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World’s Best Cat Litter Ingredients

Cats Pride Total Odor Control Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter – International Product Demo

The thing that really excited us about the Cats Pride Total Control cat litter is the 10-day max power odor control it supposedly offers. 10 days is a long time to control odors, which would extend the life of your litter considerably. Unfortunately, this litter tends to smell horrible once it gets wet, which is a poor trait for a litter to display. Your cats odors were bad enough, but this litter almost seems to make it worse rather than helping.

On the bright side, this is a low-dust litter that doesnt make a big mess. It comes in a jug rather than a box or bag, which makes it easier to store and pour. You might find that its difficult to scoop for spot cleaning though since this formula doesnt clump very well. The clumps arent very strong and tend to fall apart when you attempt to scoop them. For such a pricey litter, this kind of poor performance is a disappointment, which is why this litter is relegated to the bottom of our list.

  • Smells awful once it gets wet

Worlds Best Cat Litter Attraction Action

Christened the Attraction Action, this litter formula is designed to lower the risk of your cat pooping anywhere else in the house by drawing it to the litter box. This is thanks to the inclusion of a natural plant-based cat attractant that is highly alluring to cats.

It also has an exceptionally soft texture, making it highly comforting to cats. This attribute also helps encourage the cat to visit the litter box whenever they want to go. Fortunately, despite having a soft texture, it is also quick clumping and easy to scoop.

The only issue with this litter formula is that it is prone to tracking.

  • Tends to track

Who Makes Worlds Best Cat Litter And Where Is It Produced

The company goes by the name Worlds Best Cat Litter. It was founded in 1996 when a group of scientists came together to work on a project to create the most effective clumping cat litter in the world. They used corn for that purpose, as it is not only a highly absorbent material but also biodegradable.

Worlds Best Cat Litter is a U.S brand, meaning that all its products are designed and produced in the United States. The brand today has seven different litter formulas.

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Do You Need To Switch Litters

If your cat is using the litter box, and the litter youre using right now is reasonably priced, clumps well, and doesnt smell terrible with regular scooping, keep using what youre using. Even our favorite litters can only do so much.

Its common for about 2 percent to 4 percent of cats to reject any given litter.

Cats have a reputation for being picky about litter, but if your litter leaves room for improvement, chances are good that your cat will go along with a change. Its common for about 2 percent to 4 percent of cats to reject any given litter, according to Ray Brown, of Arm & Hammers parent company, Church & Dwight. Ease the transition by mixing in some of the new litter with the old for a week.

Worlds Best Cat Litter Review Wrap


+ Very low to no dust

+ Pleasant scent

+ Great odor control

+ Flushable

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Requires less litter than regular clumping litter to fill to the same level

+ Lightweight making it easy to scoop all the way to the bottom of the box

+ Clumps well, but breaks down in water so it shouldnt cause problems with plumbing

+ Has several formulas to chose from

Some cats and dogs may find it appealing to eat

Some cats may have a problem with a sudden switch from the current litter, so a slow change-over may need to be done.

Overall I was impressed with Worlds Best Cat Litter. While Ive gone back to my regular litter because of my 2 cats that stopped using this box, I am going to try it again with a slow change-over and see how it goes.

See what we thought of the Worlds Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Formula when we reviewed it.

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Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Scented Non

For many, price is of the utmost concern when shopping for cat litter. If youre in such a boat, budget-shopping for the cheapest cat litter, then we suggest checking out the Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance clay litter. Considering the low price you pay for such a large volume of litter, we think its the best cat litter for the money. Even picky cats seem to agree with us, as many felines that were averse to other litters on this list seemed drawn to this one.

You can get a large 40-pound bag of this clay cat litter for cheaper than smaller volumes of litter from other brands. Its scented to help control waste odors from the litterbox, and even features an extended-release deodorizing system for odor control. Thankfully, it also doesnt track much, so most of the litter remains in the litterbox where it belongs.

This is a non-clumping cat litter though, which you need to be aware of before you buy it. You wont be able to spot clean as easily with a scoop since there wont be any clumps of waste only the hard waste can be easily removed.

  • The non-clumping formula is harder to spot clean

Multiple Cats Not A Problem

You will also notice that several of Worlds Best cat litters have the words multi-cat in their description. These types of litters have to be amped up in performance to handle the potentially very challenging conditions that can exist in a multiple cat litter box. The fact that this company not only doesnt shy away from these scenarios but promotes the usage of their products in them is quite impressive, especially considering that they werent utilizing clay or crystals which are traditionally used in multi-cat products.

