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Best Cat Food For Bengal Kitten

Consider Your Bengals Food Preferences

How to Feed a Bengal Cat

Just like most cats, Bengals can be picky. There are a number of textures and flavors you can try with your cat to see which one works best. Diets differ in their water content, texture, and flavor. Some cats prefer crunchy dry kibbles while others thrive on high moisture canned foods.

If you have an especially picky Bengalyou might want to consider choosing a high moisture diet. These can easily be warmed up which will release the foods meaty aroma and entice even the most finicky eaters.

Best Food For Adult Bengals

Research shows that adult cats need a minimum of 26 percent protein in their diet . Many good quality cat foods will have a much higher percentage of protein. In the wild or living as a feral, a cat would eat 50-60 percent protein in their diet and around 25 percent fat, from catching live food. We have suggested some foods for adult Bengals that approach these figures. We think these foods are suitable for active young adult Bengals.


Best Dry Foods for Bengals

If you are looking for good dry foods, there are some that we like. Again, it is especially important to make sure that your cat is drinking plenty of water if you are feeding a dry cat food.

Recommended by people familiar with Bengals, Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline is high in protein, grain and gluten-free. It has good sources of meat protein that Bengals should enjoy and its low in carbs. It also has the added nutrients and supplements that Bengals need to stay healthy. This is an all life stage formula so you can feed it to kittens and adult cats.

Best Wet Foods for Bengals

What Fruits Are Toxic To Cats

Foods that can be unsafe for your feline are chocolate, coffee, and tea, milk and cheese, tuna, walnuts, grapes, raisins, garlics, onions, mushrooms, honey, peanut butter, and citrus fruits.

Take note that all foods can be classified as unsafe if a Bengal is given too much. Cats have difficulty digesting carbohydrates, so while a treat every once in a while is fine, make sure to only give them a bit.

  • Chocolate, coffee, and tea

These contain stimulants that can cause serious cardiovascular and respiratory problems for your Bengal cat.

  • Milk and cheese

Cats digestive tracts are unable to properly break down milk and dairy products, which is why most cats are lactose intolerant. This may cause constipation, vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Tuna

Surprisingly, tuna can be dangerous to cats. In excess, tuna can cause steatitis, which is a painful inflammatory condition that results from high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids and low amounts of Vitamin E.

Cats with steatitis will have a dull and greasy coat as well as flaky skin.

  • Walnuts

Because of its high phosphorus content, walnuts are toxic to cats in general.

  • Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins can be extremely dangerous to cats, even in small amounts. It can cause sudden kidney failure.

After ingestion, the cat may exhibit any of the following within 24 hours:

  • Lethargy

If they do, rush them immediately to the nearest veterinary clinic.

  • Garlic, onions and mushrooms

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A Bit About Bengal Cats

If youre looking for a low-maintenance lap cat, the Bengal cat probably isnt the right choice. This exotic breed is highly intelligent and very curious they tend to get in a lot of trouble, and they are always on the move. Bengal cats love climbing and playing fetch, and they have even been known to enjoy taking walks on the leash.

Bengal cats are a long, lean breed that grows up to 17 pounds for males and 11 pounds for females. Though they are not quite as large as some other breeds, they look much bigger than they are due to their muscular bodies. The Bengal cat has a spotted, Leopard-like coat that comes in a variety of colors.

Though the Bengal cat requires a lot of attention and social interaction, its short coat is easy to groom. In terms of health problems, the breed does have a few hereditary concerns including polycystic kidney disease.

They may also be more prone to certain infections. To keep your cat as healthy as possible, be sure to feed it a high-quality, nutritious diet.

Grandma Lucys Simple Replacement Anti

Bengal Dry Cat Food

We give the best overall to this unique product Grandma Lucys Simple Replacement Anti-Diarrhea Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Meal Replacement specially design to help your kittys tummy recover. This is a formula of only 2 ingredients: plain boneless chicken breast and white rice. While this is not a complete balanced diet this remedy is the perfect meal replacer for cats suffering from diarrhea. This is a simple and easy-to-digest equivalent to a bland diet. To feed it to your kitten you must rehydrate it using boiling water first, let it cool down, and use it as a meal replacement while your kitty stomach resets. In addition, this product is based on all-natural freeze-dried ingredients that are not GMO produced.

The only downside of this product is that some picky eaters will refuse to accept it and that it can only be used temporarily as a meal replacer because it is not a complete balanced formula but rather a remedy.

  • Picky eaters could refuse this food
  • Not a complete balanced diet

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Blue Buffalo Dry Food For Bengal Cats

With a well-balanced mixture, this Blue Buffalo is one of the best dry cat food for cats that have grain allergies. Although it is grain-free cat food, it is rich in protein and fiber.

