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How To Take Care Of Your Cat

Schedule For Kitten Vaccinations

Cat Care 101: How to Take Care of a Cat!

Vaccinations are very important to your new kittens health and wellbeing! Here at Cat Care Center, we follow the AAFP guidelines for vaccinations. This means that your kitten will receive the following booster vaccinations during 3 visits, each 3-4 weeks apart.

  • 3 to 4 FVRCP vaccinations, which protect your cat from Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia , until at least 16-20 weeks of age
  • 2 FeLV vaccinations, which protect your cat from Feline Leukemia Virus
  • 1 Rabies vaccination

Pets Require Doctor Visits And Healthy Habits

To ensure that your pets are healthy and nimble, you should take them to a local, trusted veterinarian for wellness check-ups at least once a year. Keeping up on your pets vaccinations is essential. Clean teeth and healthy gums also play an important role in your pets health. If your furry friend is showing signs or symptoms of being sick, take them to your vet or animal hospital right away to get them feeling better sooner rather than later!

Another way to keep your pets healthy and happy is to regularly groom them . Matted fur can be painful and unhealthy for dogs. Dogs and cats may not like it, but baths, brushings, nail trims, and flea/tick removal may be necessary for your pets well-being.

With the above tips on proper pet care, you and your beloved pet are well on your way to a lifetime of happiness together!

Dont Assume You Know Why A Cat Is Peeing Outside The Box

Nothing frustrates a cat owner more than when Kitty eschews the box and pees elsewhere in the house, invariably on a favorite throw rug or new armchair. What would prompt a cat to do this? There can be a lot of reasons, says Werber, and you want to rule out illness first.” Take your cat to the vet to check for a urinary tract infection or other sickness that could be to blame for this new behavior. Once illness is ruled out, make sure that litter boxes are to your pet’s liking. Experiment with different types of litter to find out if there is one brand your pet prefers. Be scrupulous about keeping the box clean: scoop every day. Try changing the location of the litter box to somewhere quieter or easier for your cat to access.

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Tips To Manage Cat Allergies

You might be interested in adding a cat to your family but the only thing holding you back is a runny nose and watery eyes. Although its true that cats can trigger allergies, it might not instantly rule you out of owning a cat. Most allergies are caused by the animals dander and some breeds generate much more than others. If you suffer from allergies, its a good idea to spend time with different cats before adopting or buying. And if a friend or partner already owns a cat, there are still plenty of things you can do to help manage your allergy.

  • Restrict certain rooms in the house. If you suffer from a cat allergy, you may want to keep the cat out of your bedroom and restrict them to only a few rooms in the house, for example.
  • Wash your hands. After handling or petting your cat, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your face or rub your eyes.
  • Use air purifiers. Air purifiers fight against cat allergies as well as other allergens that might be lingering in the air, such as dust mites. Using one may help you to live a healthy and happy life with your cat.
  • Be consistent about bathing. Giving your cat a bath can reduce dander, while also keeping your cat sleek and clean.
  • Use antihistamines. Consult your doctor or local pharmacist about the best antihistamine for your cat allergy. Common symptoms such as a runny nose can often be treated with oral medication, while puffy, watery eyes can frequently be treated with eye drops.

Try Feline Dental Supplements

Cats 101

Cat dental supplements usually come in powder or liquid form. They contain ingredients that reduce plaque build-up, soften tartar, freshen breath or have a mix of all three. Like dental treats, they arent an ideal choice on their own but can be useful in addition to brushing or for cats that dont tolerate it. If you cant brush your cats teeth, consider using a dental supplement alongside dental treats.

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Don’t Trim Or Pluck A Cat’s Whiskers

You should never trim or pick your cat’s whiskers. While cutting a cat’s whiskers won’t hurt them, it can cause severe stress. Your cat relies heavily on their whiskers in their day-to-day life, so there’s no reason to take away something they use constantly.

Keep in mind that cat shedding happens to more than just your cat’s fur. Whiskers shed on their own, like the other hairs on your cat. However, while you may want to trim your cat’s fur to keep it from getting knotted, you should never trim their whiskers.

Plucking or trimming your cat’s whiskers can cause your cat to become disoriented or anxious because they can’t learn about their environment.2 While professional vets may sometimes have to trim whiskers if the cat has an infection in their follicle or a problem in a whisker-filled area, cat owners should never trim whiskers themselves, especially without medical reason for it.

Cat whiskers grow back, but it takes time, and you don’t want your cat to be anxious and unable to move around as easily as before. So, if your pet is healthy and has never had anxiety before, damaged whiskers can be the reason your cat is pacing. If you notice any signs of stress, check your cat’s whiskers and make sure they haven’t been damaged.

