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How To Bond With Your Cat

Read A Book To Your Cat

How to Bond With Your Cat

Some animal shelters have book reading events for cats. They do this for socialization. Socialization is important for cats because it helps them bond with us.

This is similar to talking to your cat. Its a great bonding experience because youre doing something together. Youre focusing your energy on your cat.

Fun ideas:

You can read anything to your cat, it doesnt have to be a book. You can do this before bed to help relax both of you.

A Bond Of Mutual Respect

This goes for communication, too. Thanks to many millennias worth of dog gene-tweaking, humans have set the standard for what behaviors convey pet affection. In fact, dogs now automatically treat humans differently from how they treat other dogs, notes Bradshaw in this National Geographic interview.

Genetically speaking, though, cats come out of the box less programmed to socialize with humans than dogs do. In fact, they treat humans much as they treat other cats, says Bradshaw.

Scientists dont know for sure what behavior indicates affection for humans. But since cats havent been bred en masse to please, each is different enough from the next that the repertoire of physical and vocal communication they use to express affection also isnt standard. Cats also tend to be much less reliant on people than dogs are. They are good at taking care of themselvese.g. hunting and cleaning themselvesand will reject abusive owners.

Set Aside Some Kitty Time

Most cats have an active time at dawn and dusk it may seem to you that they are being a bit crazy, scooting around the house at great speed, just when you are sleeping or want to relax. However, this is a natural instinct and when they would have done their hunting. So avoid trying to play with your cat at these times. The best time to play with your kitty a couple of times throughout the day – just 10-15 minutes playing with their favourite toy will help to tire them out, establish a routine and develop a bond.

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Make A Plan To Transition To Better Food

Most people are unaware of how bad the pet food industry is.

My cats always ate dry food only. And most of them were overweight or developed serious health issues toward the end of their lives.

One of my cats died at the young age of 3.5 due to kidney failure.

Ive noticed the same trend with cats at work. Everyone that eats dried kibble is overweight or needs medications daily.

We assume that this is normal because it happens so much.

But, diabetes, kidney failure, and other serious health issues, including obesity, are not normal for cats. Did you know that almost 60% of cats in the US are obese? This is not acceptable.

Fun ideas:

AAFCO does not approve cat food. Learn cat food label rules. Its your responsibility to find good quality cat food. Transition cat food gradually to a high-protein, low-carb cat food. Then transition to a raw diet.

Use my guides:

In Pop Culture Dogs Are Heroes Cats Are Zeroes

How To Bond With Your Cat

Aversion to cats lingering wildness might have something to do with how theyre typically portrayed. One of the biggest points of antagonism for cat people is a dog-cat rivalry that the media and popular culture stokeand the fact that it almost always favors dogs. Compare Lassie, Toto, Air Bud, Benji, and Max, with Garfield, the Cheshire Cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, Azreal, Lucifer, Tom, Si and Am.

Dogs are heroes, trusty sidekicksat worst, pesky but lovable rascals like the eponymous pup of . Villains and their companions of choice? Cats, .

Youd think these cliches might get tired. Yet the media relentlessly breathes new life into these conventions . Dogs are loyal, affectionate, friendly, and playful, according to the common wisdom. In fact, a recent study found that news stories about dogs tend to be picked up more frequently than non-dog-related stories.

Examine cat coverage and it becomes apparent that the media openly exploits the dog-cat rivalry, often portraying them as aloof at bestand at worst, cold, calculating, manipulative, bloodthirsty, toxic, and incapable of love. Sometimes all of the above.

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Do You Know How To Pet Your Cat

We should also point out that you shouldnt pet a cat like you would a dog. You probably already know this.

Cats are purr-ticular about where and how they like to be touched, says Dr. Marty Becker, DVM. Scratch them between the ears or beneath the chin, rub that sweet spot between the eyes or stroke them along the spine.

If your cat starts bumping their head against you, thats a great sign.

But, Dr. Becker adds, avoid the belly and the base of the tail. Many cats feel vulnerable when their tummy is at risk, even if youre not a threat to them.

Johnson-Bennett agrees: No belly rubs for the cat, please, or else youll trigger a defensive response.

The video below offers some interest cat hacks from Lifehacker on getting a cat to like you more:

At First Stick To What They Know

As a general rule, cats are creatures of habit. Moving to a new environment is tough, so owners should do everything they can to make that transition go as easily as possible. This includes getting the lowdown on what your kitty was being fed. Suddenly switching their food can be very jarring, Englar says. You cant expect a cat to adapt to a new environment, new smells, new sounds, new people, and new food all at once. You should be aiming to keep as many things the same as possible until they can acclimate to the new environment. Cats take comfort in consistency.

