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How To Make My Cat A Service Animal

How To Get An Emotional Support Cat

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To get the ESA cat, a person must qualify for an emotional support animal. People suffering from the below disorders qualify for emotional support animals and cats.

  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD

Any other mental illness. If you qualify then follow the steps below to get your ESA cat and letter.

  • Get in touch with a therapist
  • Explain to him your condition and how a cat will be helpful for it
  • Clear the pre-screening tests
  • Qualify and get the letter

Once you get the emotional support animal letter, you can bring your ESA cat home. Other than emotional support animals, they are also used as therapy animals and help people in various facilities. As for the service cats, there are no known cases where a cat works as a service animal.

Emotional Support Cat Registration Guide

Emotional support animals help their owners deal with their mental health disability by offering comfort and support through companionship, a focus in life, affection, and positive regard.

An emotional support animal can be any domesticated animal such as a cat, dog, guinea pig, hedgehog, rat, horse, miniature pig, bird, etc. The most important thing is that the animal is domesticated and does not pose a threat to people, other pets, or the housing facility.

Whats equally important is that an ESA needs to be recommended to the owner by a licensed health professional or therapist. If the therapist has determined that the person needs an emotional support animal, the animal needs to be able to help alleviate some of the symptoms of the owners mental illness.

Are you ready to make your cat an emotional support cat now? Complete the questionnaire in the link below to qualify your cat as an official emotional support cat.

Cats As Emotional Support Animals

Cats are ideal candidates for those in need of an emotional support animal

An emotional support animal is a pet that helps to mitigate the negative symptoms of a persons emotional or psychological disability by calming and reducing emotional distress. ESAs are not considered service animals, and as such do not necessarily require training. An ESA can be any cat and must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional and have a letter showing they are part of the individuals treatment plan.

Cats are ideal candidates for those in need of an emotional support animal. They are calm, intelligent and affectionate animals that can provide their owners with a soothing, comforting presence.

For people who struggle with anxiety, depression and other conditions that severely affect mood and mental well-being, some days it might be difficult to even get out of bed. This is just one scenario in which cats can offer important emotional support to their guardians, showing how vital a cat can be to a persons well-being. Cats tend to have a naturally docile nature and can be the perfect pets for people in need of an emotional support animal, as they exude an aura of complete and utter calm, while at the same time having bright, unique personalities that can provide hours of entertainment and laughter.

Its no secret that our cats provide us with much-needed comfort and support. But for some people, the need goes a step further.

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Your Emotional Support Cat

You cant control what other people decide to do to save a few bucks or even what these websites claim they can arrange for your animal.

What you can do is behave honorably, to help shut down demand for greedy, substandard websites.

The legal way to do this is to have your family physician or credentialed therapist prescribe an emotional support animal for you .

Carrying this letter will help you receive accommodation for living with your cat and travelling with your cat in the cabin of an aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emotional Support Animals

Register My Service Animal, LLC Emotional Support Animal ...

What is an Emotional Support Animal Certification? Do I need to get my ESA certified?

No, you do not need to get your Emotional Support Animal certified. Frankly, its not possible.

Like the misconception of registering your ESA into some database online, Emotional Support Animal certification is just a piece of paper with no real use.

To be a real Emotional Support Animal owner, you must have an ESA letter awarded by a therapist after you have taken an assessment of your qualification to own one.

Many sites, as well as people, claim they sell official Emotional Support Dog certification or offer legitimate Emotional Support Animal registration, but remember all you need is an ESA letter from a LMHP.

Are Emotional Support Animal Registration Sites Legitimate?

Were often asked if ESA registration sites are real.

The answer is NO.

If you see a site claiming to be a national service animal registry, emotional support dog registration, official service dog registry, US emotional support dog registry, or a US service dog registry theyre handing out false information and only wanting you to pay for a fake document.

Do emotional support animals require training?

Unlike service animals, HUD does not require any special training for ESAs. However, we strongly encourage you make sure your pet understands basic commands, behaves well in public setting and is trained for travelling if you chose take it on a flight.


Yes! Just that!

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How Does The Veterinarian Prepare

The veterinarian will arrive at your home at the agreed upon time and examine your pet. Based on your pets condition, the veterinarian will choose the best medications and process to perform the euthanasia.

Once the veterinarian determines the best plan, they will talk you through it and give you the time that you need to ask any questions.

Together, you will choose the best location to perform the procedure.

