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Why Is My Cat Suddenly Running Away From Me

Why Do Random Cats Follow Me

How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

Random cats may follow you if they are hoping to get food or affection. They may also be lost and trust you to help them find their home. Random cats follow children to serve as playmates. They can be looking for pets. If they approach adults , they might be looking for a new home or more human affection.

Outdoor cats sometimes approach other families because they are looking for extra food on the sly. Lost cats may have been chipped, in which case you should take them to the vet so they can help find the cats owner if they have one.

Reason # : New Home Sweet

Your love is not enough as they can feel, that is why they started to run away from you. As maybe they have found someone more loving and caring than you are. It is by nature that cats love to be pampered and easily accept love from someone whom they feel as they are being truly loved. And they feel that they have found another new home.

Your Cat Is Reacting To The Presence Of An Unwanted Guest

In many cases, you specifically are not what your cat has suddenly grown fearful of. It is very likely that you invited a guest that is making your cat skittish.

It is very common, in fact, for couples to bring home a newborn baby, and notice their normally sweet and loving cat turn into a distant, mean recluse.

If you brought home a new kitten and yourcat is not having it, they might result in hiding in your room to stay awayfrom the unwanted newcomer. Which leads to the next point:

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Instinct Tells To Run

Domesticated cats are descended from feral cats, though some of their characteristics can still be seen in house cats.

In the wild, cats used to prey and larger predators used to kill them. As a result, their action is manipulated by an unconscious fear reflex.

This instinct is most likely the cause of your cats aversion to you.

If youve just rescued a cat, youll want to give it some time to adapt to your presence.

Publishing On Missing Pet Websites

What To Do When My Cat Runs Away From Me?

Do not hesitate to publish a message on a social media group or a missing pet website. Websites like Animal Search UK specialise in missing cats cases and works with volunteers to help you reunite with your cat.

like Lost and Found Pets UK is full of animal-loving people and can be of great help to help you find your missing cat.

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Know The Touching Borders

Pets experts have published many studies about the way cats love to be touched. You can be surprised when you hear that for the first time in your life if you are petting a cat for the first time. Some cats love to be always touched when they are sitting next to you, others like to stay untouchable.

You can link the previous section with this one, when you analyze the cat body language, you can predict the timing you can touch your cat. It is said to avoid over touch in their period of mating because cats in this period are so sensitive and aggressive as well.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Running Away From Me

If your cat has suddenly started running away from you, this post will show you likely reasons why and what you can do about it.

So, why is my cat suddenly running away from me? Likely reasons why your cat is suddenly running away from you are a change in your cats environment causing it to be anxious, a change in how you have been interacting with it, injury or someone else mistreating it.

There are a number of possible reasons why your cat runs away from you and it might be due to a combination of reasons. However, there are some things you can consider when figuring out the main cause and there are things you can do about it.

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How Do You Get A Cat To Stop Running Away From You

You can make a gradual change in your cats behavior by changing how you interact with him and offering rewards to reinforce calm behavior. Follow these steps:

Start by gently touching your cat, then speaking softly to it while youre petting it. Ideally, this should be done first thing in the morning before any other activities happen.

Encourage your cat to follow you as you move slowly around the house, and reward it with treats.

Start walking toward your cat, then change direction once its close enough that you can reach out and gently touch its side or back.

Once your cat is comfortable with being touched gently, try more physical contactPet its head, ears, and back before offering a treat as a reward.

A Cat Acting Weird Might Signal Depression

Why is My Cat Aggressive? Reasons Your Cat is Aggressive & How to Help!

A cat acting weird might be depressed. Remember how you felt the last time you got dumped? You stayed in bed all day, didnt change your clothes, and ate only when your mom called and insisted that she was going to come over if you didnt shove some food into your face right now.

A cat who has, for example, lost a beloved companion might behave similarly. He leaves his food untouched for days, ignoring even treats. He hides under the bed. He is indifferent about grooming, because sigh;whats the point? And he sleeps even more than his usual 18 hours per day.

How to help: What a depressed cat needs more than anything is patience and TLC. Coax him out of hiding with toys and treats while talking in soothing tones. Also try Tellington TTouch, or TTouch, which involves massaging him in circular motions, and give him a familiar blanket or article of clothing.

