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How To Move My Cat Across The Country

Pet Moving For All Domestic Dog & Cat Breeds

Moving Across the Country WITH OUR CAT in a UHAUL | Moving Vlog #5 | Dingle

Shipping all dog breeds – From the most massive Great Dane to the smallest Chihuahua, our industry-leading pet transport service does not discriminate against relocating any dog breeds.

Welcoming all cat breeds – Need to ship a cat across the country? We are ready and willing to transport all domestic cat breeds, including Sphynx and Turkish Angora.

Although we dont ship jaguars or wild coyotes, theres always a place for your domestic pet in our vehicles! Rabbits, reptiles, and others are welcome, too!

We Move All

Before Moving With Cats Get Them Accustomed To The Carrier

Those who plan to relocate with pets should know that they are on the list of items movers wont move. That means you have to consider alternative ways of transportation. So, if you are not shipping the car across the country, use it to transport a furry little friend to a new home.

To make the trip easier and safer, you need to keep the pet contained during the drive. This is especially important if you are relocating from the east coast to the west or vice versa because of the long drive.

If your furry little friend is not used to being in a carrier, start training them a month or two before the move. Buy the carrier in the right size, and start putting treats in it. After a while, your feline will feel comfortable staying in the crate for a while. When you are sure they are willing to stay in a crate for a while, go for a test drive. It would show you if the feline adapted to it.

Once You Arrive At Your Location

Once youve finally made it to your destination, there are a few things you can do to help your kitty settle in and relax.

First, make sure the room is cat safe. Always let you hosts know before leaving that youre bringing a pet, to ensure everything in the room is suitable. Make sure the room is cat-safe and secure before opening the crate. Set up your kitty resources and keep the room quiet and calm as you allow your kitty to explore in their own time.

Give your pet time to adjust. Your kitty might be a little nervous after the long journey and be reluctant to get out of the crate/carrier. Its important to give your pet time to adjust, come out at their own pace, and explore their new environment. Make sure there are some familiar items nearby – such as favourite toys and their bed, and make sure there are lots of resources nearby. If possible, give your pet the option to stay in their bed, or in the carrier while you are away. Giving them the option will let them feel they are in control!

Set a space for kitty litter. Place a litter tray close by so that your pet can find it easily. Be sure to clean and remove litter regularly as you would at home. You should also keep food and water in a different place.

Keep watch on your pet. Keep an eye on your kitty at all times, and only let them wander freely if you are confident that they cannot escape outside to a strange area.

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Moving Your Cat By Car

Avoid giving your kitty a big meal before taking a trip. A light breakfast to settle the stomach is all that’s needed until you stop for the night. Use a seat belt to secure the cat carrier in case of sudden stops or turns. Most cats will be fine without a litter box for trips under 6 hours. If you are going to be in the car for longer periods, bring along a disposable litter box that you can use in the car or hotel.

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Moving With A Cat By Plane

How to Move Cross Country with Cats

If youre traveling by plane, contact the airlines ahead of time about their requirements for accommodating pets and the associated costs. There are specific dimensions for carriers , which must fit under the seat. Be sure to include identification information and a jacket with leash if you need to remove your cat.

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Depending on the length of the flight, your cat probably wont need to eat or use the litter box shredded newspaper as a liner can absorb any accidents. Carry a small stash of treats or food and water to offer if theres a layover.

Ask your veterinarian about a sedative If your cat is overly anxious, but chances are that once the flight is underway, she will sleep the trip away.

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Do Your Research Before Leaving Home Or Unleashing The Hounds

Some communities ban certain dog breeds. Also, note that city ordinances can set limits on the number of pets in a household. Do your homework on city and state ordinances before leaving home. The Animal Legal and Historical Center website, created by the Michigan State University Center College of Law, offers tools to research city, state and federal guidelines regarding pets. It also helps to place a call to your insurance agent.

When transferring from one state to the other, let your agent know in your home state, says State Farm insurance agent Lindsay Mullen. They typically will help find an agent thats near you. All thats needed is the new address and information about the home. Other than that, we handle everything else behind the scenes.

Mullen says your agent can help determine coverage amounts. But keep in mind that homeowners or renters insurance will not cover pet accidents, death or injury.

Also, Monroe suggests taking a tour of the backyard before allowing pets to roam free. Look for gaps or holes in the fence line, and pick up any items that pets may try to chew or swallow. Supervise pets in the yard until you are convinced they cant get out, she says.

Have A Designated Room In The Home For Your Pet

Another thing that will stop the feline from feeling anxious is to keep them away from all the action. While movers are packing up everything from the household inventory list, pets should be kept in a room thats off-limits for unknown people. You can leave them in a bedroom or a space that was packed up and emptied beforehand. This chill area is also a great place for you to relax when the whole relocation process becomes too much.

