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How Do I Move My Cat Across The Country

Make A Cozy Environment

Moving Across the Country WITH OUR CAT in a UHAUL | Moving Vlog #5 | Dingle

Like humans, cats care about comfort. The right environment can make all the difference for a cat who is undergoing upheaval, not to mention the often frightening experience of traveling on the road and staying in unfamiliar hotels.

The right environment for a cat will include:

  • A carrier that is large enough for them
  • A blanket on the bottom, both to keep them warm cozy, and to catch possible urine or excrement
  • A favorite toy, if applicable
  • Places for food and water

If you have a particularly chill cat, you might consider a harness instead. Get aseatbelt attachment that will clip into the car and attach to your cats collar, which will keep them from wandering around the car or being thrown in a crash.

Tip #: Id Cats Properly

Youll need to get your cats a tag with their new address anyway, so why not do it before the move? Getting your cats fitted with new tags before their move will also ease your mind in the unfortunate case that they escape during the moving process.

Be sure your new address is on their tags, as well as your phone number. Dont forget to let your neighbors know where youre moving to in case your cats escape during the hustle and bustle of moving and head back to a familiar setting.

Option #: Moving Your Pet By Air

As we just mentioned, the best way to move across country with pets is take them with your own car on a cross-country trip. However, that may not always be possible due to a number of reasons, including the great distance between Point A and Point B especially when it comes to coast to coast moving.

In such cases, your best bet to move your pet across the country is to ship them by air. Needless to say, air travel is the quickest way to move with pets across the country.

Find airline companies that accept pets, then check the requirements to make sure youre ok with them. Some airline companies permit small dogs or cats to be flown in the cabin with you the best-case scenario for flying with pets to another part of the country. Other airlines will let pets travel as cargo.

Refer to PetTravel to check the pet carrying policy of each airline company.

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Keep Your Cats Routine Unchanged

Cats depend on their routine to make sense of the world around them. So, one of the major problems when moving with a cat to a new home is the inevitable change. One thing you can be sure of is that your feline friend will instinctively pick up even the slightest of alterations within their surroundings for instance, sudden and inexplicable accumulation of cardboard boxes or unfamiliar people in uniforms coming to inspect the home.

Heres what you can do to keep your cats daily routine fairly unchanged:

  • Keep feeding your cat like youve done until that moment. In reality, there isnt any good reason to stress your pet additionally by altering their feeding times.
  • Try to keep the same schedule for playing with your cat although that may prove to be close to impossible due to the overwhelming move-related tasks youre expected to complete.
  • Do your best to keep offering your pet animal the same level of attention as before again something that should be rather difficult during the hectic pre-move period.

Moving With Other Types Of Pets


Cats and dogs are not the only pets that form part of the family. You may want to bring small mammals, birds, and reptiles along on the move with you. Each has its own specific needs to stay happy and anxiety-free.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, and rodentsKeep small caged animals away from activity during the last few days of packing. House them in a room already cleared of possessions.

If youre traveling by car, avoid a stressful journey by improving conditions in the vehicle. Some animals, like rabbits, are sensitive to extreme temperatures heat and cool the car appropriately and make only short stops or take your pet with you bunnies will appreciate the chance for a little exercise every three to four hours. Secure carriers to the seat and drive slowly over rough patches in the road to avoid excessive movement.

Move pets either in their own cage or place them in a carrier with familiar objects, such as a favourite toy, along with water and sufficient food . If possible, clean the cage or carrier every few hours.

Birds and reptilesBefore you leave, check that it is legal to own your bird or reptile in all the areas of the country youll be passing through.

Bear in mind that some reptiles, such as snakes, will stop eating when theyre stressed. Dont be worried if your pets refuse to eat for a few days after the move.

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Moving With Outdoor Cats

If your cats are mostly outdoor kitties, you need to keep a few additional tips in mind for the big move. Make sure you have up-to-date vaccination tags and have registered their microchips online. Help your outdoor cats get used to a car-safe carrier by leaving it outside for a few days with your cat’s favorite treats, blankets, or toys inside.

When you get to your new destination, keep your cat indoors for a few days or up to several weeks. She’ll be very nervous by all the new sights and sounds, and you don’t want her getting scared and running away.

Keep a comfy bed like the Thermo Outdoor Kitty House in your garage or other indoor room with your cat. You’ll ultimately move your kitty and the house outside at the same time. Stay outside with your cat at first and bring her back in every night.2 Helping your outdoor kitty adjust to a move can be a long process, but it’s worth the time to help her stay safe.

