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Food For Cats With Cancer

We Avoided Foods That Contained Animal By

Cancer Treatment and Prevention in Dogs and Cats – Part 6 – Diets for Cancer

Animal by-products are one of the most misunderstood ingredients in cat food.

Most people have responded to the AAFCO definition of byproducts with the same sort of nausea that you might feel if served a platter of these ingredients at a restaurant. And yet much of the products that fall into the definition of by-products are highly-nourishing parts of an animal carcass that your cat would love to eat. And theres nothing disgusting about that.

Digestibility and quality control are the real problems with animal by-products. These vaguely-specified ingredients may be produced from any number of animal parts from any number of different animals.

A former AAFCO president once emphasized how loosely regulated these ingredients are that You dont know if its cattle or sheep or horse or Fluffy.

Besides not knowing what type of animals contributed to the by-product stew, you dont know if it contains more wholesome liver or nutritionally void chicken feet. If you want to ensure maximum protein digestibility, avoid meat by-products and other vaguely-named ingredients like meat, poultry, and meat and bone meal.

Beyond Those Nonspecific Signs However Cats May Develop Additional Signs Based On The Location Of Their Intestinal Cancer

Cats with small intestinal cancer show signs related to decreased small intestinal function.

Vomiting is often a predominant sign in these cats, and it may be accompanied by a decreased appetite or anorexia. In some cases, the vomit may contain undigested blood or digested blood .

Cats with large intestinal cancer may demonstrate a different set of clinical signs, related to the fact that their tumors are located lower in the intestines.

Affected cats may have diarrhea, caused by the inability of the colon to reabsorb water from the stool. Alternatively, affected cats may struggle to pass stool beyond their tumors and become constipated. If the tumor is bleeding, you may notice frank red blood in the stool.

All these signs can be caused by other gastrointestinal illnesses and are not specific to intestinal cancer. If your cat is showing any of these signs, a thorough workup will be needed to identify the cause of your cats intestinal issues.

Diagnosing Cancer In Cats

Veterinarians rely on many of the same diagnostic tools used in human medicine, including blood work, radiographs, ultrasounds, MRIs, cat scans and pet scans.

Cells can be obtained by aspirating a mass or tumor with a needleor evaluating whole blood in the case of leukemiaand analyzed by cytology, which is a microscopic cell analysis, says Dr. Lachowicz.

Aspiration can be performed on masses that are at the skin level, under the skin or in internal organs, as long as the mass is easy to reach with a long needle. Usually these aspirations are performed with an abdominal ultrasound by a trained veterinarian to avoid internal injury.

Alternatively, or in addition to cytology, a tissue sample may be obtained surgically for histopathology , says Dr. Lachowicz.

Biopsy usually requires sedation and requires a much larger tissue sample for evaluation.

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A Product Made With Natural Ingredients

Perhaps you have consulted our last article on dog cancer and now know of birch polypore ?

This medicinal mushroom works miracles. Our natural product PIPTOPET is mainly composed of this powerful ingredient.

The fungus, Piptoporus betulinus, promotes your cat’s defenses during his fight to get rid of cancer cells without harming healthy cells in the body.

The product can even be used to promote your cat’s immune system in the early stages of cancer. It can also be used to support your cat’s health even in advanced cancer, since it allows your pet tomaintain good overall health by stimulating its immune system. A good immune systeme can help protect your cat from secondary infections.In addition, as a cat owner, you want to promotes the shrinkage of tumors, which is a major advantage in the fight against cancer. Do you want to help YOUR cat dissolves tumors ? At HomeoAnimal what we offer is to help is PIPTOPET because it allows your pet to maintain a good quality of life naturally even in difficult times of illness.

Check out our website for yourselves where you can of our customers satisfied with the success achieved with this product.

Here is one of their story :

In August of 2019, our 8 year “KittyKat” was taken to the vet. She’d lost a ton of weight, and no longer wagged her tail for anything except breakfast.

She was quickly diagnosed with some unknown type of tumor, larger than a softball, in her abdomen.

What About Specific Foods And Cancer Risk

Red cat and bowl of dry food

If you are reading my posts, you are interested in canine and feline nutrition and have likely read other websites that claim that kibble causes cancer or that there are cancer causing preservatives in pet food, but scientific evidence for these claims is very much lacking. These claims are also almost always made by either a distraught pet owner looking for someone to blame for unexpected cancer diagnosis or by a person or business trying to market their own special line of miracle cure-alls. Our old Labrador, Maggie, lived 14 ½ years eating primarily dry dog food , and ultimately died from a stroke-like event that hit her one morning. My 18-year-old cat Oliver is asleep next to me right now, has eaten dry commercial food his whole life and, other than his arthritis, is the picture of geriatric health while our 3-year-old cat Cosette had eaten a variety of canned and dry foods over her short life, loved eating cat grass every day, and just died from transitional cell carcinoma in her left kidney . I dont blame Cosettes once-a-day cat grass habit for her developing cancer nor do I attribute Olivers longevity and health to dry food cancer happens even to good cats and dogs.

