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How To Build A Cat Tree

Diy Cat Tree Ideas: Homemade Cat Tree Projects

How to Build a DIY Cat Tree | The Home Depot

Published: Jul 24, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

Have you been looking for the best way to build a cat tree but couldnt find the right DIY project? We have got you covered. Our selections are based on a whole lot of important factors. From easy to hard projects, we have them all listed below.

In this article, we have put together 25 DIY cat tree projects and we are certain that your cat will love them. All the projects listed in this article are cost-saving. You would have a great time building this for your cat.

Brittaswiderskicom Presents Epic Ikea Hack Catwalk

A cat tree can really be realized in minutes if you have all the materials needed and sometimes, IKEA can handle that, the great cat tree and cat walk combination illustrated above and detailed below is an extraordinary example in this regard, cast a glance and you will notice how insanely easily you can make your cat happy.

Availability Of Diy Cat Tree Plans

For the most part, free cat tree plans on the Internet are pretty poor and difficult to assemble. Finding a good one might prove to be difficult, but they are out there.; Weve included some below. If you dont find what you want, it might pay to buy one rather than look for a free one.

  • wood glue.
  • Drill

Be sure to read the material list on your chosen plan carefully.; If this is the first-time building, take the instructions one step at a time.

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Build A Real Cat Tree Thats A Gorgeous Work Of Art

This impressive DIY cat tree is crafted to look just like a real tree with leaves and everything. The bottom of the tree sets inside a platform tray filled with attractive natural stones. This is a beautiful artistic cat tree that can be placed just about anywhere. The tree also has lots of scratch action and several different height platforms for kitty to pounce on and get a better view.


We like that this tree looks so stunning and yet is so fun and useful for entertaining your cat. The build plan can be found from a DIY genius named Brittany Goldwyn here. Although this build plan does require certain materials that will have to be found, the actual build instructions are pretty detailed and are worth the time and effort for more experienced DIY builders out there.

DIY Details:

Cat Furniture: Cat Bed From An Old Sweater

How to Build a DIY Cat Tree

We bet your feline friend loves to curl up on your sweaters, right? Well, reclaim your favorite tops by creating a sweater bed for your cat! This ingenious homemade cat bed is quick and simple to createuse an old sweater you no longer wear or check out a local thrift shop for a little upcycling. And best of all, you dont need to be an expert in sewing either! This video shows you how its done.

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Cover The Base Using Carpet Or Other Thick Upholstery Fabrics

Before you start installing any of those vertical supports, it is better to cover your base with carpet or a thick upholstery fabric.

Cut your carpet according to the size of the base, but make sure to give it some extra inches on the sides. Wrap the edges of the carpet around the bases edges before using your staple gun to staple the carpet in place on the bases underside.

To make it fold neatly under the base, you might also have to cut a few small notches around the corners of the carpet.

Finish Your Diy Cat Tree By Adding Your Personalized Features

Finish your DIY cat tree by affixing the individual components you might have made in the first step.

You can also either make adjustments to your design after finishing the steps or make adjustments to the steps to better fit your design. Allow yourself to explore with new ideas along the way while also making sure to account for stability issues or incorrect measurements.

Looking for inspiration for your DIY cat tree? Review Tube shows us some of the best cat tree designs below:;

Keeping your furry friends happy and securing your furniture arent mutually exclusive. This DIY cat tree plan is an easy and fast way to make sure youre able to do just that.

Do you have other DIY cat tree designs you might want to share with us? Tell us about them in the comments section below!


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Build Your Cat A Desk

With this cool cat DIY project, you can bring your pet to work even if it is only your home office. Give your cat something to do close to where you have a desk. Build this trendy cat tree tower that has customized compartments that your kitty will love to explore.


This cat tree is designed by ArthurB24 with build plans located here. This is also a space-saving design, and the material list is minimal. The instructions are in a 9-step format with pictures. Medium woodworking skills recommended.

DIY Details: Instructables

Cute Cat Cabin In The Mountains Try This Diy Cat Combo Climber/condo

How To Build A Cat Tree from Recycled Material

Cats are natural born hunters at heart. So, maybe your feline is dreaming of staying in his/her own cute cat cabin high above their usual home. Try this charming DIY cat combo climber/condo from a renowned DIY project blogger named Ana White.


This DIY homemade cat tree is suited for people who already have some woodworking and building skills. However, the entire project can be completed for $30 of supply purchases. This enclosed cabin perched atop the beautifully crafted cat tree offers your prissy feline an upscale cabin in which to hide in watching everything happen below.

