually combine treatments that include both pharmaceutical and alternative therapies. We design a plan to maintain comfort and quality of life for pets, with deep consideration for your familys needs and wishes.

Effective Therapies Provide Relief

Proactive treatment is applied as we predict the course of a pets illness. Our effective therapies ensure your dogs and cats never experience uncontrolled pain.

Treatments may include anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, local anesthetics, antibiotics, diuretics, anti-seizure medications, or chemotherapy.

In combination with medical treatment, nondrug and alternative therapies are available to enhance the quality of life. Such options include nutritional support, referral for rehabilitation, IV fluids, surgical procedures, and acupuncture.

How to Know When its Time
What to Expect

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Comfort Fun And Safety

Your pet will enjoy our bright, spacious, climate-controlled facility where all guests receive fresh food, water, and treats . To keep pets active, regular exercise and playtimes are available, including a group playtime option for our canine guests. Come bedtime, guests have a warm, comfy place to rest and relax.

Special Considerations

If your pet becomes ill during his or her stay, there is a doctor available during regular business hours and on-call Sundays and holidays. We also have access to a 24-hour emergency hospital and board-certified specialists.

Other Services
No Fleas

Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming environment, so you dont have to worry about your pet when youre away. For more information about our boarding services, please contact us directly.

Ready To Begin Earning Rewards

Caring For Cats
  • You will then receive a confirmation email to verify your account.
  • Open the email and click the Verify your email address button.
  • You will automatically receive your first loyalty stamp once your email has been verified.
  • Your pet information will sync with our system and show up in the app the next day.

Have questions about our app? Call us for more information!

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Caring For A Deaf Cat

Specially-Abled Pets Day is coming up May 3rd. Just like people, pets can be afflicted by medical problems. Some of our feline friends are born with handicaps, while others may have them as a result of trauma. However, cats are very resilient, and often adapt very well to the loss of sight, hearing, or even limbs. Here, a Rochester, NY veterinarian discusses caring for a deaf kitty.

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Caring For A Scaredy Cat

Is your feline friend on the shy side? Just like people, cats all have their own distinct personalities. Some kitties are calm and friendly, while others can be anxious and wary. If your furball falls into the latter category, read on for some great tips from a local Rochester, NY veterinarian on caring for a scaredy cat.

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Very good,Dr. Arnold and staff provided great care for my cats for over fifteen years.

Posted by Richard Israelson on October 08, 2017.Brought to you by wellness.

Q: Would you recommend this provider to others?A: I Already HaveQ: Were the waiting room chairs comfortable while waiting for your pet?A: YesQ: Does the providerâs staff try to be helpful?A: YesQ: Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?A: CompletelyQ: Were the staff members able to answer your questions?A: Definitely

Posted by Anonymous on September 29, 2017.Brought to you by wellness.

Average Rating

We used this vetâs office for a number of years. The staff is good however other reviewers are right about the smell in the office. I ignored it until I switched to a Vet that takes dogs too whenâ¦

Posted by Lea H. on May 13, 2015.Brought to you by yahoolocal.

Average Rating

I am a veterinarian in Missouri and am planning on being in New York in the future. I had heard both of these vets are exceptional and have hopes of visiting their clinic:) If any time better than another, please let me know. Dr Bill Sorrick, Webb City,MO

Posted by Bill S. on March 21, 2015.Brought to you by yellowpages.

Average Rating

Great veterinary facility for your kitties. I love that they are specialized in cats, it makes me feel more confident in working with them knowing they work with just cats all day, every dayâ¦.

Posted by Megan H. on February 25, 2015.Brought to you by yahoolocal.

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Island Cottage Rd Rochester Ny 14612

OPEN NOW â Closes at 7:00pm

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Caring for Cats is the best feline vet in town bar none! Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, very clean! When my Osiris was dying the emergency vet in town wanted to put him to sleep when I couldnât come up with 2300 dollars on the spot! I waited until morning & took him to see Dr. Hartman who saved his life. Even with three days in the hospital it was a small fraction of what the emergency vet wanted. Dr. Hartman is retired now & could seem gruff to humans but she obviously loved them cats! My Ninja was treated well when I had concerns about her health. I highly recommend Caring for Cats!


great place to goâ¦.best vet in townâ¦been going there for years ..wouldnât trade it for the worldâ¦.


