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How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing

Why Is My Cat Peeing On The Carpet All Of A Sudden

How I stopped my cat from peeing on the furniture

If you come home to find that your cat has urinated on the carpet and this is out of character for them, there could be a medical reason. Something has stopped them from being able to go in the box, perhaps because of poor bladder control or because they were unable to reach the box. Urinary tract infections and kidney issues could be to blame. Take your cat into the vets office and let them know what has happened. The sooner you do so, the sooner the problem can be resolved. Also, make sure to mention any other symptoms such as blood in the urine, fatigue, or loss of appetite.

Consider Removing The Triggers

Sometimes you need to remove the triggers that lead to the peeing. If she pees on a specific blanket on your bed, removing the blanket might be all it takes to solve the issue. Putting a litter box near the bedroom can also help. Sometimes cat owners choose to stop allowing the cat to sleep in the bedroom. But this might cause extra distress if your cat already feels insecure. Try bonding more, playing more, and providing new litter box options first. Sometimes giving treats on the bed can also help since cats tend not to urinate where they’ve eaten.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Soiling My House

Anti-anxiety drugs are more likely to prevent spraying behavior than other types of house soiling. Whenever it is used, medication can only be part of the solution, and must be used in conjunction with environmental changes. Also, medication can have potentially damaging side effects, and not all cats are good candidates.

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Let Your Cat Pick The Type Of Litter

Heavily perfumed cat litter may seem to be the better choice , but cats tend to disagree.

Their noses are more sensitive than ours, so what seems pleasant to us can be overpowering to them.

They also like to stick with whats familiar, so a cat may urinate outside the litter box if you suddenly switch to a new type of litter.

Studies have shown that among cats, the all-around favorite litter type is an unscented, clumping clay litter containing activated charcoal.

If you want to try a new type of litter, make sure you have at least one box in the house that contains the old type of litter just in case. If your cat rejects the new litter, dont use it.

Do You Have Any Helpful Tips For Cat Owners

The Best Ways to Stop a Cat From Being a Bully ...

catspyjamas on December 02, 2018:

Take the cat to a vet for a check-up. It will be less costly than throwing away things that you own.

Ethan2018 on November 30, 2018:

I have 4 cats 2 males and 2 females but my cat Oscar is peeing a lot on baskets with clean cloths in them and my mother is at her breaking point. The cats even peed on our kitchen counter. We have had to throw away lots of towel Andb cloths because the cats have ruined them. I keep the litter clean and food Andy water filled Iâve also tried many different urine Eliminator sprays Andy non helped any. And I refuse to drug my cat and spend hundreds of dollars on a vet for no good reason. Some one please help me I donât want to loose my cats also all my cats are neutered

catspyjamas on November 15, 2018:

I would separate the stray from your other cats. I think it’s important to help and adopt strays when possible so please don’t let this discourage you. I would also clean the area thoroughly so no scent of urine remains, otherwise the cats will continue to return to that area and remark it.

catspyjamas on November 15, 2018:

I’m sorry you’re going through this. Try separating the cats to see if they are still acting out.

catspyjamas on November 15, 2018:

I would clean the area thoroughly and also put down plastic mats near the litter box. I would also give her extra attention so she feels secure. It sounds like anxiety to me.

catspyjamas on November 15, 2018:

catspyjamas on November 15, 2018:

Thank you!

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Encouraging Litter Box Use

  • 1Clean the litter box. To stop your cat from peeing on the bed, you will need to encourage it to use the litter box instead. If your cat has an aversion to the litter box because it’s dirty, then you wil need to clean it more regularly. Clean the litter box every day. If you do not have time for a daily litter box cleaning, consider purchasing a self-cleaning litter box.XResearch source
  • A dirty litter box is the most common reason why cats urinate outside of the litter box.XResearch source
  • Empty out all of the litter and scrub the litter box with a gentle detergent.XResearch source
  • The smell of the detergent may be unpleasant to your cat. After cleaning the litter box, rinse it out with water to remove any harsh cleanser smells.XResearch source Allow it to dry completely, then refill it with fresh, clean litter.
  • 2Use a different type of litter. Your cat might be peeing on your bed because the litter in the litter box feels uncomfortable. Since your bed is soft, switch to soft, fine litter that doesnt have large granules.XResearch source
  • Cats like to have privacy when they eliminate, so move the litter box to a quiet, private location that is easily accessible to your cat.XResearch source This area could be a corner of a room that doesnt get a lot of foot traffic.
  • 4
  • Provide More Litter Boxes

    If youve determined that your cat is urinating inappropriately rather than spraying, its time to take a close look at your litter box.

