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How Much Are Kitten Shots At Petco

Dont Forget To Screen For Feline Leukemia

Petco CEO pushes bringing pandemic pets to work

When you take your kitten in for vaccinations, ask your vet to test for feline leukemia . This dangerous virus is contagious and can spread from cat to cat.

Theres a vaccine for feline leukemia but even after your young kitty is protected, its best not to expose them to cats that have not been tested for the virus.

Costs Of Veterinary Care For Your Kittens First Year

An initial cost to consider when budgeting for your kittens first year is the cost associated with veterinary care. Veterinary care will play a vital role throughout your cats life, which is why it’s essential to find a vet as soon as you plan to welcome a new kitten into your home. Building a relationship with a trusted vet can help you set up your kitten for a healthy first yearand the rest of their life.

What can you expect for veterinary costs in your kittens first year? Weve broken it down into a few key categories to help you create a well-rounded budget.

Can I Get A Petco Student Discount

While this pet products and services company does not hold back-to-school sales, students can get a substantial Petco student discount. Our CNET team has recently found a coupon allowing students to save about 65% off their Petco purchases. Students can also get a heads-up about various deals from the company newsletter.

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Vetco Low Cost Pet Vaccinations For Cats

Theres only one combo shot package for felines at Vetco. For $75, it covers the FVRCP vaccine feline leukemia and the same dewormer as for canines.

While paying this fee might be a financial burden, in the end, its a small price to pay for the health of your pet.

Consider that the FVRCP offers protection against three deadly viruses.

One of them is the result of the common feline herpes virus. Another disease this combo shot protects from is distemper.

Distemper is very easily spread amongst cats.

As for feline leukemia, its the leading cause of death via disease. It kills about 85% of cats that come down with disease.

If your cat has received all its shots but needs, say, a booster for feline leukemia, Vetco offers low cost pet vaccinations for these as well.

For example, a stand-alone feline leukemia shot is only $41.

Super Low Cost Vaccination Clinic

Cat : PetTheDamnKitty

When you vaccinate your pet you are preventing them from getting and spreading contagious diseases. By vaccinating your pet, their bodies build antibodies which help fight off infections.

Get your dogs and cats vaccinated on the first and third Wednesdays of every month from 8AM to 2PM at our low cost vaccination clinic. Our vaccination prices are the lowest in town. We offer dog and cat vaccines, microchips, flea/tick preventative, and deworming for an extremely low cost. If youre a city of Fresno resident, we will also have our licensing department available for your convenience. Please see our pricing below. Visit our calendar for dates.

Our vaccination clinics are held at our animal center at 103 S. Hughes Ave., Fresno, CA 93706 and are . Please call us at 237-1150 to book your appointment. We will accept cash and credit/debit card forms of payment only.

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Searching For Clinics In Your Area

Find an affordable veterinarian near you now.

Dark blue Indicates Service Area

Please note: Our veterinarians will not vaccinate pets that have experienced a previous reaction to vaccinations.

No matter where you live in our service area, we have a low-cost mobile puppy, dog, kitten and cat vaccination clinic near you. We operate on weekends and some weeknights for your convenience. No exam fees. Save big on rabies shots and so much more.

At the Clinic our state licensed veterinarians and professional staff will ask you a few questions about your pets lifestyle. Your answers will help us determine which vaccinations and tests are right for your pet.

Rabies shots for your cat and dog are required by law in all states.

You’ll find our low-cost dog and cat vet vaccine clinics ata Petco store in your neighborhood.

Rabies Shots For Your Cat And Dog Are Required By Law In All States

30 Off FREE Shipping. Dog vaccination prices petco. Banfield Pet Hospital office visit prices range from about 45 to 65 for dogs and cats. At our pet vaccination clinics you can skip the exam fees and customize the preventive care – from vaccines and microchipping to heartworm flea and tick medications – to. Vaccination Packages and Prices. 30 Off FREE Shipping. Find a qualifying product. We offer a variety of packages and รก la carte vaccination services to choose from. 3 days ago Sep 11 2008 He goes to Banfield now but it is far away from him and pays 20400 a year for their wellness plan. I vaccinate my own puppies and go to Farm and Fleet by the 7 way Vaccine. Specialized services such as dental cleanings and spayneuter services can cost up to 400.

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Can I Get Free Shipping At Petco

If youre looking for free delivery from Petco, youre in luck. Sometimes you can get free shipping at Petco for add-on items. Some Petco discount codes give same-day free shipping on orders that total at least $35. Other coupons may give you free shipping plus 5% reward money on orders totaling at least $49.

Petco Love Will Allocate 1 Million Vaccines To Pets In Need

Petco CEO pushes bringing pandemic pets to work

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, Petco Love will provide free vaccines to their existing partners to help companion animals get immunized.