The step-by-step how-to instructions are some of the best weve seen and come with nice pictures too. This upscale luxury cabin cat tree offers a penthouse level and a higher viewing deck and would look lovely in any home environment.

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Transform A Diy Corner Cabinet Into A Divine Cat Condo

If you just happen to have an old corner shelf standing around, consider transforming it into a cute cat condo like this one fashioned by DeeDee from Hometalks Instragram. These types of shelves can often be found for a few bucks by scouring your community yard sales, flea markets and estate auctions. This specific cat condo has a strip of carpet on each side of the shelve front and on all the interior shelves over the top side. This allows the cats to get plenty of climbing and scratching action.


Although this project requires a corner shelve, there are other build plans with directions on making this type of corner shelve yourself. Otherwise, the material list consists of a few boards, carpet remnant and padding, longer lag screws to secure the shelve into the wall for your cats safety while using this fun cat condo. Paint and some other supplies are easily obtained.

Attractive & Cheaply Made Varied Platform Diy Cat Tree

This DIY cat tree is crafted out of an old kitchen unit, artificial turf, a free carpet tubes and some odds and ends. The result is an adorable cat tree that has several platforms for perching and looks like a small tree that wont take up much room. Find the build plan here by 316ideas.


Cheap to make homemade cat tree offers fun and games for adventurous felines looking for a new environment to stalk potential prey or watch their beloved humans from a different angle. This project used coconut fibers for the mats featured which is less expensive than sisal rope. The instructions are good, and there is a cute video of the finished tree with cats playing on it.

DIY Details: Instructables

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Components Of A Cat Tree

Cat trees can be made from natural tree branches, thick wood posts, PVC pipes and thick cardboard tubes (such as found in the centre of carpet rolls or paper rolls. The basic components are a thick and sturdy base, with a post of some kind made of natural wood, or wood/carcboard covered in carpet off-cuts or sissal rope. You can either drill the post in place, or use brackets if the post is hollow.

Your cat will enjoy multiple levels, perhaps one enclosed like a little cubby-house and one platform, and some dangling toys to play with. It must be sturdy enough that your cat can climb it without it swaying, otherwise your cat will be smart enough to stay away.

While in the planning stage, also consider how you will keep the tree clean, you can vacuum carpeted surfaces, but try to avoid other porous materials that will be difficult to clean. Any cushions or beds should be removable for weekly washing on a hot washing cycle and perhaps attached via Velcro tabs to stop them slipping.

Finally, avoid painting the tree or using smelly adhesives that might upset your cats delicate sense of smell.

How To Build An Escape Wall & Adventure Center For Cats


This is a DIY cat tree for those adventurous cats who are lucky enough to live with creative humans that like artwork on their walls. This cat tree design can combine different functions into one great center that is interesting and irresistible to curious cats.


See the entire design build plans at We rate these plans for experienced builders who can follow a basic blueprint. There are steps, platforms ledges, a cubed area for books, a swinging rope bridge, tunnels and a plywood cat cutout shelf that is delightful.

DIY Details: Instructables

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How To Get Your Cat To Scratch On The Post

If your cat doesnt quite understand how amazing his new post is, show him how to scratch it by making noisy scratches yourself while he watches. You need to make it as attractive as possible, and the place he was using as unattractive as possible.

Some cats are scratching to release pheromones, so if your cat is determined to scratch elsewhere, first try spraying the place he is scratching with Feliway;daily, or place aFeliway diffuser;nearby. You can also use Feliway to spray the scratching post to hopefully mask any weird smells that may be off-putting for your cat. Cover the area he was scratching until you have him retrained, or restrict his access.

If it is a door frame, stick some tin foil over the spot to deter him, while you encourage him to use the new post. The foil trick can also work with the couch or rugs.

Each time you see him attempting to scratch in the wrong place, redirect him to the new place. You may need to initially start with the post near his old scratching spot. Alternatively, near his sleeping area as cats love to stretch and scratch when they wake up. It can then be moved gradually to a more appropriate place once he has the habit of using it.

Avoid punishment to stop him scratching, it just teaches him not to do it while you are around and doesnt give him an alternate behaviour. Also keep treats nearby so you can reward him if he does use the new post.

Good luck!

By Step Guide To Build Cat Tree

  • Get A Wooden ladder

  • Firstly take the ladder of about 3-4 feet height having steps at equal height on all sides. Make sure the height of the ladder should not be too tall. It would be good to get a perfect v-shaped conventional ladder.

  • Pile up the Materials

  • The ladder will work as the base of the tree. Now you have to make additions to it to make it comforting for your cat.

    Put specifically sized plywood between the rugs.

