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How To Train Your Cat To Be An Esa

Top 6 Esa Letter Providers

How Your Dog Can Become an ESA

The internet is full of misinformation about emotional support animals as well as scams for purchasing ESA letters and registering your ESA online. To help you avoid falling for one of these scams, weve scoured the web and read myriad customer reviews to find the most reputable and trustworthy ESA letter providers available online.

Here are our top 6 picks for the best ESA letter providers:

  • Letters expire 12 months after approval
  • Refunds incur a $39 cancellation fee

How Do I Get One

In order to get the benefits of an ESA, you will need a prescription from a mental health professional. This is basically just a signed letter stating that you have a mental health condition and that your pet helps you deal with it. Some landlords and airlines will accept a letter from a medical doctor, but usually it needs to be a therapist or a psychiatrist.

Of course, you also need to have a pet. Again, theres no special training required. That means that if you already have a pet, you can probably get it certified as an ESA. Otherwise, getting an ESA is pretty much the same as getting any other pet! Youll need to and look up local places to adopt. Just be sure to speak with a mental health professional and your landlord about it before you go through with the adoption.

How Many Emotional Support Cats Can I Have

Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act people with diagnosed mental or emotional disabilities are allowed to have an ESA. Landlords and/or building managers must make allowances for ESAs in no pets policies buildings, but this could be nullified if there were too many animals to keep the residence safe for both tenants and animals. Since the FHA does not specify how many ESA a person can have, as long as the number is reasonable to your therapist, you can have more than one.

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Do I Actually Need An Esa

If you have anxiety, depression, PTSD or another mental or emotional issue and you receive significant comfort and quality-of-life improvement from an animal, an ESA could be the right choice, Fine says. Just keep in mind your ESA cant accompany you everywhere only a service dog can do that.

The best way to determine if you need a service dog or ESA: Ask yourself if you can perform a major life activity with the dog or not. If you dont need the dog present, you dont need a service dog, but you could still find a tremendous amount of help from an emotional support animal, says Hartstein.

Fine says ESAs can be ideal for seniors who would benefit mentally or emotionally from an animal but live in residences that dont allow pets. For older people, isolation and the sense of loneliness is extremely traumatic, especially with the pandemic, Fine says. Animals can provide that welcomed sense of relationship, company, companionship, purpose and the ability to give love. However, he does recommend ensuring the older adult is mobile enough for dog walking and that the animal wont introduce safety concerns like falling hazards.

Also keep in mind that if your dwelling doesnt restrict pets, there may not be a benefit in ESA designation unless your area has laws that grant them public access.

Emotional Support Cat Letter

How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash in 2020

Cats have been with us since early civilization. It is one of the few animals that people throughout history have kept purely for affection and love. Unlike dogs, which were used for hunting or guarding, cats were merely pets to be pampered around the house.

Cats are generally clean animals, and they are very loyal. On a cold and lonely evening, nothing is more cheerful than the purr of a happy cat curled up on your lap. It is no wonder that cats are used for emotional support.

Whenever you sit on the sofa or lie down on the bed, cats curl up beside you to keep you company. Since cats dont make a lot of noise, you wont get into any trouble with your friends or neighbors.

If you have heard of an Emotional Support Animal , you would be forgiven for thinking that it only applies to dogs. When you consider the gentle nature of cats or the fact that not everyone is a dog person, cats become an excellent alternative.

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What Programs Train And Certify Therapy Cats

A variety of organizations train and certify pet therapy teams . Pet Partners is one of the most well-known national organizations that facilitates and promotes animal-assisted therapy and offers training and registration for therapy animal teams. Love on a Leash is another national organization. Some areas have local organizations, like the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association in Troy, Ohio.

To find the best option in your neck of the woods, search the Internet or check with your local humane society.

Don’t Limit Her To One Area

Once your cat has learned a command, practice it in different areas of your home. If you’re introducing a kitten to other preexisting pets, and only bring them together in the living room, she may believe the other animal only exists in that space. This isn’t a problem if your other animal is a fish, but if your kitten is meeting a dog, she needs to understand she’ll encounter him in other areas as well.

Much like litter training, some types of training may require using different areas of your home. If you are house training a cat, it’s sometimes necessary to have more than one litter box available. Keeping her from scratching carpet and furniture will also warrant a more comprehensive lesson, as she’ll find these items in more than one room.

