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Frisco Pine Pellet Cat Litter

My Transition To Pine Pellet Cat Litter

Cat Equine Pine Litter box System

Do you want to transition your cat to ? Im going to share my experiment in trying to make the switch with my cats.

When I first saw the YouTube video Youre Doing Your Cat Litter Wrong I was intrigued, to say the least.

The girl talks about how she uses litter made of wood pellets, that you can buy in a huge bag for only $6 that lasts MONTHS for multiple cats! The math worked out to be around $24 per year total, even if you had multiple cats.

But she also makes it seem like if youre using regular litter, youre a complete idiot and that theres no reason not to use pine pellets .

I mean this pine pellet litter stuff had to be too good to be true, right?

But then I started watching other videos of people using this stuff, and they showed the entire process of them scooping the litter on video. It didnt look so bad, and it even supposedly completely hides all cat pee smells .

I mean I just had to try it. Youll see things did not quite go as smoothly as I thought

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The Cat Litter Low Down: Everything You Need To Know About Cat Litter

Are you ready to become a cat litter expert?

In this article, youll learn how the story of cat litter has paralleled transformations in cat culture, discover how its made and what makes it work, and get to know the different types of cat litter available today.

My recommendation is to go with a natural, non-clumping and poop scoopable litter like Feline Pine which you can get over on Amazon. This is my current litter.

Youll also gain practical knowledge that will help you choose the best healthiest cat litter for your home and become familiar with the leading cat litter brands.

Lets get started with our choices

Our top choice for the best clumping litter:

SmartCat All Natural Litter this is great for kittens.

Our top choice for the best litter for kittens:

Not that our choices are out of the way, lets think outside the box and delve into some common questions.

Whats the best litter for multiple cats?

Almost every type of litter has multiple cat formulas. Its basically marketing and adding extra this or that for odor.

These are concentrated to provide good odor control under heavy use. The best performers are clumping litters and those with heavier granules that wont track. .

I have 4 cats and 1, yes 1, jumbo litter box. And it works just fine cleaning it twice per day.

On rare occasions, my picky princess will pee right in front of the litter box but not enough to make me get another box!

You literally can pick any of the non-clay litters for this scenario.

Positive Customer Reviews For Feline Pine Cat Litter

I would highly recommend this kitty litter to anyone. It clumps well, so clean up is easy, and the fresh pine smell cannot be beat. I really like that it is 100% natural. We tried another kitty litter, and our poor cat got an infection because she refused to use the litter box. So we will not be using any other kind, but Feline Pine. We really like ordering it through Easy and convenient.Catt, Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter

Ive been using Feline Pine for over 10yrs. It is the only litter I will ever purchase for my cat, and in fact, if you have multiple cats, this is absolutely, positively the litter should be purchasing. Unlike clay litter or the horrible scoopable litter this litter is biodegradable, with the bonus that pine naturally absorbs urine odor. One cup of litter lasts for over 9 days! When done, simply take it outside and use it as mulch for your plantsDO NOT PUT ON VEGGIES OR EDIBLES, but the rest of your plants will thank you!TaraB, reviewing Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

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Cat Litter For Kittens: The Basics

Most kittens quickly recognize cat litter and how to use it. If your little guy or gal isnt sure, check out these tips from PetMD for litter training. You also want to make sure the litter is in a litter pan with low sides so its easy for them to get into the box.

If you are concerned that the kitten may try to eat the litter or lick litter dust from its fur, fill the box with a kitten-safe litter. There are several types that you can try:

  • Plant-based pellets. These include pellets made of pine, walnut, coconut shells, or paper.
  • Non-clumping clay litter. While most clay litter is clumping , there are still some traditional sandy litters on the market. Youll have to change the litter more often if you opt for an old-school litter.
  • Unscented litters. Strong perfumes and deodorizing chemicals can irritate kittens or make them want to avoid the box. Stay with an unscented litter, and, if you are concerned about litter box smell, look for a litter with baking soda to reduce odor.

Wood Pellet Cat Litter: Cons

FRISCO Pine Pellet Unscented Non
  • Wood pellet litters are a bit more pricey in general when compared to usual clay-based litters.
  • It may be hard to switch to pellet litter because most cats prefer fine-grained texture as litter.
  • The fact that wood pellet litters dont clump can be considered a drawback for people that are used to scooping clumping litter.
  • Some cats may not like the scent of pine or they may be allergic to the material.

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Feline Pine Vs Wood Pellets Whats The Difference

Feline Pine is a brand of wood pellet specifically made and marketed to be used as cat litter. There are other brands of pine pellet litter. And there are other wood pellets that may or may not be used as cat litter for a variety of reasons.

Similar to how Kleenex is a brand of tissue, Feline Pine is a brand of wood pellet litter.

Arm And Hammer Essentials Cat Litter

Not a fan of this litter for health reasons and because they test on animals. Read more here. Thank you to one of our commenters for pointing this out.