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Cat Eating Worlds Best Litter

IA. If you need me, just meow..

Originally Posted by catsallaroundMy first thought is how old and when was last blood work done. I had an older cat eat swheat scoop and thought ok thats odd hes 12/13 not one to do THAT that was before and increased thirst and urinating…But then again it may just be like my not so bright Tyler got him as a 6 week old kitten…everything is edible in this world…couch shoes…its like a puppy in chewing stage…sadly hes over a year old and still into trouble

IA. If you need me, just meow..

Originally Posted by KiwideusI hate to be a downer but when Stella started eating litter, I took her to the vet right away and it turned out that she is anemic. She still has it and has to be on daily prednisone. It will just take a simple PCV test to check on her blood cell volume.Eating litter is a sign of something. Please take her to the vet.

Fighting for ferals in NW NJ!

Originally Posted by jugenShe’s been to the vet recently and has never eaten any other litters we’ve been trying. She just apparently seems to like the taste of WBCL. I guess I can ask the vet when I see him Wed and see if he thinks I need to get her checked. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea but she isn’t exhibiting signs of anything like thyroid disease or anemia, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.

IA. If you need me, just meow..
Toronto, Canada

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Zero Mess Advanced Series by World’s Best Cat Litter

The Tidy Cats Pure Nature Scented Wood Cat Litter from Purina has an outstanding odor control for a fresh-smelling home. The granules of this litter have been designed to give extra odor-fighting power. It also has odor-fighting agents that neutralize even the toughest odors from the cats urine and feces.

This natural cat litter is made from a combination of cedar, pine, and corn so not only it is safe for your cats but it is also eco-friendly. Moreover, with this litter, you also dont have to compromise its effectiveness.

Additionally, this litter has been designed for their exclusive bi-component system. It creates tight clumps upon coming in contact with the cats urine and feces. Unlike many other litters that rely on a few pieces to fight odors and others to clump, every single piece of this litter has both the capabilities, that are clumping as well as odor control.

Moreover, the litter granules are coated with an anti-dust coating which forms a microscopic web-like structure that traps dust in a web of protection and prevents even the tiny dust particles from escaping.


  • Anti-dust coating that traps the tiny dust particles


  • Does not clump very well

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Overall Is Worlds Best Cat Litter A Good Choice

We are happy to report that Worlds Best Cat Litter lives up to its name. There are many things to love about this brand, not least the affordable price. The fact that this brand uses only natural, compressed corn materials means that every formula is lightweight, highly absorbent, and flushable. This makes Worlds Best one of the easiest, most convenient cat litter brands for cat owners.

One thing to be mindful of with this brand is that some formulas are scented. We found the lavender scent to be very light and pleasant, but some customers found that the scent mixed unpleasantly with litter box odors. If youre sensitive to smells, you may want to stick to unscented formulas.

All of Worlds Best Cat Litters formulas are safe for kittens over 8 weeks of age and for adult and senior cats. One final concern is the fact that it is made from natural materials so it may attract insects. You can avoid this issue by tightly sealing the bag and by not placing your litter box outside in humid areas.

The Best Silica Gel Cat Litter

Wirecutter contributing writer Gregory Han swears by the odor-absorbing properties of silica gel litter, and he has used So Phresh Scoopable Cat Litter for nearly a decade. Guests have remarked our apartment does not smell like the usual small space, multi-pet abode, and most importantly the cats seem to like the sodium silicate best, he writes in Apartment Therapy. Han notes that silica gel litter tends not to track as far outside the litter box as some clay litters hes tried. For one of his cats who spent a lot of time scraping at the litter box, the dust from clay was a problem too. Han admits that So Phresh is pricey , and he says it works best with a layer of baking soda added to the bottom of the litter pan . Unlike silica with bigger crystals or pearls, the So Phresh silica is small enough that it coats poop reasonably well, though it does get a little yellow from cat pee.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Im Wirecutters pets writer, and Ive covered everything from the best automatic litter boxes no one should buy to our favorite cat litter mats. Im also a lifelong pet owner and animal-shelter volunteer whos dealt with her share of cat poop, and Im determined to find the best way to control litter box odors without making things worse for feline residents.