Blue Buffalo dry food for cats is one of the best sources of protein, with chicken as a core element. Being a grain-free product, it has sweet potatoes and peas as a source of carbohydrates.

This product comes in a 12lb bag with an airtight seal. This dry food contains kibbles that are a blend of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It also has omega-3 and omega-6, which is a good source of fatty acids.


  • These dry cat kibbles are a perfect mix of natural ingredients like soy, deboned chicken, chicken liver, peas, corn, etc.
  • Blue Buffalos dry cat food has a proper amount of antioxidants, fatty acids in the form of omega-3 for luscious hair, and glowing skin.
  • It is especially for cats that have grain allergy but needs to have a high level of protein in their meals.
  • Blue Buffalos dry cat food can be given as a treat, as it is a mix of Bengal cats favorite food.
  • This cat food doesnt contain any filler or artificial flavors.


  • This food needs to be stored in a dry place, as there is a possibility of clumps.

Changing From Commercial To Homemade Cat Food

If your cat has been on commercial cat food for most of its life, his digestive enzymes and digestive system has most likely acclimated to this unnatural diet. Slowly transition over to raw food, 1 teaspoon at a time, over the course of a month.

You will want to follow the advice of your veterinary professional, but for many this will look like:

Day 1-5: Mix 1 teaspoon of raw food into whatever your cat normally eats.

Day 5-10: Increase the raw food by double.

Day 10-15: Feed your cat half raw, half what they were eating before.

Day 15 on: You may be able to switch to all raw food as your cat has had time for their digestive system to catch up. If your cat is fussy, continue the slow transition.

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Instinct Limited Diet Grain

For those of us who were looking for a food thats perfect for kitties with sensitive stomachs, Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry Cat Food was the answer we wanted. We love the fact that it only has a limited number of ingredients, so its easy to read the label and know whether or not its right for our cats.

This grain-free food contains a single animal protein and a single vegetable, so it gives our cats the simple nutrition that they need without upsetting their stomachs. When you are looking for something simple with easy-to-read ingredients, this food is ideal

As cat owners, we know how finicky our cats can be. It can be sometimes hard to find a flavor that they are going to love. Thats why we were happy to find Feline Natural Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. This chicken and lamb formula is full of omega 3s and is full of chondroitin and glucosamine. Its also free of gluten, rice, soy and wheat, which makes it perfect for owners with cats with sensitive stomachs.

It also doesnt use any additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. The only thing added is fresh, natural water from New Zealand. Its made to be ideal for all breeds, and it can be fed to your cat at any stage from kittenhood to senior, as well as during lactation and pregnancy.

  • Not made specifically for Bengals
  • May not help with oral hygiene due to being wet food

Back To Nature With The Best Bengal Cat Diet From Untamed

Royal Canin Bengal Cat food Review with Bengal Cats ð¸â¥ï¸?

As a cross between the Asian leopard cat and the Egyptian Mau, the Bengal is an exotic feline, famed for its wild appearance and energetic nature.

Regardless of how exotic they are, Bengals are cats and need meat-based nutrition.

As a cat parent, you want to make sure the diet you choosewhether dry, wet, raw, semi-moist, or homemadeis appropriate to help them maintain their health and energy.

It entails a bit of research and creating a tailor-made meal plan guaranteed to give your Bengal the required nutrients.

Untamed is here to helpwe understand what Bengals need and can help you find the best dietary solution for your lounge leopard.

King of all he surveys

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Best Cat Food For Bengal Cats Kitten

Why Do I Recommend This Food?

Purina ONE Healthy Kitten is a great all-around affordable choice for Bengal kittens.

It contains plenty of protein-rich ingredients for top nutrition.

The first five ingredients are chicken, liver, chicken broth, pork lungs, and salmon which are great high-quality protein sources for growing kittens. Its also grain-free and doesnt contain any carrageenan which is great for sensitive stomachs.

The main downside is the mixed taste reviews via customer feedback. This may be due to product inconsistencies and formula changes over time.


Chicken, liver, chicken broth, pork lungs, salmon, natural flavors, ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS AND OTHER INGREDIENTS: Minerals , guar gum, Vitamins , taurine

CALORIC CONTENT: 1,238 kcal/kg, 105 kcal/can

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Cat Food By Natures Variety

Certainly, the best cat food for Bengal cats that can be bought, this offering from Natures Variety should keep both you and your fussy feline very happy.

With plenty of options, this diet can be bought in either a chicken or duck flavour.

There are also healthy weight versions for those kitties prone to putting on weight easily, and indoor health versions for indoor only cats who burn less calories than their outdoor comrades.

Bags can be bought in a number of sizes from 2lbs to 10lbs, allowing for those owners who like to shop frequently and others who like to stock up.

The number one ingredient of this high-quality food is cage-free chicken.

There are no grains, corn, soy, artificial colours or flavours.

