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San Diego Kittens For Adoption

National Cat Protection Society

San Diego Humane Society reduces adoption fees for older cats and dogs

National Cat Protection Society cares for cats and kittens relinquished by their owners. They boast two animal shelters that offer rescued cats comfortable, clean, safe havens where they can rest. The rescued cat and kittens can access large, enclosed patio areas and kitten quarters.

In addition, their shelter has floor-to-ceiling scratching posts and wall-to-wall walkways to help keep the cats occupied and happy, and they help support healthy behavior and instincts.

Rubio’s Fundraiser For The Kitties

Rubios Fundraiser for the Kitties!

Saturday, July 16th

11AM 5PM

Rubios 252 North El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA

Order online at or through their mobile app, and enter coupon code DONATE at checkout or present flyer for orders placed in the restaurant Rubios. Rubios will donate 30% of proceeds from purchases back to The Rescue House. See flier for additional details and restrictions.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

South Bay Kittens For Sale In San Diego

Our neighbors in the South Bay area can find kittens and full grown cats in Chula Vista.

Chula Vista Animal Care Facility

In South Bay, you can go to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility, which lies on the outskirts of Otay Valley Regional Park, just South of Castle Park and North East of Palm City. Here you can find rescue cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies all up for adoption. If youre looking for a story to warm your heart, look up their success stories of recently adopted pets that have found families to call their own.

  • Address: 130 Beyer Way, Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Phone: 691-5123
  • Hours: Tues Fri 10 a.m. 5 p.m.Sat 10 a.m. 4 p.m.Closed Sundays & Mondays

Soyoure saying there are at least ELEVEN different places to adopt a kitten in San Diego? Youve got to be kitten me!

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A Big Thank You To Our 2021 Donors

Dr. Elsey’s

Dr. Elsey’s

Dr. Elsey’s

Dr. Elsey’s donated 2 pallets of cat litter to The Cat Lounge! Their contribution is made possible with your support.


Catit donated several packages of brand new cat toys and treats for our shelter kitties!

Chloe Schuh

Dr. Elsey’s

Chloe Schuh

Chloe is a local 10 year old girl who made hand made kitty merchandise to sell to her community to raise money for The Cat Lounge!


CatDancer donated new toys for our shelter cats to enjoy!

Catastrophic Creations

Catastrophic Creations

Catastrophic Creations

Catastrophic Creations donated a gift card that allowed us to buy a new cat wall for the kitties can climb the walls!


Catastrophic Creations

Catastrophic Creations

PetMeds donated crucial medical supplies to The Cat Lounge, including boxes of flea medication. Did you know TCL can use up to 200 doses of flea medication a month?!

The Cat Lounge Rescue and Adoption Center

1006 Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Photography by Frederick Charpentier

FEIN 83-4145075.

Kittens For Sale In La Jolla

Cat &  Kittens for Adoption in San Diego

Since this is the official website of La Jolla, lets start in our local area!

The Cat Lounge Rescue and Adoption Center

Cat adoption in San Diego in theLa Jolla areaincludes The Cat Lounge Rescue and Adoption Center, located in the village of La Jolla. Theyve helped over 3,181 cats find homes in the past year. What makes this place unique is that it is currently San Diegos first and only non-profit cat lounge.Thats right! You can show up without an appointment and soak up some kitten cuddles in your free time.

  • Address: 1006 Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Phone: 886-7083
  • Hours: Tues Sun, 12 p.m. 6 p.m.Closed Mondays

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San Diego Humane Society Waives Animal Adoption Fees Through Sunday

The San Diego Humane Society is waiving all adoption fees through Sunday for the final week of its “Summer is Cooler with a Pet” promotion.

This includes fees for all adoptable bird species, livestock, dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and small pets.

The SDHS had more than 1,600 animals in its care as of Tuesday, with more than 600 available for adoption, including many large dogs, kittens and birds.

“Our hope is to find all of these deserving pets a home,” San Diego Humane Society Chief Operating Officer Jessica Des Lauriers said. “If you are thinking about adding some chickens to your backyard or if you’d like a best friend on your couch to keep you company, we hope this promotion will encourage you to take the first step and come and visit one of our campuses.”

The SDHS is open for walk-in adoptions Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at its campuses in Escondido, El Cajon, Oceanside and San Diego. To view animals currently available for adoption, visit

The SDHS offers an adoption guarantee, training advice, pet supplies and educational information to support pet families for the life of the animal, as well as neutering/spaying services.

East County Cat Adoption In San Diego

East County has two fabulous locations to find kittens in San Diego, including theNational Cat Protection Society.

National Cat Protection Society

NatCat was founded in 1968 and remains dedicated to protecting felines. They offer information on humane spaying and neutering of kittens to help educate potential cat adopters.

  • Address: 9031 Birch St, Spring Valley, CA 91977
  • Phone: 494-2454
  • Hours: Mon Fri 9 a.m. 8 p.m.

