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Why Does My Cat Keep Rolling Around

Why Is My Cat Rolling On The Floor And Meowing

Why Does My Cat ROLL OVER When He Sees Me?

As established, the answer to why do cats flop down in front of you? invariably revolves around happiness and attention. All the same, be mindful if a cat demonstrates this behavior alongside verbalization.

Cats are slaves to routine, and you may be running behind a regularly scheduled event. Missed mealtimes are the likeliest culprit. Your cat is making itself impossible to ignore so you feed it ASAP.

You must also consider health complaints. If your cat is wriggling and rolling around while meowing, it may have an itch that it cannot scratch. At this point, the cat is desperate enough to request human intervention.

In the immediate term, provide attention. Pet all of your cats favorite spots, most notably behind the ears, along the back, and under the chin. As always, be careful to avoid touching the paw pads and belly.

If this appears to sate your cat, wait for it to calm down and perform a health inspection. Look for any signs of a skin condition. This will commonly be referred to as feline dermatitis. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Red or swollen skin when the fur is parted
  • Noticeable scabs, sores, and bumps on the skin
  • Flaky skin that resembles dandruff
  • Matted fur that cannot be smoothed
  • Concentrated hair loss

In most cases, cats flopping on their back when they see you is a sign of love and affection. The cat is expressing joy and happiness in your return.

They Are Scratching An Itch

Its also possible that your cat went onto its back because they are trying to scratch an itch. This may be the only way they can do this. They may also just be stretching their muscles, as these animals tend to do from time to time. You know how good it can feel to stretch when your muscles are tense, and cats can experience the same pleasurable sensation.

Why Does My Cat Go Crazy And Run Around

1. Pent-up Energy

The most logical explanation is that this behavior could simply be pent-up energy in your cat.

Cats spend lots of time lying around just watching the world go by. But they do have energy to burn just like any other animal.

The racing around could be a way of burning off that pent-up energy.

Makes sense, right?

Cats tend to be more active when were more active, says cat researcher Mikel Delgado,1 a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California Davis.

Because most people are at work all day, Delgado says, when they get home cats have all that energy stored up from lounging all day.

This is especially true for indoor cats.2 And while younger cats obviously have more energy to burn, even senior cats have been known to zoom around like crazy every once in a while.

This video shows a hilarious compilation of cats racing around their houses like crazy:

2. Intruders Inside and Out

Another animals scent could be the reason your cat is running around like crazy.

If there are other animals inside the house or outside the window, it could be triggering your cats behavior.

Your home, inside and out, is an area your cat considers their territory. It can be maddening to see another animal blithely tromping all over said territory.3

A good indicator is seeing your cat racing from window to window and even meowing loudly enough to shake the rafters .

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Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete The Interesting Reasons

If youre a cat owner, you know that cats are weird. They do things that we cant always explain. Rolling on concrete is just one of those behaviorscat lovers cant fully rationalize it, but we try anyway! So, why do cats roll on concrete?

Cats roll on concrete because the surface is warm or cool their bodies. Concrete is scratchy and dirty, and your cat may be rolling on it to tend to its coat or soothe its muscles.

A cat rolling on its back can be communicating something to you and tending to its own needs simultaneously.

Attraction To Another Location

Why does my cat roll over when he sees me (With images ...

As mentioned previously, cats like to toilet in places that are easily accessible, quiet, and have specific odors, and if the litter box is not meeting their needs, they often will find somewhere else that is more preferable. Additionally, when a cat has marked an area, it is essential to do a deep cleaning of that spot as soon as possible, as cat urine can soak through to the padding of the carpet, making it almost impossible to fully eliminate, and will continue to attract them to use this location. Using enzymatic cleaners such as Natures Miracle helps to naturally break down the components of urine to eliminate the smell. You should always avoid harsh chemicals or those with intense scents, as this may cause your kitty to want to mark over it.

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Is It Safe For My Cat To Curl Up In My Dirty Laundry

In most cases, yes.

Cats arent affected by human sweat or odors, so in most cases its completely safe for your cat to curl up in your dirty clothes or towels.

The exception to this rule is if you have worked in an environment where toxins may have spilled on, or attached to, your clothes.

Things like paint, cleaning chemicals, and toxic plants can all be harmful to your cat if they roll around in them or digest them.

So if your clothing could have traces of harmful chemicals or toxins, keep them out of reach of your kitty.

Was Your Pet Food Recalled

3. Chasing Prey

Or, your crazy-acting cat could be unfortunately for you squeamish people out there reacting to the scent of prey.4

Mice are a common problem in just about any area, but especially rural areas. Mice give off a distinct odor to cats and are their natural prey, so it makes sense that your cat will go nuts trying to find them and catch them.