If all else fails, your vet can prescribe antidepressants.

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Reason 1: Your Cat Gets Stuck While Wandering Through The Neighborhood

If you have an outdoor cat, itâs normal behaviour that your cat wanders through the area and takes her daily walks outside. What you might also know, is that cats are very curious pets.

Good to know: While theyâre trying to discover new places, be they distracted or just curious, many cats get stuck in various narrow places, such as fences, tubs, etc.

This is when a GPS tracker for cats proves very useful! This way, you will always know where kitty is and can help her immediately, in case you notice that she may be in trouble. The LIVE Tracking feature can tell you where your cat is at all times. Afraid that a tracking collar will create trouble to your curious feline? Worry no longer! Due to the breakaway mechanism of the Tractive GPS CAT Tracker, the collar will immediately âbreakâ apart in case of pressure and it can then be easily re-attached to your feline.

What To Do If Your Cat Runs Away

If your cat has already run away and has come back, theres no reason why they shouldnt come home again this time. To put your mind at ease and to make sure your cats not in danger , it’s best to go from door to door and ask your neighbours if they have seen your cat. At nightfall, you can also call your cat for 5 minutes every half hour for 2 or 3 hours: your voice will give your cat a point of reference; if they are nearby, this will help them find their way home. Another method is to diffuse a smell that will guide your cat home: you can leave food or treats and/or objects with strong, familiar smells in front of your door. If your cat still hasnt come home after several days, its best to implement the lost cat plan: call your vet and the local pound, stick up posters in your neighbourhood, etc.But lets end on an upbeat note! GPS trackers now exist for cats and are a real source of hope for owners of runaway cats. A few issues need to be resolved regarding the weight, reliability and cost of existing models, but given the very rapid progress in this technology, satisfactory solutions will no doubt be available very soon!

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She May Have Experienced Abuse Or Maltreatment In The Past

If your new pet cat is from a local pet shelter or if you adopted a stray cat then a probable reason why shes aloof and runs away is that she may have experienced abuse or maltreatment from previous owners. Because of her past experiences, she may tend to be fearful and unconfident and as a result, her only refuge is to run away and hide.;;

Here are some tips on how to care for an abused cat:

  • let your pet cat get accustomed to you at her own pace;
  • make her feel needed and loved;
  • make sure that shes well-fed and gets adequate exercise;
  • give her a safe hiding place;
  • talk to her in a calm and soothing voice;
  • give her treats each time she behaves well;
  • if strangers scare her make sure to protect her from their well-meaning advances

They Found A New Home

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away? (Scared ...

This might be a bigger concern to cat owners who let their cats roam freely outside of their homes. If your cat is in heat, you might start seeing less and less of them when the mating season approaches. For this reason, and to avoid the birth of stray kitties neutering/spaying our cats is important.

But if your kitty has been castrated and you still see them run away from you whenever you approach them it might be because they prefer the outside. Your kitty might be naturally less touchy-feely, so they find the outside world more appealing. Its also possible that theyve got a second family on the side.

Unfortunately, it can happen to cat parents that are not home most of the time and theyre too tired to spend time with their feline companions. This can happen to anyone, but it wont change the fact that your cat is going to feel neglected. If you dont want to be replaced by someone else, maybe you should try investing more into your cat-human relationship.

With more shared time, loads of love, and a steady, respectful approach you can build up your trust again, and next time your kitty wont run away from you!

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Does My Cat Hate Me Or Just Trying To Play

After citing those reasons, we can understand well that it depends on the environment of your cat, and also it goes back to the nature of felines as well. Some people question as well if their cats hate them or try to play with them. The answer to this question is to analyze the up reasons and to analyze the environment of the cat to understand why she runs away from you.

We can say in this case that your cat does not trust you enough, and she can hate you as well. So, at the beginning of your relationship with your cat, you have to build up mutual trust between you and between the cats.; Cats generally love to play with specific tools like a woolen ball or small soft stuff. It actually walks a lot in the house when she is comfortable and feels safe with the owner and the house atmosphere.