Friends of Cats Inc.

Friends of Cats Inc. is another cat adoption location in East County, near Flinn Springs. As a no-kill shelter, they stand by their commitment to providing a sanctuary for cats who are terminally ill or considered unadoptable. They have a wide selection of cats that are up for adoption as well. If youd like to simply hang out with some cats, you can also volunteer.

  • Address: 15587 Olde Hwy 80, El Cajon, CA 92021
  • Phone: 561-0361
  • Hours: Mon Fri 10 a.m. 4 p.m.Closed Monday

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San Diego City College Alum Becomes Citizen Astronaut

Its a busy time for us! Humane Society COO Jessica Des Lauriers said in a written statement. Right now, we have more than 1,600 animals in our care, which includes more than 450 pets available for adoption. We truly hope this fee-waived promotion can be an incentive for folks looking to open their hearts and homes for a new family member.

The organization says there are 100,000 more pets in U.S. shelters right now than there were at this time last year due to staffing shortages, limited shelter hours, fewer volunteers and fewer adoption events. In San Diego, large- and medium-sized dogs, rabbits, Guinea pigs and hamsters are particularly common.

Each pet available for adoption has been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and medically and behaviorally assessed, the organization said. Adoptions come with a free veterinary exam certificate and a dog license if residing in one of the 14 cities contracted by San Diego Humane Society.

The Humane Society said it was able to waive fees through a partnership with Bounty Paper Towels and the Best Friends Animal Society, a national network made up of thousands of shelters.

Central San Diego Kitten Adoption

Adoptable Kittens Waiting For Homes In San Diego

Moving to central San Diego, well find a branch of the San Diego Humane Society in Mission Valley.

San Diego Humane Society

In Central San Diego,yet another San Diego Humane Society resides. They offer a Cat Café Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. 4 p.m. a.m. What a fun way to enjoy an afternoon cup of joe than to be surrounded by playful kittens?

  • Address: 5500 Gaines St. San Diego, CA 92110
  • Phone: 207-5346
  • Hours: Mon Sun 9 a.m. 5 p.m.

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Adoptable Cats & Kittens

All guests interested in meeting one of our pets must provide SAHS staff with a valid photo ID, and be a minimum of 18 years of age. Guests under the age of 18 are unable to meet our pets unless accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Before applying to adopt, we ask all visitors to first socialize with the pet for at least 20 minutes to help ensure compatibility. Under special circumstances you may be required to spend longer than 20 minutes with a pet. When youre ready to move forward with the adoption process, kennel staff will direct you to the front lobby where you will complete an application and sit with an adoption counselor for review.

We would like you to have the opportunity to get to know our pets before they get to know yours. For the safety of your pet and ours, we suggest that you please leave your pet at home. Please speak with our staff about setting up a dog introduction. All dogs coming into our shelter need to be up to date on their vaccinations . Please bring your vaccination record.

Depending on the number of applications pending, the wait to meet with an adoption counselor can range between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Depending on wait time, we are currently utilizing text message alerts for visitors who wish to leave our campus while they wait.

Cats Available For Adoption In San Diego

Of the 7.6 companion animals who end up in U.S. shelters each year, 3.4 million are cats. Also annually, 2.7 million animals are euthanized in shelters 1.4 million of them are cats. With an estimated 3,500 physical shelter locations around the country, odds are good you’re within close proximity to a shelter with cats looking for a home.

Stacker compiled a list of cats available for adoption in San Diego on Petfinder, ranging in age, breed composition, temperament, and needs. Be sure to do your research on any cat you’re interested in taking home to ensure a good fit with your own lifestyle to ensure the animal you select will be enjoying a forever home with you.

Keep reading to meet some amazing felines available for adoption in San Diego, California.

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About San Diego Street Cat Society

San Diego Street Cat Society is a volunteer run organization, providing free advice and assistance trapping and managing community cats. Our goal is to fill the gap between the community and the shelter, especially during COVID when shelters and rescues are being stretched thin. While we mostly TNR feral cats, we occasionally find kittens or very social adults that would do best in loving homes. Our volunteers foster these cats until we can find their forever homes. Please visit our website to learn more about us! And find us on Instagram to follow our cats!

Final Thoughts On Adopting A Cat Or Kitten For Sale In San Diego

Orange Tabby Kitten For Adoption in San Diego (La Mesa) CA

Lets not overlook that a successful kitten adoption in San Diego means you are saving the life of the little critter you plan to take home with you, providing them with security, comfort, and a lifelong companion to have and to hold from this day forward.

While cat adoption in San Diego will always be here, your feline friend might be waiting for you at one of these locations, eager to leap into your arms. If youve been considering adopting a cat or kitten, take this as a sign from the universe to explore the possibilities. Now is your opportunity to let those manifestations become a reality.

