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How To Treat Cat Colds At Home

Supplement To Prevent Cat And Dog Upper Respiratory Infections

Natural Treatment for a Common Cold Infection in Cats : Cats as Pets

PetAlive Immunity and Liver Support is a great supplement that I put in my cats wet food at every meal. It is made from natural ingredients such as dandelion, milk thistle, echinacea and ashwagandha, all of which are used in supplements for humans. It works well to keep most of these outbreaks away and I love that it is all natural with no chemicals or pharmaceuticals. It is called PetAlive Immunity and Liver Support. It is made for cats and dogs alike and I even have a friend who used it for her hamsters!

I give it to my three kitties every day and I can tell you it gets glowing reviews on Amazon and elsewhere by dog and cat owners alike. People credit this with saving pets who had serious health problems and even helping with scary conditions like FIV and cancer! I highly recommend this for allover health and as a general immune support supplement. Click the link here or in the picture to go to Amazon and you can read the great reviews for yourself!

Immunity and Liver Support contains great ingredients found in human immunity supplements:

Milk Thistle; containing the flavanoid silymarin which is an anti-oxidant and is also the;most effective;supplement for liver function.

Milk thistle is used in many supplements for;humans to;help the liver function at full capacity, regenerate liver cells and;flush out toxins.

Ashwaganda; is an anti-inflammatory;that supports health of kidneys, heart, liver and blood. Ashwaganda also helps the body recover after sickness.


Do Cats Prefer Heat Or Cold

Anyone who loves and lives with a cat knows that felines are heat-seekers. If theres a warm spot to be found, your cat will find it, whether its a sun-puddle, a windowsill, or a fresh pile of laundry straight from the dryer. Cats are creatures of comfort, and the most comfortable cat is a warm cat.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting A Cold

  • Vaccinate your cat according to your veterinarianâs recommendations. The RCP vaccine stimulates immunity against calicivirus and rhinotracheitis . Some of these vaccines also include chlamydia. Cats who have been vaccinated for these diseases can still contract them in some cases but will have milder symptoms and recover more quickly.
  • Keep your cat away from infected cats and cats with an unknown health history. Keep your cat indoors at all times or only allow her outside in an enclosed catio or on a leash and harness.
  • Keep your catsâ living quarters clean and make sure that there is adequate ventilation.
  • Feed a balanced diet to support your catâs immune system and overall health.

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Keep The Nasal Passages Clear

A cat with a cold often doesn’t want to eat because she can’t smell her food. You can wet a cotton ball with warm water and gently wipe away any nasal discharge. Make sure that you don’t use a paper towel or dry washcloth because this can irritate the sensitive tissues around a cat’s nose. Wipe away the discharge as often as needed throughout the day. If you don’t do it often enough, the discharge can accumulate and become very crusty and harder to remove.

Cat Colds Can Sometimes Worsen

5 Simple Home Remedies For Cats With Colds » EHome Remedies

While most cats arent really bothered by a cold and continue to eat, drink, groom, and play normally, colds can sometimes be more severe.

Both herpes and calicivirus can cause ulcers on the eyes or mouth which are painful. If theres a lot of goop in the eyes the eyelids can get stuck shut and if theres a lot of snot that can cause them to not be able to smell food and not want to eat. Rarely pneumonia, dehydration, and other severe illness can develop. Usually these more severe symptoms are seen in kittens but they can sometimes happen in immunocompromised or very elderly adult cats too.

Its important to get your cat checked out any time you see cold symptoms, especially if your cat is not eating or drinking normally, or if she is showing signs of breathing difficulties .

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Encourage Your Cat To Eat

Some cats just won’t eat even though you have cleaned their nasal passages and eyes. You can encourage them to eat by offering them warmed wet cat food or pureed baby food meat. Offering small amounts of tuna, tuna juice, or sardines can also help entice them to eat. Try to offer smaller meals three to four times throughout day while your kitty is not feeling well.

Easy Things To Do At Home:

  • Put your cat in a bathroom while the shower is running with hot water, the steam from the shower will help to open up your cats nasal passageways
  • Note: If your cat is congested, your cat most likely will NOT EAT, this is very important to take note of, always make sure your cats nose is clean and passageways are clean. If your cat has not eaten for more than 1 day, they should immediately be taken to the vet. After 3 days of not eating your cat can develop a fatty liver and cause liver damage.
  • You can get a humidifier and place it in a small room with your cat, you can add lavender oil to the water which will promote healing.
  • A healthy cat should always have slick, salvia covers gums, a sick dehydrated cat will have tacky brick red gums. Just like with humans gums should be soft pink and moist.
  • Check you cats elimination habits, they should be normally passing stools and urinate regularly. Normal stools, tootsie roll like, not hard or too soft , both are not normal and should not be left untreated for long.