Their offering includes clumping clay and biodegradable products, giving both traditionalists and ecologically-conscious shoppers a product worth trying.

Most of their products incorporate baking soda for enhanced odor control.

This clumping clay litter is guaranteed to eliminate odors for seven days.

I used this litter for years before the sWheat and now that I learned more about clay litters I moved to Feline Pine.

But true that this hides odors over time, although the initial pee or poop will smell until covered.

It contains fine, comfortable granules that create tight clumps.

A proprietary blend of moisture-activated micro granule seal in odors.

Like other scented litters, this isnt a good choice for sensitive or allergic cats.

Its a low-dust formula and doesnt tend to track much.

Tidy Cats specializes in clay litter and offers a broad selection of clumping and non-clumping formulas.

Again, not a fan here of clay litters but worth the mention.

  • The litter is designed to instantly neutralize odors and provide long-lasting odor control.
  • The litter is made with Purinas Aromaburst Technology.
  • The litter is 99.6% dust-free but does tend to have a problem with tracking.
  • The litter is moderately-priced.

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Pine Litter Is Better For The Environment

Clay litter is most often made of bentonite clay, which is harvested through the extremely damaging process of strip mining.

Strip mining, a type of surface mining, involves removing massive layers of soil and rock to expose the minerals underneath. Through this destructive process, wildlife habitats are ruined and nearby waterways are polluted.

Even post-production, clay cat litter is harmful to the environment. Its neither biodegradable nor compostable. Because bentonite clay is already in its final form, it just sits and stays in landfills virtually forever.

Pine litter is made from reclaimed lumber scraps, a byproduct of the lumber industry. This means that no new trees are cut down for production.

Because pine litter is made from an all-natural, renewable resource, pine pellets are both biodegradable and compostable which can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Pine pellets are better for the environment than clay litter, and its not even close.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Silica Gel Crystal Litter

Cheap, and Healthy Litter! Trying Out Pine Litter For My Cats! | Information and Transition

Its low-maintenance.

Silica gel cat litter doesnt work the same way that most other products do.

Instead of scooping out liquid and solid waste daily, you would scoop out fecal matter and stir up any liquid waste.

Crystal cat litter doesnt need to be replaced as regularly as other types of litter. Users can leave the litter in the box for up to one month.

It offers excellent odor control.

Its extremely absorbent. Silica gel crystals absorb 40% of their weight in water and can reduce the relative humidity in a closed container by the same percentage.

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What Is The Best Litter Box For Pine Pellet Cat Litter

  • Where to buy
  • Is there such a thing as a pellet litter box, designed specifically to be used with pellet cat litter? The answer is YES.

    Disclaimer: Some links included in this post may be affiliate links, which means the site earns a small commission if you purchase through those links .

    Sifting litter boxes makes cleaning pellet litter easier, by separating the used litter from the fresh pellets. There are three types of sifting litter boxes to choose from. The Breeze litter box system is made for pellet cat litter, and used by many cat owners who prefere pine pellets, including Feline Pine.

    See Table Of Contents above for quick navigation.

    Natures Logic Natural Pine Non

    Litter is created from Ponderosa Pine, and its biodegradable. The pellets have a natural pine scent, and they do not contain chemicals or added fragrances. Tracking isnt a problem with Natures Logic, but the shots are less effective at eliminating odors than other pine brands. Like our previous pick, the product turns to mush too quickly, and it takes more effort to clean the box since the pellets are non-clumping. In addition, natures Logic is more expensive. However, the shots are better for the environment because you can flush them down the toilet instead of tossing them in the garbage can.

    Wrap Up

    Which cat litter you settle on is eventually up to you, and after interpreting this, youre much more instructed on the topic. There are things to consider, like the cost of the litter or if its recyclable. Each of them will keep your home free from rubbish getting traced around and are each reasonably dust-free to keep you and your cat happy and healthy.

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    Why Do You Need A Pellet Litter Box

    So why would you need a special litter box for pellet litter? The answer is that you do not but there are definitely some benefits that are worth considering. Especially if you are using pine pellet cat litter.

    • Easier cleaning
    • Throw away less unused litter
    • Save more money by making the pellets last longer

    Cleaning routine for pine pellet cat litter scooping vs sifting

    Pine pellet cat litter works differently than other cat litters, because the pellets dissolve when exposed to liquid. The used litter turns into sawdust, and settle on the bottom of the litter box. The unused pine pellets remain on top.

    To clean the litter box, you need to remove the used litter on the bottom, along with any feces. Removing the cat poop is easy. But how do you separate the sawdust from the pellets? What is the best way to avoid throwing away fresh pine pellets, along with the used cat litter?

    There are a couple ways you can achieve this.

    Scooping pellet litter: Granted, pine pellet cat litter does not provide you with neat clumps to easily scoop up but that does not mean that scooping is not an option. Basically, you are actually just using the scoop as a smaller sift. .