Rabies, parvovirus, and distemper in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats are the top diseases impacting our pets nationally that are preventable by vaccines, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.1,2

To help fight against these life-threatening diseases, Petco Love, in partnership with Merck Animal Health, will donate 1 million DAPPv Canine and HCP Feline vaccines to community-based welfare partners to help those who cannot afford to get their pets vaccinated.3

“It is heartbreaking when any pet suffers or dies from a disease that could have been prevented. It is further exacerbated when unvaccinated pets come into busy shelter kennels, where these deadly diseases can spread quickly, resulting in multiple deaths, skyrocketing expenses, and hindering saving pet lives,” said Susanne Kogut, Petco Love President, in a press release.

“By creating greater awareness and making this crucial preventative care more accessible to those not currently receiving these lifesaving vaccines, we can prevent the dangerous spread of disease.” she continued.

The initial distribution of the free vaccines will begin immediately to existing Petco Love animal welfare partners. Additionally, there will be grant incentives that will be available to help cover the cost of administering the vaccinations.3


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Action Programs For Animals To Provide Free Vaccinations In Las Cruces For Pets Through Petco Love

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico As part of Petco Loves initiative to provide one million free vaccines for pets, ACTion Programs for Animals will host a free vaccine event in Las Cruces, December 11.

Parvovirus and distemper in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats, are some of the most prevalent deadly diseases impacting pets that are preventable with a simple vaccine. An estimated 30% of pet parents do not take their pet to a veterinarian annually for preventative care, according to a release from APA.

To address this critical need, APA and Petco Love are partnering to make pet vaccines free and accessible in an effort to ensure the health and wellness of our beloved pets

APA aims to vaccinate 600 pets through this effort. The vaccination clinic is on December 11 from 9 am to 11 am at the APA adoption center, located at 537 N Solano Dr. Pre-registration is not required.

The free vaccines will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Any remaining vaccines will be distributed at subsequent clinics early next year.

Vaccines distributed through the Petco Love initiative will include the DAPPv canine and HCP feline vaccines. Rabies vaccines, bordatella vaccines, and microchips are all offered for $15 each at APAs regular clinics.

For more information about vaccine distribution, APA can be contacted at 644-0505 or by emailing .

For local and breaking news, sports, weather alerts, video and more, download the FREE KTSM 9 News App from the Apple App Store or the .

Exercise And Play Supplies

The right exercise and play supplies will support your kitten bonding with you, which helps promote their social health, and keeping your kitten active contributes to their physical and mental health so you can enjoy more years together.

Plan to stock your home with the following supplies:

When you first welcome your kitten home, be sure to have a few cat toys already on hand, and as you get to know them, consider purchasing a few different kinds of toys to learn more about their play preferences. Cat toys can range anywhere from $1 to more than $20.

A cat perch or tree can give your kitten the ability to escape daily life and get away from any stressors. Perches and cat trees cost $50$150+.

Scratching helps cats keep their nails healthy and is a part of their grooming routine. Giving your kitten an appropriate place to scratch can help save them from scratching something they shouldnt. A scratching post costs around $25$50.

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The National Nonprofit Aims To End Deadly Preventable Diseases In Pets

  • Pet Business Staff

Today, Petco Love is taking action to help end life-threatening diseases, preventable by vaccines, in our beloved pets. Petco Love will allocate one million free pet vaccines to its existing community-based animal welfare partners to distribute to family pets in need. With August being National Immunization Awareness Month, a campaign to highlight the importance of vaccinations for people, it also serves as a reminder of the critical importance of vaccinating our pets.

According to experts, rabies, parvovirus, and distemper in dogs and panleukopenia in cats are the top diseases preventable by vaccines impacting our pets nationally, and estimates are that nearly 30% of pet owners don’t regularly bring their companions to see a veterinarian at least once a year. A 2010 University of Florida study tested dogs and cats upon intake into one Florida shelter and found that 65% of dogs, and almost all cats, had insufficient levels of protection for canine parvovirus and distemper and feline panleukopenia, suggesting they had not received proper vaccinations.

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations At Petco

PetSmart Charities Commits Largest Gift To

Petcos Unleashed brand of stores is basically a Petco without any animals. Or, more specifically, live ones. .

The reason Petco introduced this concept? To focus on customer service instead of just the pets.

Unleashed is essentially a much smaller Petco with the look and feel of a mom-and-pop pet-supply store.

But there is one service Unleashed offers that is pet-centric: low cost pet vaccinations.

Unleashed offers times when licensed veterinarians visit the store. The vets offer affordable preventive services.

Dont have an Unleashed store in your area? Petco still offers shots in their stores, through its registered Vetco veterinarians at Petco program.

And heres how much it costs for vaccines there.

