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Bengal Kittens For Sale Under $500

Why Bengal Cats Are So Expensive

These Beautiful Bengal Cats Are Incredibly Intelligent | Cats 101

Bengal cats are expensive because they are rare and are a hybrid.

Bengal cats are not naturally formed in the wild, at least not often. They are the result of an Asian leopard mating with a domestic house cat.

While there are cases of this happening both in the wild and in the United States naturally, it isnt the norm.

One case of natural breeding in the U.S. happened in the 1960s when a California cat breeder Jean Mill found her female Asian leopard pregnant by a black tomcat that was her companion.

Mill never dreamed of such a union because the two were of different species. The unlikely litter became the basis for Mill to develop the Bengal breed.

However, the bulk of Bengals were produced through an experiment at Loyola University in New Orleans in the 1960s. Scientists used the Asian leopard in the breeding experiments in an attempt to create a feline leukemia-resistant breed. The leopard was known to be resistant.

The litter didnt have a resistance to feline leukemia but the kittens were adopted out. Those who adopted them, including Mill, began working with developing the breed into one recognized by The International Cat Association . Bengals became a formal feline classification in 1993.

The fact that Bengals must come from a breeder in itself makes them more expensive. Breeders have higher-than-normal costs in keeping the breed above standards and pedigreed.

This carefully controlled process also makes the cost of a Bengal kitten more expensive.

How Much Are Bengal Cats Worth

The Bengal cat, despite its name, is not a tiger. Its not a leopard either, tiny or otherwise. Simply put, its a domestic cat. Even though it has a highly exotic appearance, it is not a tiny wild cat. Bengal cats for sale Dallas. If youre solely interested in purchasing one because you want to possess a small wild cat, please reconsider. It wont act like a tiger.

Bengal cats are purchased every year and either abandoned or given to animal shelters. Additionally, people typically purchase one for the incorrect motives. And now that Ive given you a tiny piece of advice, allow me to share some information with you.

  • You feed them cat food, just like you would any other domestic cat.
  • They possess unmatched intelligence.
  • They are also quite demanding and active.
  • They are frequently loud and talkative.
  • They are territorial and predatory.
  • They are quite affectionate.
  • They are obedient and teachable.

After going over the fundamentals, lets move on to the most commonly requested question: how much?

Dont Trust Breeders Who Provide InformationOn the Internet, there is a wealth of information about Bengal cats. While most of it is true, much of it is also false information that only accomplishes two things:

How Is Buying A Bengal Different From Buying An Exotic Animal

A Bengal cat is an exotic feline but it isnt an exotic animal by legal standards, as a leopard or cheetah. A leopard cat cost would be substantial, even if it were legal to have as a pet. Some Bengals or other exotics like Savannahs could be listed as a leopard or as a cheetah cat for sale but that is a miscategorization.

A Bengal cat is still a domesticated cat just as any other cat available in the United States and Canada. It is registered with TIPA and CFA as a feline breed.

Being such, Bengal cats arent regulated by federal governments like exotic wild animals are.

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Annual Cost Of Owning A Bengal Cat

Savannah kittens

For the first year of owning a Bengal cat, you need to prepare around $1,270 to $2,605. This estimated amount includes the yearly recurring costs of food and treats, litter sand, grooming essentials, vet bills, and more.

Below is a list of the items and services your Bengal cat needs during its first year:

Type of Expense
Average Monthly Cost $106 $217

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things you need to buy for your Bengal cat. However, some things on this list do not require yearly replacement, especially if you bought high-quality versions of them.

Youll also notice that pet insurance takes up a big chunk of your annual budget. While some will be tempted to skip this, you shouldnt. Pet insurance will save you in the event that your cat needs expensive medical treatment.

All in all, the annual cost of owning a Bengal cat is not far off compared to other cat breeds. In fact, the yearly cost of owning this part wild cat is comparable to the cost of owning a Toyger cat or a Manx cat.

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Bengal Kittens For Adoption Near Me Facebook

  • Highest rating: 5
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: Two Bengal Kittens for adoption to any loving and caring home. They are great kittens for bengal kittens for sale under $500 near me. bengal kittens for
  • More : Two Bengal Kittens for adoption to any loving and caring home. They are great kittens for bengal kittens for sale under $500 near me. bengal kittens for

What Is Their Personality Like

The Bengal cat personality also involves incredible acrobatics and nefarious predation. If you dont want your cat to decimate the local small wildlife population, then Id advise you to buy another less predatory breed.

Conversely, one aspect of their personality that Ive always found rather endearing is their interaction with humans. They’re incredibly affectionate and always appear to bond well with their owners.

Any Bengal is talkative at best and most develop a way of communicating their needs to their owners via a range of cat calls and meowing.

They also like to follow their owners around, greet them at the door and will even go for a walk with you if allowed. I remain of the opinion that Bengals are more like dogs than their fellow feline cousins.

