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How Many Teeth Do Cats Have

Interesting Facts On Cats Teeth

How Many Teeth Do Kittens Have? : Cats as Pets

The cats teeth are a bit similar to us humans. But of course, there are a lot of differences. Here are some of the most interesting facts on a cats teeth:;

  • Kittens do not have any tooth when they are born.;
  • It takes 2 to 4 weeks to get the first baby tooth for the kittens.;
  • A young cat has 26 teeth. On the other hand, an adult cat has 30 teeth.;
  • The temporary teeth of a kitten fall out around the age of 11 weeks.;
  • The baby teeth do not fall off if the kitten is suffering from retained deciduous teeth condition.;

How many teeth do cats have? You have got your answer. Like us humans, keeping the teeth clean is also important for the felines. So, make sure your cat has strong and excellent teeth.;


Can A Cat Survive With No Teeth

Cats are known to spend a healthy life even after losing a number of teeth. There are cats which have lost their teeth due to a lot of reasons such as dental disease or old age issues. Again, a number of cats might lose their teeth due to gum disease or mouth disease. One of the most common syndrome amongst cats is the Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis or the LPGS syndrome. This LPGS syndrome plays a major role in making the cats lose their teeth. The LPGS syndrome might be the cause behind loss of teeth except the canine teeth. The feral cats which are completely dependent on the hunting process to get the majority of food might face severe problems if they lose a number of teeth. Feral cats have the habit of killing the prey and eating it. If a feral cat loses its teeth, then it wont be able to catch and kill the prey for eating food. This makes the feral cats to be completely dependent on the caregivers for food. Apart from feral cats, other cats dont have much problem in surviving without teeth.

How And When Are Persistent Teeth Treated In Cats

Two teeth should never be in the same socket. If you see persistent teeth in your kittens mouth, see your veterinarian as soon as possible for a checkup. Unless the milk teeth are very mobile, extraction is the treatment of choice. It is not a good practice to wait until your kitten is spayed or neutered.

Tip: Early extraction in these cases usually allows the permanent teeth to return to their proper position and prevent further problems

In these cases, early extraction usually allows the adult teeth to move to their proper position and prevent further problems associated with malocclusion. Removal of intact teeth will require an anterior radiograph and general anaesthesia before and after extraction.

Your cats surgeon will take special care when removing any persistent tooth to avoid damaging the underdeveloped roots of new permanent teeth.

To better understand the cat teeth deformation process L. OLGART, B. GAZELIUS, F. SUNDSTRÖM published an authentic research study about Intradental nerve activity and jawopening reflex in response to mechanical deformation of cat teeth.

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What Happens If There Is A Delay In A Persistent Tooth Extraction

If the persistent milk tooth is not extracted in time, adult teeth will be unlikely to move to their proper position without orthodontic treatment. In these cases, it may be essential to remove other teeth selectively or refer your Cat to a cat dental specialist for dental treatment to reposition the affected teeth. This treatment often involves the use of orthodontic devices such as elastics and buttons.

Without regular home brushing and bi-annual or annual professional dental cleaning, cats develop gum disease, known as periodontal disease. The condition can lead to tooth decay and affect your Cats overall health from time to time.

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What Happens To Cats Who Have Lost A Number Of Teeth

How Many Teeth Do Cats Have? 10 Facts on the Number of ...

Most cats have no problems adapting to tooth loss. Most dogs and cats can eat fine, even with the loss of several teeth, Dr. Tasky says. Some animals have lost all of their teeth and are still able to eat dry food. The goal, however, is to retain as many teeth as possible because the teeth help contribute to the strength of the jaw.

Tell us: What are your most pressing questions about cat teeth and cat dental issues?

Read more about cat teeth and cat dental issues on

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Do Kittens Teeth Fall Out

Kittens baby teeth will fall out when the adult teeth erupt through the gums.

Youll likely find these lost little teeth:

  • In your kittens bedding
  • On the floor in rugs or carpets
  • Stuck in their toys

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Why Is My Cat Missing A Tooth

Your cat may have lost a tooth because of periodontal or gum disease. In this situation, plaque builds up along the gum line, loosening the teeth from the gums and causing them to fall out.

Older cats are particularly susceptible to dental issues. If youve noticed a tooth loss and your kitty;also;has especially bad breath, drooling, or a slack-jaw appearance, this could be a sign of a bad infection.