Should I Feed My Cat Her Regular Diet

In order to recover, your sick cat needs to have both food and water. When cats are ill they will often stop eating and drinking, therefore, it is important to monitor your cat’s food and water intake so that you know when intervention is necessary. It is important to separate your ill cat from other pets in the household so you know who is eating the food.

Fresh water should be available at all times. Healthy cats that eat canned food often drink very little because the food contains a high proportion of water. If your cat stops eating, she will need to have additional fluids. Fluids can be administered by mouth using a syringe. Your veterinarian will give you specific instructions on how much and how often to administer fluids. If it is not possible for your cat to be given fluids by mouth, your veterinarian will hospitalize your cat to provide the necessary supportive care.

“Your veterinarian will advise you if there are any foods that you should not offer.”

Encourage your cat to eat small, frequent meals of a palatable, high energy, highly digestible food. Warming food to body temperature often makes it more appealing. Some sick cats can be encouraged to eat more by hand feeding. Your veterinarian will advise you if there are any foods that you should not offer. If your cat cannot be tempted to eat voluntarily, your veterinarian may suggest giving liquid food via a syringe. An alternative is to hospitalize your cat in order to feed her via a feeding tube.

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Why Cats Make Great Pets

The versatility of cat ownership is one reason why so many people enjoy feline companionship. Cats make great pets whether you live in a big house or tiny apartment, and they provide all the fun and play of larger animal companions. If youre thinking of owning a cat, these are some of the key benefits:

How To Take Care Of Your Cat

How To Take Care Of Your Cat With Diarrhoea

May 11, 2021

The love you experience from a cat is surreal. Having said that, it’s also important to keep a few pointers in mind with regards to caring for them. Here are a few pointers to help you on your journey

1. Give cats space to explore & adjust to their surroundings.

2. Set up a cozy corner with the food & water bowls in sight. Do not force them to cuddle in their initial days. They will come to you when they feel comfortable

3. Avoid loud noises & a chaotic environment. They prefer calm & quiet places.

4. The first few hours in a new home can be unnerving but a yummy treat makes it all better. Be sure to stock up on those. Do not give your kitty milk, she may like it but her tummy doesn’t.

5. Cats love to run & chase, investing in a variety of toys sure goes a long way

6. How can we forget toilet training? Get yourself a good litter tray, preferably an eco friendly one that’s sustainable

7. Wait, we said litter tray, Don’t forget the litter too!

8. Be sure to take your feline to a vet for a checkup & a diet guide.

9.Cat proofing your windows is important especially if you live in an apartment on a higher floor. Get netting for all your windows.

10. Cats love to groom themselves, check out some natural grooming products to help keep your felines fur in purrfect condition.

11. Most of all, be sure to get in all the love and cuddles possible, those purrs are therapeutic and go a long way.

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Travel Safely With Your Pet

Even if your cat seems to prefer it, do not let him or her travel unrestrained in a car. It’s distracting to the driver and in the case of an accident, a cat can become a dangerous projectile. Werber also warns to never, ever leave your cat alone in a parked car.” Even in cooler temperatures, and even with the windows cracked, a car quickly becomes uncomfortable for a fur-wearing pet. It takes mere minutes for a cat to perish in a warm car. Leave your cat at home if you do not plan to bring him or her inside with you.

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Cat Care Step : Feeding

Maintain your veterinarian-recommended diet and portion size for your feline. Choose a schedule for feeding your cat each day, and stick to this routine as much as possible.

Encourage your kitty to stay hydrated by changing the water bowls daily or using a water fountain type of bowl, since cats adore running water.

Treats are great but use them sparingly in lieu of plenty of attention and pets.

Can I Have A Cat With A Baby Or Young Children

The Expert

There is no reason not to have a cat or kitten if you have children. It is up to parents to teach their children from the very beginning how to approach, stroke and handle cats and to treat them kindly. Many children have fantastic relationships with their cats and learn about respecting other creatures and being gentle it is done successfully all the time, but it is up to parents to lay down the rules. Perhaps taking on a new kitten when you have a new baby or a toddler might be a lot to handle at once, so ensuring you have time for all the parties is part of a successful relationship. Likewise, if you are pregnant there is no need to get rid of the cat. Simple and basic hygiene precautions and common sense management of the cat, while the baby is small, can ensure all cohabit happily and safely.

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Spaying Or Neutering A Cat

By about five months of age, female cats should be spayed and male cats should be neutered, according to the ASPCA. For female cats, spaying helps prevent reproductive diseases such as uterine infections and ovarian cancer. For males, neutering could help prevent testicular cancer and prostate complications. Not to mention, fixing your cat is important if you do not wish for your female cat to reproduce and dont want your male kitty to roam.