Took my cat here because he was showing symptoms of a fever, Dr. Hartman seemed to be in a rush with my cat because there was an emergency coming in and was rude answering a few of my questions. Gave my cat some antibiotics and some water then said we were all set . Brought my cat home and he died before the end of the night. He was only a couple years old.


I have been takeing my cats here for over 30 years they show the very most concern for my pets then where ever I have taken my pets before



Rochester Community Animal Clinic

Rochester Community Animal Clinic is a veterinary clinic devoted to improving cat and dog health through preventative care and owner education. We target those who may not otherwise be able to afford these important services.

Vaccine/wellness packages are available to all pet owners by appointment only. Learn more about our wellness appointments and packages.

High-quality spay/neuter surgery appointments are available to low-income pet owners who meet eligibility criteria. Learn more about our spay/neuter surgeries.

If you are interested in scheduling a spay/neuter surgery for your pet, please complete our online surgery application.

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Suspected Abuse Or Neglect:

Humane Law Enforcement The Humane Law Enforcement Department at Lollypop Farm plays a critical role in addressing cruelty to animals in our community. Our organization maintains an SPCA designation and is charged with investigating and enforcing the animal cruelty laws of New York State. With five animal cruelty investigators, the law enforcement department receives no government or agency funding.

Signs of Animal Abuse:

  • Dogs left outside without food, water, or shelter
  • Sick or injured pets that have not been treated
  • Unsanitary living conditions

Wellness And Preventative Care

Caring For Cats

At Penfield Veterinary Hospital, we understand that wellness and preventative care are essential to a long and healthy relationship between you and your pet. We are dedicated to making sure your furry friend receives the best health care from us. We are also here to make sure you are educated when it comes to your pets health and wellness treatment at home.

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Pet Boarding Services At Companion Animal Hospital

When you go on vacation or a business trip and have to leave your pet behind, it can create a lot of stress for you and your pet. Pets are attached to their owners, and it is important that when you vacation, you leave them with someone that you trust. At Fairview you can trust us to treat your pet like a member of our own family and provide the best in boarding care.

The Importance Of Annual Exams

Regular visits to our hospital are the best way to keep your pet healthy and to prevent problems from worsening or becoming too costly. We recommend yearly wellness exams for every cat and dog, although more frequent visits may be encouraged . The wellness visit is also a good time to voice your concerns and ask questions.


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What Are People Saying About Caring For Cats

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Been taking my cat here since he was a kitten, everyone is great! They also have boarding if you need it!”

“Very caring and knowledgeable place to take your cats. The staff is friendly n helpful.”

“Very organized and friendly vet for cats. A very caring sense, excellent doctors and staff. I highly recommend.”

“I had to bring my cat in for long overdue shots and the staff was super kind and helpful with updating my cats info. They werent judgmental of the fact that my cat hadnt been seen in years. I brought my 3 year old daughter with me and they were so kind to her and not at all bothered that she came too. It seems rare to find places you can bring your child to nowadays where the staff doesnt seem put out. I also really appreciated the thorough job they did to make sure my questions about my cat were answered”

About Pittsford Animal Hospital

Mother of 9-year-old girl pepper-sprayed by Rochester Police speaks out

We truly care about helping your cat or dog and always employ the latest techniques to deliver effective, personalized treatments for every patient. As your trusted team of veterinary professionals, we look forward to helping you and your pet enjoys a long, healthy life together.

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Wellness And Preventative Care At Stone Ridge

Being proactive about your pets health is the key to a longer, happier life together. At Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians are sure to cover the following topics as part of any wellness plan. We also want to develop a plan that meets the unique needs of you and your pet. Thats why we encourage you to ask specific questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your companion. Our team is dedicated to helping you make sensible decisions that fit your lifestyle.


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