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Glen Oak Dog And Cat Hospital

Different Types Of Chocolate

Glen Oak Dog And Cat Hospital

Everyone who has ever eaten candy knows there are many types of chocolate. Lets go back to how chocolate is made. Cacao trees are farmed as any other crop, though they grow in tropical regions. The fruit of the cacao tree, called a cacao pod, is sweet and attracts monkeys or other wildlife who eat the fruit but not the bitter seeds. The seeds are discarded in the natural setting, allowing new trees to grow.

The seeds cannot be released from the fruit unless some type of animal breaks the fruit open. Ironically, it is the bitter seeds, packed with theobromine and caffeine, which are used to make chocolate. The pods grow directly off the trunk of the cacao tree and must be harvested by hand so as not to damage the tree. The pods are split and the seeds are scooped out and left to ferment under banana leaves for about a week. This turns the cacao seeds a rich brown and creates the chocolate flavor we crave. The seeds are then dried out for another week, packed in sacks, and shipped to chocolate manufacturers. The seeds must be roasted, ground, pressed , and tempered to create an exact consistency.Chocolate liquor is the liquid that results from grinding the hulled cacao beans.

Cocoa butter is the fat that is extracted from the chocolate liquor.

Semisweet chocolate is chocolate that is 35% chocolate liquor .Milk chocolate is chocolate that is at least 10% chocolate liquor, the rest being milk solids, vanilla or lecithin.

Best Online Vet Subscription Plan: Whiskerdocs

WhiskerDocs offers a convenient monthly subscription, thus enabling virtual appointments at any time. whiskerDocs is the perfect option for pet owners searching for supplemental care from licensed vets and vet techs.

  • Type of availability: 24/7 chat, phone calls, video calls, and text messaging
  • Price: $16.99 per month or $129.99 per year
  • Subscription type: Monthly and yearly
  • On-demand consults: $39.99 for calls/live chats or $4.99 for emails
  • Emergency fund: No
  • Does not have an emergency fund
  • Does not recommend nearby veterinary professionals

What customers are saying: whiskerDocs provides reliable pet care, which results in a loyal customer base. The pet owners are happy with the competitively priced monthly and yearly subscription plans and possible discounts for multiple pets. They also like the variety of communication methods and polite and knowledgeable staff .

About The Village Of Wilmette

Native Americans were the first people to inhabit this region. European contact began with the arrival of French explorers three centuries ago. At that time, Potawatomi people were living in this area.

Wilmettes road to incorporation began in 1869, a time during which the railroads played a crucial role in development, when a group of five men formed a land syndicate to promote residential development on the former Ouilmette Reservation. John G. Westerfield, the man who had originally farmed the land around the old Ouilmette cabin and later the villages first president, laid out streets and lots in his first survey of the Village. Despite this earlier platting of the Village, it was not until 1872 that the Village was incorporated. It was named after early settlers Archange and Antoine Ouilmette, although the spelling was changed.

In 1910, the Northwestern Elevated Electric Railroad replaced the CM & St. Paul line, making electric train service to Chicago or Milwaukee available for the first time from the east side of the Village. This line was expanded north to 4th Street and Linden Avenue in 1912. In 1913, the railroads architect designed and built a Prairie-style station intended to be a high-grade artistic terminal to attract the better purchasers. This electric line is commonly called the L line and still operates.

Glen Oak Dog & Cat Hospital

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Lyme Disease Symptoms In Dogs

If a dog has Lyme disease, they may experience a variety of symptoms, including inflammation and fever. It is of interest to note that approximately, 95 percent of dogs infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria remain asymptomatic, and do not develop Lyme disease. Despite this number, it is still important for pet owners to be vigilant and watch for symptoms if their dog has been potentially exposed to ticks. Symptoms in dogs can sometimes take a week to 3 weeks, or possibly even longer following a tick bite to appear.

