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Does Bernie Sanders Have A Cat

Elizabeth Warren And Bailey

Bernie Endorses Cats Can Have A Little Salami??

The Massachusetts Senators golden retriever hit the campaign trail with her last month, when Warren introduced the two guys her life, Bailey and her husband Bruce:

Warren named Bailey after the main character George Bailey in the film Its a Wonderful Life, she said when she got the new puppy as a surprise gift from her husband last summer. We named him after George Bailey, the community banker in Its a Wonderful Life a guy who was decent, determined & saw the best in people, Warren wrote. I always thought the role of GB was written for a Golden Retriever, but Jimmy Stewart did a nice job with it.

Bernie & Jane Sanders Have Four Children & Seven Grandchildren

InstagramA happy Bernie Sanders walks with his grandchildren on Halloween.

Bernie Sanders wasnt just a presidential contender with a huge grassroots following. Hes also a loving husband, father, and doting grandpa. Together Sanders and his wife, Jane OMeara Sanders, have four children and seven grandchildren. Sanders has one son, Levi Sanders, with former girlfriend Susan Mott. Jane has three children from a previous marriage to David Driscoll. He and Jane both consider the others children to be their own.

Bernie and Jane Sanders met in 1981 and have been married for more than 27 years.

Bernie Sanders Rolls Out Daring New Plan Saying Cats Can Have A Little Salami

PublishedDec 10, 2019 at 12:52PM ESTbyAdam.

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Bernie Sanders, Lord of the Memes in the 2016 Election, has maintained a strong meme presence during the 2020 Democratic Primary. As he’s rolled out bold policy positions that include free public college and accessible, high speed internet for all, he has perhaps taken his boldest position yet: Cats can have a little salami.

An internet-savvy Sanders fan purchased the domain for a tongue-in-cheek ad for the Democratic primary candidate. The link shows a picture of Sanders with his position on the issue of whether of not cats can have a little salami. “Im running for president so that every cat can have a little salami, regardless of their income or where they were born,” says the ad. “Together, we can give a little salami to every cat in America.” The site also has a link where one can volunteer for Sanders’ campaign.

The fine print of the page says the site is not affiliated with the campaign, along with the hashtag #NotMeowUs, a play on the campaign’s hashtag, #NotMeUs. Meanwhile, the other Democratic candidates have yet to weigh in on this pressing issue. Your silence is deafening, candidates!

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Beto Orourke And Artemis

The former Texas Congressman and avowed dog-lover joined the race on the morning of March 14, promising to build a movement that includes all of us. Expect to see a lot of Artemis, his black dog who was featured during his 2018 battle with incumbent Senator Ted Cruz:

ORourke mentioned Artemis several times in his letter to supporters after he lost to Cruz earlier he shared a Facebook broadcast of him and his family picking up runaway dogs from the side of the road in Texas. ORourke also has a second black dog named Rosie , who he cheered on social media on National Pet Day:

ORourke spent at least as much time in the 2018 campaign cuddling dogs as he did babies.

Candidates Who Have Dropped Out

Petition · Donations to BERNIE for CAT SALAMI ·

These potential candidates with prominent four-legged friends have officially dropped out of the race. Their former running mates are still good dogs, though.

Sherrod Brown and Franklin

The Ohio Senator made Franklin, a rescue dog, a key part of his successful 2018 campaign, naming him Manager of Morale, putting his face on mugs, and featuring him in ads.

When Brown won, Franklin accompanied him on stage for his victory speech. Brown did a tour of primary states early in 2019, as part of a Dignity of work tour, but said on March 7 that he wouldnt run for president, because he could be more effective in the Senate. When speculation swirled that he could be a good vice president for Biden that day, Brown said he wasnt interested.

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Slideshow: Funny Memes Of Bernie Sanders And His Inaugural Mittens Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

LAS VEGAS The photo of Bernie Sanders wearing his mittens and big puffy coat at the Inauguration is the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks to Sanders practical clothing choices on a cold Washington day, he is the center of an endless amount of memes.

In the now viral photo, Sanders is sitting in his chair at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Inauguration, all bundled up in his big coat and mittens. The altered photos/memes show the same thing, but instead, Sanders is sitting next to the Golden Knights Ryan Reaves, or hes sitting next to the Golden Girls, or hes placed in a casino, or a front yard, or hes sitting on the iron throne from Game of Thrones. There are so many ways people are getting creative.

Its all so funny! Below is a slideshow of some of the funnier memes we came across.

The now-iconic mittens Sanders wore to the Inauguration have sold out, according to the mitten maker.

Vermont teacher Jen Ellis skyrocketed to social media fame Wednesday after Sanders was spotted wearing the striped mittens she makes by hand. Ellis crafts the mittens from repurposed wool sweaters and lines them with fleece from recycled plastic bottles.

