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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Kitten Neutered

What Our Members Paid For Spaying And Neutering Cats

Caring for Cats : How Much Does it Cost to Get a Cat Spayed?

We asked our members at TheCatSite what they paid for getting their cats fixed. Data we requested included the cost of the surgery, where they live , and whether they went to a low-cost clinic or a vet.

The quotes provided in the beginning of this article are based on that input. Heres some more information and quotes.

In all, we had 65 respondents. Most of the members who responded lived in cities, with California a popular location. There was a pretty even split between those who chose to get their cats surgery at a veterinarians office versus a low-cost clinic.

The lowest price for surgery was $25 in Nebraska for either spaying or neutering at a low-cost clinic. The most expensive price was $600 for a neuter in Washington at a regular vets clinic. We did not include this number when calculating the averages because this seems to have been an exceptionally negative experience with a single veterinarian:

I had mine neutered 9 years ago, so cant give recent numbers, BUT Id like to point out, you may get a price quoted, but then your vet may add to it without reason, or even asking The vet I picked quoted me $190 total, for an initial exam, shots and a neuter. We got there, she terrorized my poor kitten for an hour, and then demanded $600.

Another member who paid a lot shared their story:

I live in a metro area . Prices vary greatly. My vet charges $404 for neuter and $507 for spay. A low-cost vet charges $50 for neuter and $70 for spay.

Should Female Cats Have A Litter Of Kittens Before Being Spayed

People used to think that female cats should have a litter of kittens before being spayed, but Corbett says theres no good reason for that. And if youre on the fence about spaying because youd like your children to experience kittens, he has an answer for that, too: become a foster family.

There are a lot of shelters that help moms and kittens and are able to provide that experience of raising kittens, Corbett says. But instead of adding more kittens to the world that need to find homes, youre helping homeless kittens.

Are There Any Complications After Sterilization

The surgery for the cat in the abdomen, removal of the ovaries, if the sterility is not good, will make the cat very susceptible to peritonitis infection. Theres a heavy bleeding problem if the tourniquet is not good. During surgery, it is necessary to anesthetize with the right dose of drugs if overdosed, the cat is very likely to die.

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So How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cat Fixed

That depends on two things

  • Whether the cat in question is male or female
  • Whether you go to a regular vet or to a low-cost clinic.
  • We calculated the average cost for getting a cat fixed in the US based on data collected from our members and we have the figures for you.

    In a regular clinic Neutering a male cat: $95Spaying a female cat: $140

    In a low-cost clinic Neutering a male cat $40Spaying a female cat $60

    Wondering about the difference in pricing? Why is it more expensive to spay a female than it is to neuter a male? What do these prices include and what dont they include?

    We have all the answers for you. Grab a coffee, this is not a short explanation.

    Read More About The Real Cost Of A Pet Cat

    How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cat Declawed And Neutered

    Anyone who owns a cat will know not only how rewarding it can be, but also the true costs involved usually much higher than might be expected.

    Cats are often the preferred choice of pet for people who are out at work all day, as they are independent and, provided youve got a cat flap installed, they are usually happy to go in and out the house whenever it suits them.

    However, before rushing out to buy a cat, its important to budget for all the costs that are associated with owning a pet.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

    The cost of having your cat spayed or neutered depends on your cats age, size, where you live, and on your individual vet, of course. According to Dr. Liff, the pricing for a routine spaying or neutering of a cat can range anywhere between $250 to $2,000.

    The gold standard includes IV catheter, IV fluids, pre-anesthesia blood work, licensed nurses monitoring your pet, pain medication and additional therapy for aftercare.

    Neutering requires just a small incision, while spaying is considered more major surgery, so it tends to come with a bigger price tag.

    When it comes to sterilizing dogs and cats, neutering a cat will probably be at the lower end in terms of cost, while spaying a cat will likely be more expensive, and be on par price-wise with spaying a small dog. Sorry, ladies.

    The cost of having your cat spayed or neutered might include, but is not limited to:

    Youre going to snip off my WHAT?!

    What Is Spaying/neutering And Why Should I Have It Done For My Pet

    Spaying and neutering are the surgical sterilization of an animal. It is a routine surgery performed by a veterinarian while an animal is under general anesthetic. The procedure consists of removing certain reproductive organs: in females, the uterus, oviducts and ovaries in males, the testicles. Under proper veterinary care there is little risk. The animal is usually up and about within one or two days. Spaying refers only to female animals neutering can be used in reference to both male and female animals.

    A spayed or neutered pet will live a longer, healthier, happier life, will listen better and be easier to train, will be calmer and more affectionate, will be less likely to roam, run away or fight with other animals and will NOT add to the pet overpopulation problem.

    Important: Check-in can take 30-60 minutes, so please plan accordingly). After 8:30 am, all surgeries with appointments lose their priority status and become walk-ins subject to space available.