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Purchasing A Bengal Kitten

How much does a Bengal cat cost?

All kittens are sold for $2200. We put the same time, energy, veterinary care, genetic testing into each kitten therefore, all kittens are priced the same. There is no price bouncing here at Quality Bengal Kittens. When you buy from us, you are not just buying a kitten you are buying our knowledge and experience. You have educated, experienced breeders who you can consult throughout the lifetime of your cat.

How do you reserve a kitten?

How does the Waitlist work?

First, you want to view our Waitlist to see what types of kittens people are waiting on. We produce and offer more brown spotted/rosetted male kittens than any other color and pattern. Therefore, the list will move more quickly for people wanting brown spotted/rosetted Bengal kittens. Once you are on the Waitlist, you can expect the following to happen.

Kittens birth to four weeks – We will select kittens as keepers – no more than 25% within a month.

Kittens four to eight weeks – We determine a Kitten Selection date and write to the people on our Waitlist to set up appointments to select a kitten.

Once the Waiting List has had the opportunity to pick, then kittens become available to those not on the Waiting List who would like to pick a kitten.

When are kittens photographed?

How long is the wait for a kitten?

Do I get to pick my kitten out in person?

Do you offer a discount on two kittens?

Do you ship pet kittens?

Read More about Buying from Quality Bengal Kittens

Asian Leopard Cat For Sale

Watch These Playful Bengal Kittens Grow Up | Too Cute!

For a Bengal cat that would be considered to be of pet quality, prices can go as high as *£300. You should budget at least £600 for a presentation of this caliber. In my 12-year ownership of Bengals, the majority of breeders have also sold breed quality, but if thats what youre looking, be prepared for a very hefty price increase. Black Bengal kittens for sale

Bengal cats are often quite content members of the feline species. They are known for being playful and enjoy nothing more than amusing themselves. For instance, Ive never met one who doesnt play with water. One of them did in fact seem to love swimming in the neighbors pond.

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Are Bengal Cats Suitable As Pets

Bengal cats are intelligent, athletic, entertaining to watch and play with, loyal, and enjoy the waterall excellent qualities in a family companion. Black bengal cats for sale Theyre also outgoing, conversational, and friendly with others. They can attach and socialize successfully if they are exposed to dogs or other cats in the house early on. Bengal cats are normally highly kid-friendly, however, its preferable to introduce a Bengal kitten to a youngster rather than an older cat. Bengal cats make wonderful pets in general. Bengal cats for sale mn.However, keep in mind that they require a lot of attention and excitement, so check your schedule to ensure you can give them as much as they require.

Bengal kittens for sale USA she wanted a cat that looked like a tiger. Meet the tiger.

Not so long ago, wild cat companions were associated with glamour, class and creativity. Salvador Dali brought his ocelot to the St. Regis. Tippy Hedren lounged with her lions in her Los Angeles living room. Josephine Bakers cheetah, collared in diamonds, strolled the Champs-Élysées. In their time, these wild creatures made chic pets. Bengal kittens for sale $300

But by the mid-1970s, a wave of awareness and wildlife protection. Legislation changed both the optics of owning a big cat, and the ability to legally purchase one.

Meanwhile, a cat breeder named Jean Mill was working on a more practical alternative: her leopard-spotted companion was just ten inches tall.

Price Factor #: Whats Included With Your Kitten

To help get you started on the right paw, many breeders will make sure their kittens and families are fully equipped for their new adventures

Most Bengal kittens should come with the following:

  • Spay or neuter surgery already complete
  • Examined and given a clear bill of health by a licensed veterinarian
  • Have all necessary vaccinations up to date
  • Deworming complete
  • Food to help you transition

Yes, Bengal cats love running on giant hamster wheels.

The more extras are included with your kitten, the higher the price may be.

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Breeders Of Bengal Cats & Kitten For Sales Near Me Rising Sun Farm

  • Highest rating: 5
  • Lowest rating: 2
  • Descriptions: The courier fee is approximately $500. Rising Sun Bengals reserves the right to refuse sale of any kitten at any time. Rising Sun kittens and cats are the sole
  • More : The courier fee is approximately $500. Rising Sun Bengals reserves the right to refuse sale of any kitten at any time. Rising Sun kittens and cats are the sole

Is Pet Insurance Worth It The Pros And Cons

Silver &  Brown Spotted Bengal Kittens For Sale

Bengal cats are, for the main, very happy members of the feline family. They are notoriously playful and love nothing better than to pass their time amusing themselves. Ive yet to meet one that doesnt play with water for example. Indeed one of mine rather enjoyed swimming in a neighbors pond. And rarely came home without a fish.

*A rough £ to $ conversion will give roughly the US price.

Bengal Cats are known for their stunning coats, known as pelts due to their silky feel and glittery touch.