Thats not to say you can never transition to a different food or new surroundings, just that your cat will be more comfortable with incremental changes rather than a bunch all at once.

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These Rules Hold True For All Breeds Of Cats

Generally speaking, Delgado says, cat behavior is consistent between breeds. Whereas dogs were bred to replicate different behaviors, the same isn’t true for cats, which were bred for looksnot personality.

“Some breeds are very active, like Abyssinians, and Siamese are known to be vocal, but as far as like body language and interactions with people, they’re general across all cat breeds,” Delgado says.

Signs Of A Better Bond

How to bond with your cat

Cats can often be more subtle in their affection than dogs, so pay attention to their nonverbal cues: “If your cat follows you and chooses to spend time with you, that’s a sure sign that they are feeling connected. Other important signs that you’re successfully bonding with your cat include the cat sleeping on your lap or napping in areas where your scent is strongest,” says Venator. “It may sound odd to the uninitiated cat owner, but headbutting and cheek rubbing represent classic feline behaviors that are learned and expressed during the kitten years. These are behaviors that help cats build bonds and affection with other animals and their human companions.”

Other signs that your approach to bonding is working is that the cat will watch you and perform a slow blink, or the cat will purr when rubbing against you, sitting in your lap, or getting soft pets on their heads. Does the cat seek you out? Cats will generally let you know what they want and what they are comfortable with, so pay attention, ask a veterinarian if you aren’t sure, and be patient with your feline friend.

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Surefire Ways To Bond With Your Cat

Cats are mercurial, finicky creatures, but the people who love them want to snuggle them anyway.

Cat owners work hard to form a bond with their feline friends. This is easier with some cats than others, but there are methods that can help owners lay the foundation for a successful human-cat relationship. If youre bringing a kitty home for the first time or looking to improve your relationship with an existing feline tenant, here are some tips and tricks to forming a long-lasting and genuine bond with your pet.

How To Protect The Bond Between You And Your Cat

Cats are funny creatures. One minute they want their space, and the next, they want to cuddle up on your lap. While it may sometimes seem like your cat couldnt care less about you, they actually form bonds with us and become attached to us1.

These bonds are mutually beneficial, too. Cat ownership has been found to lower stress2, decrease the risk of allergies in children3, and improve your quality of life. Not a bad deal, right?

If youre curious how to bond with your cat, especially if theyre not overly affectionate to begin with, youre not alone. You can take steps to help build trust and a relationship with your cat.

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Ways To Create A Purrfect Relationship With Your Cat

Some cats are naturally more affectionate than others – Siamese and Persian cats are well known for lap snuggling and a Tonkinese cat will not only cuddle up but they are vocal too!

However, if your cat seems to prefer their own company at the moment, there are still ways that you can build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Scratch With Your Cat

How to Bond With Your Cat

We know that cats have a natural urge to scratch. So take some time to scratch with him.

You should have multiple scratching surfaces in your home so your cat avoids the furniture.

Dont forget to teach your cat how to use it.

We know the purpose of sisal rope scratching posts, but cats dont. You can teach your cat to use it with healthy treats, organic catnip, teasing toys around it, or by scratching on it yourself.

Scratching is beneficial to cats because it calms them. And they do it when they are excited. Its a natural urge that we need to support for indoor enrichment.

Fun ideas:

Cats like to stretch while they scratch so make sure you have a tall scratching post or a sturdy scratchpad.

Use my guides:
  • Scratcher pad with ball track on or Chewy

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Your Secret Weapon For A More Affectionate Cat: Treats And Catnip

When your cat comes out of hiding and near you, reward them with a treat.

The idea, again, is to get your cat to associate you with positive feelings, and they may even begin to seek you out so they can get more treats.

Another idea: catnip. Simply put, most cats are crazy for catnip, and it can make them more affectionate and friendly as well.

Catnip acts as a natural mood enhancer, explains Hills Pet in a blog post. It might make your cat act quite unusually she may become more kittenish or particularly affectionate. She may also roll, paw or rub her face in the source of the catnip. Or she may jump about and become frisky, running from room to room appearing to chase invisible prey.

So go ahead and give it a try: Sprinkle a pinch of dried catnip near your cat. Then, while your cat is rolling around and enjoying this aromatic herb, sneak in some soft petting. You and your cat will both enjoy the experience.