Shannon Palus was a senior staff writer who wrote the original version of this guide. She interviewed Alexandra Medley, a veterinarian who had recently graduated from the Ohio State University , and had her survey the vets in her network for answers to Wirecutters toughest litter questions. Shannon also consulted Michael Lund, a vet with the ASPCA Anne Levin, president of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition and manager of the Brooklyn Cat Cafe and Ray Brown, VP of household R& D at Church & Dwight, the company that owns Arm & Hammer . She tested the top-performing cat litters at Brooklyn Cat Cafe, where dozens of cats provided their, er, input.

Can You Get Toxoplasmosis From Breathing In Cat Litter


Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondiiwhich may be present in up to half the cats in some areas, and is most commonly found on pets that spend time outdoors. Most humans come into contact with the parasite when they eat undercooked or contaminated food or water, while gardening in an infected flowerbed, or when they come in close contact with cat feces . An infected person may be asymptomatic, the CDC notes, but the parasite can survive in a host for years. Pregnant people may pass it on to their children, where it can potentially be fatal and immunocompromised people may have severe symptoms.

Currently, the best way to prevent infection when youre around a cat, litter box or surfaces that may have been exposed to fecal matter is to thoroughly wash your hands before touching your eyes, nose or mouth. If youre pregnant or immunocompromised, its best to ask someone else to take over your litter-box-cleaning duties. If you live alone, clean the litter box daily, wear disposable gloves, and wash your hands. You can also keep your cat indoors and only feed them commercial can or dry cat food to limit their exposure to parasites.

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The Best Pine Cat Litter And Cat Litter Tray System

Several Wirecutter staff members are into the Tidy Cats Breeze system, which makes getting rid of cat pee easy. Special pine pellets go in the box, and beneath them theres an absorbent pad that you can swap out, in addition to scooping. So you scoop daily, change the pad about once a week, and change all the pellets once a month. Its more expensive than a regular setupa little more than 2½ times as much as our top pick for litterbut Breeze advocates say the convenience is worth it . However, if your cat doesnt like it, youre out the expense of a new litter box as well as a bunch of special pads and pine cat litter pellets.

Worlds Best Cat Litter Unscented Clumping Formula

This unscented corn litter from Worlds Best is a quick clumping formula which makes it easy to scoop. It also does not stick to the litter box so no scraping or scrubbing will be required. Additionally, it also safe to flush for most of the septic and sewer systems making litter box maintenance convenient.

It is made from whole kernel corn and also free from harmful chemicals & artificial perfumes. This not only makes it safe for your cat and you but it is also safe for the environment. And since it is biodegradable and flushable so it also does not increase landfills.

This lightweight formula make handling of litter easy, unlike the heavy traditional clay litters. In addition to being lightweight, it is 99% dust-free and free from silica dust. Due to this, it does not produces much dust while being poured, scooped, or while your kitty is using this. Hence it keeps the air clean to breathe and does not irritate your can neither you while breathing.

This unscented cat litter also does not have any added artificial fragrance. Even though it provides long-lasting odor control and keeps your home smelling fresh. Due to this, it is also safe for cats and cat parents with any allergies to any scented litters.


  • This unscented formula is safe for cats with any allergies
  • Forms hard clumps that make it easy to scoop


  • Produces some amount of dust

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Is Clumping Litter Safe For Kittens

There are horror stories about cats eating clumping litter and having it form clumps inside their stomachs, but this isnt something most people need to worry about, said Medley. If your cat is eating litter, take them to the vet: It could be a sign of anemia or pica, the desire to eat things that are not food. Plus, in small quantities, sodium bentonite isnt dangerous for animalsits even an ingredient in some animal feed.

Some people are especially worried about kittens eating clumping litter, because kittens have smaller stomachs and may be more curious. Though some brands recommend using non-clumping litters until your kitten is 4 months old or so, others, like Cats Pride, note that theres no evidence that sodium bentonite has actually caused harm to a kitten this is a conclusion supported by vets Medley and Lund, as well as by everything we found when scanning the literature and reading many Internet forums. In my 7 years experience as a vet Ive not seen a foreign body from a kitten who has ingested clay clumping litter, said Lund. If youre concerned and would still like to use clumping clay litterI would!monitor your kittens behavior and check in with your vet if something seems amiss.

Which Types Of Cats Is Worlds Best Cat Litter Best Suited For

World’s Best Cat Litter Review – Original Unscented

Worlds Best Cat Litter formulas are designed to suit cats of all ages. This is because their formulas are not only dust-free but also pet, people, and planet-friendly since they are made from sustainable corn and do not contain added chemicals.

This means that even kittens, whose immune systems are not fully developed yet, can use Worlds Best Cat Litter without their health being compromised.

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