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Smoking Impacts Your Cat’s Health

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, chromium, nickel, vinyl chloride and arsenic. Since cats are a lot smaller than people, it only stands to reason that it would take much less exposure to these chemicals to cause health problems for them.

We tend to forget that since our pets live with us, they’re exposed to the same environmental toxins we are. Inside cats often fare worse because they don’t get to leave the house during the day like their owners do. Felines are doubly exposed to carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Not only do they inhale the smoke, but they lick the particulates from the smoke off of their fur as they groom themselves.

Some people think that if they smoke by an exhaust fan in the kitchen, it will pull all the smoke out of the house. This isn’t true. Many carcinogens found in cigarette smoke are in the form of gas, which can’t be completely removed by ventilation fans. It can take hours to clear the house of the smoke from one cigarette. In the meantime, your kitty is exposed to everything in the smoke.

Feline cancer isn’t the only risk your kitty faces from tobacco smoke. Your cat may be more susceptible to bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, heart failure, lung cancer, feline asthma and eye irritation.

At A Glance: Best Cat Food To Buy In 2021


In the comparison table below, weve highlighted some of the most important features of each product. Youll find more detailed information about each product later in the article

  • Fresh food made with human-grade ingredients
  • Real, high-quality animal protein
  • Contains 92% fresh muscle meat, organs, and bone
  • Rich in species-appropriate animal protein
  • High-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Rich in high-protein animal ingredients
  • Receives positive customer reviews
  • A protein-rich food primarily made from animal-sourced ingredients
  • Extremely palatablecats love the taste and texture of this fresh food
  • The subscription model gives you access to a team of nutrition experts
  • Rich in nourishing animal protein
  • Extraordinarily low in carbohydrates
  • Food is made from responsibly-harvested fish
  • Animal protein sources are the foods primary ingredients
  • Contains herring oil and salmon oil as rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Primarily made with animal-derived protein
  • Free of vaguely-named ingredients
  • Rich in nourishing animal protein
  • High moisture content helps to flush the urinary tract
  • Low ash shouldnt contribute to crystal formation
  • Rich in species-appropriate animal protein
  • Contains guaranteed levels of probiotics to support the immune system and digestive health
  • Added prebiotic fiber helps to prevent the constipation that some raw-fed cats experience
  • Ultra-soft pâté texture is easy for kittens to eat
  • Rich in protein and calories
  • Hydrating canned food

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Is There Any Evidence That A Cancer Diet Can Make Pets Respond Better To Therapy Or Live Longer

  • Diet is known to prevent certain cancers. For example, in humans, reducing red meat intake and being a vegetarian lowers the risk of colon cancer. However, once cancer has already developed, unfortunately, the type of diet does very little in treating the cancer. Although cancer cells preferentially thrive on carbohydrates, even if you starve your pet of any carbohydrates in the diet, the cancer will start to use up your pets fat and protein stores, which can be detrimental to your pets health if your pet does not eat any carbohydrates.

  • Currently, there is no cancer diet that has shown to improve survival outcomes in pets with cancer, so until there is such evidence, I think it is best to feed a balanced diet, that your pet enjoys.

  • However, you must meet the basic nutritional needs of your pet. In human cancer patients, malnutrition can increase the risk of complications and decrease survival outcome. Patients with a good nutritional status have improved responses to therapy and a better quality of life. Malnutrition has not been studied in veterinary patients, but it is probably similar in pets.

I hope this information helps pet owners understand a bit more about nutrition in pets with cancer. Remember, the best diet is one that your pet enjoys!

All About Cancer In Cats

You’re Killing Your Dog – Pet Food linked to Canine Cancer

Cancer in cats is unfortunately considered relatively common and more prevalent than ever before. But why?

In part, it’s because cats are living longer. It’s not unusual for veterinarians to see two or even three cats over the age of 15 every day. They’re the beneficiaries of great home care, advanced nutritional research and modern veterinary medicine. Read on to learn about the signs to look out for and how to give your kitty the best possible oncology care if she ever needs it.

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What Can I Do For A Cat That Is Underweight

For cats that are underweight, you may need to consider giving them a supplement. It only takes a small amount of weight-loss for a cat to be in dangerous territory. If your sick cat is consistently losing weight, then you may need to consider adding a supplement to your diet to get more calories in them. Wysong also has an excellent product called PDG. This is a power made of nutritious organ meats. Its very calorie dense, and you can sprinkle it on your cats food in order to help them maintain weight. It can also be force fed if you get to a point where your cat has no appetite at all and simply refuses to eat.

You can do this by mixing the powder with a bit of water to form a paste and then administering it with a feeding syringe. However, its pretty attractive to cats, and even putting a bit on their tongue with your finger may be enough to entice them to begin eating again on their own. You can learn more about this product here if your cat needs help maintaining their weight. If your cat loses a lot of weight in a short time and you cant seem to get it under control, then its time to go to the vet. Dont wait around, because it could become life threatening for your pet surprisingly quickly.

A Natural Support For Cat With Cancer

PIPTOPET is the best natural product to support your cat’s health during his fight against cancer. This product made from a medicinal mushroom, has properties to promotes health even when your cat has tumors in addition to being a powerful stimulant of the immune system.