Walking The Line Between Good Care And Too Much Helpfulness

The best relationship with your pet is one where he or she feels loved and cared for, not like a bad case of the dog days of summer. The good care and too much helpfulness balance can be found by making sure your pet doesnt feel neglected. For example, if your dog always has to be walked first thing in the morning and last thing at night, it might start to wonder what youre doing all day and might try to follow you around. Its important to create an emotional bond with your pet. Some of the most fun and easy ways to do this is by giving plenty of attention and petting them lots. But be careful not to overdo it if you spoil your pet or dont give them enough time and attention, you can stop them from learning how to properly care for themselves and will end up with a bored and unhappy pet. Dog lovers are always looking for ways to show their dogs just how much they care. Whether it be with treats, toys, or gift cards, people are looking for creative ways to show that they really love their dogs. But what about the dogs? Is it okay to shower our pet in too many gifts? Just like children, pets need guidelines on how much of a good thing is too much.

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Make Yourself Fun To Be Around

Photo by Evgeniya Litovchenko from Unsplash

When you are fun to be around, your cat wont be able to resist you. You can increase your appeal by giving your kitty treats and toys.

As you shower your fur baby with love, attention, tasty treats, and fun toys, your feline will begin to realize that being with you is a very good thing. And that will make your cat want to spend even more time with you.

Pretty simple, right?

Remember, building a relationship with your cat probably wont be an overnight success. So, dont be discouraged if your new kitty doesnt instantly connect with you.

Instead, try the tips listed in this article. Before you know it, you will share a strong bond with your cat!

Do Our Cats Really Love Us

How to Bond with Your Cat – This is My Way

Cats are said to be independent, aloof, and not in need of company except on their own terms. This is true only of some cats certainly not all. Cats raised by people from an early age either think they are almost human, or that the human is almost a cat.

Contrary to popular belief, many cats demonstrate love towards their owners on a daily basis. While the receipt of a âlove offeringâ from your feline in the form of an animal carcass may be unwanted, cats have a multitude of more flattering methods for exuding affection toward their human companions:

  • Following you around the house, casually sauntering into the room where youâre sitting.
  • Jumping on your lap and beginning to purr.
  • Greeting you enthusiastically when you return home.
  • Sending subtle cat signals of affection to you, such as staring at your adoringly, then squinting or slowly closing his eyes.
  • Rubbing his head upon you to mark you with his scent.
  • Lying on his back in your presence, with his stomach exposed. This is a sign of trust, because your cat is in a vulnerable position.

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New Cat How To Bond With Your Cat

Bringing a new cat into the family is a stressful time for everyone involved and requires some time of adjustment for both the family and the cat.

I always think the best advice I can give a family with a new pet is to put your self into the cats shoes. Imagine finding yourself in a strange house, with lots of strange smells and noises and people that you have never seen before.

Yikes Im feeling quite nervous myself now.

Plus the way you behave towards your cat during these early days will determine how the new cat sees you, friend or foe. Its much better to try and build those bonds early on, rather than try to persuade your cat later on that youre not so bad after all.

Using Play To Bond With Your Cat

Natusan Cat Litter Benefits: The Three Cs
03 September 2021
Playing with your cat can be a fun and fulfilling time for both of you. Clare Hemington shows you how to make the most of this time.

As far as Im concerned, there are three types of cats in this world: Those who really enjoy human company, those who merely put up with us, and those who run a mile when they see us approaching, no matter how quietly on our tiptoes we try to walk.

If your cat is in the first category, you might enjoy a relationship that consists of an abundance of mutual love and constant cuddles. In fact, as I write this, Billy is cradled in my lap displaying all the signs of utter contentment.

The cats in the second category can take you or leave you, depending on what you happen to be doing with them at the time. If food is involved, theyre suddenly your best friend, but otherwise make it perfectly clear that any kind of physical contact is not at the top of their priority list.

It goes without saying that the final category of cats is the trickiest to deal with. These cats might not have received appropriate socialisation to people when they were kittens, in which case, were all just big and scary they may have been treated poorly or may simply be genetically timid. And unless we can gain their trust, its going to be difficult for us to offer them a home in which they can truly thrive.

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Litter Box Maintenance With Arm & Hammer

Try these cat-approved ARM & HAMMER cat litters to help keep your kitty happy, healthy and to show them your love.

For additional tips and tricks to create a safe and enjoyable environment for you and your kitties, check out these articles:


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