Helping Your Cat Settle In

Make your cat feel at home by helping them to furnish the new house with their scent. Cats will rub their heads and bodies on furniture, walls, doors etc to lay down scent from glands situated mostly on the head but also over the body. When a cat is feeling confident, they will rub scent around the house and this will increase feelings of security. Obviously none of these smells will be present in the new house and there will be various alien smells, which may make the cat feel insecure.

You can help by taking a soft cotton cloth and rubbing it gently around your cats face to pick up their personal scent profile. Dab this around at cat height in the room where the cat will be kept at first so that the cat begins to feel at home and bonds with the territory. You can repeat this daily and build up your cats scent within the house before letting them outside. You may wish to consider using Feliway products during this time these emit synthetic pheromones which can help make your cat feel more relaxed ask your vet for details.

Use food and a regular routine to help your cat settle in. Small frequent meals will give you more contact initially and help to reassure your cat that all is well. By knowing when and where feeding will take place, your cat can anticipate the meal rather than worry about it. This also allows your cat to relax and promotes a feeling of wellbeing.

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Warn Movers That You Have An Animal

Most responsible movers will ask if there are pets on the premises for whom they need to watch out, but some will not. Make sure to gather them together at the beginning of the move and let them know about your pets and what the rules are for ensuring they dont escape. If you can, simply keep your animal locked away until the transfer of possessions to the truck or car is complete. Even better, take them to a friend or family members house until youre ready to depart.

Preparing Your Cat To Move

Driving Across the Country with my Cat I Moving Vlog

Update information. Make sure your catâs ID collar is secure and up-to-date. Itâs best to microchip your cat before the move, in case they get scared in the new space and run off. Reunions are much more likely when microchip info is kept current.

Make a ânew normal.â Leading up to the move, keep your catâs routine as normal as possible. The sudden appearance of new people and moving materials, along with the disappearance of favorite furniture or objects, can cause stress for cats. To reduce this stress, introduce boxes to the home before you start packing. This helps create a new normal landscape for your cat. It also reduces the number of new stressors on moving day.

Introduce the cat carrier. Introducing your cat to a good pet carrier a few weeks before the move can make it easier. Choose a carrier that is well-secured, designed for travel, and cozy.

Set the carrier in a safe, quiet corner of your current home before you start packing. Place treats, a favorite blanket, and familiar toys in the carrier to build positive associations with the carrier. Allow your cat to freely enter and leave the carrier whenever they would like in the days and weeks leading up to the move. Placing the carrier in a quiet place will encourage the cat to seek refuge there as packing and moving activities become more hectic.

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Dealing With Travel Anxiety And Carsickness With Your Cat

Ah, the best laid plans… Its possible that even if you take all of the precautions and steps outlined above to condition your cat to car travel that they may still be stressed or even experience carsickness in spite of your best efforts. Here are some tips and products to help minimize those possibilities and to help deal with these problems should they arise.

Tip #: Give Them Lots Of Love

Anyone whos ever moved knows the moving process is chaotic. Theres so much to do and so little time. Even so, make sure you spend more than enough time with your cats before their big move.

Buying your cats a new toy or treating them to their favorite meal will go a long way towards letting your cats know you love them. Be sure to give your felines a ton of affection so that they approach the move with a hugnot a hiss.

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Buy A Secure Carrier To Move Cats Across Country

Before you head anywhere you must purchase a carrier for your cat.

Itll be great if we have the ability to take our cat with us while they sit on our lap. However, when moving cross country with cats we cannot do this.

Having a carrier will make it easy for you to travel cross country with your cat. It will keep your cat safe and secure during the trip.

If youre thinking about taking your cat with you while you fly, then you must first lookup the airlines regulations on cats.

Once you look up the regulations read them carefully because they might have a specific size carrier that you need to bring with you on the flight.

So, before buying that cat carrier that your friend recommended to you because it had pretty gemstones make sure you have the correct size.

Tip #: Get Suitable Carriers Ahead Of Time

Blog Post

Chances are you already have carriers for your cats. However, if these carriers are too small or too uncomfortable, youll want to get different carriers.