And if youre lucky, your cat will .

Not only is this an explanation for the cat zoomies, but its also a great indicator of a pest control issue.

You might want to hire a pest control service to come out and take a look, especially if youre like me and refuse to go within 10 feet of a mouse.

4. Pesky Little Fleas

Your cat could in fact have fleas.

As any of us who have been bitten know, its a sharp little pain that comes along with every bite, and those bites can get really annoying quickly.

Flea infestations can happen quickly even if your cat lives indoors-only so its important to treat your cat as soon as you notice the problem.

Fleas make your cat terribly uncomfortable, according to the Cornell Feline Health Center5 and in severe cases can cause pain from the constant flea bites and the cats subsequent scratching.

5. Other Reasons

If none of the above seem to apply to your cat and you are sincerely concerned, its never a bad idea to talk with your veterinarian about the reasons behind your cat running around like crazy.

  • Racing around the house
  • Chasing their tail

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Why Does My Cat Keep Smelling The Floor

In every way, a cats sense of smell is superior to ours. Cats sniff to learn about their environment and to check for prey or food. They also sniff other cats scent messages to identify friend or foe. Long-distance feline messages, cat-to-cat, are left by urination, defecation, rubbing, and scratching.

How To Prevent Your Cat Biting Themselves

My female cat in heat. Rolling around on the floor like a crazy cat

As you can see, there are many reasons why a cat might bite themselves. It is essential you find the particular cause and provide the appropriate treatment, something which can only be done by a qualified veterinary medical health professional. As with any health problem in cats, prevention is better than cure. Here are some general guidelines to help you prevent your cat from biting their tail, legs, tongue or any part of their body:

If you want to read similar articles to My Cat Keeps Biting Itself – Causes of Excessive Fur Chewing, we recommend you visit our Behavioral problems category.

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Cats Love To Be Clean And Warm

Cats are meticulous in their natural cleanliness and spend much of their time grooming themselves by keeping their fur clean, detangled, and well-conditioned. Cats also maintain a higher body temperature and cleaning themselves helps maintain and regulate their body temperature. When a cat’s coat becomes soaked, it becomes quite heavy, making it hard for them to return to a dry, warm state quickly. A wet coat can also make the cat feel slow and not as nimble as usual, which results in an uncomfortable sensation of not being able to quickly get out of a situation.

A Female Cat Might Be In Heat

Sometimes, cats will roll around outside to signal to other cats that they are ready for mating. A female cat in heat will roll around outside to send her pheromones to the local male cats.

The rolling around might also be a way to remove the previous male cats scent before mating with another male cat, which you can recognize by a frenzied motion.

Hormones and ovulation create the need for female cats to mate in any possible way, including them rolling around on their backs to attract a male cat.

If you dont want kittens, you might want to keep her inside until this time passes, or you will have every male cat in the neighborhood calling on your cat.

One other way to stop this behavior is to have your cat spayed.

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Dealing With Her Behavior

  • 1Calm her loud meowing. When a cat’s in heat, she advertises the fact to increase her chances of finding a boyfriend and having kittens. One way she does this is by vocalizing incredibly loudly and constantly. To an inexperienced owner, it may seem like she’s in pain, but this is perfectly normal behavior. You can either choose to deal with the extra noise, or try to calm her down.
  • Try plugging in a Feliway diffuser before your cat comes into heat. This synthetic feline pheromone surrounds her with safe, familiar scents.XResearch source Pheromones are chemical messengers a similar idea to the pheromones a female gives off to advertise she is in heat. But the ones in Feliway might have a calming, soothing effect on her.
  • It doesn’t work immediately, but the pheromones build up the cat’s sense of well-being over a couple of weeks. As such, it’s best to plug the diffuser in early and leave it running constantly in the background, so she gets the benefit by the time she comes into heat.
  • 2Deal with scent marking. Not all female cats do this, but some mark their territory with urine. Urine has potent scent markers that she uses to attract mates. Again, there’s nothing you can do to stop this behavior without getting her spayed, so you just have to make do. A few things you can do to make life a little easier include:
  • Making sure she has a clean litter box at all times. Hopefully her house training will lead her to use the box instead of marking in the house.
  • Why Do Cats Sniff Bottoms

    Why does my cat roll all over the ground when she sees me ...

    For cats, its normal for them to sniff each others butts as a way to say hello or confirm another cats identity, Delgado told the site. Because cats are territorial by nature, the butt scent is one way they communicate who they are and allow other animals to know what theyve laid claim to.