Esa Letter For My Cat From Ezcare Clinic

Emotional support animals are an effective way to help individuals who have mental disabilities such as anxiety or depression. They offer therapeutic help, yet they require no specialized training like service animals might. Although some people do not understand the value of these animals, individuals who rely on them for comfort and love will attest to their benefits.;

Individuals who believe that an emotional support animal could help them should speak with a mental health professional before obtaining any animal. While ownership is beneficial, there are numerous things to consider.; Your practitioner can help you determine if an emotional support animal is right for you.;

Visit EzCare Clinic locations in-person or speak with a licensed doctor via telehealth today. For your convenience our doctors are seeing patients 7 days a week from 11 am to 7pm. You can get your emotional support cat letter today by filling out this very simple health questionnaire ESA letter application.

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In The Cabin As A Carry

Many cat parents are relieved to know that they can indeed bring their cat into the cabin with them. But this takes planning and you might have to purchase a new cat carrier that will conform to the airlines requirements.

For the most part, your cat will be required to remain inside the cat carrier for the duration of the flight. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. At the same time, your cat will need to be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably within this carrier.

Unlike your regular carry-on luggage, you will be charged between $50 – 200 for one-way travel.

About Fair Housing Act

How to Make Your Pet an Emotional Support Animal

Many apartments and rental buildings are not a fan of animals in their units, so its no surprise that many have made no-pet rules as a result. However, having an ESA animal is protected by the Fair Housing Act passed in 1968.

This act was passed to protect individuals or families with disabilities and allows them to find housing without having to pay hefty fees or search for new homes regularly. This act also states that landlords are required to make reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities.

This means that if youre trying to pass a horse off as an ESA, your landlord does not need to allow you to build a stable on their property. Actually, they dont need to allow a horse or any other unreasonable animal to live there.

As another note, this unreasonable condition helps those who have animal allergies from being housed with animals. If someone requests you as a roommate and you have a cat allergy while they have an ESA which is a cat, your landlord shouldnt try to stick you in the same place or make you move so the cat can take precedence.

Whatever the conditions, ESA animals are supported in housing as the FHA recognizes their purposes and protects them by law.

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Penalties For Using A Service Dog Or Emotional Support Animal Under False Pretenses

By Lisa Guerin, J.D.

An increasing number of people have been falsely claiming that their pets are service animals so that they can take them to public places. Under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act , as well as the disability laws of many states, people with disabilities are entitled to bring their service animals to places of public accommodation, on public transit, on the job, and in their apartment or other housing. Having the assistance of a service dog or assistance animal allows those with disabilities to live and travel independently and to fully enjoy and use public facilities and spaces .

These disability laws generally require landlords, transportation operators, employers, and business owners to allow service animals even if they otherwise prohibit animals. And some people try to take advantage of these requirements by falsely claiming that their pets are service animals. Many states are onto this ruse: It is a crime in some places to try to pass off a pet as a service animal.

How Do People Have Service Cats

There is no government certification for service dogs, and owners aren’t required to carry proof of a service dog’s training, so some less than ethical pet parents fraudulently pass off their pets, even cats, as service animals in the name of the convenience of having their pet accompany them.

A quick Google search revealed multiple âservice animal agenciesâ that allow one to âregisterâ their pet for less than $100, no questions asked. The sites are quick to highlight in bold font, ânot all disabilities are visible.â

To state it bluntly, if you see a âservice cat,â understand that it is not certified by ADA standards.

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Some Tips For Flying With Your Cat:

  • Check paperwork requirements before you arrive
  • Book airplane tickets ahead of time
  • Some airlines ban certain breeds of cats, like snub-nosed cats
  • Keep copies of veterinary papers with you
  • There may be special requirements for international flights

The fact is flying with an emotional support cat can make flights which tend to be quite stressful for many much easier. The worst fear of many is having a panic attack on an airplane, and it is likely to scare other passengers as well. Even though your furry friend cant be out of their carrier, having their presence there may be enough to help.

Submit The Letter To Your Housing Authority And Commercial Airlines

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

Unfortunately, most housing authorities and airlines have a no-pet policy. These establishments can only allow you to keep or travel with a pet if you have an official certification that the animal should accompany you.

Since the therapists letter is the official documentation, youll need to submit it to commercial airlines, housing institutions, and hotels as proof that you can keep the pet with you.

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Requirements For An Emotional Support Cat

  • If you have a cat, great! If not, you will need to get one. Contact your local ASPCA or Humane Society for availability.
  • Be sure your cat actually supports you emotionally. Not all cats are well-suited to be emotional support animals.
  • Get an emotional support animal letter from a licensed therapist.
  • Provide your emotional support letter to your landlord.
  • Emotional Support Animal Adoption

    If youre looking to adopt an Emotional Support Dog, you can do so before or after obtaining your ESA letter. When choosing a dog, its important to carefully select a dog that works for your particular lifestyle. For example, if you live in a small space you may want to reconsider adopting a large animal that requires room to roam.

