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Install Cat Door In Garage Door

How To Install A Pet Door On An Existing Steel Door

Installing a Pet Door on a Garage Door

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Pet doors with flaps and metal security inserts allow your pets to move freely from inside to outside without you needing to open the door. The flap reduces the bugs that can enter the home yet allows the pet to push through. The security door is easy to drop into the interior slot to close off the opening when you are out of the house or want to lock up. The door can be installed in any kind of exterior door without removing the door.

  • Measure the size of your largest pet. Pet doors are sold in various sizes, but the door must be large enough for the tallest and widest of your pets to fit through comfortably. Purchase a pet door kit with flaps and a security insert. Some advanced kits include recognition sensors and will only allow pets with the correct collars to use the door. These are good if you live in an area where possums and squirrels try to enter the property.

  • Remove the pet door template from the package. Cut out the template openings as shown in the directions that come with the kit using scissors.

  • Drill straight through the door at each “X” mark using a 1/2-inch drill bit. Keep the drill horizontal and inside the lines of the template. Drill each corner. Change your bit to a screw-sized bit and drill the screw holes marked on the door.

  • Insert a jigsaw with the blade designed to cut steel into one of the corner holes. Cut on the outline for the entire perimeter of the pet door. Remove the inside piece.

  • Pet Door In The Fire Door

    Home » Interior » Doors » Pet Door In The Fire Door

    The door between the garage and the living area of a home is generally required to be a proper fire-rated door. Since many fires start in the garage area, having a pet door in the door to the house may allow a fire in the garage to spread more rapidly.

    Tape Off The Perimeter And Saw Glide

    Derek Trimble

    Tape off Perimiter of the Openng

    Tape off the Bottom of the Jigsaw

    After youve drilled your corner holes, its a good idea to protect the door before cutting. Use painter’s tape around the outside of the guidelines, and make sure to tape off the bottom of your jigsaw. This will guard against scratching the surface of your door. Use two layers if your doors surface seems more susceptible to scratching.

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    How To Install A Pet Entrance In Your Garage Doorposted On June 6 2014 By Ken Fielding

    If you allow your pet to spend time indoors as well as outdoors, you probably let him out in one of two ways: by opening the door, or by installing a swinging pet door in one of your entrances so he can move freely. While letting your pup or kitty out manually allows you to know where they are at all times, busy pet owners may prefer a pet door. In addition to providing convenience, these special exists can help cut down on the amount of scratching pets do when asking to be let in.

    For those who prefer not to cut into their main doors, a pet entrance set into your garage door can make a great deal of sense and allow your furry friend to maintain his independent lifestyle. Can this be done without undermining the integrity of your garage door? Yes! Well show you how.

    Benefits Of A Pet Door In Your Garage

    Hall Of Fame

    Many people hold off on having a pet door that enters directly in their house because of security problems. It could create a drain on your air conditioning or heating. It could also provide direct access for less familiar critters, like raccoons or squirrels, or just stray cats and dogs.

    However, the problem remains that you want your pet to be able to get in and out when youre not there to hold the door. For example, what if your cat was being chased by a stray dog? What if they got left out and it was too cold for comfort? What if you go out of town and you want them to be able to access their food without being cooped up inside the whole time?

    There are also distinct benefits of pet doors, particularly for energetic dogs. A pet door will let them get exercise, reduce problematic behavior that may be caused by boredom, and prevent having to clean up after accidents that happen when your puppy or elderly dog just cant hold it in anymore.

    For many families, having a pet door in their garage instead of directly into their house can solve these problem. Obviously, it will depend on your situation, but consider it a nice middle-ground between your houses security, and your pets safety and comfort.

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    Layout The New Opening

    Layout Guidlines From Bottom of the Door

    Use Pencil to Layout Centerlines, Shoulder Height, and Door Outlines

    Every brand of pet door is a little different. Youll want to make sure that youve chosen one thats correct for your application and always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Our example is an insulated, exterior facing, steel door. Generally, you’ll want your pets door to be at least three inches from the floor at a minimum, and centered in the middle of the door. Your particular door will have a recommendation for where the shoulder height should be in relation to the bottom of the door. Following your doors instructions, use a pencil and a straight edge to lay out all of the cut lines on the door. Always double, even triple, check your measurements. Once you start cutting any door, theres no turning back. So, make sure youre accurate and take your time.

    Pet Doors Installed In Overhead Garage Doors

    Also pay close attention to the profile of the selected pet door. You will have limited clearance between the overhead door and the wall as it opens and closes. This clearance distance can vary based on how the door is installed as well as the type of door. Before ordering, visually check out this distance…if it appears that you have 3 inches or more as the overhead door opens and closes, then you should be fine with any of our recommended models below. Important Note: Make sure you pay particular attention to the exterior dimensions of the pet door. It is this dimension that needs to fit within the dimensions of your lower garage door panel. Very often these sectional panels are 18-22 inches in height.