There are added probiotics to support a healthy digestive tract and omegas for a shiny coat.

With tonnes of anti-oxidants, the immune system is supported, preventing infections.

Importantly, the fruits and vegetables within the food are all non-GMO.

Cats just love this grain-free kibble mixed with delicious, freeze-dried, raw chicken.

Minimally processed, there is a whopping 43% of protein contained within each meal.

This is a complete food that does not need any supplementing.

Packed with nutrition, the average cat only needs 3/8 of a dry food measuring cup, ensure this food will last a long time.

A simple diet with the highest-quality, pure ingredients, any Bengal would be lucky to be fed this food.

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Types Of Homemade Cooked Cat Foods

As cat owners, we want the very best for our feline companions. Part of ensuring that your cat is healthy includes offering them a complete and balanced diet, rich in beneficial foods.

Preparing cat food yourself can be a convenient option for you. Not only are the ingredients easy and affordable, but cooking your own cat food at home can save you money against purchasing commercial cat foods. However, designing a recipe that meets all of your cats nutritional needs is quite difficult, and the recipes in this article were not formulated by veterinary nutritionists.

Some of these recipes have great reviews for being able to help cats who suffer from certain conditions, such as digestive or skin and coat issues. With so many different homemade cooked cat food recipes available, you may want to give them a try and see if your cat enjoys them. Please keep in mind that these recipes dont tick all the boxes in terms of nutrients your cat requires for a healthy diet. These recipes should be seen as an occasional treat for your cat alongside a properly balanced diet.

A Word of Caution: We put the following 10 recipes through formulation guides for nutrients and they were all lacking in some way for long-term feeding. Should you prefer to cook for your cat on a long-term basis or your pet has health needs requiring a special diet, we recommend you consult with a qualified veterinary nutritionist to help you.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food Runner Up

Royal Canin Cat Food Bengal Adult Original 2kg

Made to mimic the diet of wild felines, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food is a great option for adult Bengal cats. Reasonably priced and made using natural ingredients, this formula will give your kitty all the chicken flavor it craves.

Key Features

  • High-calorie
  • Antioxidants

Featuring high-quality chicken as the first ingredient, this food contains 30% crude proteins and 18% crude fat that will keep your Bengal cat energized and support healthy skin and coat. Instead of eating unhealthy grains and fillers, your kitty will gorge on complex carbs such as peas and potatoes.

The added LifeSource Bits contain a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and support a strong immune system and overall wellness. Furthermore, this food also contains Taurine which supports heart and eye health.


  • Calorie dense and ideal for active and energetic cats
  • Designed to support overall health and well-being
  • Made with natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Supports healthy skin and shiny coat


Not ideal if your cat isnt a fan of chicken flavor

Overall, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food is a great choice if you are looking for high-quality and natural food for your Bengal cat.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food

ABOUT: This dry cat food was created by the famous chef Rachael Ray and they are recipes that she created in her own test kitchen. The recipe for theses dry foods are simple and made with healthy ingredients. These recipes combine high-quality proteins like salmon, whitefish, and chicken with vegetables, vitamins, taurine, and minerals.


Bengal Cat Diet Summary

If you want your Bengal cat to stay healthy always, then you must make sure her diet is strictly rich in protein and free of artificial ingredients, fillers, or meat by-products. Without protein, she could suffer serious health problems.

You also need to pay attention to the total calorie intake of your cat to avoid the risk of overfeeding and weight gain. And lastly, even though your cat can show healthy digestion of milk, still you should give her a little bit of it occasionally as a treat.

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How Often Should I Feed My Bengal Cat

There are a few factors you should consider:

  • Lifestage: Feed kittens three or four times a day and feed adult cats twice a day.
  • Activity Level: Active Bengal cats require more food so that you can feed them three small meals during the day. Sedentary cats should not eat more than two small meals a day.
  • Health: The health of your cat can also help determine how often you should feed them. It is best to speak to your veterinarian first.

Our Top Choices For The Best Dry Food For Bengal Cats

Hills Science Diet kitten dry food review with bengal Kittens ðº

After go through some of the dry cat foods on the market, and there are plenty of them to choose from, to hopefully help make your choice easier, we’ve come up with five of the top dry cat foods that we believe could be ones that are not only healthy for your Bengal, but may be ones that they will enjoy eating.

Below is the list of dry cat foods we feel might be good choices for your Bengal cat.

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Choose A Food That Can Be Used In A Puzzle Feeder

Puzzle feeders are special toys that have to be manipulated by your cat to get to a treat. With a spritely Bengal, they are great to use even for regular meals. Having to work for their food turns mealtime into a game and they can keep their active minds engaged.

Puzzle feeders have the added benefit of extending the time it takes to eat a portion of food, which can help cats feel fuller for longer and reduce begging behaviors.


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