Some pets experts advise Cats owners, not to overplay and spoil cats. This will make them used to a kind of a routine, so any expected change will freak them out to run away from you. If it happens that you cat as in mating season, and suddenly run away from you, you should not freak out because she/he surely will come back after satisfying their sexual needs.

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Wants To Play With You

Your cat will want to play with you if they are turning back to watch that you follow or stopping and waiting expectantly for you to come to engage with them. They can also tell you they want to play if they wait in the same spot where you normally play with them.

Cats can be creatures of habit and will signal to you that they want to play by sitting on a particular pillow, for instance, or meowing at you near their toys. They may also lead you to their toys.

If your cat runs away toward their toys or their play spot, follow and play with them! And if you dont have time to play with them, get them started playing with a toy mouse or something they play with themselves.

It may help to establish certain times of day when you consistently play with them. This could be 15-10 minutes or longer. Playing at the same time can help if they are interrupting your work or getting in the way of making food.

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Your Cat Is Trying To Show You Something

If your cat follows you and suddenly runs away the moment you look back at them, they might be trying to communicate something with you, or there might be something that they want to show you.

The best thing you can do whenever this happens is to follow your cats direction and look at what it is trying to show you.

Sometimes, it can be your cat telling you the food bowl is empty or maybe, your cat needs help in transporting her kids from one place to another.

Whatever it is, use your connection with them and assist them in any way they need.

Reason : Your Feline Runs Away From Home Because Of Her Double Identity

Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Pet Him?!

Is your cat mysteriously disappearing from home every day for a few hours, mostly keeping a similar schedule? If yes, you can be suspicious that your neighbour is feeding your feline with more attractive cat delicatesse. Cats can easily choose another house in the area as a âback-up homeâ or just a location where they can be extra spoiled. Make sure your neighbours are not too generously feeding your kitty.

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What To Do When Your Cat Is Not Coming Home

If your cat is not coming home, do not hesitate towalk around your neighbourhood calling its name. Hearing your voice might remind your cat that a loving family and good food is waiting for them. If it is not responding to your calls, it has probably ventured further away. It is important to keep in mind that the earlier the search begins, the higher the chances of finding your cat.

Reason # : Territorial Underworld

Another reason why sometimes cats run away is the territorial matter. Cats are so-called very territorial. They develop a system amongst each other.

Related for being territorial, this trait can lead to another reason why the cat run away from you as owner. The moment you moved to another place, your cat may be running away because it is looking for a home that you took away. Most of the people who moved out takes time to address this kind of problem. They make sure that, they take their cats to their new home or place a few or more times and let them roam around the area or premises so they can get acquainted and familiarize the new place. This is quite serious so you need to be patient.

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Your Cat Might Not Be Your Biggest Fan

Well, technically this might be your boyfriends cat, but the two of you just dont jibe. You try to pet him and he hides under the coffee table. Then he emerges a few minutes later and lavishes your boyfriend with headbutts right in front of you.

How to help: Realize that sometimes a cat acting weird simply might not like you. Just like humans, cats have distinct personalities, so youre not going to get along with all of them. Theyre kind of like children: Even though were not supposed to have a favorite, we do.

Tell us: Is your cat acting weird? How did you deal with it? Let us know in the comments!

This piece was originally published in 2012.

Positive Reinforcement And Reward

Why Does My Cat Run Away from Me?

If your cat is living in a safe and trustworthy environment where they get tons of attention from you, but they still run away from you, then you can slowly train them from doing so.

Cats dont respond well to shouting and even a cat without a traumatic past can respond to such behavior with stress-induced behaviors. So, whatever your kitty might do remember to always use positive reinforcement.

When you come up to your kitty make sure to have some treats or catnip at hand and offer them as a reward for their approach. Be always patient and wait for your kitty to come closer to you. With time you wont need to lure them in with treats, because this process is about letting your cat know that coming close to you is a positive interaction.

Avoid looming over your kitty like some giant, but instead, come down to their level. Even when you pet them, dont simply push your hand down like a grappling hook, but squat down and let them smell your hand, and if you see them rubbing against it, then thats them giving you their consent to pet them.

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