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Female Cat Bleeding From Rear

Physical Injury Or Trauma

Cat bleeding profusely during fight

Your cat could swallow small sharp objects by mistakes, such as needles or cooked chicken bones. This latter would tear up through the tissue while passing through the cats intestinal tract alongside feces, and consequently, causing the cat to bleed from its rectum, primarily when it used the litter box.

Diagnosing The Cause Of Blood In Cat Urine

Once youre at the veterinarian, a few tests are recommended. Ideally, the vet will start with a sterile urine sample collected by a cystocentesis to collect a urinalysis and culture if possible. Just to warn you, in my clinical experience, Im only able to get a urine sample about 30% of the time in cats with FLUTD, because the bladder is so small secondary to inflammation if its that small, it may not be safe to obtain a sample.

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What Are The Signs Of Estrus

It is not common to observe vaginal bleeding from a cat in heat. The most notable signs of estrus in cats are behavioral. Most cats become very affectionate, even demanding they persistently rub against people or objects such as furniture, rubbing against their owners and furniture and constantly demanding attention. They roll on the floor. When stroked along the back or spine, they raise their rear quarters into the air and tread with the back legs. They also become very vocal.

These behavior changes often become annoying to owners, and sometimes owners think their cat has some unusual illness. Queens in heat attract intact male cats. Tomcats that have never been seen before in the yard or neighborhood will appear and may attempt to enter the house to mate with the female.

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Heavy Bleeding In A Dog Or Cat That Won’t Stop

For any pet emergency, you should get to a veterinarian right away. And in some emergency situations, like when your dog or cat is bleeding, you may need to provide some first aid until you can get there for treatment. Here, our Memphis Emergency veterinarians explain.

Bleeding in a cat or dog can be either external or internal. External bleeding is easy to see and often comes from a wound in the skin. Internal bleeding, however, is difficult to detect and requires the services of a skilled veterinarian.

No matter the type of bleeding, every pet owner should know how to control or stop bleeding, even if its just long enough to get to your veterinarian.

Diagnosis Of Vaginal Discharge In Cats

My Cat Has Scabs

In order to diagnose the cause of vaginal discharge in your cat, the veterinarian will first need a detailed medical and lifestyle history of your pet. Some of the important information you will need to gather includes whether your cat is spayed and whether they are an indoor/outdoor cat or exclusively indoors. You should also make a note of when the discharge began and provide a description of as many additional symptoms as possible. Changes in eating, sleeping or drinking habits will be especially important.

Your vet will conduct a thorough medical examination of your cat. Temperature and any sensitivity to pressure to the pelvic area will help determine if there is an infection of the uterus or related organs. Your doctor will also ask for bloodwork to determine white blood cell count, especially if there is pus or a bloody discharge.

The physical exam may also include scoping with a miniature camera or other optical device, to determine the presence of any injury or foreign bodies. This may require that your cat be mildly sedated depending on temperament. In the case of obvious infection, your vet will seek to make a quick diagnosis, as this condition can be life-threatening.

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What Happens If A Kitten Is Stillborn

It is not uncommon for one or two kittens in a litter to be stillborn. Sometimes, a stillborn kitten will disrupt labor, resulting in dystocia. At other times, the dead kitten will be delivered normally. In almost all cases, there is something wrong with the stillborn kitten, such as a developmental abnormality or birth defect.

Contributors: Ryan Llera, BSc, DVM Ernest Ward, DVM

What Should I Do To Be Sure That Breeding Is Successful

Breeding cats is different from breeding dogs. The female can be bred at any time during her active phase of her heat cycle because cats are induced ovulators. This means that the act of breeding stimulates the ovaries to release eggs. Therefore, eggs are only released from the ovaries when the sperm are deposited in the reproductive tract. To ensure that ovulation occurs, most female cats require three to four matings within a 24-hour period. All that said, it has been shown that 35-60% of cats in a colony may spontaneously ovulate. Once ovulation has occurred, the female cat will go out of heat within a day or two.

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Rectal Bleeding In Cats

One incident with only a small amount of blood could be from something as simple as straining when going to the bathroom. However, a significant amount of blood can indicate a problem. Cat owners should take the cat to the vet as soon as possible.

  • Try to collect a fecal sample to take as well, even if you must take it prior to the actual appointment.
  • The vet can test for worms or other problems from this sample.
  • Most common issues can be easily treated with medication, but it is usually best not to delay in taking the cat to the vet.

How Do I Help My Cat Or Dog If They Are Bleeding Externally

A stray cat from Tampines has a swollen bleeding paw (haematoma)

All first aid protocols for a bleeding cat or dog have the same goal: to control the blood loss. While you cant do much to stop internal bleeding on your own, you can control external bleeding from a wound or cut until you reach your veterinarian.