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    Use Electronic Cat Door To Prevent Stray Animals From Hurting Your Cat

    When you buy a regular cat door, along with your cats, other stray animals can enter your house and may harm your cat. But with an electronic cat door, your cat will be safe from this threat. Usually, an electronic pet door comes with a device that youll have to attach to your cats collar. This device emits signals continuously, and when your cat is close to the cat door, the electric cat door will open automatically and allow your cat to go through it.

    As only your cat has access to the cat door, other animals cannot enter your house. Thus, a cat door protects your pet from stray or aggressive animals.

    Our Top Pick Petsafe Pet Screen Door

    How to install A cat door

    If you live in a rented house, this pet door from PetSafe will be perfect for you. To install this PetSafe Pet Screen Door, you wont have to drill permanent holes in your garage door or walls. Besides, you dont require a lot of tools to install this door. Even if you have no experience installing a pet door, you can DIY install this without any special tool. You wont require any professional help or break your rental agreement to install this PetSafe cat door.

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    Comparison Best Cat Door For Garage Door

    Sometimes it gets difficult to have a clear view of all the features of cat doors. Thats why here is the comparison table of our top 5 cat doors for the garage door so that you can easily select your suitable cat door.

    PetSafe Pet Screen Door

    Features of the PetSafe Pet Screen Door

    · Easy to Install

    If youre worried about installing a cat door, you should consider buying this cat door. Because you can easily fit this cat door into your garage door, window, or any existing screen. Besides, it doesnt require any heavy tools to install this cat door.

    · Durable

    It has a high-impact frame made of plastic, which is surrounded by durable mesh. This structure made this cat door puncture-proof and tear-resistant.

    · Secured

    It has a large cat door and has an inbuilt wind lock, which allows this cat door to resist sudden flap opening during the heavy breeze. As a result, other animals cannot enter your house so easily.


    • Best for Cats and Small Dogs


    • Despite having the wind lock, small dogs or other animals can trespass through the cat door.

    This cat door is all about giving your cats freedom and encourage exercise. No doubt, this is the best cat door for window.

    Avoid Doggie Danger By Sticking To Traditional Installations

    For those looking to add a cat door or doggie door, stickingto the usual installation method is best. Pet doors installed into entrywaydoors are ideal. With this type of installation, a swinging door presentsminimal risk to pets. This traditional installation is not without its downsidehowever, granting pests easier access to the interior of your home. You can avoid this by:

    • Placing your pet door in a basement door or window.
    • Installing the pet door in a laundry room door, porch door, or another location with a door behind a door layout. Your pets will have access to shelter, but an adjacent locked interior door prevents pest/intruder access to the rest of your home.
    • Purchasing an electronic pet door that only allows access for pets wearing collar-based sensors.

    Dont leave an unsafe garagedoor pet door in your El Cerrito, Fairfield, Lafayette,Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, Hercules, Walnut Creek, or Pleasanton area home.Madden Door & Sons can help. When it comes to helping our customers findthe right solution, we have your best interests at heart. Contact us at925-935-4580, or completethis form to schedule service today.

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    Pet Doors For Rental Homes And Apartments

    Would you like to give your pet the liberty of coming in and out of the house without the hassle of having to open the door for them each time? At Moore Pet Supplies, we specialize in designing and manufacturing Pet Doors in order to bring your pet the luxury of going outside and back inside when they please.

    Most pet owners have a small door frame within their door or a small screen door for their pets to go through. When you are renting a house or an apartment this might not be practical, because your landlord might be opposed to you making a permanent change to their door. Customers who rent apartments, or homes, are limited most times to where the dog door can be installed. Luckily enough, at Moore Pet Supplies, we have come up with Pet Door Solutions for Renters so that both you and your pet can be happy.

    Through the wall pet doors are almost always out of the question, and even some renters require the door to be replaced before installing a door-mounted dog door. Doors or walls are the most commonplace to install a pet door. If wall and door mount dog doors arent an option we would recommend window and patio pet door inserts.

    Best Magnetic: Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

    This Cat Will Be More Mindful Where She Sleeps After ...

    If you install a cat door, strays can be an issue using a magnetic cat door, however, can prevent unwanted guests from entering your house.

    Cat Mates Electromagnetic Cat Flap sounds complex, but its actually simple to use: Your cat wears a small magnet on her collar, which doubles as an identification tag. A super sensitive circuit in the cat flap allows instant access when exposed to the magnet on her collar. Its four-way locking system allows any animal to exit, but requires the magnet to re-enter. Give your cat the freedom to come and go as she pleases, while avoiding pests or strays in your home.

    The manufacturer has some recommendations for using this product: First, the magnet should be attached directly to your cats collar with the paw print symbol facing forward. Then, ensure the four-way lock is fully seated in the correct position for use.

    Looking for a more high-tech option? Check out SureFlaps MicroChip Cat Flap. Although its the most expensive cat door on our list, itll ensure your cat safe entry and exit while preventing pests or strays from entering your home. Rather than attaching a magnet or other access tool to your cats collar, this door works with your cats existing microchip.