To help prevent tooth disease and decay, give your cat daily servings of dry food . Though your feline may not prefer toothbrushing sessions, it is helpful. And be sure to schedule regular vet visits!

On the other hand, if your cat is an indoor-outdoor, or solely outdoor, kitty, he might have broken or lost a tooth after getting in a fight with a fellow feline.

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We Need More Information

As cat owners, its important that we know as much as possible about our felines in order to ensure their health and safety, but there isnt a whole lot of information out there about feline dental health! We drove home the need for annual visits to the vet for teeth cleaning, and if youre a really intrepid cat owner, then be sure to clean your cats teeth at home.

Keep in mind that when buying dental products for your cat, you want to see the VOHC seal on the packaging. This means that the product is approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, and you can even check their website for product suggestions and other important facts you should know.

Similarities Between Human And Cat Teeth

How Many Teeth Does My Cat Have & What Happens If Some Of Them Need To Be Removed?

Although cat teeth look very different than human teeth, in reality they have a lot of similarities. Cats have two successive sets of teeth, as weve discussed, and that is what humans have too! The first set, the baby teeth, fall out when theyre young, then the permanent teeth come in.

Although we both have two sets of teeth, the rate at which the baby teeth fall out and become adult teeth is much more accelerated than it is in humans. Cats are born without teeth, then rapidly get baby teeth followed by adult teeth. When their teeth are well cared for, they will last them well into old age. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for humans.

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Maintain Cats Tooth Health

A cat can not maintain its teeth health on its own. You need to do it on behalf of the feline. Some of you may ask me why you should take care of the cats teeth. Well, if you dont, the cat will suffer from the dental issues I have just mentioned. Besides, the pet may get bad breath, gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, tartar build-up, and so on.;

The good thing is, you can prevent the dental problems of a cat. How? Simple, by brushing its teeth. Cat teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent plaque and tartar.;

But do not use your toothpaste for the cat. This can be harmful to the felines health. Instead, buy the commercial toothpaste and toothbrush that are specially made for cats. However, brushing the cats teeth regularly will keep them strong, and the chance of any dental issue will reduce.;

Your pet cat may not show any interest in brushing. So, introduce this habit slowly. Reward the pet afterward. Use a comfortable brush for the feline. Also, while brushing the cats teeth, look carefully for any signs of dental problems.;

What Problems Are Caused By Persistent Teeth

If both a deciduous tooth and a permanent tooth are in the same socket in the jaw, the crowding of the two teeth will increase the likelihood that food and debris will become trapped between the teeth. This can lead to;problems such as tartar deposits, tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis – all of which can lead to premature loss of teeth. If the root of the retained tooth has only been partly resorbed, it can become badly infected.

If teeth are malpositioned, they can rub against other teeth, wearing away the enamel and weakening the tooth. Occasionally, a persistent deciduous tooth can cause a dental interlock which may interfere with the normal growth and development of the jaw bones.

If the persistent tooth is a lower canine, the permanent lower canine is forced to grow on the inside of the lower jaw and its tip usually grows towards the roof of the mouth. Contact of the canine teeth with the roof of the mouth may result in significant trauma, pain, and may interfere with your cats ability to eat comfortably.

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Are You A Bad Parent For Not Brushing

Yes, you are a bad parent. Actually, were just joking. Not brushing your cats teeth isnt the worst possible offense, and many cat parents are guilty of it. In fact, it can be a real nuisance to do on your own, and thats why its suggested that you get your cats teeth regularly cleaned under anesthesia by the vet technician. Also, when the cat is under, you can get dental x-rays to ensure that there are no problems with the gums.

At this point, youre probably realizing that the only thing that you know about your cats mouth is that it smells like cat food. But theres a whole world inside of there that youre now discovering, and hopefully, from time to time, youre remembering to explore in there for a bit to make sure that everything is okay.

Next up, were going to delve deeper into the mystery of your cats mouth.


Do Cats Teeth Fall Out

How Many Teeth Does An Adult House Cat Have?

Their first baby teeth appear when they are around 2-4 weeks of age. These deciduous milk teeth will fall out when they are 3.5-4 months old, and the kittens permanent adult teeth then grow in. This means that kittens teeth twice in their lives once for their set of 26 baby teeth and again with their 30 adult teeth.

