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Revolution Pink For Puppies And Kittens

Revolution For Small Cats

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Revolution Pink for small Cats is a monthly topical treatment that prevents and controls flea infestations and intestinal worm infestations. Formulated for Kittens who are over 8 weeks, Revolution for small cats is a highly effective treatment that prevents flea eggs from hatching and breaks the flea life cycle.

Revolution topical treatment for tiny cats is indicated for the prevention of heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis and the treatment and control of ear mite infections. The spot-on formula is also recommended for the treatment and control of roundworm and intestinal hookworm infections in small cats.

Why Has My Veterinarian Prescribed Revolution

Dog Parasites:

  • Control and prevention of flea infestation
  • Prevention of heartworm disease
  • Treatment and control of ear mite infestation
  • Treatment and control of sarcoptic mange
  • Control of the American Dog Tick

Cat Parasites:

  • Control and prevention of flea infestation
  • Prevention of heartworm disease
  • Treatment and control of ear mite infestation
  • Treatment and control of intestinal worms
    • Roundworm
    • Hookworm

Revolution For Cats Is All

Revolution for small cats should be administered on a monthly basis throughout the flea season, preferably, a month before fleas become active, for the effective prevention and control of flea infestations. The all-in-one spot-on treatment is known to achieve 98% flea killing ability within 36 hours of administration and 90% flea control ability within 30 days of administration.

For effective heartworm control, Revolution for small Cats is safe to be used on kittens older than 8 weeks of age and also on pregnant and lactating female cats. must be administered on a monthly basis. Revolution Pink for cats should be administered on a monthly basis for the prevention of heartworm infestations. Topical treatment may be administered around the year or at least within one month after a cat’s first exposure to mosquitoes and monthly thereafter until the mosquito season ends.

Revolution topical treatment for small cats should be given on a monthly basis for the treatment of ear mite infestations. For the treatment of ear mite, Revolution topical treatment should be administered once as a single dose. In some cases, a second dose may be required.

Additionally, Revolution all-in-one treatment for kittens should be applied once as a single dose for the treatment and control of intestinal hookworm and roundworm.

Customer Reviews

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Revolution Flea Treatment For Cats

Manufactured by Zoetis, Revolution is an effective flea treatment that also controls a wide range of harmful parasites and mites found in cats. It is a powerful heartworm preventive and protects the pet from fatal heartworm diseases. It saves felines from hookworm and roundworm infections and treats ear mites.

The active ingredient Selamectin is a broad-spectrum parasiticide with rapid action and remains effective for a period of four weeks. Easy to apply, Revolution prevents re-infestations by destroying flea eggs and blocking their reproductive phases. Suitable for six weeks and older kittens, adult cats, and pregnant and lactating females, this topical solution is an absolute treat for parasites that bother cats.

Please Note: Both Stronghold and Revolution offer the same protection as both have the same element in the same quantity.

Please note: There is currently a global shortage of Revolution Dog and Cat products. You can consider Stronghold as its replacement as it contains the same ingredient Selamectin.


  • Kills and controls a wide range of parasites
  • Effective flea treatment that prevents re-infestations for four weeks
  • Powerful treatment for controlling ear mites
  • Ideal heartworm preventive
  • Easy to apply monthly topical treatment
  • Suitable for 6 weeks and older kittens, adult cats, pregnant and nursing females
  • Waterproof treatment that remains active even after exposure to water or sunlight

Designed Specifically For Cats And Dogs

Revolution Pink For Puppies And Kittens Up to 5lbs

Did you know that most flea treatments contain industrial agricultural pesticides? Not Revolution. Revolution contains selamectin which is unique in that it has been specifically designed for cats and dogs.

Revolution is extremely effective in keeping cats safe from adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, as well as heartworm, intestinal worms and other nasties. In dogs, Revolution treats fleas, heartworm, ear mites and sarcoptic mange.

Revolution is not a scheduled poison and is approved for use with kittens and puppies as young as 6 weeks old, as well as pregnant and lactating females.

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What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Revolution

Like all medicines, Revolution has some side effects. The most common is hair loss at the site of application with or without inflammation in cats. Other side effects reported in cats and dogs include vomiting, diarrhea with or without blood, anorexia , lethargy , salivation, rapid breathing, pruritus , urticaria , erythema , ataxia , fever and rare instances of death. There have also been rare reports of seizures in dogs.

If you have additional questions about possible side effects, talk to your veterinarian.

Revolution Puppy Kitten Pink

Revolution Pink for Puppies, Kittens, and Small Rabbits up to 2.5kg

Revolution is a convenient and safe parasite prevention product, protecting against fleas, mites, intestinal worms, and heartworm, available as a topical spot-on pipette. It is registered for use in dogs, cats and rabbits and is required to be given monthly.