What Policy Proposals Has Bernie Supported

Bernie cosponsored the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which would criminalize attending an animal fighting event. He also cosponsored the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act, which would impose harsh penalties on those who use a method of encouraging horses to lift their legs higher by causing pain in their feet.

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Pete Buttigieg And Buddy

The South Bend, Indiana mayor introduced Americans to Buddy, his new shelter dog, on Dec. 19, 2018, on Twitter:

Buttigieg and his husband Chasten Glezman already have another rescue dog, Truman, who is dubbed the First Dog of South Bend. Truman stars in a Facebook video about the citys dog parks, and Buttigiegs emphasis on investment in parks:

Why Do Some People Provide Animals With Inadequate Environments


People often treat animals poorly to save money, though some people who abuse animals may gain pleasure from seeing the animal harmed. Others do not believe that animals can suffer or do not see the point in spending money for their animals. Although animals typically require ample space and suitable surroundings in which to thrive, many who are trusted with their care refuse to provide this for them. Bernie is working to improve animal care through the aforementioned legislation.

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Bernie Sanders & His Mittens Are The Star Of Bidens Inauguration Day As He’s The Biggest New Meme

Bernie Sanders is one of the best politicians the United States has ever had and it’s a shame he didn’t get a chance to bring about a real change as the President.

He’s been fighting for what’s right since before most of us were even born and he’s continuing to do so as long as he’s working.

And since he’s such a beloved person by the younger generation, whatever he says and does, becomes a meme just because of how great he is and how much people admire him.

We’ll never forget the ‘I’m once again asking you’ meme, it’ll go down in meme history for sure.

But now, his latest viral outing has started a photoshop battle.

The day has finally come where Joe Biden has officially become the President of the United States and his inauguration day is the only thing people can seem to talk about.

One particular picture of Bernie Sanders from the inauguration has become the standout moment of the day.

Here’s Bernie sitting with his adorable little mittens, perfectly following social distancing.

He really looks like that the inauguration was part of his to-do list of the day, not his plan for the entire day.

He has, of course, become the new meme of the year as his picture has been photoshopped into anything possible.

The fly was actually just Bernie!

A White House Without Dogs An Alternate History Of Presidents Minus The Pups

The real Fala Former President Franklin D. Roosevelts dog Fala sits beside a radio at a West Coast naval base as FDR accepts the nomination for a fourth term.

I dont own a dog. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., explaining why he doesnt post Facebook pictures of his pets.

Every president since Theodore Roosevelt has had a dog in the White House, and almost certainly the next one will, too unless its Bernie Sanders. How would history have been different without them?

1944: On a visit to the Aleutian Islands, President Franklin Roosevelt accidentally leaves behind Fala, his pet cockatoo. A Navy destroyer is sent to retrieve the bird, but by the time it arrives the natives have killed and eaten it. The Audubon Society, denouncing the presidents wanton indifference to the welfare of birdlife, withdraws its endorsement of Roosevelt, leading to the election of Republican candidate Thomas E. Dewey.

FDR lifts his dog Fala as he rides from his special train to the yacht Potomac.

1952: Vice presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon, accused of accepting unreported gifts from supporters, goes on national television and vows to keep his daughter Tricias pet, Checkers, an eastern spotted salamander. Public revulsion forces Nixon off the ticket Dwight Eisenhower replaces him with Harold Stassen and goes on to lose the election in a landslide.

The real Millie Former first lady Barbara Bush poses with her springer spaniel, Millie.

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Bernie Sanders And The Samiotics Of The Carolina Dog

Sam the dog seems to be getting better. Her bloodwork shows that the antibiotics have worked. Her recovery is the main message I wanted to convey for anyone who had been worried by my previous messages.

As you probably know, theres no such word as Samiotics. The title is a mashup, a crude imitation of something academic, perhaps echoing Fareed Zacharia while messing around as in a Frank Zappa song. Sam makes lots of yellow snow in the backyard, and Zappa has a song about that.

Samiotics is a word I just invented, combining Sam with semiotics, the study of signs. Im interested in Sams communication. Semiotics has the same root as semaphore, that old signal system used between ships, communicating silently using flags.

Did you know for instance that the peace symbol comes from the semaphore for the initials ND for nuclear disarmament?

Combine the flag positions of those two initials, and you get Bertrand Russsells ironic repurposing of a system used between naval ships during wartime to make a statement about peace.

So lets turn to the study of samiotics, Sams communication. Dont worry, while her vocabulary is pretty remarkable for a dog, its still pretty small.

1. Good girl means pretty much what it means to any other dog, largely communicated by our vocal tone and either pats or a treat: although weve been carefully avoiding treats lately while shes unwell.

5.sit. sometimes it works, sometimes it requires a few utterances.

