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Best Clumping Cat Litter Reviews

Best Clumping Cat Litter In 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula Product Review

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Cat litter is a must-have for all cats. Generally, youâll want to invest in a clumping cat litter. Otherwise, itâs quite difficult to mitigate the urine smell, leading to more frequent changes and more money out of your pocket.

However, not all clumping litters are made equal. If you want quality clumping litter, itâs important to purchase a high-quality option. Otherwise, your clumping litter may not actually clump that much at all!

Read our reviews to find out what clumping cat litters are worth buying.

Best Clumping Cat Litter In 2022

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Cats develop a preference for litter scent and type when they are mere kittens, and it doesnt change as they get older. Changing the litter can be a tricky process because cats have over 20 million scent receptors that flare up when a change in litter brand is detected.

If the cats arent pleased with the litter change, they can develop lousy bathroom habits , which is something no cat owner wants to deal with.

There is a 50/50 chance your cat might love or hate its new litter, but an overwhelming amount of them dont mind using clumping cat litter . This type of litter absorbs cat stool and urine and is easy for cat owners to scoop up. Keeping a litter box clean wont be a hassle, which makes your cat a happy since it values cleanliness above all else.

As a rule of thumb, if your cat prefers a specific brand, such as Purina or Arm & Hammer, you should stick to it. Alternative litter brands tend to feature ingredients that cats universally accept. These lesser-known cat litter brands rely on natural formulas, which translates to better odor control, superior clumping ability, and a low price tag.

The Amount Of Litter To Use

Finding the right amount can be tricky with non-clumping litter because you empty the entire thing with each litter change. You dont want to waste too much litter, but you dont want to give your cat too little either. Filling the bottom of the box with 23 inches of litter to start and adding more from there if needed will help you determine the correct amount for your cat. If your cat likes to dig, more litter will be better.

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What Size And How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need

A litter box should be at least 1.5 times the length of a cat, large enough for them to comfortably scratch and bury their waste. The standard rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat plus one extra, and ideally one on each floor of a home. A home with multiple cats, however, may be able to get away with fewer extra-large litter boxes as long as they are cleaned at least twice a day, according to Sueda. See our guide to the best litter boxes for more on this.

The Best Pine Cat Litter And Cat Litter Tray System

Naturally Fresh Walnut

Several Wirecutter staff members are into the Tidy Cats Breeze system, which makes getting rid of cat pee easy. Special pine pellets go in the box, and beneath them theres an absorbent pad that you can swap out, in addition to scooping. So you scoop daily, change the pad about once a week, and change all the pellets once a month. Its more expensive than a regular setupa little more than 2½ times as much as our top pick for litterbut Breeze advocates say the convenience is worth it . However, if your cat doesnt like it, youre out the expense of a new litter box as well as a bunch of special pads and pine cat litter pellets.

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When Should You Switch Litters

If your cat is using the litter box, and the litter youre using right now is reasonably priced, clumps well, and doesnt smell terrible with regular scooping, keep using what youre using. Even our favorite litters can only do so much.

Its common for about 2 percent to 4 percent of cats to reject any given litter, according to Ray Brown, of Arm & Hammers parent company, Church & Dwightbut if your litter leaves room for improvement, chances are good that your cat will go along with the change. Ease the transition by mixing in some of the new litter with the old for a week or two, or follow the transition instructions on the box, if they differ.

Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Cat Litter Review

The Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Cat Litter is our pick for the best multi cat clumping cat litter. This powerful formula is extremely effective at minimizing odor, using a sealing formula that keeps smells in. This litter contains Arm & Hammer baking soda another key factor in eliminating odors.

This excellent formula is plant based and is designed to keep dust to a minimum. Its highly effective odor sealing abilities make the Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Cat Litter the best cat litter for multi-cat households.


  • This litter makes very tight clumps for easy scooping and minimal mess.
  • The Arm & Hammer formula is very effective at minimizing odors.
  • This litter formula has very fine grains, which minimize dust and make it easy to vacuum up any spills.


  • Some users noted that this litter came with a strong perfume smell that was overwhelming.
  • This litter is quite heavy, which means that completely emptying and changing the litter box may be challenging for some people.
  • Because this litter clumps so well, small clumps can get stuck to your cats paws if they are wet, which leads to tracking around the house.
  • Best dust free multi cat litter

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Kocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter

Lightweight and effective describes this natural wood clumping litter. It’s soft on your cat’s paws and allegedly can absorb up to 500% of its weight in liquid! The dust issue is minimal to none, and most users seem to agree that it is extremely economical and cost-effective, especially compared to other kitty litters. It makes it extremely appealing.