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How Is Cat Flu Treated

Your vet may prescribe antibiotics if symptoms are severe, but they are not always needed. You will also be given guidance on how to care for your pet at home.;

Diagnosis to identify which type of cat flu they have may be made by taking swabs and looking for the virus but, in most pet cats, this is not necessary as there’s no specific treatment.

If a cat is very poorly and unable to eat, hospitalisation may be necessary.;

What Can I Give A Cat For A Cold

Treat a Cat With a Cold

Keep an Eye on Food and Water Bowl Levels

When your kitty is congested, she can lose her sense of smell, which can result in a loss of appetite. Dr. Osborne says you may be able to entice your kitty to eat with special treats such as a teaspoon of tuna, sardine juice, raw liver or chicken baby food with no onions.

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How To Clean Kitten Eyes

  • Make sure your kitten is supported; wrap it in a light blanket or hand towel if they are particularly mobile.
  • Wet several soft cotton balls in room temperature or lukewarm water .
  • Squeeze the cotton balls out gently to release any extra water.
  • Hold the cotton ball over the kitten’s eye. Do not press or apply pressure.
  • Gently wipe the cotton ball in the direction of the kitten’s furfrom tear duct to outer eye.
  • Repeat this several times a day.
  • Our Natural Homeopathic Product To Support You Cat Gums During Stomatitis

    If you read our articles regularly, you probably often read about the importance of boosting the immune system for helping your pet to help itself. For cat stomatitis, this is the exception that proves the rule!

    As we suspect the cat is having an autoimmune reaction to the bacteria in its mouth, like an allergic reaction, we don’t want to stimulate its immune system any further! We therefore suggest a remedy of another nature.

    Our GINGIVITIS product;is recommended for cases of feline stomatitis. Its made from a blend of four homeopathic ingredients that work together. As a pet parent, you want to;reduce redness and swelling of the gums to avoid sores and pain.It contains a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that;can help during your effort to control your cat’s pain and thus help them return to their normal eating habits. Try it out now, as it is even more effective in the early stages of gingivitis.

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    Is Cat Sneezing Serious

    It depends on whether the cause is environmental or a disease.

    Sometimes the irritants that trigger the sneeze reflex are environmentallike dust, mold, or pollenwhich the cat inhales, causing them to sneeze. In these cases, sneezing is usually not serious, especially if seen in an isolated episode.

    More often, though, cat sneezing is caused by one or more disease processes.

    Most commonly, a viral infection is the initial problem, with subsequent inflammation and bacterial infections causing damage to the architecture inside the nose, perpetuating the problem.

    Home Treatments May Be Recommended

    Treating a Kitten with a Cold?

    If your cats eyes are red, inflamed and obviously bothering him, your veterinarian may recommend an eyewash, ointment or drops to help. If the discharge from the eyes is clear, a saline wash can flush the eyes and the discharge can then be gently cleaned from the fur around the eyes. Sometimes the saline will sting, and in that case, a prescription eye ointment will be prescribed. If the discharge from your cats eyes is no longer clear and becomes yellow, green or thick, talk to your vet as additional treatment will be needed.

    Clean your cats nose with a warm, wet paper towel. Be gentle cleaning up the nasal discharge as her nose will be sore. Your cat is still going to be trying to keep herself clean during this, even when she doesnt feel good, so her front legs may get dirty too. A warm paper towel with a drop of baby shampoo will clean the fur on her legs.

    If your cat has a stuffy head and is snorting or coughing, steam will help just as it does for you when you have a cold. Heat some water till its steaming and place it on a table or counter. Holding your cat close to you, lean close to the steam and throw a big towel over both of your heads. Let the steam do its work for your cat. Five minutes is good if your cat will cooperate. Doing this several times a day, as you can, will loosen some of the mucus in her head so she can sneeze it out.

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    Lubricants And Eye Drops

    Depending on which virus has caused the cat flu and your cat’s general level of health, there is a risk of long-term damage to the eyes. Eye ulcers are often found and, particularly in kittens, can progress to cause serious damage, and even lead to the loss of an eye.;

    Treatments such as lubricants may be prescribed to treat sore eyes. We have some great advice on how to give your cat eye drops.

    If your cat or kitten has sore looking eyes or they are partially closed, seek immediate veterinary attention.

    How To Care For Your Sick Cat

    If your cat has a cold, you can help them feel less uncomfortable by wiping their runny nose with a clean cloth, and runny eyes with a cloth and saline solution. You can also run a humidifier so the air isn’t too dry.

    If your cat seems to be stuffed up, making breathing a little difficult, secure them in their pet carrier, put a bowl of hot water in front of the cage, and cover both with a blanket for about 15 minutes.

    It’s important for your cat to continue to eat and drink so they can get better quicker. Food that is warmed up and easier to swallow might make this process more appealing for them. They also need to stay warm, so place an extra blanket in their bed or favorite area to curl up.