The Healthy Dog/Puppy program is currently $79 in our area. This includes protection against the following: distemper & Parvo Bordetella Lepto, which is optional and, if necessary a round/hook dewormer.

For an extra $20 you can get a heartworm test. And for an additional $10 on top of the extra $20, your pet can get checked for tick-borne diseases.

So for about $100, you can have piece of mind to protect your dog.

There are even more add-ons you can get for your dog or cat. Lets finish with offerings for canines first.

For an extra $42, you can have your pet vaccinated against rattlesnake bites.

Live in, say, Chicago? Then, of course, you can skip that one. But if you live in Tucson, or elsewhere in the Southwest, you might want to consider it.

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Low Cost Pet Vaccinations At Walgreens

Walgreens, also offers affordable shots for dogs and cats.

In partnership with the giant discount drug store is ShotVet. The ShotVet program manages the Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic on weekends.

There are no exam fees. Another advantage to this program is that you dont have to make an appointment.

Like the Vetco program, the people administering the shots are professional veterinarians.

Essentially, the reason why these chain stores can offer such affordable vaccinations is they cut out the middleman. The vaccinations come straight from the manufacturer.

Therefore, unlike, a veterinary practice, which has to purchase the shots and then upsell to profit from it, stores like Walgreens are able to sell at cost. Thats why Walgreens can offer packages starting at $99.

Quality Affordable Veterinary Services

Good Neighbor Vet has multiple locations for affordable pet vaccines and veterinary clinic care in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. At Petco Richland, located at 2927 Queensgate Dr in Richland, WA, you can conveniently experience all the benefits that Good Neighbor is known for. The mission of Good Neighbor Vet is to provide the best possible Richland pet healthcare while offering friendly service at an affordable price for you pet, so that you do not have to sacrifice quality vet clinic care because of financial reasons.

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Immunology Experts And Virtually All Schools Of Veterinary Medicine In The Us Recommend That Rabies Shots Be Given At Least One Month After And One Month Before Any Other Vaccination Petco Advertises That If A Customer Buys A Package Of Four Or More Shots They Will Include A Free Rabies Shot Given On The Same Visit I Know Many Veterinarians Who Call This ‘malpractice’ Says Clifton Many Consider Over

“I’ve been trying to educate Petco on vaccines for years now. I first learned of their ‘program’ when I took a position with their local store as a department manager. I was able to make the facts known in that particular store because our general manager agreed with me.

However, when the district manager decided to investigate why our store’s vaccine sales were so low compared to other stores, he discovered that myself and my staff were advising people against vaccinating. They were NOT happy campers! They threatened to fire us all for hindering their sales.”

Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?

Overview Of Petco Services

Family Fun Trip to PetCo Animals for Kids

The companys services can be divided into four parts: grooming, positive dog training, vaccinations and the Pooch Hotel, a dog daycare service.

  • Grooming: Petcos Grooming Salon offers a number of solutions and services for taking care of your dog.
  • Positive Dog Training: these consist of rewards-based training classes for different types of puppies and dogs.
  • Dog Vaccinations: the company also offers vaccination clinics run by qualified veterinarians to ensure your pet is healthy.
  • The Pooch Hotel: the Pooch Hotel provides all the essential daycare services your pet needs, including spa services, accommodation, boarding and pampering and grooming essentials.

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Cost Of Kitten And/or Cat Vaccinations

The cost of vaccinating your kitten can vary widely depending on your geographical location, the individual veterinary practice you visit, the type of vaccine, and many other factors. Costs ranging from $20-$45 are not unusual for an individual vaccination alone, and most veterinarians will want to perform a physical examination before vaccinating your cat, which can add an additional $50-$100 to the total cost. Your kitten may need to receive more than one vaccine during a visit as well. For instance, your kitten may need to receive a rabies vaccine along with the FVRCP vaccine.

Many practices offer packages that include multiple procedures for kittens. For instance, a new kitten might receive a physical examination, a first vaccination, a deworming, a test for feline leukemia, and a fecal examination all during the same visit. Some veterinary hospitals offer a special price for these packaged services. Costs may range from $70-$250, or more if spay/neuter surgery or other services are included in the package.

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

Live in a high-cost area like Boston, San Diego, or New York. Going to a vet and getting the full range of shots can cost several hundred dollars.

While its true you dont have to pay all of that at once, even for the puppys first year, on average youll end up paying at least $100.

Animal shelters are a good alternative. Usually, shelters charge much less. You can save up to 75 percent in comparison to having the shots at a traditional vet.

And if you get your dog from a shelter, sometimes you wont even have to pay for shots. Thats because the dog will most likely already have been vaccinated.

If you have to pay for an adoption fee, it usually includes the cost of the pets previous shots.

Another way to save money on shots is to visit a local chain store. Petco and Walgreens are two examples. Lets look at what the former offers.

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