  • Paint The Ladder & Plywood

  • Now paint the ladder and the plywood with all your creativity. You can make the platform comfortable by putting the carpet and staple it properly.

  • Fix the Platform with Ladder

  • Place the platform in between the rugs to adjust properly and nail it from all four corners.

  • Put A Hammock

  • Keeping the interest and joy of your cat in mind you may install it in your cat tree. Take a thick and stretchable fabric and as per the measurement cut it and nail it from all corners. Your cat will love sleeping on it comfortably. You can also place comfortable cat perches on the top as they love to climb and it will provide your cat with a private place as well.

  • Wrap the Rope on the Legs of the Laddcr

  • You can either wrap the edges of the ladder tightly with the rope or can cover the ladder entirely to allow cats for scratching. Also ensure to cover the nails, bolts and other such sharp materials on the cat tree which may harm your cat.

    So these are the essentials in building a cat tree which might assist you to build one for your pet tabby.

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    Two Platform Cat Tree Blueprint

    This DIY plan is a great solution for cats who like to be lazy on a high level.

    This basic tree provides them an elevated view without having to jump around too much. Materials required include plywood or particleboard, screws, sisal rope, PVC pipe endcaps, a jigsaw, and a heat gun.

    Once your base is cut and ready, make the post, attach the end caps, coil the rope, attach the pipes, wrap the posts and platforms, then attach everything to one another.

    Two of your feline friends can comfortably fit here and the base is strong enough to hold more than two platforms.

    Wikihow Showcases Free Cat Tree Plan

    Build your own cat tree.

    It goes without saying that this is a cat tree stand that you can build in a couple of hours, you have the instructions to make it even faster with proper preparations, the five platforms and four beams in the tutorial below can of course be customized, scaled down or up to fit your space. Feel free to add your own twist to the project and make the furry little one happy.

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    How To Build A Diy Cat Tree For Your Feline Friend

    May 13, 2020 By DIY Dave

    Cats love crawling into pretty much every nook and cranny they can find. If youre looking to indulge your furry friends climbing, scratching, and clawing instincts, then this DIY cat tree plan is perfect for entertaining your cats and protecting your furniture at the same time.

    Adorable Free Cat Tower Plans For Your Furry Friend

    Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

    The little furry friends are able to change our lives, they do it everyday, every minute. Dogs are not always house pets but cats usually are, reason for which we are going to list 17 super adorable free cat tower plans for the little feline; dog lovers, worry not, epic diy dog beds can be found here.

    The list is short because it`s epic, highly filtered, it contains the best free cat towers you will find in the world of do it yourself, all in one place. Every listed item contains photos, diagrams and step by step instructions that ought to help you materialize the craft and they are simple enough to be pursued by beginners and enthusiasts alike. Here you will find great variation in a small package, you will find houses, simple stands, the traditional cat tree and even cat condos that are worth considering for spoiled felines. Keep in mind that all projects in our list have been designed by people that love their furry friends and while they`re not purrfect, they are as close as an amateur do it yourself project can get reason for which we strongly encourage you to consider each and everyone and envision the possibility of actually improving the designs below, your craft your rules.

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    Building A Cat Tree From A Ladder

  • 1Obtain a ladder. For this simple, unique cat tree, you’ll need an old wooden ladder. Look around at garage sales, thrift furniture stores, and antique stores for one 3â4 feet high.
  • Choose an old-fashioned ladder that looks like an upside-down “v” with several steps on either side that are at matching levels.
  • It’s fine if the wood looks old, but make sure the foundation of the ladder isn’t too rickety. You want to be certain your cat tree won’t tip over and hurt your cat.
  • Try to find a ladder that’s around four feet tall. A very tall ladder my be less stable or too tall for your cat.
  • 2Gather your supplies. The ladder is going to be the base of the tree, but you’ll need to alter it a bit to make it more cat friendly. Gather these supplies:
  • A piece of plywood long and wide enough to rest on two rungs of the ladder at the same level. This will provide a platform for your cat. If you want more than one platform, you’ll need more than one piece of plywood.
  • A hammer and 2″ nails
  • Carpet
  • An electric staple gun
  • A piece of canvas, denim, or other sturdy fabric you can use to create a hammock between the two bottom rungs
  • A can of paint
  • A toy that hangs from a piece of rope or string
  • Sisal rope to wrap around the legs of the ladder
  • 3Sand and paint your ladder and wood pieces. Use fine-grain sandpaper to sand down the ladder and remove any jagged edges or splinters. Do the same to the pieces of plywood you bought.
  • Fabric that stretches a little is ideal for cat hammocks.

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