    In preparation for all surgeries, pets must be fasted from 8pm the night before surgery. In the best interest of your pets health, all vaccines and dewormers must be administered 2 weeks prior to surgery.

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    Are There Benefits Of Getting Your Female Cat Spayed

    Getting your cat spayed will prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, which can be highly fatal in cats. Beyond that, its cost effective and will help both of you live in harmony together. She wont go into heat every three weeks and ruin your rug, and shell be less likely to wake you up meowing at the top of her lungs for a male companion.

    Spay Vs Neuter: Whats The Difference

    How much does a spay or neuter cost | Spay and Neuter

    Female cats are spayed and male cats are neutered, and while both have the same result , the two procedures are handled differently due to anatomy.

    Neutering involves removal of the testicles, which in a normal cat are external. Kruck says. The procedure itself, in the hands of an experienced veterinarian, is rather short.

    On the other hand, Spaying involves an abdominal surgery to remove the ovaries and typically the uterus as well. This procedure is internal and therefore more invasive, and takes somewhat longer, though it is still not a terribly long procedure.

    In fact, neutering a cat can take just 30-60 seconds , while spaying takes about 5-10 minutes to be completed, Corbett says. He notes that those numbers are more accurate for high-volume clinics though, and that private veterinarians can take 20-40 minutes for these procedures.

    Overall, its important for pet owners to understand what actually goes on and that, in the end, the pet wont be able to reproduce, said Corbett. He says that some male pet owners can struggle with neutering a male animal on the assumption that it will affect the animals masculinity. Corbett cautions that animals are different from humans. I dont really think that animals look at masculinity the same way we do.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Spay Or Neuter A Cat

    When youre budgeting to adopt a cat, dont forget to include the cost of a spay or neuter procedure. This one-time expense is important for your kittys health and happiness, and to prevent overpopulation.

    Spaying or neuteringmeaning the surgical removal of the reproductive organs in a female or male animal, respectivelycan offer several benefits for your cat. Veterinarians and animal rights organizations agree spaying or neutering your cat will help them live a longer, healthier life. But on a larger scale, getting your cat fixed will help prevent overpopulation, and ensure your cat doesnt have an unplanned litter you cant take care of yourself. Heres what you can expect this procedure to cost.

    Why Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

    There are numerous reasons to spay or neuter your cat, including community, behavior, and health reasons. Cats are able to have four litters a year, which rapidly leads to overpopulation and, consequently, millions of euthanized cats yearly, says Dr. Meghann Kruck, D.V.M., of Kindest Cut, a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Minnesota.

    Sarah Humlie, executive director of the Pensacola Humane Society in Florida, agrees that overpopulation is a problem and explains that getting cats spayed and neutered is one of the Societys missions.

    Coming from the shelter side of it, we see spaying and neutering as a humane and pro-active way of trying to reduce the number of animals who are going to come into the shelters and possibly have their lives threatened or ended because of overcrowding, says Humlie.

    Spaying and neutering can also prevent unwanted behavioral issues, says Dr. Adam Corbett, V.M.D., and Director of Shelter Operations and Surgery at the Pennsylvania SPCA. He says unaltered male cats tend to spray urine in the house and try to get outside more, which could lead to injury due to fighting with other cats or getting hit by a car. Unaltered female cats also have behavioral issues, such as yowling when theyre in heat and also trying to go outside to find a mate, he said.

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    Reasons To Spay/neuter A Cat

    Obviously, the main reason to spay/neuter a cat is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, having a cat fixed has additional benefits as well. Neutering a male cat will decrease its desire to wander, keeping it closer to home. Roaming cats have a greater risk of getting lost and of contracting diseases, such as feline leukemia. Additionally, neutering a male cat should help reduce its tendency to mark its territory or fight. For females, spaying will eliminate the heat cycle and normalize hormones. A spayed or neutered cat will also have a reduced risk of cancers of the reproductive organs. As a result, the cost of neutering has the potential to save a pet owner a substantial amount of money in the long run.

    After Neutering Does The Cat Still Howl

    How Much Does It Cost to Spay or Neuter a Cat?

    Cats have been in heat many times, so it is very likely that there is a memory period. Therefore, the cat still screams for a period of estrus, but it is no longer as intense as before, it will disappear after a short time.

    Except in the case of a surgical error , the remnants will grow and make them still male as usual.

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    Why Get A Male Cat Fixed

    There are myriad benefits to fixing your cat. Male cats that roam to have sex with females are prone to diseases and injuries from fights with other tomcats. If your cat is at home and neutered, those injuries do not occur.

    Also, to claim a spot as their own, male cats tend to engage in whats known as spraying. This is where they spread urine around the home, which smells awful! The earlier you get your cat neutered, the fewer chances they have of spraying.

    Whats Involved In The Cat Neutering Process

    Both operations are carried out under general anaesthetic. Every surgical procedure has some risk but modern techniques are very safe.

