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Health Certificate For Cats To Fly

Flying Internationallymay Be Slightly Less Complicated Than Travel To Hawaii But Not By Much

International Health Certificates | Traveling with Pets

Import requirements vary by country, so if you are planning on taking your pet over the pond, my advice is the same: Start the process early. Plan six months in advance, if possible. Call your veterinarian to discuss where you are traveling, when and what you need to do. Your veterinarian is responsible for researching the requirements of your destination, and you are responsible for following your veterinarians instructions. Failure to do so could result in costly delays, quarantines or the country flat out refusing to allow your pet’s entry.

Extra tip:As with traveling to Hawaii, time constraints are tight and specific. Pets traveling to the EU must be microchipped with an ISO 11784 or ISO 11785 Annex A microchip. Also talk to your airline so you are clear on their pet rules.

Types Of Basic Pet Health Certificate

  • Few Countries accept a certificate issued by a regular veterinarian and no need for USDA accreditation.
  • Others might demand USDA accredited veterinarian signature on the certificate.
  • You can print the certificate on a standard letterhead.
  • Also using rabies certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian holds good for some countries.
  • You need to check with the Airline for the specific type of certification
  • What Is A Health Certificate

    It is an official state health form completed by a veterinarian who examines and determines that your pet:

    • Is free of infectious and communicable diseases,
    • Did not come from an area that is under quarantine for rabies, and
    • Has not been exposed to a rabid animal.

    The health certificate should also include documentation that your dog or cat is current on its rabies vaccination if the pet is 3 months of age or older.

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    Going To Shows Competitions Or Training For An Event

    Pet owners travelling to an event in NI from any country, including GB, should complete the Declaration using the link below and make the completed Declaration available to a DAERA Portal Inspector upon arrival in NI.

    Pet owners returning to NI from an event in GB should also complete the declaration below

    The EU Pet Travel Scheme covers the movements of pets with their owners. For commercial movements or travel with more than 5 pets, in addition to meeting the preparations needed for pet travel, the requirements for commercial trade laid down by the Animal Health Law, in force from 21 April 2021, must be met.

    Details can be found here

    Further information on commercial movements to the EU can also be found at the following links

    Flying With A Cat In The Cabin

    Dog Health Certificate for Travel Template

    Every airline will have its own pet policy, so youll want to make sure that you visit their website to see what the requirements are.

    Its important to know what documents Fluffy needs, otherwise, they wont be allowed to board the plane.

    Airlines want to make sure that your cat is not contagious to other passengers.

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    How Will I Move Through The Security Checkpoint At The Airport

    Your cats travel carrier must go through the luggage X-ray screening device at the airport, and your cat cannot, so you will have to carry her in your arms through the human screening device. She should be wearing a firm-fitting harness with a leash attached to prevent escape, and you should follow these steps:

  • Prepare yourself and your belongings, removing your shoes and your toiletries and laptop or tablet from your bag, then place them in the bins to go through the X-ray machine.
  • Remove your cat from the carrier and send the carrier through the X-ray machine.
  • Once you are through the screening with your cat, find the carrier and safely reposition your cat inside before gathering your belongings.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration requires that pets in the airplane cabin remain secured in their carriers throughout the duration of the flight.

    What Is A Health Certificate For A Cat

    Most states require an up-to-date of Veterinary Inspection from an accredited and licensed veterinarian before traveling. A USDA health certificate endorsement indicates that your kitty is free from diseases or other illnesses and is ready to travel.

    Most airlines require this certificate before you fly within the continental US. Read this in-depth article for other forms of transportation of traveling with your cat.

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    Q: What Should I Bring With Me On My Trip

    A: You should bring the following items with you:

    • Your veterinarian’s contact information
    • List of Veterinarians and 24 hour Emergency Hospitals along the way and close to your destinationTo find a listing of Veterinarians & Pet Emergency Hospitals in the United States, contact:
  • Current color photo of your pet
  • ID tag should include:
  • Owner’s name, current home address and home phone number
  • Travel ID tag should include:
  • Owner’s local contact phone number and address
  • Contact information for your accommodations
  • The microchip registration should be updated with your current contact information including a cell phone number.
  • Medical Records
  • Current copies of your pet’s medical records including pre-existing conditions and medications . For travel within the United States, a brief summary of medical conditions would be sufficient.
  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  • Proof of vaccinations and other illnesses
  • Requires an examination by a licensed and accredited veterinarian to make sure the animal is not showing signs of disease.
  • Acclimation certificate for air travel
  • This is only required by some airlines, so check to see if your airline requires this.
  • Items for your pet
  • Prescribed medications
  • Collar, leash, harness
  • Food and cool, fresh water
  • Food and water dishes
  • *For more information on Pet First Aid and First Aid Kits, please go to the AVMA Pet First Aid Site
  • What Does A Vet Health Certificate Cost

    Traveling Abroad With Your Pet? A Veterinarian’s Advice on International Health Certificates

    The cost for a vet health certificate can vary depending on what vaccines or booster your pet might need. According to VetInfo, the cost for a dogs health certificate can vary:

    The average costs of a veterinary consultation can be between $25 and $150, but you may also find more expensive veterinarian doctors in your area. If you get the consultation at an animal shelter, the consultation can be free or the costs can be next to nothing The average costs of vaccines if your dog is a puppy are between $20 and $150 again if you go to a pet shelter, the vaccines can be less expensive. If the dog is older and he only needs booster shots, the costs of these will be between $10 and $100, depending on where you take your pet. All in all, you may end up paying between $35 and $300 for a pet health certificate.