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    Why Does My Kitten Roll Over When He Sees Me Is He Scared

    Most of the times, cat-owners are very scared because they areunable to fathom their cats moves. When the cat rolls over, they think thatthe pet is scared of them. They dont know how to react and often take the helpof veterinarians to understand the feline behavior.In this article, we have listed you some of the simple reasons for the questionthat you have in mind why does my cat roll over when he sees me.

    1- Showing its relaxed state of mind

    You dont have to panic at all, because most of the times when your cat rolls over when it sees you, it is usually to show you that it is feeling comfortable. Often, when you come back from a trip or office, your cat will roll over immediately on seeing you. While dogs come running towards you and hug or lick you, this strange behavior from cats may puzzle you.

    You have to understand that by nature, dogs and cats are differentpersonalities. Cats love to show their love and warmth, but in a different way.They only rely on their body movements to tell you how comfortable they are.More often than not, it rolls over immediately after seeing you because it hasmissed you a lot during the day and is very happy to see you come back home.

    2- Showing its trust in you

    3- Why does my cat roll over when he sees me because it wants attention!

    4- Showing its love for you

    Should I Worry When My Cat Rolls In The Dirt

    Dust bathing is common in a lot of other animals with thick fur, including rabbits, chinchillas and number of birds. Even dogs and horses enjoy dust bathing or rolling in snow, dirt or mud. As explained above, most of the time rolling in the dirt is an indication that your cat is just normal, happy or playful.

    If you think your cat is dust bathing because of fleas or ticks, try an anti-parasite medication or take your cat to the vet. If your cat shows no other signs of distress, its probably safe to say that its just enjoying the sensation of rolling in dirt.

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    A Cat In Heat Has An Increased Appetite And Restlessness

    This is the first sign of proestrus, the earliest stage of a cats estrus, or heat, cycle. Other things you might notice are tomcats gathering around your home because your cats pheromones are attracting them. If you dont notice the cats, youll probably notice their calling cards: You cant miss the stench of tomcat spray.

    Your cats vulva might be slightly enlarged and moist, but you probably wont notice this as one of the signs a cat is in heat because 1) shell probably lick off any discharge, and 2) because the odds are youre not into closely examining your cats genitals. Proestrus lasts one or two days.

    Give Your Kitty An Alternative To The Litter Box

    My Cat Likes to Roll in His Litter Box: Ragdoll Cat Caymus Rolling Around

    If you live in a house with a garden, then this is something you might consider trying out. Since the cats litter box rolling behavior is related to rolling around in the dirt, give your cat a place where it can roll around in actual dirt and it will stop using the kitty litter all on its own.

    All you need is a small patch in your garden where you can set up a sandbox. A spot where you dont have a lawn set up or plants with dry dusty soil will also do. Introduce the cat to this spot in the garden and it will know what to do from there. The biggest risk is for the cat to turn it into an outdoor litter box.

    Keep in mind that these suggestions are not guaranteed to work, but there is a chance that they will. This behavior is something quite personal for your cat and so are the reasons behind it and what it is willing to substitute it with.

    While a cat rolling around in its litter box seems strange to us, it is not a dangerous behavior and there might be some good ways to make your cat stop. Does your cat roll around in litter? Has it been doing it for a long time? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

    Does your kitty roll around in his or her litter box?

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    Why Does My Cat Roll Over When He Sees Me

    When you have a cat at home, you will never have a dull moment in your life, because you will be busy figuring out what their body movements and postures mean. Unlike dogs, cats exhibit various dog movements, and it takes a great deal of patience and time to understand these and act accordingly. If you are new to handling cats, you may have many questions in your mind. Some of these questions are why doesnt my cat like belly rubs, why does my cat roll over when he sees me, why mycat rolling on floor and crying and many more.

    Cats are also very sensitive creatures. If they dont like the way you react to their body movements, they immediately spring up and try to attack you with their paws, claws or teeth. The reason why cats body postures are quite confusing is because a similar movement may mean a different feeling during different times of the day. Very often you would have noticed your cat rolling over the ground when he spots you. Have you ever wondered why? Keep reading to know more about this

    In a hurry? Check this out:
    1-Cat Spraying No More: Because whatever the reason for your cats inappropriate peeing and spraying, here is a very simple solution you need to start right now.2- How to Finally Speak Cat language! it is time learn to communicate directly with your cat and finally understand what they have been trying to tell you all along, and you can tell them exactly how much they mean to you.


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