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What Does It Mean When A Cat Throws Up

What Can I Give My Cat For Vomiting

Top 10 cats being sick – cats throw up

There are no over-the-counter medications that can be safely administered to a vomiting cat. If your cat vomits multiple times within a period of a week, contact your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for a physical examination. Your veterinarian will look for the underlying cause of your cats vomiting and may be able to prescribe anti-nausea drugs, if appropriate.

My Cat Is Vomiting Bile: Pathological Causes

In addition to the already mentioned causes, a cat can also vomit bile as a symptom of a disease. Below, we summarize the main pathologies that can cause your cat to vomit this yellow-green fluid:

  • Liver problems: as the liver is the organ that produces bile, any liver dysfunction can affect the normal production of this digestive fluid. When liver problems lead to overproduction of bile, this can result in irritation and inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosae. To relieve this cluster and stop the inflammatory process of the mucous membranes, bile will be eliminated through vomiting. The most common characteristic sign of liver problems is the yellowing of the eyes and mucous membranes . However, this symptom will appear when liver damage is quite advanced, so we must be alert to the first changes in the appearance and behavior of our cats, to allow for an early diagnosis.
  • Pancreatitis: Pancreatitis in cats is often diagnosed in domestic cats. An affected cat will demonstrate a loss of appetite and spend long periods fasting. As we have mentioned, when the stomach is empty as a result of hours without food, bile accumulates and the vomiting is provoked to relieve irritation of the gastric mucous membranes. Pancreatitis in cats can also cause other symptoms, such as diarrhea, bloating and abdominal tenderness.

Treatment Of Vomiting With Bile In Cats

On some occasions, vomiting with bile in your cat will subside on its own. In cases where the condition is ongoing, there will be various courses of treatment depending on the underlying cause. In the event of food causes, your vet may prescribe an approved cat food formula for animals with inflamed stomachs or food sensitivities. They may also alter the amount or frequency of your cats meals.

If food or diet alterations dont alleviate your pets symptoms, the veterinarian may prescribe certain drugs such as antibiotics for infections or digestion affecting drugs to increase the ability of your pet to digest food or to reduce the amount of bile in the digestive system. Probiotics may also be recommended to help restore the levels of good bacteria in your cats digestive system.

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Why Is My Cat Throwing Up

Your veterinarian will ask a variety of questions to determine why your cat is vomiting. These include:

  • Have you switched your cats diet recently?

  • Have you started any prescribed or over-the-counter medications?

  • What diet, including all treats, is your cat on?

  • Do you have other cats in the house, and if so, are they also vomiting?

  • Is your cat indoor and/or outdoor?

  • How often is your cat vomiting, and what does the vomit look like?

  • Is your cat still eating?

  • Is your cat having other symptoms, such as diarrhea and/or weight loss?

  • How long has your cat been vomiting?

There are several possible causes of cat vomiting, and these questions will help guide your veterinarian in the right direction. Possible reasons why cats throw up can be broken into two categoriesgastrointestinal causes and non-gastrointestinal causes.

Treating Acute Vomiting In Cats

What does it mean if a cat throws up all the time?

The first step in properly treating your cat for vomiting is identifying the underlying cause. First, your veterinarian will do noninvasive diagnostics. This includes:

  • A chemistry and CBC to screen for diseases such as kidney disease and diabetes.

  • A fecal exam to rule out parasites.

  • Abdominal radiographs to rule out larger tumors or foreign bodies that might be causing an obstruction.

If these tests are normal, and your cat is acutely vomiting, your veterinarian will likely recommend supportive treatments with anti-nausea medications.

Cats that vomit from hairballs can be placed on a special high-fiber diet along with a medication to help ease the passage of hairballs.

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Your Cat Is Vomiting And Sneezing

If your cat has acute vomiting and sneezing, they could have contracted a virus . It is not uncommon for cats who become sick to also develop an upper respiratory tract infection. This is because a large portion of cats contract certain viruses, such as herpesvirus, as kittens, and can be acting normal until they are immunocompromised.

Why Is My Cat Vomiting Bile

Bile helps to “push” food through the digestive tract. The body performs a series of natural, involuntary and physiological movements known as “peristalsis”. Vomiting occurs when these movements reverse and expel part of the food bolus through the mouth, rather than leading to the next stage of the digestive tract.

These anti-peristaltic movements can be caused by defense mechanisms present in the digestive tract, which are trying to expel toxins and purge the organism. However, this reaction can also be caused by an impulse from the central nervous system.

Vomiting in cats can be causes by various things, such as: eating disorders or the formation of cats’ hairballs in their digestive tract, gastrointestinal diseases or poisoning . However, when a cat vomits bile specifically, the reason for this impulse is easier to identify. Here are the main causes that may explain why your cat is vomiting bile.

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What Do I Do If My Cat Is Vomiting Bile

As we have explained, the color of bile is not exclusively yellow. If you notice that your cat has vomited bile, whether accompanied by clear liquid, green liquid, a foamy white or brown substance, we recommend going to vet to rule out any pathology.