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    Best Airlines For Cats: Tap Air Portugal

    So, on to the next airline that we used to travel with our cat! Yodas 3rd flight with us was from Europe back to the USA in March 2018 via TAP Portugal.

    > Our itinerary: Lyon, France > Lisbon, Portugal > Miami, Florida.

    Flying into the United States with a cat is SOOO much easier than flying from the States. Traveling with Yoda on this journey was the very first time that Paul, Yoda, and I would be on the same flight together, all in-cabin! It is one of our favorite trips to date.

    TAP Portugal has a very straight-forward, easy-to-navigate pet policy. It might seem like a lot, so Ill do my best to break it down.

    Here is what you need to know:


    The cost to fly your cat with TAP Portugal depends on factors such as destination and pet weight. See table for details.

    So, we flew with Yoda in the cabin on an intercontinental flight, which equals 150 . I just looked at our email receipt and we paid 170 USD for the entire trip .

    Carrier Dimensions Policy

    8 kg / 17 lbs is the maximum allowance for the total weight of the carrier with your cat inside for in-cabin travel.

    You can only use a flexible, soft-sided carrier for in-cabin transport, which is what we used on our flight from France to the USA.

    TAP Portugal sites the following carrier dimensions on their website :

    • 40 cm x 33 cm x 17 cm / 15 in x 12 in x 6 in

    Yoda was so quiet and the carrier was so unnoticeable that literally, no one realized we were traveling with our cat on the plane until we left to exit.

    Best Airlines For Cats: American Airlines

    American Airlines is a popular airline for traveling with cats, coming in right behind Delta! We simply place it as #1 in this article because they have a good balance of available services, locations, and fees.

    For one, they offer one of the largest in-cabin carrier dimensions. For two, they allow pets in-cabin on popular routes from the U.S. Lets see more below!

    • $125 in-cabin per pet, each way
    • $200 cargo

    Their $125 pet fee might seem steep for short domestic flights, but if you consider a trip from U.S.-Mexico , the fee isnt that bad.

    Carrier Dimensions Policy

    If you travel with larger cats, American Airlines offers spacious under-the-seat dimensions at 19L x 13W x 9H inches. See their website for the full guidelines for checked pets in cargo.


    Your pet will need up-to-date vaccinations. In addition, if you travel internationally, your cat will need a signed health certificate by a vet . Talk to an AA agent to check the list of documents youll need to safely fly with your cat.

    International Travel

    You can travel with your cat on most flights not longer than 12 hours or flights to/from:*

    • Within the 48 contiguous United States
    • The U.S. and Canada**

    Destinations marked with a * might have restrictions. Please check the AA website for full details.

    Key Takeaways Traveling with Your Cat on American Airlines:
    • In-cabin fees $125
    • Destination restrictions apply, check their website

    Contacting American Airlines + Helpful Resources

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    Dog Breeds Classified As Strong

    Certain dog breeds are classified as strong dogs and must be transported in a special reinforced container or crate when travelling in the baggage compartment.

    About the container or crate:

    The container must be constructed of weld or wire mesh, metal, wood or a synthetic material other than plastic. The crate door must be made of wire mesh, metal or wood and should have a secure lock that cant be opened accidentally.

    We reserve the right to refuse any animal that exhibits aggressive behavior and/or cage destruction.

    The 12 Best Airlines For Cats

    à¸à¸±à¸§à¸à¸¢à¹à¸²à¸à¹à¸à¸£à¸±à¸à¸£à¸à¸à¹?à¸à¸à¸¢à¹ (Fit

    Since weve been traveling with Yoda for several years, we often wonder what are the best airlines for cats out there. Is there a number one airline for cats we dont know about?

    We have tested only a handful of pet-friendly airlines ourselves but there are dozens of airlines that accept cats to travel either in-cabin or in the hold.

    If you wish to fly with your cat, read our personal experience and reviews of airlines we have used in the past to fly with Yoda.

    In addition, we list out the most popular airlines for cats highlighting each airlines pet policies with up-to-date links and phone numbers so you can better prepare for your upcoming trip!

    Article last updated:

    We know how stressful it can be to prepare everything for your pets first flight. Thats why were here to help!

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    Certificates Of Veterinary Inspection

    So far you understood about a general certificate mentioning the health of a pet. Now, lets get into some specifics. The certificate that is used for veterinary inspection must have details about the animal age, disease, health condition, etc. It will be a certificate with detailed reporting about the pet including a dog, cat, or any equine.

    Every state is particular about this because when one animal with some contagious disease reaches their place, then it causes great pain. Hence inspection and a certificate are mandatory.

    CVI Exceptions

    When the pet travels for a short span,

    When animals get transferred from one place to another for research, scientific, or educational purpose.