Potential symptoms include:

  • Kidney problems

Cats With Thumbs For Adoption: Tips And Advice

Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital

If youre looking for a cat with thumbs to add to your family, congratulations! They make for wonderful pets.

Some good news: Polydactyl cats generally do not have any special health or grooming needs besides regular upkeep for their extra claws.

The most important issue is that the abnormal development of the digits in polydactyl cats may predispose them to having their claws grow inappropriately long when their owners cant easily see all of their claws, says Dr. Kornreich. To avoid ingrown claws and side effects like difficulty walking, discomfort, and bacterial infections in paw pads, carefully monitor the length of your cats claws and keep them trimmed appropriately .

Otherwise? Polydactyl cats are awesome and make great pets, says Dr. Kornreich. With a little special attention to their claws, they are like most other kitties: adorable, fun, and loving companions.

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Lyme Disease And Dogs

Spring is in the air, and that means more outdoor time with our canine friends! Unfortunately, that can also mean more potential exposure to ticks. Tick bites can transmit the spiral-shaped bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. It is this bacterial infection that can lead to Lyme disease. Just as lyme disease can be dangerous if contracted by a human, it can be harmful to dogs as well. Although both cases are transmitted via the bite of a tick, the symptoms that present in dogs can differ than those that present in humans. In this article we will explore what the symptoms of Lyme disease look like in dogs, treatment and most importantly, prevention.

Signs Of Heartworm Disease

Some dogs can be infected for several years before symptoms develop, so heartworm disease in younger dogs may not be obvious. As heartworms slowly cause damage to the pulmonary arteries of the lungs, signs of disease may include a mild persistent cough, reluctance to exercise, fatigue after moderate activity, decreased appetite, and weight loss. Eventually, as blood flow through the diseased lungs becomes more restricted, some dogs can develop heart failure. This is commonly recognized by a buildup of fluid in the abdomen and the appearance of a swollen belly.

Although less common, a large number of heartworms can lead to a sudden obstruction of blood flow through the heart and lungs. This blockage often becomes a life-threatening form of heart failure referred to as caval syndrome. Signs of caval syndrome often include a sudden onset of labored breathing, pale gums, dark red or coffee-colored urine, and an inability or unwillingness to move. Most dogs suffering from caval syndrome will not survive without prompt surgical removal of the heartworm blockage.

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Tips For A Healthier Dog Smile

Dogs have 42 smile generators. Keeping those 42 teeth strong, healthy, and happy is essential to preventing illness, pain, and may extend longevity. Each February, U.S. veterinarians celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the dangers of oral diseases such as gingivitis, tooth abscesses, and mouth tumors.

Glen Oak Dog And Cat Hospital

Welcome to Wheaton Animal Hospital: Tour Video
  • Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital

Based in Glenview, IL, we use holistic and traditional veterinary medicine to treat your cat or dogs ailments and prevent future problems. Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital based in Glenview, IL, provides holistic and traditional veterinary services for your pet.

PLEASE NOTE: For after-hours emergencies we recommend that you contact Blue Pearl in Northfield at: 847-564-5775, or Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove at: 847-459-7535

Operating as usual


Our goal is to provide minor, preventative care! Routine wellness visits can help ensure your pet does not have a condition that is undiagnosed. Call us today to schedule!


It’s Poison Prevention Week! Learn how to better protect your companion from ingesting a potentially harmful substance. Human over-the-counter and prescription medications are still the #1 causes of poisoning in pets! #PoisonPreventionWeek #PoisonPreventionMonth


Do you help keep your pet’s teeth clean? Comment below your favorite at-home dental tricks to help protect your pets smile!


Who else loves puppy paws! We can never get enough!


Research shows 8 out of 10 pets can have dental disease in their lifetime. Help protect your pets from tooth loss by scheduling their routine cleaning today.


The Siberian Husky has a beautiful thick coat that can come in a multitude of colors! This friendly dog breed can be a great family pet.