  • Pros: cats seem to like the litter great at hiding odor is unscented and if anything has a light wood smell that many users actually find pleasant
  • Cons: likely doesn’t work in mechanical/rollover-style litter boxes can be messy and track/scatter, probably because it’s so lightweight and easy to stick to cats’ paws and coat fortunately, it is easy to vacuum up

Purina Tidy Cats With Glade Tough Odor Solutions

World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula Arrival Video for Review
  • 20-pound package
  • Low dust formula

Two very well-known brands have created the Purina Tidy Cats Odor solution to bring forward a great product. We like how it very efficiently forms tight, strong clumps, which are much easier to clean up later on. Scooping out becomes a rather easier task to accomplish, according to us. The dust content is also on the lower end, making it much easier for a clean pour into the cat litter. The area around the litter box will remain tidy because the dustless cat litter doesnt scatter as much. The brand claims that the 20 lbs package is 99.9% dust-free, something we truly like.

Whats most surprising about the scoopable cat litter additive is that the formula takes care of 4 kinds of tough odors. Moisture-activated action will immediately takes care of odors while trapping them out. Any unpleasant smells will be locked away with the powerful formula. We will recommend this multi-cat clumping litter for its quick action and 10-day guaranteed odor control feature. Moreover, the odor elimination process goes on around the clock, so that your home smells fresh.

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Feline Pine Platinum Non

as of March 27, 2022 10:29 pm


  • No Harsh Chemicals just Natural Pine plus the added benefits of Baking Soda!
  • Highly Absorbent pine pellets to keep your cats litter box fresh and dry
  • Low Dust and Lightweight (Less than half the weight of clay litter!
  • Best Natural Odor Control with no added fragrances
  • No New Trees are Cut down to make Feline Pine products

How To Choose The Most Popular Clumping Cat Litter Unscented

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

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What Is The Best Clumping Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

  • Best clumping cat litter for multiple cats
  • Seals in odors
  • Best dust free multi cat litter
  • Best non-stick litter for multiple cats
  • Contains Arm & Hammer baking soda for odor control
  • Non-stick clumps slide out of the box
  • Best hypoallergenic litter for multiple cats
  • Unscented clumping formula
  • Best affordable litter for multiple cats
  • Tight-clumping formula
  • Best clumping cat litter for multiple cats
  • Seals in odors
  • Contains Arm & Hammer baking soda

How Much Is Clumping Cat Litter Unscented

10 Best Cat Litter Reviews 2020

clumping cat litter unscented come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as clumping cat litter unscented.

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Frequency Of Litter Changes

Emptying the entire box, cleaning it, drying it, and refilling it sounds like a great deal of work, but since you wont be scooping the box to remove the liquids, this is necessary. While some of the waste can be removed through scooping, the liquid will soak into the litter and be difficult to remove without completely scraping it out. Doing this at least once a week is recommended for odor and buildup control.

The Best Cat Litter Is Litter Your Cat Wants To Use

With inappropriate elimination near the top of the list of reasons cited when people relinquish their cats to the animal shelter, its clear that a harmonious litter box situation spells happiness in a cat-inclusive home.

If you look at it from your cats perspective, youll have a good foundation for evaluating any cat litter on the market. Will this litter feel good under your cats paws? Will dust fill his hooded box and make him uncomfortable? Is the artificial fragrance overwhelming?

Once youve satisfied your cats needs, you can start considering your own. Humans deserve a comfortable home too, and the ideal litter box benefits both you and your cat.

In an ideal world, the best cat litter offers a beautiful combination of features that meet both your needs and your cats. Your cats natural instincts get the respect they deserve, and you get to control the smell and appearance of cat waste in the house.

Your cat wins. You win. And any cat litter that contributes to this situation is a winning product.

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Is Clumping Litter Safe For Kittens

Kittens are young. They’re learning how to clean themselves, get themselves to use the litter box, and basically become a fully functioning furball.

They’re also insanely curious and love to put things in their mouths, like all babies do. For this reason, some cat parents are concerned about using clumping cat litters for their littlest felines. Some of the ingredients in clumping cat litters may cause intestinal blockages or other problems if ingested by your kitty. And since little cats aren’t the best at the whole grooming thing, they may be more likely to consume litter particles compared to their older companions.