    At the time of veterinary care facility provided and hence transferred.

    When entering got fairs, shows, or exhibitions.

    These exceptions must be mentioned in the CVI in one column.

    Just for your knowledge when you move to the USA know that the following essential states and the CVI need

    ü Washington Requires for cats and the dogs.

    ü Texas No need but for commercial travel it demands a CVI per the airline policy.

    ü Montana No need unless it is a sale.

    ü Michigan Needs for dog and not cats.

    ü Maine Do not demand CVI until they get imported for adoption or resale.

    ü Illinois Need for CVI for dogs and not cats.

    ü Georgia No need for cats and dogs on travel but sale CVI is a must.

    ü California No need for CVI for cats and dogs.

    Travelling With More Than Five Pets

    You can travel with up to five pets, but if there are more than five pets you must provide proof that:

    • they are participating in a competition, exhibition or sporting event , and
    • they are more than 6 months old.


    If you are travelling with more than 5 pets and you do not meet any of the exceptions mentioned above, your pets have to comply with animal health rules which apply to the import into the EU or trade within the EU of dogs, cats or ferrets.

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    Faqs For Cruise Line Travel

    Cruise ships only allow service dogs aboard their ships.

    YES, a permit is needed if the dog was vaccinated against rabies outside of the United States. We strongly recommend cruise ships require passengers to show their CDC Dog Import Permits or valid US-issued rabies vaccination certificates before allowing dogs to board the ship.

    YES, a permit is needed if the dog was vaccinated against rabies outside of the United States. We strongly recommend cruise ships require passengers to show their CDC Dog Import Permits or valid US-issued rabies vaccination certificates before allowing dogs to board the ship.

    YES, service dogs with a valid CDC Dog Import Permit or valid US-issued rabies vaccination certificate can disembark at all US cruise ship ports of entrybut this only applies to service dogs arriving on cruise ships.

    Common Faq: Know Before You Go

    Pet Health Certificates

    Wow! You made it to the bottom-ish of this article. Now, before you go, I want to provide some answers to some FAQ.

    Can kittens fly on certain airlines?

    Yes, and no. Many airlines state a minimum age on their webpage. Some answers vary depending on the airline, but most frequently it is 8 weeks minimum.

    Can pregnant cats travel on planes?

    Most likely no. In at least 99% of the airlines I mentioned above, each one states pregnant cats cannot travel on planes. You will need to contact the airline directly! In some rare cases, pregnant cats can travel on planes if they are accompanied by a signed health certificate.

    Are there breed restrictions for traveling with cats on planes?

    Yes, mostly exotic cats such as Burmese, Persian, and some other cats. There are breed restrictions for a reason and they are meant to protect your cats health and safety.

    > Please contact each airline before booking a spot for your cat as an airline has the right to deny boarding if they find you are not following regulations.

    Can I travel with my cat overseas?

    Of course! However, not all cats will take so well to flying long trips like our cat Yoda. We are extremely lucky. Do not force your cat to like the carrier, do not tranquilize your pet for overseas travel, and do not book with an untrusted airline carrier. It is really important to do your research first.

    How much does it cost to fly a cat internationally?

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    Entering The Eu With Your Pet

    You can only enter the EU with your pet through a travellers point of entry in the EU country of destination, your pets documents and identity will be checked by the competent authorities. If your pet fails these compliance checks, it may be returned to the country of departure, be placed in quarantine until such time as it is complies with EU health rules or if neither of these options are possible, the animal may be euthanised.

    Requirements For Dogs Arriving In The United States

    Meet the requirements for dogs entering the United States.

    Whether returning or coming to the United States, all dogs must appear healthy. There is a temporary suspension for dogs imported from countries that CDC considers high risk for dog rabies.

    Some states may require vaccinations and health certificates. Check with your destination states health departmentexternal icon before you leave on your trip.

    Some airlines, cities, or states restrict certain breeds, so be sure to check before you travel.

    The US Department of Agricultureexternal icon has additional restrictions for some dogs arriving in the United States, such as working dogs and dogs intended for resale or adoption.

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    Need For Dog Health Certificate For Travel

    Most of the pet owners have either dog or cat. Why should dog health certificate be obtained for your travel?

    Here you go with few pointers.

    1. A certificate authenticates the dogs breed.

    2. The dogs birthmark or any other identification which helps to handover dog to the owner when lost during travel.

    3. Name of the dog which it can recognize.

    4. During purchase, the certificate authorizes the new owner that the dog is in good health condition also helps to know what vaccination or treatment needs to be given in future.

    Guide Dogs And Other Assistance Dogs

    Fit To Fly Certificate Dog Template

    The rules for assistance dogs travelling under the EU pet travel scheme are the same as for other dogs.

    Assistance dogs must meet all the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme or may be subject to quarantine on arrival in to NI.

    Assistance Pets may be permitted to travel in the aircraft cabin with their owner with carriers registered to carry assistance dogs and on approved routes. This may apply to other means of transport also.

    You are advised to contact your travel operator in advance of your journey to ensure you are prepared and aware of all their requirements.

    The Guide Dogs Association website has advice about taking assistance dogs abroad.

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