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Why Choose A Bengal

  • Simply the most exotic and coolest domesticated cat you can own
  • Loyal with “puppy-like” adoration, dog-like in many ways
  • Sleek, muscular, athletic build with a wild gait, and natural climber
  • Unique, distinctive, intelligent, loving cats with wild leopard spots and great character
  • Longer hind legs and more muscle means a cat that can jump higher and father than any other
  • Hypoallergenic, most people allergic to cats are not to Bengals
  • Tight short pelt gives minimal to no shedding and velvety feel
  • Highly energetic throughout the entire lifespan, great for kids
  • Healthy breed with few genetic issues related to most purebreds
  • Intelligence to mimic and be trained, able to be walked on a leash
  • Domestic temperament and size of a medium-large household cat

Why Are Bengal Cats So Expensive

Bengal cats are so expensive because being a bengal cat breeder is time consuming, costly, and can be difficult to do in an animal-first way.

Breeding and owning several bengal cats requires a ton of energy, time, and passion for cats to do well.

To breed bengal cats, you need to make a significant upfront investment to own and take care of multiple bengal cats and also will need to adhere to any regional guidelines regarding the legality of bengals.

The initial investment to become a bengal cat breeder is typically well over $10,000 with annual costs of over $3,000.

Since each bengal cat litter produces around 3-6 bengal kittens, each kitten needs to be sold for over $1,000 just to break even after 3-5 years.

The difficulty of being a bengal cat breeders is outlined fully in this post from Elysian Bengals who only made $8,000 after their 3 first years of breeding bengal cats.

Luckily, as there is high demand for bengals, more bengal cat breeders join the market every year, and there has been an improvement both in quality and best practices as well as a decrease in the overall price of bengals year over year.

Still, the costs and maintenance required to be a bengal cat breeder means that bengals will be significantly more expensive than other cat breeds for many years to come, with some bengals being worth as much as $40,000.

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Addicted To Black Bengal Cat For Sale Us Too 6 Reasons We Just Cant Stop

The F1s have a reputation of being temperamental and unfriendly but this is not necessarily the case. Lots of handling as kittens means that they can grow up to be just as loving and docile as the later generations, depending somewhat on how much of the wild blood they inherit. Brown bengal kittens for sale

WHAT DO BENGALS LOOK LIKE?Bengals are long, muscular cats. with sturdy bones. They are about the same size as a domestic cat, with a weight range of 10- 30 pounds and a height range of 13-16 inches, . Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs which gives them a beautiful, powerful movement.

So, The coats and markings of the Bengals are spectacular. They look like little leopards with their distinctive spots. The clouded Bengal is particularly spectacular with its large spots, also known as rosettes, giving them very much the look of the enigmatic Clouded Leopard.Black bengal cat for sale

The coat colors are also beautiful. Snow, silver, mink, and brown, with variations on the coloring of each are all possible.

WHAT TYPE OF PERSONALITY DO BENGALS HAVE?The Bengal may look like a wild cat but they can be as friendly and lovable as any domestic cat. They are full of life and can be quite people orientated. Bengals are playful, gregarious, and energetic cats with a generous dose of feline curiosity. They form strong bonds of love and loyalty with their families. Black bengal kittens for sale

Which Color Bengal Cat Is The Most Expensive

Must Watch BEFORE Getting a BENGAL CAT | Bengal Cat 101

Another large factor that can determine the price of a bengal cat is the color and pattern of the bengals coat.

The main bengal cat colors are: brown, black, snow, blue, silver, and charcoal.

Of these colors, brown and snow bengal cats are the most common and blue bengal cats are the least common.

Since brown bengal cats are more common, they will tend to be less expensive than blue and black bengal cats, for example.

You can expect blue bengal cats to cost over $3,000 and brown bengal cats to cost within the $1,500 $2,000 range.

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Are Bengal Cats Intelligent

Bengals are noted for having extraordinary memories, which contributes to their intellect. They are excellent hunters and will pursue a variety of creatures, including mice, squirrels, and birds, if given the chance. Bengal cats are also excellent entertainers that like learning new skills. They can understand basic commands such as sit,lay down, and even high five.Bengal cats are known to enjoy swimming. All of these things combine to make Bengals behavior rather fascinating to watch!

Bengals Are Obsessed With Water

Much like their ancestors, Bengals adore water. Just about every Bengal will love, if not display, some degree of obsession with water. Unlike the average house cat, who drinks their water directly from their bowl, a Bengal chooses to dip its paw into the water and lick the water off to drink. They are also known to play in water whenever the chance arises, many times splashing out the water in their drinking bowl, or even interrupting their humans when showering or bathing. They are known to show a sheer delight playing in fountains or with running facets. If you have a fishbowl or aquarium, it is good to note that Bengals will find enjoyment in both pawing at the bowl or tank, if not actually catching the fish within.

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