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Average Veterinary Costs For Cats

Is Pet Insurance For Cats Worth It

Vet bills for dogs and cats: Are they too high? (CBC Marketplace)

Pet insurance can help cover the cost of your cats medical care, reimbursing you when your cat is sick or injured . The actual out-of-pocket costs youll see with pet insurance vary depending on the policy you choose, including the annual premium, deductibles, coverage, exclusions and reimbursement percentages. Most pet owners can save a lot if their cat has a disease or accident and needs expensive treatment.

Many pet owners wonder if pet insurance is really worth it. Its totally about that peace of mind to make sure that if your pet just had an accident or illness, that you dont have to worry about if you have that money saved up, you can just give them the care that they need, says Dawn Pyne, marketing manager for Embrace, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Its a personal decision at the end of the day. Can you afford the accident or illness, or can you afford the insurance?

To get an idea of the costs associated with veterinary care for cats, lets take a look at some common and unusual insurance claims from Embrace in 2016.

The Indoor Lifestyle Premium

The decision of whether your cat is allowed unrestricted access outdoors will be made on several factors, such as whether you have a garden and the personality of your pet. Cost considerations dont usually come into it. However, outdoor access does expose the cat to the risk of accident and injury, such as road traffic accidents, accidental ingestion of toxins and catfight injuries.

Having said that, the indoor lifestyle brings its own risks, with behavioural problems and obesity . It has been shown that, overall, there are more visits to the vet for traumatic injuries and cat bite abscess compared to cystitis and behavioural problems 5. So, it looks like the outdoor lifestyle may be a bit pricier, although no doubt offset by a smaller litter and toy budget.

How Much Do Cats’ Toys Cost

Herring believes cat owners should always factor cat toys into their budget, “as they’re very important for keeping our furry friends stimulated.”

Doron Wolffberg, Founder at All About Cats agrees, noting how toys can range in cost depending on what your cat is most interested in.

She told Newsweek: “If you don’t have enough money to lavish your cat with fine foods and gifts, please don’t think that you’re a bad cat guardian.

“Almost everyone can afford a cat and can afford to raise them well.”

Embrace Pet Insurance suggests the cost can range from $5 per toy to $40 depending on the size and quality.

They said: “As for more enriching toys, such as scratching trees or cat condos, these range from anywhere between $30 to $200 for higher quality products.”

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How Much Does Cat Insurance Cost

The cost of cat insurance depends on the coverage you choose along with other factors, such as the age and breed of your cat. When you’re shopping for pet insurance, be sure to balance coverage and cost. An inexpensive plan may seem appealing, but it won’t do you much good if it doesn’t cover the care your cat might need.

If you decide to purchase cat insurance, you’ll need to add that cost to your list of cat expenses. Keep in mind that it can be easier to budget for a monthly premium than manage a costly veterinary bill that comes out of the blue.

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How Much Does it Cost to Own a Cat

Our free and flexible Couch to Financial Fitness plan will help you build confidence to manage your money.

Step by step we can help you cut your spending, develop core saving muscles, and create better habits for the future.

The Bengal, Savannah and Ashera breeds, which are all hybrids of small leopards and domestic cats, can have price tags in the tens of thousands.

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How Much Does Buying A Cat Cost

Costs are immediately incurred once a responsible owner brings an animal into their home.

All About Cats said: “While adopting a cat you find is free of cost, you may have to cover the cost of spaying/ neutering, kitten milk replacer and flea treatment.

“Adoption from a shelter ranges from $25 to $200. Buying from a breeder could be anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on average.

“Some breeds have high maintenance costs due to breed-specific health conditions. For example, while a sick British Shorthair could cost up to $1,500, the Peterbald could cost up to $5,000 and the Savannah cat could cost up to $50,000.”

How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Cat

How much research do you do when deciding to take out a new mobile phone contract? Or a gym membership? How about when you are thinking of getting a cat? A recent survey found that a whopping 83% of cat owners admit to not having done research into the costs of keeping a cat before getting their pet. This suggests that many cat owners, even experienced ones, may be setting themselves up for a financial shock.

The most recent estimates put the cost of owning a cat at £12,000 to £24,000 over a lifetime2, which for the average kitty is 13 17 years. This includes the initial expense of setting up your home for a new cat and the costs of food, routine veterinary care and arranging for cat care when you are away.

This big range in lifetime costs can be due to owner choice, like whether to go for basic or premium products, for example. So there is much that an owner can do to be cost-savvy if need be. But then there are also the unforeseen expenses. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and a little bit of planning can prepare you for unanticipated cat-related costs and ensure that Kitty gets the care they deserve. Congratulations, reading this article is your first step!

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Average Cost Of Medical Treatments For Pets

If you’re trying to decide whether pet insurance is worth it, you should consider the cost of treatments without insurance. To help you calculate whether pet insurance is a good investment for you, compare treatment costs for the top 10 dog and cat ailments for an uninsured pet.