    First, how many do you have? One litter box is often just not enough. The general rule of thumb is one box per cat, plus an extra one.

    Cats can be very picky about using a box that already contains urine or feces, particularly if that urine or feces is not their own. The more litter boxes you have, the more likely your cat is to find one that suits his needs.

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    How Can I Make My Cats Litter Tray More Appealing To Use

    It isnt just the smell of the litter box that is important here. Location is vital as cats need to be comfortable going to this location regularly to relieve themselves.You can learn more about where you should put your cats litter boxhere. Ideally, it needs to be somewhere they go often, with enough privacy for them to be comfortable. This may also mean that it is better if they have an enclosed box rather than a tray. Try this out and see if your cat is keener to go to the bathroom there.

    Medical Reasons That May Explain A Cat Peeing In The House

    How to Stop a Cat From Urinating on a Rug : Understanding Your Cat

    If the cat is peeing in the house despite no new changes in the living situation, its a good idea to take him or her to the vet. Thats because certain medical conditions can lead to the cat peeing outside the litter box. For instance, a UTI can make cats pee small amounts at a time, often wherever they are in the house.

    Feline interstitial cystitis is another medical problem that can cause cats to not be able to make it to the little box in time to pee.

    Additionally, bladder stones may be the reason for the cat peeing in the house, especially if he or she seems to be in pain and has a tender belly.

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    Define The Problem: Is It Urination Or Spraying

    When you discover pee where it doesnt belong, you need to determine whether it is the result of spraying or urination.

    Cats urinate outside the litter box for different reasons than when they spray, so they require different types of treatment.

    When cats spray, they usually stand in front of a vertical surface and squirt a relatively small amount of urine on it. So if you find a splatter of urine on the wall, your cat is probably spraying.

    When cats urinate, they usually squat and leave behind a larger amount of urine on a horizontal surface .

    You want to address spraying or urination outside of the litter box quickly, before it becomes normal behavior for your cat.

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    This article was written by Anne Fritz, a freelance writer who specializes in home content. A former editor, her work has appeared on several leading publications. To make this list, she considered each product’s active ingredients and application method, as well as the type of surface the product would be used on. In addition, product testers used several products on this list and shared insight.

    Support Shelters And Facilities

    How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the House

    Shelters and facilities do have their own role in curbing the stray population. Shelters can house cats and keep them off the street.

    In some cases, there are cats that can still be socialized and put in their own loving home. However, shelters lack enough resources to care for and house cats. The more support shelters and facilities have, the more they can do for stray cats.

    What can you do to support shelters and facilities? One way is to volunteer your time. Donating in both cash and goods is also a good idea.

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    The Litter Box Could Be A Problem

    It might also be an issue with your litter box or the litter itself. Most cats dont like litter boxes with a cover or liners, or perhaps the box isnt large enough .

    Sometimes its the litter thats the problem. Most cats prefer a fine or medium clumping litter thats easiest on the paws and one thats unscented. Set up several temporary litter boxes with different kinds of litter. Your cat will have the opportunity to choose their favorite litter .

    You should also be sure to clean the litter box frequently. You need to scoop it about once a day and give it a deeper clean once a week. Cats have very sensitive noses, so they might be put off by scented litter or a litter box that isnt clean, so theyll opt to eliminate elsewhere.