If youre flying, and have come to terms with the answer to how much does it cost to fly a dog or cat? you should also be aware of airline carrier regulations. The following regulations generally apply to all airlines:2

  • Cargo Although many airlines allow pets to fly in the cabin, some airlines may require pets to be entered as cargo.
  • Weight limits Most airlines will allow pets up to 18 inches long and weighing 11-12 pounds to fly in the cabin, but some airlines have different regulations.
  • Carrier limits Your cats carriers should be small enough to fit beneath your seats. Additionally, carriers should have waterproof bottoms, adequate ventilation, security so your furry friends cant escape, and enough toys to keep cats occupied.

If driving, you should still do all you can to make your cats journey as pleasant as possible. If youre spending hours and hours in a car, your cats will want to stretch their legs, find comfortable napping positions, and maybe even have enough room to play with a toy during the journey.

Regardless of the mode of transportation, it may be wise to help ease your cats worried thoughts and feelings by giving them CBD.

Natural and plant-based, Canna-Pet Advanced Small Capsules can help your cats feel at ease during their trip to their new home.

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Emergencies On The Road

Emergencies do happen, and so the occasion may arise where youll need to find a vet when youre on the road. You can always Google emergency veterinarian in __zipcode/town__ or check out this vet emergency locator. And since emergencies arent the only time you may need to find a vet on your travels especially if youre moving to a new state or town, youll need to get kitty established at a new vet heres a couple of good vet look-up links.

Moving With Your Cat Long Distance Or Across The Country

Of course, some special circumstances require extra planning. If you’re moving a long distance or even across the country , you need to take extra precautions.

If you have to travel on a plane with your cat, you need to decide on flying together in the cabin versus checking your cat into the plane’s cargo area. If at all possible, travel together in the cabin, but be sure to check with your airline for their specific requirements. Make sure your cat’s weight and carrier size meet the airline’s specifications. The K& H Lookout Pet Carrier is potentially a good option because the small size meets some requirements. You will need other travel supplies, vaccination records, and a harness in case you have to take your cat out of the carrier for the X-ray screening.

If you’re traveling with your cat in a car, it’s a little easier but still requires some planning ahead. Find a good carrier, like the Travel Safety Carrier that secures to the seat and keeps your cat from moving while you drive. Take short trips at first to help your kitty get used to the drive. Pack travel supplies like a small litter box and portable water and food dishes, along with a harness.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Ship A Pet Across Country

You shouldnt be surprised to learn that the best way to ship a pet to another state in the country is to take them with you in your car and embark on a cross country journey to your new home. Your constant presence will have a calming effect on your pets nerves and will lessen the stress, anxiety and fear of those sudden changes in their life. They will know that you will protect them no matter what happens and that reassurance alone can contribute to a largely problem-free household move for all of you.

Unfortunately, that ideal car moving trip with your pet to the new address is not always possible for a number of valid reasons, the most common one being the decision to fly to your new home instead of drive hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles. In such cases, you are expected to weigh in all possible options for shipping your pet safely and choose the safest and easiest transportation method for your pal.

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Tips For Moving With Cats Across The Country

Moving with Cats Across Four States

Moving with cats across the country isn’t easy, but you can do a lot to make it less stressful for both you and your precious little fur babies. Cats, like most people, don’t like change. They may feel pretty stressed when their lives are turned upside down. By keeping familiar scents around them, giving them safe and comfy carriers to travel in, and packing all the necessities ahead of time, you and your cats can weather the journey successfully.

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Bringing Pet Birds To Canada

Travellers who want to bring live birds into Canada should check the requirements well in advance.

The importation of birds into Canada is also subject to the control of the Canadian Wildlife Service .

The CFIA and Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada work together for responsible commercial pet imports and sales.

If you witness bird smuggling at a Canadian border crossing or airport, report it immediately to a Canada Border Services Agency officer.

To provide information concerning bird smuggling at other times, call the Canada Border Services Agency at 1-888-502-9060 / TTY: 1-866-335-3237.

Moving Your Pet In Your Own Car

Without a question, this is the best way to ship a vet to wherever the household move is taking you.

  • Prepare a handy bag with their favorite food, water and objects of interests such as blankets, toys, etc.
  • If you have the time, take a few short practice runs around your neighborhood to get your animal friend acclimatized for the much longer car trip ahead.
  • Place them in their pet carrier as letting them loose in the car might cause serious problems for both parties.
  • Make sure you plan for stops along the way, especially if youre moving with your dog.
  • See if relaxing music over the car stereo will calm down your pal or not.
  • If you need to spend the night on the road, never leave your pet inside your car but have them stay with you in the pet-friendly hotel or motel.

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