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Why Is My Cat Trying To Bury His Food

Food Doesnt Look Good

Cat Trying to “Bury” his Food

Not every time the cats avoid food based on its taste, sometimes they might not find it appealing enough to taste. You may be serving the most delicious food to your cat and still, they refuse. This problem can be overcome by making the food more presentable for him. Try these few things to ensure that your pet baby likes the food include

  • Adding some broth to the food to make it smell good
  • Topping the cat food with other meat
  • Add a good amount of strong-smelling cheese to enhance the aroma

Stopping Your Cats Caching Habit

Broadly speaking, there is nothing bad about caching. Your cat is not harming itself, you, or the other members of your household.

However, the behavior can get to the point that it can become annoying due to the mess or damage that your feline may cause.

In this situation, there are a few things that you can do to curtail this behavior.

  • Move the food bowl away from things that your cat can damage.
  • Do not leave your cat alone when eating. Once he is done feeding, take away the bowl.
  • Distract your pet with his favorite toy when you notice that he begins caching.
  • Set a feeding schedule. When you free feed your cat, the more likely he will cache.

Cat Tries To Bury Food Or Cover Food: How To Stop It

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Cats can exhibit behaviour that seems strange to us, such as scratching or pawing the floor next to their food dish before eating, or trying to cover or bury food after eating. When we look at why cats bury their food in the wild or cover their leftovers, we can come up with several theories as to why housecoat exhibit similar behaviour. Well never know for sure whats going on in a cats head, but some of these theories may help you get to the root of their behaviour.

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Is Your Cat Trying To Communicate With You

This is a frequently associated question with why do cats sometimes try to bury their food. The answer is quite surprising.

Numerous individuals imagine that when their felines show this conduct, they are stating they despise the nourishment however, this isnt all. There are cases of cats doing the same, even though they thoroughly enjoy the food they have.

They might tell you something in terms of needs and wants for their food. But a large part of this custom comes from deep down in your cat DNA. Its amazing how a domestic cat still keeps the trait from his long lost ancestors.

Should You Stop Your Cat From Pawing The Floor After Eating

7 Simple Techniques For Why Does My Cat Try To Bury His ...

Is this a behavior that house-cat owners need to be concerned about? The short answer is no. the longer answer is maybe.

If your cat is merely expressing an instinctual behavior, let him. If hes damaging your flooring or ruining objects around your home, however, its a good reason to think about intervening.

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Why Cats Scratch The Floor After Eating And How To Stop It

When your cat is eating, you might notice he scratches the floor around his food dish during and after his meal. He may act like hes trying to dig up some dirt to bury his food, and he might continue the behavior for a few minutes after his food is all gone. He might even try to pull nearby objects on top of his food bowl. This floor-pawing behavior is common in cats, but if your cat uses his claws while he does it, he could scratch up your floors. Understanding whats motivating this behavior can help you identify ways to stop it.

Reason #: Your Cat Hides The Scent Of Her Food

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they have to hunt for food when in the wild. Hunting and eating portionwise, they get food leftovers and need to hide them so other predators couldn’t smell out their presence there.

So, one of the reasons why your domestic cat attempts to bury food leftovers is her instinctual behavior. Doing so, she wants to hide the scent as it can alert predators that she has been there.

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My Cat Tries To Bury His Food

Corinth, TX
Farmers Branch, Texas

Originally Posted by carolinalimaMy cat scratches the floor around his food after he eats is just like he does in his litter box, as though he wanted to bury the food! Doe anybody else’s do that? And why does she do that? Pretty cute, but also intriguing!She must be fond of food – 9 months, 9 lbs!


Originally Posted by carolinalimaMy cat scratches the floor around his food after he eats is just like he does in his litter box, as though he wanted to bury the food! Doe anybody else’s do that? And why does she do that? Pretty cute, but also intriguing!She must be fond of food – 9 months, 9 lbs!

Iroquois Ont Canada

Reason #1 Animal Nature

Why Do House Cats Try To Bury Their Food?

Ancestors of our house cats come from Africa. A lot of centuries have passed from the moment our furry pets lost their links to the wild. However, the genes are a very important thing that still plays its role in almost everything our cats do every day.