    You may also want to consider how adept you are at providing basic training for a dog. An ESA does not require specialized training, but they need to be well-mannered and obedient. For example, picking an animal with a history of traumatic experiences may feel noble, but it could be a stressful experience for a person who does not have experience with dog training and needs to deal with their own problems.

    No matter which dog you settle on adopting, remember that this animal deserves as much back as its giving you. If the dog is helping you stay focused, relaxed and happy, make sure they feel the same way. A relationship with an Emotional Support Animal should bring you both a lifelong friend and support system.

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    Who Qualifies For An Esa Letter

    Requirements for receiving an ESA letter are becoming increasingly more strict as certain groups of people are abusing the mental health aspect of these letters and are using them instead as excuses to dodge no-pet policies in residential buildings.

    You may be wondering who qualifies today for an ESA letter? Persons who have diagnosed mental disorders have sought treatment through medications and therapy or counseling, and whose specific symptoms are treated by the presence of an animal may qualify for an ESA letter, as long as their LMHP professionally recommends it.

    Those individuals may have one or more of the following mental health disorders:

    • Depression
    • Grieving over a large loss
    • Other Less Common Mental and Emotional Disorders

    An individual is qualified as determined by a licensed mental health professional who has determined that the patients mental health will be benefited through the companionship of an emotional support animal. Some of those expected symptom alleviations may lead to:

    • Less stress and lower blood pressure
    • Fewer panic attacks or anxiety-related symptoms
    • Increased function in regular daily tasks
    • Better sleep quality
    • Increased ability to spend time around other people
    • Feeling of security in places patients would otherwise find uncomfortable
    • Motivation and sense of purpose, as well as general wellbeing.

    Staying At The Forefront Of Veterinary Care

    Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal?

    VCA Clinical Studies is dedicated to discovery and advancing veterinary medicine for longer, healthier lives of pets and people. Veterinary clinical studies allow VCA hospitals to stay at the forefront of veterinary care for your pet and give quality care to improve the lives of pets and understand disease, treatment outcomes, and quality of life. VCA is proud to offer these other medical treatment and procedure options for pets who need them and for future generations of pets.

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    What Programs Train And Certify Therapy Cats

    A variety of organizations train and certify pet therapy teams . Pet Partners is one of the most well-known national organizations that facilitates and promotes animal-assisted therapy and offers training and registration for therapy animal teams. Love on a Leash;is another national organization. Some areas have local organizations, like the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association in Troy, Ohio.

    To find the best option in your neck of the woods, search the Internet or check with your local humane society.

    How Do I Get One

    In order to get the benefits of an ESA, you will need a prescription from a mental health professional. This is basically just a signed letter stating that you have a mental health condition and that your pet helps you deal with it. Some landlords and airlines will accept a letter from a medical doctor, but usually it needs to be a therapist or a psychiatrist.

    Of course, you also need to have a pet. Again, theres no special training required. That means that if you already have a pet, you can probably get it certified as an ESA. Otherwise, getting an ESA is pretty much the same as getting any other pet! Youll need to and look up local places to adopt. Just be sure to speak with a mental health professional and your landlord about it before you go through with the adoption.

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    Emotional Support Dogs Are Not Psychiatric Service Dogs

    There are service dogs, known as psychiatric service dogs that require extensive training to work specifically with people whose disability is due to mental illness. These dogs detect the beginning of psychiatric episodes and help ease their effects. Although this sounds similar to the role of an ESA, the difference between a psychiatric service dog and an ESA is again in the tasks performed by the dog and the training received to perform these tasks.

    Psychiatric service dogs have been trained to do certain jobs that help the handler cope with a mental illness. For example, the dog might remind a person to take prescribed medications, keep a disoriented person in a dissociative episode from wandering into a hazardous situation such as traffic or perform room searches for a person with post-traumatic stress disorder. If it is simply the dogs presence that helps the person cope, then the dog does not qualify as a psychiatric service dog.

    What Is An Emotional Support Cat

    DIY: Make a Sweet Valentineâs Day Blanket for Your Kitty ...

    Can cats be emotional support animals? Yes, they could be. An emotional support cat is a certified animal that helps its owner live a happy and normal life. They work great for people with various mental and emotional conditions and keep them calm and content.

    Generally, dogs are considered as the first choice for both pets and ESAs but in reality, both a dog and a cat can be equally useful as ESAs.

    Like any ESA, emotional support cats are also not specifically trained to perform tasks, they provide love and comfort to a person just by being with them.

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