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Your Esa Is Covered Under The Fair Housing Act

This act states that your landlord must provide reasonable accommodations to you and your ESA however, if it imposes any financial or administrative strain on your landlord, your landlord can also reject your ESA through legal proceedings. This is also possible if you have an ESA that is very large

Keep Each ‘session’ Short And Natural

How to Train a Dog to be an Emotional Support Dog?

Having determined which lessons you and your cat will master, it’s time to get down to business. First and foremost, your cat’s attention span is shorter than yours you can’t expect her to stay interested every time you’re ready to be the trainer. Let the lesson dictate how long she’s willing to be in your company.

Because some kittens take to potty training quickly after watching their mother use a litter box, this type of training time may be brief. However, you may still need to lead her back to the little box in the early stages to remind her where it is. If you’re training your kitten to play with her toys , however, the lessons might be more gradual. Cats often prefer to explore new toys on their own, which means your role should be to respect her space while remaining approachable during her exploration. Then once she’s acquainted herself with a new item, you can participate.

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Is There An Emotional Support Animal Certification How Do I Get My Pet Certified As An Esa

ESA dogs and other emotional support animals can be registered, for a fee, through a variety of online organizations. These websites offer certificates, aka ESA letters, as well as emotional support animal vests and other products to help identify your emotional support pets status in public.

It is important to do your research when choosing an organization that offers emotional support animal registration, as there has been some controversy regarding the business aspect of these websites. Most online animal registrations cost money but will not afford any legal protection.

Emotional Support Cats Vs Therapy Cats Vs Service Animals

There are several different types of support animals. Understanding the difference can help you determine which will best serve your needs. Different support animals have different protections as well, which youll need to know if you plan to take your emotional support cat with you when traveling or under other circumstances.

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How Much Does A Cat Cost

Although cats are often less expensive than dogs, there are costs to consider. Food, litter, toys/treats, pet health insurance, and medical treatment can impact the bottom line of ownership. The following is an estimate of costs each year for owning a cat.

According to most estimates, the total first-year costs of cat ownership can exceed $1000.00 and every year after that is estimated to cost between $600 and $700, but this number can increase if there are unexpected illnesses or injuries.

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How Do You And Your Cat Become Certified

How to Train a Kitten

To train as an official cat-therapy team, you need to meet minimum requirements, which vary by the certifying organization. The Pet Partners program, for example, requires that the cat is at least one year old and has lived with you for at least six months. Cats should show no aggression towards people or other animals. Those are obvious requirements. There are less obvious things, like cats who eat a raw protein diet not being eligible to participate. Most programs also require that the cat be able to wear a leash and harness, mostly for the cats own safety.

Youll likely first fill out a screening questionnaire. Once the organization has established that you and your cat meet the requirements, youll complete training for either just you or you and your cat. When that is finished, you and your cat undergo a live evaluation by a trained expert.

Then you submit all of this information, along with a fee , to become a certified therapy team. Voila!

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Can You Have More Than One Esa

You can have more than one emotional support animal as long as the animals do not break any state or municipal regulations and your therapist agrees that your ESAs are for your well-being. Its important to note that you will need individual ESA letters for each of your emotional support animals. They should be renewed every year to be sure you are in compliance with federal and state laws as well. Since there are no hard and fast restrictions about how many ESAs you can have, you can have multiple emotional support animals as long as you meet these requirements.

What Is An Esa

Animals are not only invaluable companions, but can also help people in special circumstances, such as service dogs for those with physical disabilities and emotional support animals for mental/emotional disabilities. Most people prefer to have emotional support animals, especially dogs and cats, because an ESA, unlike service dogs, does not require special training. Besides, ESAs play an important role in alleviating the emotions of the owner such as anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses. The most common and popular type of ESA is the emotional support dog. There are legal protections that allow them to stay in homes where pets are not allowed or on flights. However, most public places prohibit access to ESAs, in contrast to service dogs, which are not denied access.

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Cat Therapy For Autism Cat Cuddles Have Major Benefits

Therapy pets are often used to help those with autism. People who have trouble connecting humans often find it easier to connect with animals. A therapy cat can provide support, trust, and boost the self-confidence of those with autism.

They can socially interact with a therapy cat in a way they are unable to with a person. Those with autism have often have breakthroughs and learn to open up and socialize through animal-assisted therapy.