Probably, you have seen those wildlife documentaries where cats hunt in the wild nature and then bury the food they could not eat at a time. So, why do cats cover their food in the wild? This habit is absolutely reasonable for lions and leopards, for example. Their catch may be too big even for the whole pride, but wild cats cannot leave leftovers for they are not scavengers. The only answer is that they try to hide any food left in order not to be noticed by other predators and their wild enemies. Buried food does not smell that much, it does not draw attention of other animals, so a feline hunter will stay unnoticed.

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Youre Feeding Too Much

Your cat eating some of the food and covering the rest can be an indication of having too much on the plate. It can be difficult to find the exact reason for your cat burying his food, but none of the possibilities should be left unchecked. Try offering a little bit less than you usually do and observe if he finishes all of it. This does not eliminate the chances of an issue, instead, highlight that your pat might be going through an underlying medical condition. Lack of appetite or inability to eat can be a result of any present health issue.

To Hide The Scent Of The Food

Since cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they only eat meat, they need to hunt when theyre in the wild. While housecats dont have real opportunities to hunt for small prey, they still have the hunting instinct.

Cats can also fall prey to bigger predators so hiding leftovers is essential to their survival. This way they dont leave anything that can be traced back to them. If you find your kitty pawing around their food after they were done eating, they might simply be recreating the same instinctive behavior.

For cat owners that have more than one pet, or if theyve just brought a new cat into their home, this can trigger food burying in one or both cats. This doesnt mean that its necessarily unhealthy, but if done excessively it might be a sign that your cat is stressed out. Scratching around their food might be their way to hide the scent coming from the remaining portions, so they wont be detected by the new four-legged stranger.

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Notice If There Are Any Triggers Or Patterns

If youve been struggling with this sort of behavior, youre probably wondering how to correct it. Correcting a cats behavior is relatively straightforward. Youd want to start off by observing your cat.

Collect data on when exactly they try to bury food. From there, you can try to figure out if there are any common triggers.

Your Cat Does Not Like His Food

Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? ( Here

Your cat may be trying to bury his food simply because he does not like what is in front of him. Some felines are fussy eaters and they tend to show their dislike for some cat food.

In such a case, there are a few ways to coax him to try the food in front of him. You can pour a small amount of juice from canned tuna over his food. Instead of canned tuna juice, you can use chicken stock or even a strong-smelling cheese. Others have found success in getting their cats to eat by warming up the cat food. This unlocks the aroma in the food.

If your cat still will not eat even after trying these tactics, your only choice left is to switch to another brand. If you have been giving him wet food, continue to give him wet food from another brand.

However, do not switch from one brand to another without transitioning him. Instead, gradually feed him the new food until he makes the full transition. This will prevent stomach upsets.

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Reasons Why Cats Trying To Cover Their Food

Whether its wet or dry food, your kitten prefers burying it under the rug or in the garden rather than consuming it. The same goes for treats and sweets. So whats wrong with her? Is she just trying to be annoying?

Apparently, no. Heres why felines hide food!

1. Its in Her Nature

Its hard looking at your cat and imagining her hunting for birds in the African savannah. After all, she can barely catch a fly on the wall. Your pet may be a couch potato. However, her distant cousins living on the wide African plains are skilled hunters.

The two siblings separated more than 10,000 years ago. One chose the cozy city life, and the other remained in the wild. Still, they share common traits and behaviors that trace back to their earliest foremothers.

Wildcats hunt rodents, birds, and reptiles. When the catch is too large to consume in one sitting, they bury its remains. Felines are not natural scavengers and prefer fresh meals. So, they never come back to eat it.

Instead, they choose to hide it as to cover the foul smell. This way, other predators cannot discover and occupy their hunting grounds. This behavior is also known as caching.

2. Shes a Cleanliness Freak

We all have that one friend obsessed with tidiness. For you, it might just be your cat. However, she doesnt care about how tidy you keep your home. Most importantly, she likes her dining location to be sparklingly clean at all times.

3. She Thinks the Uneaten Food Could Kill Her

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If this behavior is destructive you can also try these ceramic elevated cat feeders

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Signs Your Cat Is About To Bury Food

  • Circling the food bowl when she feels full.
  • Kneading the carpet before feeding.
  • Pawing around the ground while snacking.
  • Scratching the floor after eating.

These behaviors from your cat can be disruptive. However, there are simple steps you can take to eliminate them.