Pay Attention To Your Pets Thirst

Today’s domestic cats evolved from desert-dwelling ancestors, meaning felines don’t have the same thirst-drive as dogs. They need to get most of their water from food. Something that a cat might normally eat in the wildlike a mouseis about 70% water, while canned food is 78% water. Dry food is only 5% to 10% water on average. Give your cat access to fresh water at all time, and you may notice cats drinking more when they are eating more dry food. Elderly and nursing cats can be more prone to dehydration than others, so watch them carefully for such symptoms as sunken eyes, lethargy, and panting.

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The Basic Necessities Of Proper Pet Care

Proper pet care is the basis of responsible pet ownership. It is important when you adopt a pet to understand it is a lifetime commitment to a furry family member that depends on you for his or her health and well-being.

Happily, the unconditional love and joy that pets bring to our lives more than makes up for the added responsibility that comes with welcoming adding a furry child to your family. To ensure your pets health and happiness, following are the necessities that all responsible pet owners need to provide.

What Kind Of Home Does My Cat Need

How to Take Care of a Cat

Before you commit yourself to becoming a cat owner, make sure you can meet their needs and provide the kind of home that will keep them safe and happy. Cats need plenty of interaction with their families, although depending on their breed, some are more self-sufficient than others.

Besides the basics, like food, water, and a litter box, you need to make sure your cat has access to plenty of environmental enrichment to keep them mentally and physically motivated. Examples include:

  • Vertical scratching posts
  • Angled or flat scratching pads
  • Bird-watching stations
  • Outdoor cat enclosure
  • Vertical interest like shelves

Cats also need social contact, whether thats with other cats and pets, humans, or both. Some cats are more independent than others but every breed will need a home where people will be on hand to provide more than just food in a bowl.

Youll also want to make sure your home is safe. If your cat lives indoors, ensure that visitors know how to enter and leave your house so your cat cant escape. If your cat does go outside, make sure they can come back inside whenever they wish. You may want to install a cat door so they can come and go as they please.

Cats also need grooming, and some longhaired breeds have high-maintenance coats. Make sure that whichever breed you choose, you can keep up with their grooming requirements. That might be a daily brush or a biweekly one.

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Make Sure That Your Pet Gets Regular Exercise

Proper pet care also includes exercising your pet. Exercise is an important part of your pets mental, as well as physical, health. If you spend any time on social media, you know that all kinds of animals like to play such as this ball-playing turtle, this dog playing fetch by himself or this bird playing with a red cup. What some people consider misbehavior in a pet is just the pet getting bored an amusing itself by getting in the garbage or tearing up the couch orwell you get the idea. Need some suggestions on what to do with your dog? Check out The Animal Foundations Guide to Your Dogs Play Time and Activities.

Pets also benefit from socialization, whether thats regular interaction with you, having guests come over, or trips outside of the house. Expand their horizons and improve their people skills while helping them to safely experience new things!

I Am Allergic To Cats Is There Any Breed Which Is Better Than Others

Many people think its a cats hair that causes us to react to them by sneezing, wheezing or itching. In fact its a protein or allergen called Fd1, present in feline saliva, which causes the allergy. Because cats groom themselves regularly they have saliva all over their coat. This dries on the coat and when the cat scratches, moves or brushes past objects the dust or dander and the hairs which contain the allergen are spread about. Cat-lovers who really want to have a cat but are allergic sometimes think that by choosing a breed with less, little or no coat they can avoid the problem. However, as it is saliva that causes the problem, this is unlikely to help, and although longhaired cats do seem to cause more allergic reactions thats probably only because, having more hair, theyre also covered with more allergen.

Its worth trying out different cats by visiting friends with cats to see if they elicit less of an allergic reaction. Unfortunately its a very difficult problem to get around for people who react or who have family members who are allergic.

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Cat Care Step : Cat Wellness Examination

The next step is to set your kitty up with a wellness appointment. Choose a low-stress cat carrier and use these tips for getting your cat to the vet.

This initial meeting with your veterinarian will determine a baseline of health for your cat. From there, we can start them on a vaccination and parasite prevention program. For young kittens, you may need to come back in a few weeks for booster shots.

Your veterinarian will recommend the right diet for your new little one, as well as instruct you on dental care and other things you can do at home. Some areas of concern are whether your pet has been spayed or neutered and if theyve received their microchip. The best step you can take to reduce the chances of them getting lost is to microchip them and keep your contact information current on the registry.


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