Key Benefits:

For puppies, Revolution protects against fleas, heartworm, and mites. For kittens, Revolution provides protection against fleas, mites, heartworm and roundworm and hookworm. It does not provide protection against ticks or tapeworm. For rabbits, Revolution can be used to treat mites and ear mites .

Learn more about what level of protection your dog or cat needs.

Usage Instructions:

If your pet goes outdoors, we recommend Revolution Plus as this provides tick protection. For complete intestinal worm coverage pair with DrontalRevolution is given topically once a month, please weigh your pet and follow the packaging instructions for the right dosage. For best performance treat your pet on or around the same day each month.


Safe for treatment of puppies and kittens from 6 weeks of age, and safe for use in pregnant and lactating females. Waterproof after 2 hours in cats. Safe for use in rabbits over 8 weeks of age.

Revolution is highly recommended for indoor cats, or pets in non-tick affected areas.

Weight Range

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How Should Revolution Be Applied

  • Remove the Revolution tube from its protective package.
  • Holding the tube upright, firmly press the cap down until you hear a ‘click’ sound, which signals that the cap has punctured the applicator seal. Remove the cap and check to be sure that the tip of the tube is open.
  • Part the hair on the back of the animal at the base of the neck, in front of the shoulder blades, until the skin is visible.
  • Apply the tip of the Revolution tube directly to the skin. Squeeze the tube firmly 3-4 times in one spot until empty. Keep tube compressed on the final squeeze to avoid drawing liquid back into tube. Avoid contact between Revolution and your fingers.
  • While keeping tube squeezed, drag it away from liquid and lift up to remove.
  • Ensure tube is empty.
  • Do not massage Revolution into the skin.

    Do not apply when the haircoat is wet.

    Do not apply to broken skin Revolution contains alcohol.

    Stiff hair, clumping of hair, hair discoloration, or a slight powdery residue may be observed at the site in some animals. These effects are usually temporary and do not affect the safety or effectiveness of the product.

    Revolution Topical Treatment For Cats

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    Revolution is a safe and effective treatment for various parasites found in six weeks and older kittens and cats. This monthly spot-on treatment kills adult fleas, controls ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and prevents heartworms. It blocks the reproductive cycle of fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. The waterproof solution remains effective even after exposure to water and sunlight.

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    Revolution Should Not Be Used In Sick Debilitated Or Underweight Animals

    Dogs should be tested for heartworm disease prior to giving Revolution. If your dog tests positive for adult heartworms, your veterinarian can recommend appropriate treatment. Dogs infected with adult heartworms can safely be given Revolution.

    If your cat is older than six months of age, your veterinarian may decide to test him/her for heartworm disease before prescribing Revolution. Cats infected with adult heartworms can be given Revolution to prevent further infections.

    Safe And Effective Protection For The Newest Member Of Your Family

    Revolution is the first monthly, topical medication for dogs and cats that:

    • Prevents heartworm disease.
    • Kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from maturing.
    • Treats and controls ear mites.
    • Treats and controls intestinal worms , and sarcoptic mange , as well as the American dog tick .

    Once applied, Revolution enters the bloodstream through the skin. A reservoir of the medication is held within the body to give month long protection against internal and external parasites. So a single application in front of the shoulder blades is all you need for protection against fleas, heartworm, and other parasites. No more pills, sticky sprays, or multiple products!

    Revolution is quick drying, non-greasy, and waterfast, with no unpleasant odor, so you can cuddle and play with your pet as soon as it dries. Revolution is water-resistant by two hours after application – great for pets who love water!

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    How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive

    Petbarn online orders will take from 2 – 10 business days to arrive, depending on destination and shipping method. Metro orders are usually received within five working days and up to ten days for regional and rural areas. Delivery times may be subject to stock availability and Public Holidays, as such receipt of orders may be extended by up to 21 days.

    Petbarn will notify you when your order has been dispatched.

    What happens if my order does not arrive in the estimated time frame?

    Revolution Pink For Puppies And Kittens

    Revolution (Pink) for Puppies and Kittens up to 2.5kg (less than 5lbs ...
    • Protects your pet from heartworms and fleas
    • Fights both internal and surface parasitic infections
    • Treats and controls ear mites
    • Treats and controls roundworms and hookworms
    • Only administered once a month
    • Safe and easy to use

    Dog & Cat size : Up to 5lbs


    Step 1

    • Hold tube upright
    • Press cap down until you hear a click
    • Remove cap and check tube tip is clear and open

    Step 2

    • Part the hair at the base of your cat or dog’s neck
    • Place the tube onto a visible area of skin
    • Squeeze tube 3 or 4 times onto just one spot until empty. Keep tube squeezed to avoid drawing liquid back into the tube

    Step 3

    • While keeping the tube squeezed, drag it along and away from the liquid, then lift up to remove
    • Ensure tube has been emptied
    • Relax for a month knowing your family friend is protected!