Today, we take a closer look at domestic cats and their motivation for burying food. Then, read on to discover why your cat likes to put away those expensive pellets you just bought!

Is It Ok To Leave Your Cat Alone For A Week

Cat burying her food

Leaving a cat alone for a week can end in a disaster. If you have to go away for the entire week, you must find someone to at least check in on your feline. Your cat can run out of food and water. Food and water can go bad and cause health issues. There can be weather changes that will affect your cats well-being.

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Why Do Cats Sometimes Insist On Drinking From A Dripping Faucet

In most homes, water dishes go right beside the cat food dishes. So, why do cats go for bathtubs or toilets with clean water? Felines are finicky and they prefer running water. This is why cats prefer fresh water sources to standing water in the dish. Experts note that dripping faucets appeal to a cat’s sense of sight and hearing. That tap motion takes your baby from the cat food dish in the kitchen to the bathroom for a little drink. Don’t be shocked if your little one stirs the water dish with a paw, too. That means he is looking for fresh water. Very cute.

Why Do Cats Go Crazy At Night Time

Nocturnal Instinct Another reason for your cats crazy behavior could be because some cats are nocturnal and become more active at night. When the cats person comes home in the evening, the cat may be very active and want to play. If it has no outlet for all this energy, the cat may exhibit some crazy behavior.

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They Just Like Clean Spaces

On the other hand, it could be even less complicated. Domesticated cats are quite similar to their wild counterparts. However, they arent identical. Sometimes, domestic cats are finicky about their space.

Have you ever known someone who was OCD about how clean everything was? Well, the same kinds of personalities develop in cats sometimes too. Your cat could just be tidying up after mealtimes.

Why Do Cats Bury Their Food Explanation For Cats Burying Their Food

More About Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food Bowl ...

Its understandable of you thinking that why do cats bury their food or rather pretend to do so in different situations when they arent being able to actually hide it. You may think of it as a completely bizarre act but it is actually embedded in the personality of all felines. If you want to know more about why they do it and how to deal with it, continue to read below.


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Why Does My Cat Scratch Around Her Food

I bet you noticed your cat pawing or scratching around her food before or after eating. While some cat parents believe she’s doing so because she doesn’t like her food or hides it to eat later, the reasons for such behavior are a whole lot different.

Scratching around a cat’s bowl looks like she’s trying to dig or bury something. And though it seems weird, there’s nothing wrong with your feline if she behaves like that. The question is, why does she scratch around?

Here are the reasons and some tips on how to stop your cat from scratching, in case you find such behavior annoying or damaging to your floor and carpets.

Is Your Cats Food Covering Behavior Neurotic

Another good reason to step in is when your cats natural behavior turns into a neurotic compulsion. If you have a multi-cat household, for example, and you notice your cat is becoming obsessive in an attempt to hide her food from other felines in the house, it may be time to take action.

The simplest thing in both cases is to give your cat a chance to eat his meal, but then remove the bowl, and with it, the desire to cache.

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Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food

Is your cat doing something strange like bury here food when you let her eat?

Well, you may be confusing and looking for an answer to this question Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food ?

This article is going to explain why your cat is trying to bury her food& what can you do with it.

Animals do the strangest of things and cats are not an exemption. You will notice from their every move how such acts will leave you asking, why are they doing that? Cats have even more strange habits around their food that may constantly puzzle you.

One of which is how they paw around their dish before, during, or after eating, as if they are trying to bury their food. You may wonder why would they do that when prior to giving them their food they have been meowing like crazy, right?

Should I Let My Cat Bury Their Food

Cat burying his food

If this is all pretty much natural and instinctive behavior shouldnt we just let our cat bury food? Well, not really. If you do let your cat bury food you will never be able to monitor their intake and understand if they are being fed enough or too much. You might not be able to identify nutrition issues.

And then there is the problem of other animals particularly rodents and insects. You are going to end up with a rodent and insect problem if you let your cat bury food. Although the smell of rotting food that is buried wont travel so far on the wind there will still be an odor that will attract passing dogs, rats and eventually insects. Best to avoid issues by preventing this behaviour if possible!

There is the chance that having buried food the cat might be instinctively curious enough to dig it up for eating. Now, there is always a chance that this could end up with stomach complaints and the like if the food is too far gone. Save on vets bills by avoiding allowing this situation to happen where possible.

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