    Because it involves surgery, there will be some discomfort but cats are given drugs to control this and most of them are up and about just a few hours after theyve had their operation.

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    The Importance Of Spaying And Neutering Cats

    Here at TheCatSite, were no strangers to talking about the importance and benefits of spaying and neutering your cats. Just in case youre wondering whether or not to spay or neuter due to the price, lets talk for a bit about why its so important to get cats fixed. If youre committed to spaying/neutering, feel free to scroll down to the next topic.

    So, as a quick refresher.

    Spaying and neutering are two separate surgeries that prevent reproduction in cats. In females, the surgeon will take out the ovaries and the uterus. In males, they will take out the testes. These surgeries are incredibly common, with millions of cats undergoing these procedures every year. Cats are never conscious and thus feel no pain during the surgery.

    And since were doing a quick recap, just a few more facts.

    What Does The Cost Typically Include

    Spay your cat for a reduced cost

    The cost of your dogs spay will vary depending on where your dog is spayed and what additions you agree to or decline. Generally, the cost of the spay will involve more than just the surgery itself. The cost will also include the cost of surgical supplies, anesthesia, and the time of the veterinarian and their staff. It may also include IV fluids and additional medications needed before, during, and after the procedure.

    Your vet may also want to perform a pre-op blood panel on your dog to ensure there is not an underlying medical condition. Some vets will allow you to opt out of this option. Other expenses often included in the cost include pain medications and antibiotics for home, as well as an e-collar.

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    What Happens After The Surgery

    Some people worry that their cats personality will change. This isnt true but you might see a fall in certain behaviour roaming, mounting, fighting or spraying urine.

    People also worry that their pet will get fat. Neutered animals might have slightly lower food requirements so you just need to feed them a little less.

    Page last updated 22/03/2021

    Why Does My Neutered Cat Still Look Like They Have Testicles

    When a cat is castrated, the testicles are removed but the scrotum isnt. This means sometimes they look like they still have testicles after their operation. Over time the scrotum will shrink and become less noticeable. If you notice swelling or redness in your cats scrotum after their surgery, contact your vet for advice.

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    Will My Cat Get Fat If I Have It Neutered

    Neutering in itself doesnt cause your cat to put on weight, but the way it metabolises food will change due to the impact of the operation on its hormones. It wont need to eat as much and, if you feed it the same amount as before, it may put on weight.

    This can easily be controlled with a healthy diet and by ensuring your cat has plenty of opportunity to spend time outdoors or playing indoors.

    You Cant Alter A Kitten

    How Much Is It To Get A Cat Neutered Male

    You can totally alter a kitten. As long as the cat is eight weeks old and weighs at least two pounds, you can have your kitten spayed or neutered. In fact, that√Ęs really the best time to do it. If you wait until their hormones start going crazy, you miss out on some huge potential medical and behavior benefits of altering.

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    Are There Any Low

    Yes, but the availability of low-cost spay and neuter options will depend on your individual circumstances and location. The Humane Society provides a database of national and state-based financial assistance programs for pet owners. There are also state- and county-based programs that may be able to help, particularly in areas where cat or dog overpopulation is an issue.

    And the ASPCA has free and low-cost spay and neuter options in select locations that may be of interest:

    Cats: $35 or $50 Dogs: $65

    Its important to know, however, that you may have to show proof of low income or that you receive government benefits to qualify for some low-cost options. There might be other requirements to qualify, like animal age and species as well as your pets health. Some clinics will only work with animals in good health.

    Keep in mind, if theres a lot of demand for the services or you live in a remote area with only one clinic, you may have to put your pet on a waiting list. That extra wait time for a spay or neuter procedure can lead to an unexpected pregnancy or a roaming male animal. Make sure to supervise your pet at all times when theyre around other animals or outdoors until theyve been spayed or neutered.

    Recovery Time For Spay And Neuter Procedures

    After you bring your cat home youll likely want to make sure its as comfortable as possible while it recovers. Humlie recommends keeping your cat separate from other house pets, if possible, and offering your cat a quiet room to relax. Corbett notes that jumping could be painful, and suggests lifting your cat instead of, for example, letting it jump up onto the bed.

    Youll need to keep an eye on your cats incision and make sure its not being bothered with . Corbett recommends examining the surgical area before even taking your cat home from the vet so you can get an idea of what it looks like and youll notice if the area gets swollen or looks worse, which could mean its not healing properly or has become infected.

    Recovery time depends on a few things, like age and general health, so itll be different for each cat. Corbett says the anesthesia will stay in your cats system for 12-48 hours, which could affect energy level and appetite, and the healing of the actual incision itself takes one to two weeks, depending on the type of stitches used.

    One of the most difficult parts of the recovery period might be convincing cats to rest when they think theyre already fine.

    Most importantly, you should follow your veterinarians instructions for post-operative care, Kruck says.

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