    Note – Revolution 3 Pack is not available for Australian customers

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    I See Fleas On My Dog Or Cat Is Revolution Working

    Revolution kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. You may occasionally see a few fleas on dogs or cats treated with Revolution but more than 98% of adult fleas are killed within 36 hours.

    RImmature stages of the flea called pupae may be present in your pets’ environment . These pupae are not killed by parasiticides and as such may emerge as adult fleas. These adult fleas may hop onto your pet at anytime. They must be exposed to Revolution on your dog or cat before being killed. It can take from 3-5 weeks for most fleas to complete their 4-stage life cycle and reach the adult stage before being seen on your pet. Due to the presence of immature flea stages in infested environments it can take up to 2 to 3 monthly applications for Revolution to maximally control the infestation of fleas in the environment. Once the flea population is controlled you will be less likely to see fleas.

    Revolution Topical Solution For Dogs

    Revolution is a multi-parasitic preventative, which kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae, eliminates gastrointestinal worms, and prevents heartworms. It also controls ticks and reduces the chances of the occurrence of tick-borne diseases. This effective spot-on treatment is also an absolute wormer, which works against all the internal and external parasites as well as treats ear mites and sarcoptic mange. Revolution is a monthly treatment that is best suitable for 6-week old puppies, adult dogs, breeding dogs, and nursing females.

    For dogs over 85 lbs use the appropriate combination of tubes.

    Please note: Due to the worldwide shortage of Revolution for Dogs and Cats currently, it may be out of stock. Please consider Stronghold as its replacement because its contents are similar to Revolution.

    • Weigh your pet and choose the suitable product for your dog.

    • Make your dog to stand in a fix position.

    • Locate spots by parting the fur until the skin is visible.

    • For small and medium dogs one spot between the shoulder blades is enough.

    • For larger dogs 3 to 4 spots across the backbone until the base of the tail are required.

    • Place the tip on the skin and squeeze out the content until the pipette is empty.

    • Allow the spots to dry.

    • Make sure not to touch the applied area until it dries.

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    Revolution Flea & Heartworm Treatment

    Revolution is a waterproof and long lasting treatment that protects dogs against various parasites that can cause severe diseases. It contains an active ingredient that is Selamectin. After the administration the element enters your pet’s bloodstream through the skin and kill the internal parasites by paralyzing their central nervous system. As well as, it also redistributes the elements back to the skin from the bloodstream to treat external parasites such as ticks, fleas and mites. Hence, kills all – fleas, ticks, mites, eliminates roundworms, hookworms and prevents heartworms.

    How Much Does Shipping Cost

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    Delivery charges vary depending on the size and weight of your order and your chosen delivery address. We offer a flat rate shipping charge of $4.95 to the major metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. Outside these major metro areas, the shipping cost you pay will be dependent on your location and the size of your order.For an accurate delivery quote: place the items you wish to order in your shopping cart, proceed to the checkout or Shopping Cart overview page. There is a Calculate Shipping calculator under your selected products.Simply enter the postcode or suburb of your shipping address and select the relevant location from the dropdown list that appears and click the Go button. The shipping cost calculator will display the total cost for delivery to your selected postcode or suburb. Your final shipping charges will be displayed in your checkout page before you proceed to payment so that you know exactly how much shipping will be. All prices are in Australian Dollars and freight costs are payable in addition to the product price.

    Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO boxes or Parcel Lockers.

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    Revolution Flea Control For Cats

    Revolution is a topical treatment that protects cats from multiple parasites, such as fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites. This monthly spot-on solution controls and prevents deadly heartworm infections. Revolution is a waterproof formula that not only prevents heartworms but also protects cats from harmful intestinal worm infections and Flea Allergy Dermatitis .

    Note: Stronghold and Revolution are the same products, created with the same component, selamectin, in the very same quantity.

    Please note: There is currently a worldwide scarcity of Revolution for Dogs and Cats nonetheless, you can opt for Stronghold that has the same active ingredient as Revolution.

    How does it work?

    Revolution is a remarkable product for treating numerous parasites in felines. The active ingredient Selamectin in this broad-spectrum spot-on prevents heartworms, fleas, intestinal worms and ear mites. The component destroys all life stages of fleas, including eggs, larvae and pupae. This waterproof product protects cats from external and internal parasites for the whole month. With no possible side effects, Revolution is beneficial for kittens over 6 weeks of age along with pregnant and lactating queens.


    How It Works

    Revolution works by penetrating the skin and entering your pet’s bloodstream. Concentrations of selamectin, the active ingredient, in the tissue and bloodstream prevent heartworm disease. Selamectin also redistributes into the skin from the bloodstream and kills adult fleas, American dog ticks, and ear mites, and prevents flea eggs from hatching. It is also an anthelmintic, which means it fights to expel parasitic worms. Parasites ingest the drug when they feed on the animal’s blood.

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