The thing is, there’s no scientific proof that clumping cat litters can be harmful to cats.

So, what to do?

Here’s the ASPCA’s take on it: while there has been no proof to claims of problems in scientific literature, caretakers may wish to delay introducing kittens to clumping litters until 3 to 4 months of age.

Ultimately, there’s no evidence to say that clumping cat litters aren’t safe for kittens, but as a cat owner, you may ultimately need to make your own call about this one.

Which Types Of Cats Is Worlds Best Cat Litter Best Suited For

World’s Best Cat Litter Forest Scented Clumping Cat Litter and Ragdoll Cats Review

Worlds Best Cat Litter formulas are designed to suit cats of all ages. This is because their formulas are not only dust-free but also pet, people, and planet-friendly since they are made from sustainable corn and do not contain added chemicals.

This means that even kittens, whose immune systems are not fully developed yet, can use Worlds Best Cat Litter without their health being compromised.

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Purina Yesterdays News Non

Purina is a well-known brand in the pet community, though theyre best known for producing pet foods. Their Yesterdays News non-clumping cat litter is made from recycled newspaper, making it eco-friendly and affordable. Plus, its three times more absorbent than clay, which makes it ideal for use as a cat litter.

This blend is 99.7% dust-free, so you dont have to worry about it causing or worsening any breathing problems. Its also made up of pretty large chunks that wont stick to your felines feet or track through the house.

But this is a non-clumping formula, which means it can be more difficult to spot clean when you need to remove the waste but dont want to replace all of the litter. Worse, the litter is the same color as feces, so youll have a hard time determining whats poop and whats just litter.

For some reason, we also found that many cats like to eat this litter, which isnt great for their digestive systems. But hey, Purina is known for making pet food, so maybe even their litter tastes good? We didnt try it, but our cats seemed to think so.

Tidy Cats is another Purina brand, and the pure nature scented clumping wood cat litter is a blend of several different materials weve seen used for litter so far. This formula uses cedar, pine, and corn to create a cat litter thats excellent at odor management. These ingredients trap the foul odors your cats waste produces, ensuring that your home continues to smell fresh.

  • Tends to stick to the litter box

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Free & Clean Cat Litter

This featherweight litter gives you the same volume as regular litter, but only about half the heft. Plus, it has an ammonia blocker and activated charcoal to keep urine smells at bay. JustAnswerveterinarian Dwight Alleyne is a fan. Ive been a cat owner for almost 20 years as well as a veterinarian and so far, my all-time favorite brand has been Tidy Cat because it seems to have the best odor control, he says.

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Arm And Hammer Clumping Cat Litter

Reviews for Arm and Hammer litter are easy for me to do, I think they make excellent cat litter.I used to be a die-hard fan of Tidy Cat litter for multiple cats. I thought it was the best clumping and deodorizing litter on the market. Perhaps it was for a number of years. I certainly had more luck with Tidy Cat than I did Fresh Step Cat Litter. When I was desperate, I used Fresh Step. It’s too perfumed, doesn’t clump well, and my cats don’t like all the fragrance emanating from it. I next began to use Arm and Hammer litter, found it clumped well and like the use of baking soda rather than the perfumes. Of all the cat litters you can buy in the grocery stores, I’d still pick Arm & Hammer over all the others for the price, quality, and its fewer additives.

Also Great: Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter

Naturally Fresh Walnut Clumping Cat Litter Review: Easy Swap

*At the time of publishing, the price was $15.

We like the Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter because it does a good job of trapping odors, and it has tiny litter granules that clump better than those of most cat litter brands we tested. Also, the Cloud Control litter doesnt gunk up the bottom of a pan, and it produces virtually no dust. But those tiny granules may track throughout the home, and the Cloud Control litters traditional cardboard-box container can be a hassle to carry and open.

Even though Dr. Elseys Ultra had the best odor control, the Cloud Control litter did the best job of making tighter, defined litter clumps that were the easiest to scoop and clean during our tests.

In our tests, the Cloud Control cat litter trapped stinky ammonia and sulfur-like hing odors better than the competition, and only a faint stench remained when we were sitting next to the dirty litter only Dr. Elseys Ultra beat it in this area by completely trapping the odors. The Cloud Control cat litter quickly negates odors if your cat regularly buries their waste, but itll take a few minutes for the smells to dissipate if your cat is rude and never covers things up.

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