    Sifting pellet litter: If you want something scoop free, pine pellet cat litter gives you that option as well. Instead of scooping the litter, you can use a sift to separate the used litter and the fresh pellets.

    How Is It Recommended To Switch Over From Clay Litter To These Pellets

    FRISCO Pine Pellet Unscented Non

    For transitioning to this litter, begin with 1 inch of Frisco litter covered with 2 inches of the previous litter product. Do not mix the layers, your cat will do this when pawing and covering. Then gradually add less old litter each time you change the litter pan. Most casts will comfortably adjust…more to the new litter after 3 to 4 changes.

    By on Apr 1, 2021

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  • This product is 100% Pine and contains no fragrances, scents, chemicals, dyes or additives.

    By on Jan 30, 2021


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  • The pellets are roughly the size of a tic tac.

    By on Sep 14, 2021


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  • The pine pellets break down into sawdust once completely saturated, however, we would not recommend flushing.

    By on Sep 13, 2021


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  • These pellets are dust-free for less mess.

    By on Aug 24, 2021


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  • This product was developed as a litter and is not considered to be wood stove pellets.

    By on Jan 30, 2021


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  • Any litter scooper offered on the Chewy site will be compatible with this litter.

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    Not Effective At Controlling The Odor Of Feces

    While wood pellets are fantastic at minimizing the odors of urine and ammonia, they dont work as well with poop.

    Odor spreads through the process of diffusion, in which airborne odor particles spread randomly through open air. The larger size of the pellets allows more open airways through which smell can diffuse.

    To make matters worse, some cats wont bury their poop in pellets. Even those that would normally bury their waste in a granular litter.

    To minimize the downside, scoop solids as soon as possible. If thats not something you want to do, consider a granular, plant-based litter, which are generally more effective at managing the odor of feces.

    What Do Customers Think Of Frisco Cat Litter

    The Frisco brand is known for being affordable, offering excellent value to cat owners with multiple cats. In some cases, cheaper products dont offer the same quality as more expensive ones, but that doesnt seem to be the case with Frisco cat litter. For the most part, customers are very pleased with the brand.

    This being said, every customers experience is unique, and there are both good and bad reviews for the brand online. Keep reading to see a positive and negative customer review for each of the three cat litter formulas featured above:

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    Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

    The pine litter is a natural, non-clumping formula. It locks in and eliminates ammonia smell through its absorbent pine fibers. The Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is dust free and offers a pleasant pine smell. Its free of any harsh chemicals, fragrances and additives. The pine pellets in this litter are fairly large, making it a great option for your long hair kitty.

    Three: Transition The Litter Boxes

    How to Clean Cat Litter Boxes Using Pine Pellets

    Remember that you want an alternative box for the cats as long as possible. If your cats are using the wood pellet only box, transition their old clay litter box. If they dont want to use the wood litter at all, transition the new box until they get the hang of it. When they do, you can switch their old one out.

  • Fill the transitioning box with regular litter, a few scoops of dirty litter from the other box, and add one cup of wood litter. Mix it with a litter scoop.
  • Each day, scoop out a bit of litter and add just a tiny bit more of the wood litter. A good amount to add is only about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup. Most cats need a LOT of transition time, and rushing it can push things back a lot.
  • After a while, if you see the cats are using the litter box regularly and the litter is mostly wood, you can try switching it to 100% wood pellets.
  • Observe carefully. If the cats backslide or stop using the new litter box, go back a few steps and add the regular litter back to the box. Start over until the cats are using the wood litter reliably.
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    Pine Cedar & Cypress Cat Litter Brands

    Heres a list of pine, cedar, or other wood-based cat litters.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list but does include those found at major pet supply stores.

    The manufacturer descriptions are included, along with some user reviews you may find useful.


    Some litters listed on this page are links where I receive a small commission when you buy them.

    This helps me stay on the hunt for more great info and I share some with vetted animal rescue groups!

    Catalyst wood litters are engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber, have excellent odor control, clump well, are low dust and lightweight.

    Lignetics, Inc. makes Healthy Cat, Unscented and Multi-Cat versions, which you can find at and .

    Choose the type you want once you click on the product.

    Reviewers either liked the softness and smell or hated it being dusty, sticking to cats paws, and smelling too strong.

    ExquisiCat® Naturals Pine Cat Litter

    ExquisiCat® pine litter comes in pellets and cobble.

    The description claims its ideal for single and multi-cat households.

    The pellets are made from 100% pine and compressed using high heat, high pressure, and steam.

    Theyre smaller than other brands of pine pellets, absorb quickly and control odors for a long time.

    Cobble is similar but softer than the pellets, has minimal dust, and is 4x more absorbent than clay.

    Reviewers liked it because their cats did and both types are absorbent, controlling odors well, and doesnt track much.


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