Direct Pressure

To help control external bleeding, place a compress of clean cloth or gauze directly over your dog or cats wound. Apply firm but gentle pressure, and allow it to clot. If blood soaks through the compress, place a fresh compress on top of the old one and continue to apply firm but gentle pressure. If there are no compress materials available, a bare hand or finger will work.


If a severely bleeding wound is on the foot or leg, and there is no evidence of a broken bone, gently elevate the leg so that the wound is above the level of the heart, in additional to applying direct pressure. Elevation helps to reduce blood pressure in the injured area and slow the bleeding.

Pressure to the Supplying Artery

If external bleeding continues after you have used direct pressure and elevation, you can use a finger to place pressure over the main artery to the wound. For example, if there is severe bleeding on a rear leg, apply pressure to the femoral artery, located on the inside of the thigh. If there is severe bleeding on a front leg, apply pressure to the brachial artery, located on the inside of the upper front leg.

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A Change In Your Cats Diet:

If your cat is used to a specific food, and then you change it, especially without consulting with your vet first, it might lead to complications with your cats health. Your cat might develop food tolerance, or it might have an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients in the new diet.

Allergies in cats are most commonly related to protein sources in their diet, such as beef, dairy products, and different types of fish. There are certain breeds, which are likely to have food intolerances more than others are, however, for all kinds of cats, it can happen at any age. This can disturb their digestive system, causing internal damage, which would lead to rectal bleeding.

Cat Bleeding From Her Private Parts: Cat Giving Birth

When it comes to a cat giving birth, it is normal that she might bleed through her vulva.

Before delivery, a cat will not only bleed through her vulva, but will also seem more restless. A cat that is about to give birth will also look for a safe place to birth her kittens. Once this spot is found, your cat will expel some mucus: the mucus plug that indicates that delivery is about to take place.

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Why Does My Cat Have Bloody Stools

Cats can develop bloody stools for a variety of reasons. Paying attention to the litter box will help you determine whether the problems mild or severe. So, while your cat may wonder why youre studying their poop, youre doing them a big favor.

When you see a few drops of fresh blood, make sure to check your cats rear end first. The blood may not be coming from their GI tract after all. You may find trauma or abscesses around the rectum instead. These will require veterinary attention.

Cat Bleeding: Cystitis In Cats

Do Cats Have Periods?: Do Female Cats Bleed?

Cystitis in cats consists of an inflammation of the bladder. Cystitis in cats can be caused by: a urinary infection, an excessive proliferation of bacteria, kidney disease and even a trauma, such as a hit or blow.

Symptoms or signs of cystitis in cats include:

  • Restlessness and nervousness, especially during urination.
  • Meowing due to discomfort.
  • Uncontrolled urination.

Usually, in a case of cystitis, you will notice the presence of fresh blood in your cats urine. A veterinarian will also notice the presence of bacteria in the urine, when looked at microscopically. This pathology usually carries a good prognosis, since cystitis is easily treated with antibiotics: which must be prescribed by a veterinarian.

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Why Is My Cat Bleeding From Rectum

Numerous health conditions can cause your cat to bleed from its rectum, such as constipation, inflammation, and even diarrhea. Blood, in these cases, might be hard to identify, because the litter can either change the color or create some changes in the appearance as well.

Possible causes your cat is bleeding from its rectal are:

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Cat Bleeding From Vagina: Cat Miscarriage

If your cat is pregnant and you notice that she is bleeding from her vulva: she may be experiencing a miscarriage. Depending on the stage of pregnancy in which your cat is in, the risk levels will vary:

  • First weeks of pregnancy: it is possible that it is due to the death of one of the kittens. This stage in which the fetuses are still poorly formed, the body of most cats simply absorbs the tissue. Therefore, the possibilities of complication are low.
  • Middle of the gestation: here, it is probable that the mother and the rest of the kittens are in danger. In this phase, abortions can be spontaneous. often due to: trauma or a serious uterine infection.

In both cases it is essential to go to the veterinarian immediately. A professional will be able to analyse the situation and treat it accordingly. A veterinarian will most likely request an ultrasound or x-ray in order to evaluate the cats state of pregnancy.

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What Must I Do If My Cat Is Bleeding From Her Private Area

Observing abnormal bleeding such as those previously described can be very alarming, but remember to remain calm.

If you observe this type of bleeding in your cat, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. In addition, some of the diseases that cause bleeding while urinating can be lethal if not treated in time. Therefore, immediate action is required.

