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Where Can I Board My Cat

Risk #: Administering Medications

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If your cat has to have regular medications, your cat sitter may find it challenging to do if they cant find your kitty. And even if your sitter can locate your cat, they may struggle to administer the medication, especially if they arent used to the process.

If your sitter cant give your cat its medications, or worse, skips them because it seems like too difficult a task, it could be awful for your cats health. Likewise, if your sitter gets frustrated and is too rough when administering the medicine, your cat could be traumatized or injured by the experience.

Was Your Pet Food Recalled

Stress, he believes, is a problem at any sort of boarding facility, especially for cats. Cats like the familiar and tend to resist change with every fiber of their furry being.

Also, cats arent usually very thrilled to suddenly find themselves in places with lots of other strange animals.

Do Your Research and Ask Lots of Questions

Do research now to secure a reservation at a highly reputable establishment. Cat-only facilities are a really good idea.

Visit the facility, if possible, or get recommendations from your cat-loving friends or veterinarian.

When making reservations at a cat boarding facility, ask questions, such as:

  • What vaccinations are required?
  • How much playtime do the cats get at this boarding facility?
  • Does the staff give medications?
  • If my cat gets sick, will you use your vet or my vet? Who exactly is your vet?

If your cat is high maintenance in needing insulin injections or oral medications, carefully check the nursing expertise of the staff. Some cats may be better off in a veterinary hospital if they are frail, or if they need subcutaneous fluids or medical monitoring and meds.

Among the amenities at some catteries are full-height sneeze barriers, a security corridor, viewing shelves for rainy days, and heat lamps and heating pads for older/more delicate cats.

The Downsides to Boarding Your Cat

Unfortunately, some catteries can be pricey.

Cat therapist Carole Wilbourn advises strongly against boarding.

Disadvantages Of Cat Boarding

As with most things in life, boarding facilities are not without fault. When it comes to boarding conditions things may differ from one cattery to another and depending on where you live you may have to do extensive research and look at multiple reviews before booking a worthy cattery.

More so, boarding requires careful planning, and its not a short-notice decision. These facilities are not always easy to book, and you have to do it in advance.

Boarding facilities can also be quite expensive, and youll have to keep that in mind when going over your budget.

Your cat might also have a difficult time staying at a cattery. Most cats dont like it when their routine is disrupted, and they rarely enjoy being away from home.

The environmental change, especially in a facility that is filled with unfamiliar sounds and smells from other cats and humans can be overwhelming and extremely stressful for most cats.

Most likely, shy cats will not enjoy sharing a playroom with a stranger cat and that can lead to aggression and anxiety. Or they might end up hiding under blankets and inside the available kitty nooks in their room.

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Where Can I Board My Cat

Where Can I Board My Cat?

Boarding your cat at a boarding facility can be a good idea if youre away from home or want to take a vacation. Cats are creatures of habit and they can be stressful if theyre left alone for extended periods of time.

Visiting a boarding facility means that your cat will have a routine that he or she is used to, and it will also allow you to rest easier knowing that your pet is safe and happy.

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Cats are creatures of habit and they can be stressful if theyre left alone for extended periods of time. Visiting a boarding facility means that your cat will have a routine that he or she is used to, and it will also allow you to rest easier knowing that your pet is safe and happy.

Using a boarding facility is a great option if you are away on business or just want to go away for a week.

Many facilities offer daily or weekly stays, which can be perfect for your cat. Some facilities will even let your cat stay with a human if you dont feel comfortable taking your animal to them yourself. The best way to decide if a boarding facility is right for your pet is to try them out and see how they feel.

The cost of boarding a cat varies widely, and it can cost anywhere from $15 to $45 per night, depending on the location. However, its much cheaper than hiring a pet-sitting service or paying someone to visit your cat every day. Plus, boarding provides reliable care.

Browse To Book In 3 Steps Flat

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    • Discover the right care for your cat

      Whether you choose cat boarding, drop-in visits, or house sitting, your cat will get all the love and care they need in a comfortable home environment.

    • Meet trusted local cat sitters

      Every cat sitter profile has been individually reviewed and approved by Rover.

    • Get to know your sitter with a Meet & Greet

      Schedule a free in-person Meet & Greet with your cat boarding sitter to make sure theyre a good fit before you book.

    • Enjoy adorable photo updates

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    • Find your cats perfect fit on Rover

      Your cat is one of a kindbook cat boarding with a sitter who gets it. Meet the right person for you, your cat, and your budget.

    Youll find pet parents, pet sitters, and dog walkers who use Rover in thousands of cities worldwidejoin us!