According to data based on average claims from PetFirst holders, the most common dog treatments cost $253 on average, while the most common cat treatments cost $267.

Even some of the more common issues, such as treating parvo in puppies, can be quite expensive the average claim is over $900. And serious conditions like cancer are rarer, but treatment is also much more costly chemotherapy alone can cost $5,000 to $10,000.


Cost Of Body Disposal

Managing Cat Vet Costs with #CareCredit Financing | Elizabeths Testimonial

After the euthanasia, comes the disposal of the body. There are numerous selections you may want to consider such as burial, cremation with a site, mass cremation or cremation with an urn you can keep.

Your choice will depend on your financial considerations, local public acceptance, and the number of animals handled.

  • Pet Cremation

Following the euthanasia, many dog owners pursue cremation as a means to memorialize their deceased pet. Individual and group cremation options both exist which will affect the cost.

Additionally, the cost will vary based on the weight of the dog. In group or communal cremation, your dog would be cremated alongside the bodies of other peoples pets.

Usually, these are then scattered in a garden or similar respected area of remembrance or near the property of the crematorium facility.

Pet cremation cost is cheaper than burials in pet cemeteries if you would rather keep the urn than display it in a site.

  • Group Cremation

Group cremation typically costs between $5 to $150. One may request a small token amount of ashes returned to you. However, one should keep in mind that this may be the ashes of other animals.

Group cremation at Petland Cemetery Inc. in Washington has a price range of $25 to $110 based on the pets weight. If your pet is over 300 pounds, cremation is at $0.75 per pound.

Equine non-private cremation is more expensive, given that horses take up more space. Its prices range from $400 to $850.

  • Individual Cremation
  • Pet Columbarium

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The Location Of The Clinic

You may choose to bring your animal to a different city or region in order to save veterinary costs.

The cost of veterinary care also varies by region, based on differences in rent, average income, and general cost of living. For example, a veterinarypractice in Beverly Hills will probably charge more for the same services than a clinic in a small town in Indiana. You may choose to bring your animal toa different city or region in order to save veterinary costs, but this may be difficult for pets that have trouble riding in the car, and you will have toaccount for travel costs.

In addition, the amenities the clinic offers will also affect the price. For example, some basic veterinary practices may use an external lab andradiography services, while others will provide these in-house. A clinic may also be more expensive if it has earned accreditation from the AAHA, orAmerican Animal Hospital Association. AAHA-approved hospitals, practices, and clinics must meet strict standards for cleanliness, anesthesiaadministration, surgical care, emergency treatment, veterinary technology, dental treatment, and continuing education for veterinary staff members.

Average Cost Of Vet Bills For Your Cat

Vet bills can be really expensive, which is why so many people choose to get pet insurance.

But, if youre thinking about covering the costs yourself, its worth knowing how much they might set you back.

Surgery can cost on average £1,500, but the things which will really hit you in the pocket are ongoing medical costs for long-term illnesses.

Cats are particularly prone to certain illnesses like urinary tract infections and liver disease.

Discover the best ways to save up for unexpected vet bills in our giude.

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What Do Veterinarians Charge For

Most pet parents cringe when it comes to the vet bill part of a vet visit however, that is because most do not know what goes into the services their pet receives. The reality is thatin addition to administrative and operating feesthere are many things vets have to charge for in their practice. These are:

  • Professional services, which includes the physical exam, medical exam, extended exam, and hospitalized patient exam
  • Diagnostic services, which includes blood pressure evaluation and more
  • Diagnostic imaging services, which could range from ultrasounds to radiographs
  • Lab work services, which includes collecting labs, running, and analyzing samples that test for blood chemistry, leukemia, heartworms, thyroid, immunity, and more
  • Surgical procedures
  • Anesthesia for procedures, which includes intubation and monitoring
  • Hospitalization services, which includes overnight stays, inpatient monitoring, and more

Veterinary fees are generally competitive based on the rates of other veterinarians in the surrounding area as well as the nature of the services offered. Your pets weight and size also influences costs for services rendered.

Average Cost Of Pet Insurance For Dogs

Average Cost of Cat Insurance 2019

Across the top pet insurers, the average monthly premium for dog insurance was $45.

Even with the same parameters for location, dog and insurance plan, insurers showed a range of more than $60 across their plans. If you live somewhere with expensive veterinary costs or have an injury-prone dog, you can expect your monthly premium to be closer to $85 than $25.

Similarly, you’ll pay a higher premium if you want more coverage, or if you decrease the deductible or increase your reimbursement level.


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Ways To Save On Cat Costs

While the costs of a cat can add up, there are some creative ways to save money.