    This cat door measures 8.2 by 8.2, so itll work for small to large cats, and it can be mounted on interior or exterior doors, windows and walls with the correct mounting accessories.

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    Kitty Pass Cat Door For Interior Garage Door

    Undoubtedly, this cat door is made for your little cat. Just look at the cute ears. Isnt that cute enough to install in your interior garage door? Not only this cat door is it cute, but it also serves the purposes of a cat door and highly durable.


    • Bit Pricy Compared to Other Cat Doors

    This cat door for interior garage door is cute and has all the features to make it a great product. Apart from the garage door, you can install it in your home as well.

    Learn About Your Local Pet Door Installers

    Aucklands original specialists in Pet Door installation -Friendly, helpful and here to do their best for you and your pet… this family owned/operated business has carved out a BRILLIANT reputation over all their years of specialising in cat and dog doors supplied/installed throughout Auckland as the original specialists in the field of pet door installation.

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    How To Install A Cat Door In A Metal Door

    Cats are usually pretty good at sensing weather changes and will rush inside before things get really stormy, but you do not have to worry about the flap flying open if your.Connect the actual door to the frame.Consult a professional glazier or glass manufacturer to install the pet door in a glass door or window.Cut on the outline for the.

    Cut slowly using both hands to hold the sawDepending on the thickness of your door, you may need to trim the core frames with shears or pliers to ensure a snug fit.Doggie door alternatives window pet doors.Doors or walls are the most commonplace to install a pet door.

    First, press the program button on the top of the door and push your cat through the tunnel.Fit the other half of the frame and secure it.Following the instructions that came with the pet door, insert the main pet door frame into the hole and secure it to the wooden frame you have created.How to install a cat door installing a cat door is surprisingly simple.

    However, even if a magnet is not attracted to the door, still check for the presence of other metals, such as aluminium, which require the same mounting conditions.I picked this door to my garage which is a metal door with foam core interior.If the magnet is attracted to the door then there is a steel plate within, and you must follow the instructions for mounting in a metal door.If wall and door mount dog doors arent an option we would recommend window and patio pet door inserts.

    Petsafe Cat Door For Aluminum Garage Door

    cat door installation DIY on a steel exterior door

    This cat door for aluminum garage door has a metal frame, which allows it to withstand wear and tears. Besides, its magnetic and tinted flap panel gives this cat door protection against outdoor harsh temperatures and drafts. Moreover, its slide-in panel feature allows you to control the access of the cat door and keep away the stray animals.

    Features of the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Cat Door

    · Durable Design

    It has an aluminum frame that allows this cat door to withstand heavy usage. Besides, its flexible flap has a magnetic bottom, which keeps the cat door closed.

    · Security & Compatibility

    This PetSafe Freedom Aluminum has a slide-in closing panel that controls the access of this cat door. Besides, this pet door is a perfect fit for all sorts of doors, including metal, PVC, and wooden doors.

    · Easy DIY Installation

    Installing this cat door is very easy, and you can consider this as your next DIY project. It comes with a detailed instruction manual, template, and all the necessary hardware, which eliminates the need for a handyman.


    Features of the CEESC Extra Large Cat Door

    · Easy to Install

    This cat door comes with a full instruction manual that you can follow and install the cat door in your windows, walls, or garage doors.

    · High-Quality Materials

    The body of this CEESC Extra Large cat door is made of ABS plastic, which makes it weather-resistant and durable. Moreover, its exterior wall is waterproof, and its unique brush strip eliminates noise while flap closing.

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    Best Interior Cat Door: The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

    Not only is Kitty Passs Interior Cat Door cute , but its the easiest way to let your cat access closed interior doors, too. If you want to hide your cats litter box or food, or are tired of listening to her scratch your bedroom door at night, consider installing this pick.

    The Kitty Pass is designed to fit all standard doors from 1.25 to 1.75 thick and doesnt require unsightly screws or hardware to install. Although this cat door is finished in semi-gloss white, you can repaint it to better fit your homes color palette.

    The tunnel is 7.5 wide and 6.5 tall, so it can be used by most cats, but the manufacturer recommends it for cats weighing 20 pounds or less. Plus, the opening is made with super smooth plastic, so your cats fur or tail wont snag.

    CatHoles Original Interior Pet Door can also be used to hide a litter box or cat food behind interior doors or walls, but comes with an added feature: It has a removable grooming brush to dust dirt and litter off your cat as he passes through the tunnel. That means no more loose litter tracked around your house.

    Made of Baltic Birch wood this interior cat door is super easy to install with the included instructions and wood cutting template.

    This cat door is 8.5 wide by 8.5 tall, and is recommended for cats weighing 20 pounds or less. Heads up: Some customers said their 20 pounds cats struggled to get through this door, so it may be best for slightly smaller cats.


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