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    Boarding A Cat At Home

    Local individuals are more likely to do in-home visits than pet boarding companies, but it is possible to find a cat boarding company that does in-home visits. This is a great alternative for cat owners who dont feel comfortable leaving their cat in a strange place overnightboard your cat at home instead and hire someone to stop in to feed, play with, or cuddle your kitty.

    Myth #: It Will Just Be Too Loud And Scary Being Around All Those Dogs

    FACT: Again, a reputable and conscientious boarding facility will not mix dogs and cats. Cats are kept in a separate building from the dogs at Holiday Barn. Although it is possible they may hear some outside barking, it is no more than what they would hear at home from the safety and comfort of their own home.

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    Myth #: Im Afraid My Cat Will Catch A Disease Being In Such Close Quarters With Other Cats

    FACT: As we discussed in the previous bullet, cats are not boarded together, and are unable to interact. In addition, our modern air filtration and purification system help to keep airborne bacteria and illness at bay. There are no communal spaces where food bowls or little boxes are shared. And, of course, our vaccination requirements were designed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of bringing disease into our facilities.

    Where Can I Keep My Cat In Vancouver What Are My Cat Boarding Options

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    Whether youre in the midst of a move, going on a vacation, or in a difficult situation to care for your cat properly, youre starting to think about short or long-term cat boarding or care options. Below youll find more information about what kind of options there are for cat care:

    Congratulations! You are a cat owner and now you need a place to board your cat. You are in luck if you live in Vancouver, Richmond, or any of the British Columbia lower mainland as there are several different options that exist. The three main boarding options for cats are the cat hotel, the cattery and the in-home cat sitter.

    Typical Cat Hotels A cat hotel is a type of pet boarding for your cat that provides pampered care for felines while the animals owners are either out of town or need temporary care. The services and accommodations available at cat hotels in and around Vancouver can vary considerably by cat hotel, though basic care such as feeding and regular cleaning is included.

    Cat Sitters A cat sitter is a person who takes care of a cat or other pet at your home, in your cats own environment. Some people would rather have their feline cared for in their own homes so the animal stays in their regular routine and so that the cat need not to adapt to a new environment. In Vancouver, Richmond, or anywhere else in the lower mainland, this is a good alternative for cats that are not well socialized or vaccinated.

    Also have a dog? These articles can help:

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    Benefit #: Multiple Cats Can Be Separated

    If you have more than one cat, you may be tempted to hire a cat sitter to keep the cats at home. However, cats can become aggressive when under stress, including when they feel lonely or when a stranger is in their space.

    Boarding multiple cats can work better because you have the option to board them separately if they dont become stressed during their stay.

    Each cat benefits from individualized attention and constant care when theyre boarded, so you wont have to worry about your beloved pets safety.

    Is It Better To Board A Cat Or Leave At Home When You Leave

    Not every cat breed loves to travel. Or maybe youve tried traveling with your feline friend and it was a nightmare, you may be wondering is it better to board a cat or leave at home? This is a very common question because people dont want their cat to miss them or sit at home lonely.

    In most cases, it should be fine to leave your cat at home when you leave home. As long as you have someone that you trust to come in and check on them once in a while. If you dont want your cat to spend the days by themselves, you may want to consider boarding them at a facility that can provide them great care.

    Whether youre leaving for the holidays, on vacation, weekend trip or just a short day trip. This article will help you get the best care for your four-legged friend.

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    Finding A Boarding Kennel

    Cat Nip

    If you’re leaving your cat in someone else’s care, let your veterinarian know that you’ll be gone for a while and that you’ll be responsible for the bill if your cat needs medical care while you’re gone. Be sure your kitty’s caretaker knows where the vet is and about the arrangement as well.

    Many boarding kennels accept cats, and many veterinary hospitals offer boarding for client’s pets. If your cat requires special care due to medical problems, consider boarding your cat at the vet’s when you travel. Good boarding kennels can handle most routine support for cats with special needs, too. Consider your cat’s overall comfort, the quality of care and attention he’ll receive, and how long he’ll be boarded. Some cats find the atmosphere of a veterinary facility very stressful, so a boarding kennel that accepts or specializes in cats might be better.

    Ask your family, friends, and veterinarian for good boarding facility recommendations. Before you make a reservation, ask for a tour. The facilities should be clean and reasonably free of odors. Cats should be boarded separately from dogs and should have no physical contact with their neighbors. Find out who will handle your cat and who else will have access to him.