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The Record For The Most Toes On A Polydactyl Cat Is 28

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the cat with the most toes is Jake, a male ginger tabby cat who lives with his owners Michelle and Paul Contant in Ontario, Canada. He has a whopping 28 toes total, with seven on each paw, as counted by a veterinarian in 2002.

But he might have to share his throne soon, as another cat named Paws also has 28 toes, according to a CBS News story out of Minnesota.

Why I Chose An Aaha Accredited Veterinary Hospital

Selecting a safe and reliable veterinarian was one of the most important decisions I made when adopting my dogs. AAHA’s accreditation evaluates 900 standards of veterinary care making that process quicker and easier. Your pet’s health and safety matter, so you should look for an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital too!

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A Message To Take To Heart

Its that time of year again, friends. Its time to raise awareness about a serious and potentially fatal pet disease. Heartworm disease is caused by worms that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of affected pets. The presence of these, often foot-long worms can cause severe lung disease, heart failure and damage to other organs in the body. The American Heartworm Society reports that more than one million dogs currently have heartworm disease. They also report that heartworm is a serious canine and feline health concern that threatens animals in all 48 contiguous states and Hawaii, as well as throughout the temperate regions of the world.

Veterinarian And Holistic Animal Hospital Wilmette Illinois

Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital

Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital is proud to be a local veterinary resource for the Village of Wilmette. Located just a few miles from our location, we pride ourselves on being one of the Chicago Northshores premiere veterinary clinics. In addition to traditional veterinary services, we also offer and practice Holistic Veterinary Care, featuring a program focused on not only treating animal health issues, but also to prevent them long term.

A holistic approach to veterinary medicine is centered around the belief that the animals body should be treated as a whole and not simply each sign or symptom. This strategy encourages bringing balance to the body. Herbal medicine, Nutritional counseling, and Acpuncture are some of the techniques that can be used to achieve this goal. These techniques are natural and have the potential to can positive outcomes with minimal to no side effects. Holistic medicine can often help when conventional treatment is unsuccessful or not preferred.

We have been an AAHA accredited hospital for over thirty years. Our hospital and staff are highly regulated in order to achieve the most effective and up-to-date care for your animal.

Our Glenview office features two waiting rooms one just for cats and one for dogs. We have an isolation kennel for patients with infectious or potentially infectious diseases. We also have two surgical suites and can perform multiple operations simultaneously.

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Glen Oak Dog & Cat Hospital Better Chicago

Glen Oak Dog & Cat Hospital. 300 Waukegan Rd. Glenview, IL60025 USA. 847-729-5200

View Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital location in Illinois, United States , revenue, industry and description.

Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital | We use holistic and traditional veterinary medicine to keep your cat & dog healthy and happy.

Pancreatitis Vomiting Diarrhea And Abdominal Pain Are Just The Beginning Remember In The Case Of Pancreatitis It Is The Fat That Causes The Problem More Than The Chocolate Itself

The fat and sugar in the chocolate can create an unpleasant but temporary upset stomach. This is what happens in most chocolate ingestion cases.

Chocolate is, however, directly toxic because of the theobromine. The more chocolate liquor there is in a product, the more theobromine there is. This makes baking chocolate the worst for pets, followed by semisweet and dark chocolate, followed by milk chocolate, followed by chocolate flavored cakes or cookies. Signs of toxicity from theobromine causes:

  • Vomiting
  • Racing heart rhythm progressing to abnormal rhythms
  • Death in severe cases

Toxic doses of theobromine are 9 mg per pound of dog for mild signs, up to 18 mg per pound of dog for severe signs. Milk chocolate contains 44 mg / ounce of theobromine while semisweet chocolate contains 150 mg per ounce, and baking chocolate contains 390 mg per ounce.

It takes nearly four days for the effects of chocolate to work its way out of a dogs system. If the chocolate was only just eaten, it is possible to induce vomiting otherwise, hospitalization and support are needed until the chocolate has worked its way out of the system. If you think your pet has eaten chocolate, please call your veterinarian immediately.