  • Buy in bulk.
  • Whip up your own cat treats.
  • Consider pet insurance. Pet insurance can help you manage your cat’s veterinary costs, so that you can give them the best care possible.
  • You can also save on cat care by doing your best to keep your cat safe and healthy. For instance, make sure they’re drinking plenty of water, eating the right amount of healthy food, and getting enough exercise. Additionally, you should cat-proof your home to help prevent accidents. And of course, shower them with love and attention, which can help keep you both happy.

    The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.


    *Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

    How Much Is Cat Pet Insurance

    Pet insurance rates depend on how old your cat was when you took out a policy, where you live, your cat’s breed, and a variety of other factors.

    All About Cats said: “In general, it costs about $10 to $20 a month to insure your cat for accidents and illnesses. Comprehensive wellness plans that include preventive care may cost $30 or more.”

    Embrace Pet Insurance has revealed the top five most common cat claims according to the average cost to treat them:

    • Vomiting: $600
    • Otitis Externa: $194
    • Weight Loss: $544

    Embrace Pet Insurance has also supplied the five most expensive cat breeds in order of average claim cost:

    • Maine Coon: average cost per claim is $404
    • Tabby : average cost per claim is $394
    • Domestic Mediumhair : average cost per claim is $388
    • Mixed Breed Cat: average cost per claim is $376
    • Persian: average cost per claim is $370

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    How Much Do Cat Vaccinations Cost

    The cost of cat vaccinations depends on the type of vaccine and whether its your cats first dose or a booster.

    The cost for core vaccinations ranges from $40 to $80 in total for the first year and then $20 to $50 for each booster shot.

    The core vaccinations your cat needs include:

    • Rabies
    • Feline herpes virus
    • Panleukopenia

    The feline calicivirus, feline herpes virus and panleukopenia vaccinations come in a combination shot called the distemper vaccine, which is often included in adoption fees.

    Exercise And Play Supplies

    How Much Does Owning A Cat Cost?

    The right exercise and play supplies will support your kitten bonding with you, which helps promote their social health, and keeping your kitten active contributes to their physical and mental health so you can enjoy more years together.

    Plan to stock your home with the following supplies:

    When you first welcome your kitten home, be sure to have a few cat toys already on hand, and as you get to know them, consider purchasing a few different kinds of toys to learn more about their play preferences. Cat toys can range anywhere from $1 to more than $20.

    A cat perch or tree can give your kitten the ability to escape daily life and get away from any stressors. Perches and cat trees cost $50$150+.

    Scratching helps cats keep their nails healthy and is a part of their grooming routine. Giving your kitten an appropriate place to scratch can help save them from scratching something they shouldnt. A scratching post costs around $25$50.

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    Despairing Calls For Help

    Regardless of corporate ties, I doubt anyone whos gotten a check from the Pet Fund will say it does anything short of Gods work. The requests at any animal charity are a slush pile of hopeless, Hail Mary pleas.

    I get flooded with calls and emails and requests to call vets and tell them well help pay. I feel so helpless. The messages are despairing, says Sarah Lauch, founder and president of the Live Like Roo Foundation. These are people on food stamps. They just want out of that hole.

    Live Like Roo was started after Lauch took in a pit bull named Roosevelt from Chicago Animal Care and Control in April 2015. The previous owners had surrendered the 6-year-old dog for issues urinating. Roo was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer that same month. To raise money for a bucket list send-off, Lauch started the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo, and the national reaction inspired her to form a foundation.

    Roo died in September 2015 after a summer of car rides, ice cream, photoshoots, and viral fame, and his namesake organization launched a few months later. Live Like Roo expects to award $500,000 in financial assistance this year, mostly to owners in low-income neighborhoods. If an applicant is turned down, theyre still sent a care package.

    Like most pet charities, Live Like Roo started out helping with just a portion of expenses. Now they award fewer grants for larger amounts.

    The Costs Of The 1st Year

    The cat can be purchased for prices up to $750 , however, you may also consider adopting a cat from a shelterand this will be free of charge.

    A kitten requires numerous vaccinations during his first year. Thesevaccinations will protect the cat from several viruses and commondiseases. The cost of vaccinations is between $50 and $100.

    The cat should also get some flea treatment or preventive solutions, which may cost from $50 to $150.

    Heartworm prevention is recommended, and may cost up to $40.

    The cat should also be checked out by a vet, to make sure there areno problems the vet bills may be between $50 to $300 for advanced tests, if these are needed.

    You may also consider neutering your cat neutering can prevent alot of behavioral issues and will also make sure that your cat wontget pregnant or fertilize other cats, resulting in numerous unwantedkittens. The neutering can cost between $50 and $200.

    In addition, the cat will also require one professional cleaning ofthe teeth. For kittens, this may cost up to $100, however, some vetswill not recommend this procedure during the kittens first year.

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