Therapy Cats For Facilities

How to Get Your Pet Protected as an Emotional SUPPORT Animal (ESA)

If you or any of your relatives are being treated in a facility, you can help everyone around you by appointing therapy cat visits in said institution. You dont need to be the owner of the organization in order to benefit from the program.

Numerous animal therapy non-profit organizations are holding events and scheduling visits for groups of people who could benefit from human-animal interaction in a healing and soothing way. Due to the ever-growing popularity of animal therapy, facilities in metropolitan areas, as well as in secluded suburbs, have equal chances of signing up for therapy programs.

  • Animals 4 Therapy already has a long list of schools, rehab centers, hospitals, libraries and other facilities, which are visited by their therapy animals. Nevertheless, theyre always open to welcoming new facilities into their program.
  • Pet Partners organizes therapy animal visits with cats, dogs, horses, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and other species. These guys have more than 13k active teams of therapy pets and owners on the territory of the US.

These are just the top two organizations, which offer cat therapy services for different facilities.

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Medical Benefits Of Emotional Support Cats

As you are already aware, the ideal candidates for emotional support cats are mainly people who have suffered a traumatic event or deal with high levels of stress or depression daily. This also includes people who suffer other mental health complications.

The medical benefits of emotional support cats are quite extensive. ESAs can be incredibly helpful to your overall health and well-being. But it is also worth noting that the results and advantages of ESAs vary, depending on each persons condition.

Many people who have emotional support cats enjoy the following benefits:

Many studies show that the two most common benefits of having emotional support cats are depression and anxiety relief. Admittedly, we have all gotten to that moment when we experienced low moments in life. However, these are the times when having an emotional support cat around can be incredibly beneficial.

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Tips On How To Prepare Your Cat For A Career In Helping Others

1. Meet Strangers You can desensitize your cat to meeting strangers of all ages and sizes, so no person is too unfamiliar. The more your cat is around strangers, the calmer and less stressed they will be when volunteering.

2. Positive Reinforcement Reward good behavior with your cats favorite treats to let them know when theyre doing a good job.

3. Basic Commands Teach your cat commands like stay and come so you can communicate with them as they meet new people.

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Q: How Long Does Training An Esa Take

The duration of training may vary depending on the age of the ESA. It may take only a few days or extend to several weeks. However, if you are planning on boarding a plane soon, you may need to start the training 10 to 15 days before the day of the flight.

Things to Avoid:

  • Ensure that the crate is the right size. It should be too small or congested. Limited space inside the crate may harm the ESA, especially if you are going on a long journey.
  • Dont force your support buddy to remain inside the crate for an extended period. Doing so may make the ESA fearful and anxious, which isnt right.
  • Remain as patient as possible during the training. Each animal has its pace of picking new things. Be patient and loving as you train the ESA.
  • Offer them treats and endless motivation when inside the crate. Dont let staying in the crate seem like a punishment.
  • Ensure that the crate is large enough for the ESA to fit in and have space to wiggle or move around.

At ESA Care, you can get in touch with a licensed doctor to get your ESA letter.

Pets Should Always Be There To Provide Comfort And Support To Their Hoomans


With an ESA letter, you are assured that your constant companion can be just that. No matter where you live or how many times you might need to catch a flight, your emotional support cat can be at your side. There may be no such thing as a service cat, but an emotional support cat may be all you will ever need.

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How To Get An Esa Dog Certification

Is getting an ESA Dog Certification really that important?

Frankly, yes.

Being certified means being able to live with your dog even if you are living in a building or an apartment with a no-pet policy. You can even take your dog with you when you fly in an airplane, without any extra charge.


Even if youre allowed to fly with your dog, you still have to let your airline know that youll be flying with an animal. Usually, you need to let them know 48 hours before your actual departure. This is to give them enough time to prepare the right accommodation for you.

To get an ESA Dog Certification, you need to secure a proper diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional. Once youve been properly evaluated, your therapist will make a recommendation for an animal support system.

You can actually find a lot of registration sites on the internet. However, before you sign up with any of them, remember that a proper diagnosis and letter from a mental health professional will get you a certification. There is no other way to get certified.

It can take around three to four working days before you get an identification card that you can take with you when you and your dog go out. For the actual registration, however, you only need to take a 5-minute questionnaire and youll get your letter in just 24 hours.

You can check HERE for more information on getting certified.


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