Also, remember that you should never self-medicate your cat and/or ignore symptoms of illness,pain or discomfort.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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How Do I Know If My Cat Has Food Intolerance

The rescue team followed a trail of blood…

There are some symptoms and common signs, which could help you identify this issue:

  • If your cat is young, it will grow poorly.
  • If your cat has food allergies or intolerance, it will develop chronic ear disease
  • Your call will constantly scratch its skin, which could lead to red skin and bald spots
  • Skin inflammation

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Why Do Cats Leak Blood

WHAT CAUSES BLOOD IN A CATS URINE? The most common reason for cats to have blood in their urine is a condition known as feline lower urinary tract disease . Other names for this syndrome are feline idiopathic cystitis and feline urologic syndrome .

What should I do if my cat is bleeding?

To control bleeding, apply pressure to the wound with a clean towel. Minor tears will stop bleeding in a matter of minutes however, deeper wounds take longer to stabilize. Also, bleeding may reoccur when the cat walks on the foot.

How long does it take for a neutered cat to heal?

Most average cats and dogs take fourteen days for their incisions to heal. Side note: thats about how long it takes for people to heal, too. Its good to remember that if a person had a surgery like your pet just had, they would be restricted from activity for about a month!

Do female cats have periods if they are spayed?

The spaying procedure, performed at your vets office, consists of the removal of your cats reproductive organs, thereby eliminating her estrus cycle and her possibility of becoming pregnant.

Why does my cat keep bleeding from her rectum?

Cat bleeding from her female genital. In some cases, you might suspect that your cat is bleeding from rectum, because you would find traces of blood in stool and with feces. However, your cat might be bleeding from its female part due to a urinary tract infection or a vaginal infection.

What causes a cat to bleed from the ear?

What Does Blood In My Cats Poop Look Like

You might see two kinds of blood in your cats stool. And knowing which youre dealing with matters. They tell you where the problem comes from:

  • Bright red blood: Fresh blood is easy to recognize. It also localizes a potential issue to the lower gastrointestinal tract: the colon or rectum. Such blood is called hematochezia.
  • Dark, tarry stool: Almost-black goo coating your cats stool doesnt scream blood, but it tells you somethings changed. This results from digested blood, and it means youre dealing with the upper GI tract: the stomach or small intestine. This blood is known as melena.

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Cat Peeing Blood But Acting Normal: Tumor In Cats

A tumor consists of an abnormal growth of tissue. Tumors can occur on any part of the body, such as : renal, reproductive or urinary organs. In these cases, your cat will most likely suffer symptoms of bleeding while urinating.

It is important to note that most tumors, whether benign or malignant, are discreet. Therefore, in order to treat and diagnose this case, an immediate visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

What Should I Expect During Pregnancy

Breast tumours in old female cats in Singapore

Pregnancy or gestation ranges from 64 to 71 days most cats deliver kittens or queen between days 63 and 65. The breeding date should be recorded so that the delivery date can be predicted. A veterinary examination three to four weeks after breeding will usually confirm her pregnancy.

If pregnant cat is fed a premium brand of kitten food, no calcium, vitamin, or mineral supplements are needed.

A pregnant cat should be fed a premium brand of growth and development diet for the duration of the pregnancy and for a month after the kittens are weaned. These diets are generally available through veterinary hospitals or pet stores. Kitten diets provide all the extra nutrition needed for the mother and her litter. If the mother is eating one of these diets, no calcium, vitamin, or mineral supplements are needed.

During pregnancy, the mothers food consumption will often reach 50% more than her level before pregnancy. By the end of the nursing period, it may be more than double the pre-pregnancy amount. You may need to increase the number of feedings per day to help allow her to eat enough to meet her needs and those of the kittens.

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Cat Bleeding From Rectum

Having a cat is like having a baby, you must notice the little details about them and take care of their health. For cat parents, a cats behavior is an essential indicator of its health, and so is their litter box. Many pet parents emphasize checking your cats litter box from time to time. They check if their cat is urinating large amounts, or if there are any abnormalities in the feces when it defecates. That way, you can notice if their bowel movement is healthy or not.

Checking your cats poop could help you diagnose your cats condition much sooner in case it has an underlying health problem. Sometimes, a cats feces could be accompanied by blood or mucus, and you can notice your cats behavior changing whenever they defecate if that is the case. So, what could be the explanation behind this mucus or blood in your cats feces? What health conditions could underlie this symptom? Why is your cat bleeding from rectum?

NOTE: We want to inform our blog readers that before we publish any article, the team Proudcatowners does deep research based on experience and knowledge about cats and everything related to them, to guarantees reliable and precise information, satisfy the readers is our first priority.

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