Does Bernie Sanders Have A Chance At Winning The Election

Did Jake Gyllenhaal Endorse Bernie Sanders Through His Cat ...
  • Bernie Sanders sides with the american voter on almost every topic unless you happen to disagree with him on a few social issues that he wouldn’t have control over anyways as president. Many democrats are willing to vote for him in the primaries and I assume that if he wins the primaries he will win the election due to the strong majority of electoral college points the democrats have in their non swing states

  • Of course. The fact that every republican network and runner all focus on Hillery, all the left and impediments go to Bernie, and not Hillery. She is simply a smoke and mirror of the real threat to the Republicans.The fact there are so many, and arguably more in later times, Right Wings running, it divides many people into candidates while many funnel to Hillery or Bernie.

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As The Old Saying Goes: Never Trust A Person Who Doesnt Like Dogs

I am not sure who first said it, but its clear a lot of people agree with the sentiment: Never trust a person who doesnt like dogs. Many pet lovers share the belief that a persons attitude to dogs reveals something essential about their character.

During the United States political campaign season, Americans are deciding who has the characteristics, skills and temperament to be president. As a dog psychologist and founder of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University, I spend my time studying the relationship between dogs and their people. I would certainly be happy if a candidates attitude toward dogs could offer a simple way to evaluate a leaders personality, cutting to the essence of a persons character and clinching my vote without needing a detailed assessment of their policy proposals.

Is it enough just to follow the leash to choose a leader? There must be good people with bad dogs, or no dog at all, and some notoriously bad people who were loved by their dogs, no? But I want to believe that canine companionship can still shed lightonhumancharacter and help us pick a candidate.

Astoria Cat Rescuer Raises $1350 Selling Bernie Sanders Doll

An Astoria cat rescuer raised more than $1,000 by raffling off a crocheted Bernie Sanders doll with a cat and a throne added to his iconic inauguration outfit.

Alexia Vullis said when she saw memes of Sanders go viral, she asked her mother, Judith, to whip up a crochet version of the Vermont senator for a fundraiser.

Lets raffle off this hilarious rendition of ~ with not only a kitty cat in his arms, but apparently hes the King of the 7 Kingdoms , an post read.

The raffle, which ended Jan. 29, raised a total of $1,350, and the money will help pay for surgeries for four cats, including a two-month-old kitten named Hope. Hope had only one eye when she was found in Corona about three weeks ago and is in need of eye surgery.

Most of it will go to the eye surgery. Thats the most expensive, Vullis said.

The procedure is currently scheduled for March and will involve the removal of Hopes remaining glands in her eye socketso that it does not become infected. Then the kittens eye will be sewn shut.

Hope is one of about 20 felines that Vullis currently has available for adoption.

Vullis, who owns a dog-walking and pet-sitting business called NYC Pet Nanny, said she started rescuing cats as part of a group about seven years ago and then started doing it on her own about three years later.

Most of her rescue work is in Astoria and Long Island City.


Vullis estimated that she has worked with more than 300 cats to date.

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The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes Set In Wisconsin

WISCONSIN Now that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has won the internet, people in Wisconsin are joining the fray and posting their own Bernie Sanders inauguration memes.

The internet exploded following the inauguration when the Vermont senator showed up to the ceremony in an outfit only Bernie could pull off: a warm winter jacket and mittens apparently made out of recycled materials, sitting cross-legged in a fold-up metal chair.

Now Bernie is appearing in well-known Wisconsin locations. Light the Hoan posted one of Bernie sitting in front of the Hoan Bridge. The Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County shared another of Bernie sitting in their ‘cat colony.’ And Milwaukee County Transit System asked with their own Bernie meme, “Im once again asking for you to wear a mask while riding the bus.”


Bernie Sanders And The Cat In The Democratic Hat

Bernie Voted Against Disastrous Trade Deals. Biden Vote for Them.

A lot of Democrats need to think quickly about how to react now that Bernie Sanders leads the race to their presidential convention.

Primary voters are much more ideological and partisan than the average American who casts his or her ballot in November. That’s why candidates run to the extremes until they win the nomination, then tack back sharply to the center in the general election. But Sanders has neither the ability nor the inclination to perform such a volte-face. So, what if he is swept in on a wave of nouveau socialism that leaves him high on the convention beach, while the sea washes back out again, taking all his drowning competitors with it?

I am also, to switch metaphors, reminded of an old adage about a hesitant cat, which is caught motionless because it wants to leap forward but doesn’t quite dare. The Democrats are that cat, now. Do they risk springing forward with Sanders, who has boiling enthusiasm on his side, and try to present him as a suitable president? Or, do they keep holding back, denying him wholehearted support in the hope that someone else will get the nomination. If they do that, they risk merely weakening his chances of success and commensurately boosting those of President Trump.

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