    Cat Nip

    Some facilities offer extrasmore cuddles, more play times, daily brushing, a bath before going home, etc. Before you decide, ask what the basic boarding fee covers. Sometimes the extras aren’t worth the extra charge.

    Choose The Right Facility

    19inch Cat Scratcher Cat Scratching Board Pad Hanging Scratcher Cat ...

    The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of facility you want your kitty to stay at.

    Some of you might begin your research by looking at the local catteries, or you might go for something fancier like a cat hotel or a cat resort, and if your kitty needs specialized medical attention then you might choose a vet clinic with boarding services instead.

    Once you know what youre looking for, youll need to do a bit of digging to find a boarding facility that offers the best cat-friendly features.

    Make sure the cattery has individual cat condos instead of cages, that are large enough to include shelves or a cat tree where your kitty can jump and sharpen their claws. They must also have a few hiding places where your cat can retrieve, and there must be enough room for a comfy bed.

    As you may already know cats dont like it when their litter box is placed next to their feeding stations. So, keep an eye out on how sanitary the conditions in the said cattery are.

    Id also suggest paying a visit to a few boarding facilities so you can see what they offer in person and talk with the people working there about the different services available.

    Avoid boarding facilities that host dogs and cats, even if theyre in separate areas. Your cat is most likely to hear and smell the resident canines and that will most likely increase their anxiety.

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    Petshotel Safety & Wellness Standards

    The safety, health and happiness of our customers, pets and associates are a top priority at PetsHotel.

    Heres what we instituted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Advanced Cleaning Measures. We sanitize all rooms, bowls, toys, play equipment and common areas of the PetsHotel daily and perform additional cleaning throughout the day.
    • PetsHotel Hygiene. We are also taking extra safety precautions for our pet parents by providing hand sanitizer and disinfected pens for use in our PetsHotel lobby.
    • Pet Handling. We transfer pets to and from the PetsHotel with our own slip leads, so that associates dont handle any collars and leashes belonging to pets.
    • Social Distancing. Tape has been placed on the PetsHotel lobby floors to indicate where customers and associates should stand. Our associates have been instructed to maintain a distance of at least six feet between themselves and any person, including fellow associates.

    Heres what we continue to do to make sure you and your dog or cat can rest easy and assured:

    To make your PetsHotel reservation

    Additional Pet Boarding Costs

    Most pet boarding business offer extra services on top of the regular pet care needed. Sometimes these services are complimentary and included in the price of boarding, but most of the time they will come at an additional cost.

    For example, TLC Pet Boarding LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL, offers a list of grooming services in addition to their standard nightly boarding rate of $30/day. Grooming extras range from just under $10 for nail trimmings to upward of $80 for the premium grooming package.

    Austin Grooming Artist in Austin, TX, offers grooming services for $50/cat as well as training, if necessary the cost of their training program is a flat rate of $350, which includes a 10-day stay with the trainera steal of a deal considering a cat behaviorist can cost about that much for a one-day session.

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    Leaving Cats Alone For 2 Weeks

    Whether youre leaving your cat alone for 10 days, a month, or leaving cats alone for 2 weeks, they still require the same basic things to survive and thrive.

    You need to ensure that they have a safe environment where they cant get hurt or slip outside and get lost.

    Youre either going to have to have someone come by and check on them once every few days. If you want them to have more day to day care, then you can take them to a cat boarding facility.

    Home Care Vs Boarding

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    Home care is when you leave your cat in their familiar environment and ask a friend, family member, or sitter to come into your or stay at your home while youre away. They give your cat attention, food, water and make time for playtime ensuring that your cat is safe and no issues arise.

    Boarding requires you to take your cat to a different facility that boards cats. You will have to schedule a visit in advance to make sure that it is suitable for Fluffy. Look for a facility that is clean, smells good, and is relatively quiet.

    Facilities that have a lot of loud noises, such as barking, excessive meowing, or loud employees can create great stress in your feline.

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    What To Do With Your Cat When You Travel: Boarding Vs Cat Sitter

    There are pros and cons to both cat sitting and boarding. It really comes down to what works best for your individual cat.

    Going out of town? Vacation?

    So, whats happening with your cats while youre gone?

    Are you leaving them for an extended time with just a bunch of water and food? Are you letting the kid down the block just throw some food in the bowl every other day?

    You want our professional opinion? Those are not very good ideas.

    Just because cats dont have to be walked twice a day like dogs doesnt mean they deserve poor home care while youre away.

    It can be tricky figuring out what the best arrangement is for your pet.

    With any luck, this article will help you figure out what to do with your cat when you travel.


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