About the author:Courtney Pester is a San Diego based San Francisco bred millennial with a passion for design and self-expression. She prides herself in her charcuterie board making skills and has a soft spot for animals. When shes not pumping out articles you can catch her playing tennis and enjoying the diversity of events and restaurants San Diego has to offer. Additional reporting by staff.

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North County Inland Kittens For Adoption In San Diego

Live further inland? Fear not! You wont have to drive far to find a new cat or kitten.


Inland of North Countytakes the cake with the most places cat adoption in San Diego is made possible.Catskingdomusa, located right off the 56 near Torrey Highlands, is a wonderful place to find pure breed cats and kittens for sale. A great offering they have is the ability to rent a pure breed cat for any hour for those who dont have the accessibility or resources to adopt one themselves. They also have a course you can purchase to educate yourself on how to avoid scammers, learn how to find a good real breeder, train your cat, and more.

  • Address: 13294 Via Santillana, San Diego, CA 92129
  • Phone: 207-5346

Looking to go the more exotic route? Exotic Bengals of San Diego near San Pasqual Valley gives you the choice of adopting either adult or baby bengals from a reputable breeder, as approved by the International Cat Association. Bengal cats are known to be affectionate and have adorable, unique spots. If youre looking for an exotic, purebred cuddle buddy, you know where to go.

  • Address: 2498 Briarwood Ct, Escondido, CA 92025
  • Phone: 207-5346
  • Hours: Mon Fri 9 a.m. 8 p.m.

Twin Senior Tuxedo Cats For Adoption San Francisco Ca Pizza & Superman

A bonded pair of Tuxedo cats for adoption in San Francisco, Pizza and Superman would love to meet you. They are 12 years young and very healthy. They are fixed, up to date on shots, clean, litter trained, well behaved and affectionate. They will be rehomed with all supplies. Adoption fee will be waived for a very good home. Adopt them today!

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Why Should You Adopt

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you’ll have a friend for life.

What is the difference between adopting a dog, adopting a cat, adopting a kitten or adopting a puppy versus getting dogs for sale, cats for sale, puppies for sale or kittens for sale from a dog breeder or a cat breeder?

When someone is breeding puppies or breeding kittens, they are creating new dogs and cats who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog, cat, puppy or kitten and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale or buy a cat for sale from a puppy breeder or a kitten breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats who must find homes.

So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder or buying a cat or kitten for sale from a cat breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.


Stunning Longhair Tuxedo Cat For Adoption In San Jose California Supplies Included Adopt Oliver

San Diego Humane Society announces kitten adoption promotion for June

Meet Oliver, a gorgeous longhaired Tuxedo cat that loves to be held like a baby!

Oliver is the perfect cat looking for the perfect home. He is such a sweet, gentle boy, aged 3 and weighing 14 pounds. He loves to cuddle and will capture your heart with his purrs of contentment.

Oliver needs to escape a noisy, busy household where he is constantly afraid and hiding away. With 2 other cats, a dog and a house full of kids, activity and noise, Oliver feels constantly under seige.

This sweet, sensitive soul needs a quiet home with a human all to himself. He would love to become the cherished companion of a senior cat lover, or a single or couple with no small children or other pets.

This charming cat has so much personality and affection to offer he just needs a home in which he will feel safe and happy.

If you have the right home and are looking for the perfect feline companion, please offer Oliver his forever home today. He cant wait to purr his way into your heart.

Visit Olivers adoption story page to learn more about this handsome Longhaired Tuxedo cat for adoption in San Jose CA

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Stunning Ragdoll Cat For Adoption In Los Altos Ca Supplies Included Adopt Kirby

A stunning male Ragdoll cat for adoption in Los Altos, California, Kirby is 3 years old and weighs 20 pounds. Kirby is neutered, crate-trained, litter-trained, and will come with supplies. A friendly and very people-centered cat, Kirby gets along with children and adults, other cats, and cat-friendly dogs. Kirby is being rehomed for his safety and well-being, as a dog in his home is terrorizing him.

Sweet Black Cat For Adoption Morgan Hill Ca Meet Nico

Looking for a sweet older cat to share your home? Nico is an adorable and very friendly adult black cat looking for a loving home anywhere within a reasonable distance of Morgan Hill, CA. About 9 years of age, Nico is in good health. He has been neutered and is up to date on shots. He s polite and well behaved, litter trained and micro-chipped. Nico will be rehomed with all supplies and vet records. Adopt this friendly black cat today.

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Have You Heard The Mews

Our kitten nursery expansion is officially open! No more waiting to see the kittens or long lines. Plus we can accommodate up to 30 kittens at a time! Even better – loungers can hang out with the kittens too for an additional $10!

Our facility is open for adoptions and lounging from 12:00 – 6:00 PM everyday except Mondays and Wednesdays adoptions stop at 5:30 pm.

Thank you and we hope you find your new fur baby with us!


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