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Can I Talk To A Vet Online For Free

Yes, some online telehealth services offer free consultations with vets and other pet care professionals. However, most providers limit these services to one free conversation per month. If interested in long-term access to veterinary care and expert advice, we recommend investing in a subscription plan.

Polydactyl Cats In History

Veterinarian donates microchip reader to local police department

Cats with thumbs have been popular pets for hundreds of years. Although theres some controversy about where exactly they come from, historians say they were likely brought into the United States by sailors in the nineteenth century or earlier.

Some say this might be why polydactyl cats seem to be more common along the northeastern coast of the United States as well as parts of Southwest England and Wales. However, many cats in the U.S. have different genetic mutations than those seen in cats in the UK, so their ancestry may be more complicated than a trip across the Atlantic, says Dr. Kornreich.

There are a few famous clusters of polydactyl cats including in Ithaca, New York, where theyre called Ithacats, andperhaps most well-knownthe Florida Keys collection of Hemingway cats. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, where the famous writer once lived, is a cat lovers dream vacation spot with around 60 polydactyl felines hanging around the grounds at any time. Theyre descendants of Snow White, a white six-toed cat that a ships captain and drinking buddy gave to Hemingway.

Today, polydactyl cats continue to delight with their eye-catching looks and extra-large kneading paws.

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About Glen Oak Dog And Cat Hospital:

Established in 1975, Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital is located at 330 Waukegan Rd in Glenview, IL – Cook County and is a business with Veterinarians and DVM on staff and specialized in General Medicine, General Practice, Traditional Medicine, Conventional Medicine, General Care, Acupuncture and Dentistry. Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital is listed in the categories Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, Veterinarians Equipment & Supplies, Veterinarians Equipment & Supplies Wholesale, Veterinary Services, Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics and Veterinary Services For Animal Specialties and offers Dental Care, Examinations, Hospitalization, Nutritional Counseling, Ultrasound, Vaccinations, X-Rays, Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostics, Diets etc. After you do business with Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital, please leave a review to help other people and improve hubbiz. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz to Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital.

Categories: Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, Veterinarians Equipment & Supplies, Veterinarians Equipment & Supplies Wholesale, Veterinary Services, Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics and Veterinary Services for Animal Specialties

Specialties: General Medicine, General Practice, Traditional Medicine, Conventional Medicine, General Care, Acupuncture, Dentistry

Location Features: Clinics

Payment Mode: Credit Card

Professionals on Staff: Veterinarians, DVM

Year Started: 1975

Welcome To Oak Glen Animal Hospital

Our Yucaipa animal hospital is a full-service vet hospital offering comprehensive medical services for dogs and cats across the foothills of San Bernardino, from Yucaipa to Redlands, Beaumont and beyond.

From preventive care, diagnostic services and surgery to dental care, our wide service offering is designed to meet all of your pet’s needs in one convenient place.

We are proud to provide compassionate and friendly veterinary care to companion animals in our Yucaipa animal hospital and have developed a reputation over the years for our high-quality and rapid service delivered with professionalism and care.

Regardless of whether you are bringing in your pet to us for their first appointment, or whether we have been seeing your companion for years, our team always treats your pets as if they were our own.

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How We Selected The Best Online Veterinary Services

Choosing the best telehealth veterinary service can be a tricky job. There are many different online vets, and they all offer various services under different conditions. We have consulted with pet owners, veterinarians, and the American Veterinary Medical Association to make the final list.

Here are some of the criteria we considered while compiling the list of best online veterinary services:

  • Availability. The need for online vets is greatest when primary veterinarians are unavailable . That is why all services on our list offer 24/7/356 access to veterinarians and other pet care professionals.
  • Services. The second thing we considered was the scope of services each provider offers. The goal is to have all of your pets health needs addressed in one place .
  • Communication methods. When it comes to providing pet care, the communication between the client and veterinarian is critical. The higher the quality of the contact, the higher the quality of the service. With this in mind, the services on our list offer various practical communication methods.


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