It support your cat in his attacks against cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. It is also good when using in conjunction with conventional therapies such as chemotherapy.

In conclusion, to make sure that your cat is getting enough calories throughout the day, its important to control their nausea, especially if they are undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

This is also where natural products can be of great help!

Are you using natural products to treat your cat’s cancer symptoms? Let us know in the comments section below what worked for your kitty!

You can contact us directly if your cat is fighting cancer or if you are concerned about its health. We are here to advise you. You only have to fill out our Free Consultation Form to get in touch with us!

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Cancer Changes The Bodys Metabolism

Cancer changes how the body metabolizes nutrients. Cancer cells metabolize glucose and make lactate that the body then tries to convert back into glucose. This process diverts energy from the cat, feeding the cancer instead. Cancers also convert amino acids, the building blocks of protein, into energy, which causes muscle wasting, poor immune function, and slow healing. Additionally, tumor cells have difficulty utilizing fat as a source of energy. All of this results in whats known as cancer cachexia, a progressive weight loss and depletion of muscle and connective tissues.

Interaction With Other Cats

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Interaction with other cats with strains or diseases related to FeLV can be a great risk factor for cats contracting FeLV themselves. Thus a main factor in prevention is keeping the affected cats in quarantine, separated from the unaffected cats. Stray cats, or indoor/outdoor cats have been shown to be at a greater risk for acquiring FeLV, since they have a greater chance of interacting with other cats. Domesticated cats that are kept indoors are the least vulnerable to susceptible diseases.

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How To Treat Cat Cancer Naturally

The following natural alternative treatments can be used alone or in combination with conventional treatments. In advanced cases where surgery is necessary, natural medicine is a good complement. For people who don’t want to inflict invasive therapy on their kitty cat, there are natural ways to fight cancer.

How do you shrink a cat’s tumor naturally? Read on to learn about our alternative products.

What If My Pet Only Eats Raw Meat

  • Occasionally, pets will only eat raw meat and will not eat enough cooked meat. Other times owners feel their pet has a poor quality of life and their pet does not enjoy eating cooked meat or a commercial diet.

  • If this is the case, you can continue to feed your pet raw meat. But it is important to know that your pet will be at slightly increased risk of gastrointestinal side effects, infection and sepsis from chemotherapy.

  • If you pet has a very low white cell count, sepsis, infection or is experiencing gastrointestinal side effects from chemotherapy, you should not feed him or her any raw meat until the white cell count, sepsis, infection and gastrointestinal signs have resolved.

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Treatment Impact On Nutrition

Multimodal therapy for veterinary cancer patients is considered the current standard of care. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are commonly utilized, but can have deleterious direct and indirect effects on the nutritional status of the patient.6-8Table 1 summarizes the major nutritional concerns associated with these therapies.

Table 1. Anticancer Therapy Impact on Nutritional Status


  • Protein loss, inflammation due to radiation-associated burns
  • Anorexiahyporexia associated with limb pain/discomfort

Taste & Food Aversions

HOW TO CURE YOUR CAT FROM CANCER / Natural Pet Cancer Treatment

In humans, altered taste is a common side effect of chemotherapy that may be present, but challenging to ascertain, in pets. However, food aversions have been observed in pets undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. To help overcome these aversions:

Use glass or porcelain feed and water dishes in place of metal dishes, which reduces the metallic taste associated with platinum-based chemotherapies this taste is often reported by human cancer patients.15

Alternate the main protein source in the diet, which influences smell and taste and helps overcome aversions.

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How To Treat Cancer In Cats

You are probably familiar with the conventional treatments used in humans, namely chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are also an option for our feline companions. Read on for natural options to help your cat through his fight against cancer, such as the PIPTOPET product and proper nutrition packed with antioxidants.

Chemotherapy Usually Wont Make Your Cat Sick

Because chemotherapy is associated with really bad side effects in humans, many pet owners hesitate to try it for their cats. But the reality is, cancer treatment is easier on pets than it is on people. One of the things that really surprises people when I talk about chemo because a lot of people are scared of chemo for obvious reasons but 80 percent of dogs and cats have no side effects from chemotherapy, which is pretty amazing, Dr. Ettinger says. Cats have less side effects than dogs and people. Of all the species, cats tolerate chemotherapy the best.

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Surgery For Cancer Patients

Surgery is the single most common form of therapy for cancer and is the treatment most likely to result in a cure. However, complete removal of the tumour by surgery is not always possible . This is one of the reasons why an early diagnosis and early treatment can significantly improve the long-term prognosis.

In addition to curative surgery , surgery can also be used sometimes to remove some of the tumour to help improve quality of life or to help with other treatments . You can discuss with your vet the risks and benefits anticipated with any surgery to help make a decision in the best interest of your cat. You can also discuss with your vet any pain relief that can be given for the surgery and afterwards, and what sort of postoperative care would be required.

When cancer patients are treated surgically, it is common to remove normal tissue around the tumour as well as the tumour itself . The reason for this is that many tumours spread microscopically so although it may not be possible to see or feel any abnormalities, even normal tissues around a tumour may contain abnormal cells that would cause future problems if not removed.


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