While many cats may vomit from having spent many hours fasting, you should still see you veterinarian to make sure the cat is healthy. Whenever possible, it is recommended to take a sample of the vomit to the veterinarian to help facilitate the diagnosis. Also, do not forget to see if your cat has shown other symptoms, such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue or changes in behavior.

In cases of vomitingdue to prolonged fasting, as the animal will likely experience an irritated gastric mucosa, we should not offer it large quantities of food, nor provide them with treats or foods that are difficult to digest. You should offer your animal small portions of boiled rice with chicken to keep it well nourished and hydrated, without overloading its digestive system. You can also opt for pâté for cats in a gastrointestinal can. However, it is essential to take guidance from a veterinarian to regulate the eating habits of your cat and avoid prolonged fasting.

Sometimes Cats Get Sick But It’s Important To Know The Warning Signs Just In Case Something Serious Is Happening

Why Your Cat Throws Up And What To Do When It Does

A cat throwing up white foam may need a vet visit to determine why this GI irritation is happening.

Experts at Senior Cat Wellness explain that cats throwing up white foam isn’t necessarily one cause:

“White foam usually occurs because the cat’s stomach or intestines have become inflamed. Furballs, parasites, and food allergies are common causes of inflammation. Occasionally, foamy vomit is linked to other organs, such as the pancreas .”

With that in mind, sometimes your cat will vomit, but it’s not normal for them to see chronic vomiting. Some hair will inevitably end up in your cat’s stomach when they groom themselves, but if too much collects there, their stomach will become inflamed.

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Is It Normal For A 3 Year Old Cat To Vomit

Some vomit only in the summer months others, year-round. There is a large range of normal when it comes to the frequency of cat vomiting. First, lets look at the above question and analyze the various parts of it and decide if we should be seriously concerned about this particular case of cat vomiting or not. The cat is 3 years old.

What To Do If Your Cat Throws Up Foam

If your cat vomits foam, start taking notes to develop an understanding of what happened.

If you notice that your cat has thrown up foam, its important to make a few observations. Did your cat vomit red foam, which could indicate bleeding in the esophagus? Did your cat vomit yellow foam, which indicates the presence of bile? Taking note of the characteristics of your cats vomit can allow you to provide potentially valuable information to your veterinarian.

Next, monitor your cat carefully. A single episode of vomiting may not require immediate intervention, as long as your cat is otherwise acting normal. Confine your cat to a small area for ease of monitoring and keep an eye on her, but she may return to normal over the next several hours.

If your cat has been vomiting frequently or is showing signs of illness, take them to a veterinarian.

If your cat has three or more episodes of vomiting in a day, however, or if he or she is acting very lethargic or ill even after a single episode of vomiting, you should contact your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for your cat. A loss of appetite that persists for more than one day should also trigger a call to your veterinarian.

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What Kind Of Bile Does A Cat Throw Up

Also, if she goes a while without eating, she might throw up a foamy fluid thats white or yellow in color. And she might even throw up a foamy liquid before throwing up a hairball. Green liquid or yellow bile If your cats stomach is empty from going a while without eating, she might end up vomiting bile that looks yellow.

Recent Posts

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up White Foam

Why is My Cat Throwing Up Clear Liquid?

If you have ever observed your cat throwing up white foam, then it most likely caused some serious concern. Sometimes, the causes of throwing up white form are obvious and normal, while there are also occasions when the vomiting of white foam can be due to serious health conditions such as gastritis.

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Reasons For Your Cat Vomiting


No pet parent likes to hear that sound: the hacking noise from the other room that tells you are going to have a mess to clean up. When your cat starts gagging, the first thought that might go through your head is, “Oh no, what did she get into now?” There are many reasons why your cat might throw up, some of them more serious than others. As a new pet parent, it is important to know the types of cat vomit and when an upchuck warrants a visit to the veterinarian.

Why Does My Cat Vomit All The Time

When cats vomit, they always look the same, regardless of the cause. The fact that vomiting always looks the same makes it so important that caring cat owners learn as much as possible about cat health and feline illness. It is essential to learn about causes of feline vomiting and learn to ask your veterinarian the right cat health questions.

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Are You Deworming Your Cat

Internal and external deworming must be done periodically to ensure your cat remains in good health. If you have recently adopted cat, adult or kitten, it is essential to go to your veterinarian to update its vaccination and deworming schedule.

Infestations by internal parasites can lead to your cat vomiting bile. It can also cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and excessive tiredness . Therefore, it is incredibly important to keep up to date with your animalâs deworming schedule.

Why Cats Get Worms: Causes Types And Symptoms

Reasons Cats Throw Up and Ways to Treat a Vomiting Cat

Cats generally will experience having worms at least once or more during their lifetime but it can be promptly addressed with regular deworming sessions as advised by your vet.