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Canine And Feline Dental Anatomy

1. Incisors

Incisors are named first, second, and third based on their location in the mouth. There should be six incisors in the upper jaw and six in the lower jaw. Incisor teeth are used for shearing and grooming.

2. Canines

Two large canine teeth are located in the upper and lower jaw. The canines are designed to grasp and tear with great pressure.

3. Premolars and molars

Premolar teeth have sharp edges used for shearing. In the dog, there are four premolar teeth on either side of the upper and lower jaws. Dogs have four molars in the upper jaw and six in the lower. Molars have a flat surface used for grinding.

The cat has three premolars on each side of the upper jaw identified as second, third, and fourth; and two lower premolars on each side of the lower jaw called third and fourth. Cats have one upper and lower molar on each side.

4. Carnassial teeth

Carnassial teeth are the 4th upper premolars and the 1st lower molars. This term means tearing of flesh and is used to describe the largest shearing tooth of the upper and lower jaw in dogs, cats and other carnivores.

How To Take Care Of Your Cats Teeth

Therefore, it is important to take care of oral hygiene. Brushing cats teeth from an early age, once a day would help to keep her mouth clean and prevent developing plaque and tartar.

You can also use dental treats. They are not enough to keep the gums and teeth healthy but they are helpful.

Cats dont whine when in pain, they even try to hide it, so it can easily go unnoticed.

For that reason, you should make a deal with your cat to inspect her mouth once a week. Losing a tooth is not a big deal for cats. They can eat their food even if they lose many teeth.

However, living in constant pain with an infection in the mouth is much worse. So, dont be afraid or hesitate if your vet recommends a tooth extraction.;

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Different Teeth Serve Different Functions

A cats incisorsthose tiny teeth set between the canines in the front of a cats moutharent of much use when hunting. They are good, however, for grooming and picking up objects. Theyre very helpful if a cat has to nibble at something, Dr. Carmichael notes.

Dr. Reiter adds that some cats use their incisors to chew on their claws and remove loose pieces of their nails, as well as scratch itches.

Do Cats Lose Their Front Teeth

How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth | Vet Tutorial

Cats can, and do, lost their front teeth.

Of course, this is totally normal for kittens as young cats will lose all of their teeth to be replaced with permanent teeth. But sometimes adult cats lose their front teeth often due to dental complications such as periodontal disease. In this case, layers of plaque have built up between the front teeth and the gums, and they may end up falling out.

This is more common among older cats. Certain breeds, as well, are more susceptible; these include;

Siamese, Abyssinian, Persian, and Maine coon cats.

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Why Do Cats Have Teeth

Teeth are equally important for both domestic and wild cats. Though domestic cats do not use the teeth so intensively, they need them to eat and chew their food properly. Therefore, according to me, the few reasons why cats need teeth are:

  • For grasping and holding food
  • For chewing food
  • For killing, its possible prey
  • For self-defense when strangers trespass your property

What Is A Retained Tooth

This is a milk tooth that is still present after its replacement by adult tooth. It happens when tooth root doesnt reabsorb or incompletely reabsorbed. A retained tooth occupies the place of the permanent tooth. It forces adult tooth to erupt in an abnormal position and angle. It may cause an abnormal bite, crowding of the tooth.

Which Deciduous or Baby Teeth are More Commonly Retained?

Upper canine teeth are more commonly retained. The premolar teeth may also be a retained tooth in some cases.

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A Guide To Kitten Teeth

Kittens get a set of 26 baby teeth. And while kittens wont keep these teeth, just like cat teeth, each kitten tooth has a specific shape for a specific reason.

As VIVO Pathology explains, because cats have evolved to eat a diet of pure animal protein, none of their teeth is designed to grind matter.

In other words, kitten and cat teeth are quite pointed and sharp. They are like scissors or knives. There is no grinding surface such as what you will find on your own molars.

But even cat molars dont have any grinding surface on them.

Kitten teeth are missing the molars. Kittens have three types of teeth:

Are Cats Teeth Crucial

Cats World: How many teeth does a cat have and the period ...

For both wild and domestic cats, it is crucial. Lets understand the reason why its important

  • Lethal weapons Felines teeth are used to eat or kill prey. It is used for self-defense.
  • Mastication This process means chewing food which lubricates or softens food for swallowing. It then breaks the food down for digestion.
  • Prehension grasp Gobbling the food using their tongue or paws.

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