    Do not ever give human cold medication to your cat. Always speak with your vet to see what they recommend for your pet.

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    Get Rid Of Cat Colds And Flu

    When colds hit young and senior cats, the first symptom is lost appetite, and they could become extremely sick. Even though viruses could be treated with antibiotics, you have to know the supportive care if you want to help your cat fight off the infection and disease. When your cat is suffering from a runny nose and sneezing, you cannot treat her like a human, or send her into bed if you want her to be better. There are numerous possibilities that you could do to bring comfort to your kitty if it has a cold.

    Cats have similar symptoms as humans such as a runny nose, sneezing, loss of appetite, watery eyes and lethargy. There is also the possibility to lose their voice, and their diseases and colds could last from seven days to four weeks, and all of that depends on the seriousness of cold and how are they treated.

    The main thing that you need to know if you have never seen your cat sick before is that you cannot give it medicine for people, and bring your cat to the veterinarian because that is the only way to treat the disease and to prevent it to spread and to be lethal. Once you get to your veterinarian to determine exact diagnosis, you have to know some home remedies that could help your cat.

    Curing Kitty Congestion From Cat Colds

    How To TREAT Cats Cold with Natural and Effective HERBAL Remedies

    Just like with people, theres no real cure for colds, but supportive treatment can help speed up recovery. Its important for the comfort of your cat, too.

  • Use a vaporizer to help unclog the nose. Put your cat in a fairly small room with a cool-mist humidifier and use it just the same as you would for a child a couple of times a day. That not only helps break up the congestion, it moistens inflamed or tender eyes and nostrils and make them feel better.
  • If you dont have a vaporizer or humidifier, a hot shower can work. Take the pet into the bathroom with you and run the hot shower so that the air becomes filled with steam. A 10-minute session several times a day works great. Dont go for longer than that, though, because heated air for too long can be hard for some pets to breathe, especially short-faced Persians.
  • If the nose is crusting over, or the eyes are sealing shut, use warm wet cloths or cotton balls to soak and soften the secretions and clean them off. Dont peel dried matter off, because that can hurt or even form scabs.
  • To soothe sore tissue after youve cleaned off the mucus, dab on a bit of plain saline solution, or some baby oil. That can also make it easier to clean away any more crusts that might form. Ive also used Udderbalm and a new product Im trying out on Magics chapped nose called Mushers Secret also works well for dogs.
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    Typical Symptoms Of A Cat Cold

    If your cat isn’t feeling their best they could be suffering from a cold. Cat colds generally start with sneezing, with other symptoms appearing over the course of 24 hours. Below is a list of the most common symptoms of cat colds:

    • Runny nose
    • Congestion leading to open mouth breathing
    • Fever
    • Red watery eyes

    When Should You Bring Your Cat In For A Vet Visit

    Most upper respiratory infections in cats will resolve themselves with a little extra TLC and time. However, more severe infections may require treatment, prescription pet medication or even hospitalization.

    As a rule of thumb, a sniffly kitty that is still eating, active and feeling fine can be watched for a few days. If the cat is not eating, seems listless or is congested enough that she needs to open her mouth to breatheit is certainly time for a trip to the veterinary hospital.

    Although most of these infections are viral in nature, sometimes cat antibiotics are indeed indicated to protect against secondary bacterial infections or to treat potential primary bacterial infections, such as feline chlamydiosis and Bordetella. Your veterinarian can help to determine if antibiotics are needed or likely to be helpful.

    Remember, antibiotics do NOT treat viral infections whatsoever, so for simple, routine upper respiratory infections in cats, they are not indicated.

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    Knowing Cat Sneezing Runny Nose Home Remedy To Treat The Cats With Colds

    Just like humans, cats can also get colds, and there are so many options of easy cat sneezing runny nose home remedy. However, of course cold in cats are different from cold in humans, so there are different ways to treat the cats with colds. Lets check more explanation in the following passage.

    The causes

    Usually, this kind of cold is caused by the Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis virus, and it can last for 7 to 10 days. Kittens are more prone to get colds since their immune system has not developed well. The symptoms you may notice if your cat gets cold are the loss of appetite, watery eyes, sneezing, a mild fever, runny nose, etc. Although not every cat shows the same cat cold symptoms, it is easy to know if they are sick or not. As we know, most of cats are playful. Therefore, if they look so tired and lethargic, it can be a sign of cold.

    The treatments and remedy

    Once you notice any symptoms, make sure to make a cat sneezing runny nose home remedy or simply go to a vet, so your cats can get treatment immediately. In most cases, you can treat them easily at home. However, if their health condition gets any worse or does not seem to be improved in a week, you should seek medical treatment soon. You should know that some severe cases may lead to other serious issues, even death.


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