Here are the usual reasons why cats get infested with worms:

  • they can contract worms while theyre still kittens by nursing from an infected mother cat
  • cats may get infected by ingesting litter infected with worm larvae while cleaning their paws when grooming
  • cats can also get worms from infected soil or plants
  • biting and ingesting fleas that are carriers of worm larvae

The common types of worms in cats are the following:

  • roundworms intestinal parasites that resemble spaghetti strands and about 3 to 4 inches long
  • tapeworms resemble strips of tape, are segmented and flat and about 4 to 24 inches long
  • hookworms these intestinal parasites are smaller than roundworms and more or less 1 inch in length

Signs that your cat has worms aside from vomiting:

  • difficulty in breathing
  • worm segments in the feces or around the anus
  • bloody stool and diarrhea
  • a bloated or rounded belly
  • constipation

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Cat Vomit Diagnostic Hacks

A hairball every now and then may not be a reason to call your vet, but if your cat starts having frequently, such as once a week, or the hairballs are large and seem to be causing your pet discomfort, you may want to have your feline friend in for a checkup.

According to the Cornell Feline Health Center, most vets start by determining if the vomit problem is related or unrelated to hairballs. They then move to discussing possible ingestion of harmful objects or substances in your home, and finally, if needed, they progress to X-rays or ultrasounds to find the problem.

It’s helpful to know that most vets will approach cat vomiting this way so that you can gather useful information prior to calling for an appointment. When you call the vet, be prepared to describe your cat’s recent surroundings, activities and vomiting frequency and appearance.

How To Prevent My Cat From Vomiting Bile

In order to make sure your cat doesnât vomit bile, you need to prevent it suffering from imbalances in its digestive system. To conserve the good health of your cat, it is essential to remain aware of these following points:

  • Preventive medicine: make visits to the veterinarian every 6 months, respect your catâs vaccination schedule and periodic deworming and maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Balanced nutrition and a good diet : all cats need a complete and balanced diet to stay healthy, happy and active. In addition, avoid bad eating habits, such as leaving them for long hours without food. If you have to spend many hours outside of home, remember to leave enough food for your cat to consume throughout the day. And do not forget to check if the animal was fed during your absence.
  • Physical and mental well-being: the balance between body and mind is essential for the health of all species. A cat must be physically and mentally stimulated in order to maintain good health and balanced behavior. Therefore, remember to enrich the environment of your cat with toys, scrapers, labyrinths and other accessories that arouse its curiosity and allow it to exercise its body and mind.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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Treating A Cat That Keeps Throwing Up

If your cat continues to vomit or has a history of chronic vomiting, further testing would be indicated as described below:

  • Gastrointestinal panel: This will test the pancreas enzymes to rule out pancreatitis. It will also look at cobalamin and folate to determine if there is evidence of malabsorption in the small intestines.

  • Abdominal ultrasound: This imaging modality is very sensitive at identifying smaller foreign objects that x-rays cannot. This ultrasound looks at the pancreas and helps measure the wall of the gastrointestinal tract. It will also help rule out any enlarged lymph nodes that can sometimes be seen with cancer.

  • Chest x-rays: These may be recommended if it is not clear whether your cat is vomiting, regurgitating, or coughing. Chest x-rays are also recommended in older cats to rule out evidence of cancer.

In some cases, the diagnostics come back normal or do not provide a definitive diagnosis. This can be seen if the disease is at the cellular level of the small intestines.

In this instance, the next step would be obtaining biopsies of your cats gastrointestinal tract to differentiate between inflammatory bowel disease, food hypersensitivity, and gastrointestinal lymphoma. Your veterinarian may try a new diet prior to obtaining biopsies in the event that this is related to a food allergy.

What Does Cat Throw Up Look Like

What Does It Mean When Cats Throw Up White Foam

Regurgitation is actually different from vomiting in that the food does not have a chance to digest partially. You can usually tell by looking at what your cat produced. If it’s firm, tubular, and covered in mucus, your pal has probably regurgitated. Cat vomit is liquid-like, and the food is more broken down. via

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Food And Dietary Changes

When there is a change in your cats feeding schedule, if your cat misses a meal or eats later than normal, your cat may vomit up clear liquid.

In addition, you may have switched your cats food too quickly. When changing your cat to a new diet, it is recommended to do it gradually over a one to two-week period gradually decreasing the amount of current cat food while increasing the amount of new cat food.

Your cat may eat too quickly, and this can cause clear vomit or clear vomit with food present. If you cat is a habitual ‘scarf and barf’ cat or if they have intestinal sensitivities, that may be causing them to vomit up partially digested or undigested food. If your vet has ruled out other medical issues and thinks that what your cat is vomiting up is actually food, they may want you to try a commercial, sensitive systems food with your cat. If your cat is still struggling with vomiting food on this special diet, they may then want to put your cat on a strict, hydrolyzed protein diet.

Your vet may also suggest food puzzles for your cat. Food puzzles are a great source of both play and enrichment for your cat. There are more and more manufactured food puzzles available on the market that stimulate both your cat’s predatory and foraging instincts. The added benefit of food puzzles for a cat that chronically vomits their food, though, is that it slows down the chow time so that a cat cannot eat too quickly and then get sick from it.


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