    Changing The Litter Box

  • 1Try a different box. Sometimes, simply changing the litter box can help alleviate the problem. If a box is too small or difficult to enter, a cat may end up urinating outside the box.
  • Some cats dislike enclosed litter boxes because they are small or dark. If you have an enclosed litter box, try replacing it.XResearch source
  • The sides of the litter box may be too high for your cat to easily get in an out. If you have a smaller cat or a kitten, switch to a box with lower sides.XResearch source
  • Cats may urinate outside the box if they feel the litter is too high. They prefer no more than 2 inches of litter. You can try switching the litter amount if getting a new litter box does not work.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • 2Add another litter box. If you have more than one cat, territorial disputes can be the cause of litter box issues. If you have more than one cat, adding a second litter box to your home might be a good idea.
  • Place another box in a different location from the old box. In territorial disputes, one cat might have claimed an entire region of the house to himself.XResearch source
  • If you only have one cat, but have a house with multiple levels, have a litter box on each level. Your cat may be urinating outside the box because he can’t move between levels quickly enough.XResearch source
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    How To Stop Cats From Peeing And Pooping In Your Yard

    Cats pooing and urinating in your yard can introduce a range of health concerns connected to germs, bacteria, and parasites. Cats can also ruin your lawn, destroying property and uprooting plants. Whether its your own cat or a stray thats making a mess, cat poop and pee can be a pain.

    You can prevent stray and neighborhood felines from soiling your yard with unpleasant smells, physical barriers, water, and noise-based deterrents.;When it comes to your own house cats, you can take steps to reduce their territorial instincts and set up an outdoor litterbox.

    Beyond these methods, there are also some things you can do to address the root cause of the problem. Supporting shelters and trap-neuter-release programs can help to reduce the stray population of cats in your area.

    Stress Due To Changes

    How to Stop a Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box

    Maybe youve introduced a new pet or baby into your household, perhaps youve moved, or a loved one has moved out. These are all significant changes that will have an impact on your cat. Cats prefer that everything stays the same they are creatures of habit. So, if something has changed , your cat might be feeling tremendously anxious and stressed, which can lead to inappropriate urination.

    You can speak to your vet about the options of anti-anxiety remedies for your cat to help him through a difficult time, particularly before the event occurs.

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    Clean The Litter Boxes More Often

    A filthy litter box is almost guaranteed to send a cat elsewhere to pee. Cats are very clean creatures by nature, so they prefer to use a clean litter box.

    Would you want to go walking barefoot through your cats litter boxes? Well, if you dont scoop frequently, neither do they.

    At a minimum, litter boxes should be scooped out once a day, and you should dump all the litter and wash and refill the boxes every month. Consider a self-cleaning litter box system if you find it hard to keep up on the scooping.

    How Can I Get My Cat To Stop Using A Particular Place

    Here are some ways to convince Kitty not to use a particular place in your house as a substitute litter box. 1. First and most important: get the spot as clean as possible. Cats rely extensively on their sense of smell, and the more that particular corner of the dining room smells like a litter box, the greater the chance it will be used that way.

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    Eliminate Odor And Create New Associations

    Pay attention to where your cat urine marks. A black light should make urine glow, so you can clearly see any soiled areas. Clean thoroughly with an odor neutralizer product such as;Anti-Icky-Poo, which eliminates the odor that draws cats back to the scene of the crime. Ammonia and bleach also work well. The goal is to remove the odor so the cat doesn’t think it’s OK to “go” there again.

    Next, change the association of the place by placing toys, a cat bed, or food bowls right on top of the spot. Cats wont want to spray where they play, sleep, or eat. Spraying the Feliway on the inappropriate spot also can deter a repeat.

    How Do You Destress A Cat

    How to Stop Your Cat from Peeing on the Bed

    10 Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Environment for Your Cat

  • Don’t Trivialize Litter Boxes. Litter boxes are a necessity for all pet cats, but simply providing a litter box is not enough.
  • Buy Quality Cat Food.
  • Supply Water and Spare the Stress.
  • Put Up Some Perches.
  • Play with Your Cat Regularly.
  • Don’t Forget the Cuddle Time.
  • The 5 Top-Rated Cat Urine Odor Removers

    • Our Top Pick: Nature’s Miracle Just for Cat Stain and Odor Remover.
    • Our Runner-Up Pick: Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator.
    • Best Budget Pick: Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Remover.
    • Best Enzymatic Cleaner for Cat Urine: Bubbas Commercial Enzyme Cleaner.

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