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How To Move Cross Country With Cats Everything You Need To Know

After three moves within four years, it is safe to say we know how to move cross country with cats. From Las Vegas to Dallas, Dallas to Washington D.C. and then back to Dallas we have gathered all the tips and essential things to know when it comes to moving cross country with cats. Suffice to say, we also know what its like traveling with cats in a car. We have driven long distances with a cat in both a truck and a compact car, we have PURRFECTED the art on how to travel with a cat in a car. From finding the right travel litter box to the comfiest blankets and travel carrier, we know exactly what makes a cat purr.

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  • Cat Backpack
  • Helpful Tips I Wish Id Followed

    ð Moving With ð?¶ð?± Pets Across Country – Part 1
  • Research ahead of time. Its always less stressful when you know what to expect.
  • Plan ahead. You need time to book your flight, visit the vet, and get a carrier.
  • When in doubt call the airline. If youre unsure about your carriers size or anything else just call the airline to double-check.
  • Bring a blanket. Having a blanket to swaddle your cat in during airport security can help keep your cat safe and you from being scratched.
  • Bring something familiar. Bring something from home to keep your cat company in the carrier and help acclimate them to their new space.
  • If youre moving with your kitty soon, Tang and I wish you luck!

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    Book An Appointment With The Vet

    Moving pets across country should not be an overly complicated task. The thing is that as long as you keep following the right steps, things will turn out to be okay for everyone. So, whats the next logical step when moving with pets?

    Book an appointment with a licensed veterinarian in your town or city and take your pet for a complete medical checkup before you move away. In fact, your visit to the vet office is a must-do task for several reasons:

    • Make sure your pet is healthy before the house moving trip.

      You just have to know that your pet friend is in good health with the approaching of Moving day. A standard medical checkup by the vet will confirm that things are fine and your dog, cat, bird or another pet animal will be cleared for the relocation trip.

    • If you know your pet all too well and you suspect that they will get extremely anxious or stressed out or scared during the physical move between the two homes, then discuss with the animal doctor the need for anti-anxiety medication.
    • Moving interstate with pets will mean that youll no longer be able to use the veterinary services of your current pet doctor. As a result, youll have to find another vet upon arriving in the new town or city. So, ask the vet if they can recommend any good animal doctors in your destination.
    • Have the vet prepare the necessary documents required for post-move registration with another veterinary. In most cases, the most important piece of paperwork will be the pets immunization record.

    Take Extra Care With Plane Travel

    If you’re traveling on a plane with your cat, you’ll either bring your cat on the plane with you or you’ll check-in your pet to the cargo area. Try to fly in the cabin together if possible. Your cat will be happier and you’ll both feel safer. If you want to use this option, book your flight early and talk to the airline to make sure there’s space.

    Remember: you’ll need to take your cat out of his carrier for the X-ray screening. He’ll need to be on a harness for this part. Look for a harness that fits your cat closely so he can’t wiggle his way out. Give him time to get used to wearing the harness at home first.

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    Moving Long Distance With Cats Is Easier Than You Think

    This post may contain affiliate or referral links. Please see our full affiliate disclosure here.

    Say youve got a case of wanderlust or have gotten a great new job in a brand new state. Exciting! You start looking for a new home in your new state and hire movers or rent a U-Haul, but you also have a cat or two. Now, what do you do? Moving long distance with cats sounds like a nightmare! Your cat throws a fit just going a few blocks in the car on the way to the vet theres no way they will handle hundreds or even thousands of miles in a car.

    Or will they?

    One of the biggest reasons people give for surrendering their cat to a shelter is that theyre moving, but it doesnt have to be this way. Moving cats long distance can seem daunting to many people. How often do they need to eat? How is my cat going to use the litter box? Where can I stay with my cat?

    Dont fear. Im here to help tell you how to move with a cat long distance.

    At the end of July my family, including our two cats, moved from Colorado to Massachusetts. Yes, 1900 miles over five days with two adults, two kids, and two cats. Trying to figure out the logistics of it all was making my head spin!

    But guess what? The anticipation was far worse than reality and our two cats, Orion and Pete, were traveling champions! Heres what we did to make the long trip easier.

    Get The Cat Accustomed To The Leash Before Moving Cross Country

    Your Comprehensive Guide to Successful Cross

    Furthermore, if relocating from the west coast to the east coast or the other way around, youll need to make frequent stops to stretch legs. When you are making a pause, make sure to let your feline take a walk as well. However, they might get scared by an unknown environment and flee. To avoid it, put them on a leash. That way, you can walk them at stops without worrying about their safety.

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    When To Feed Your Cat While Traveling

    If youd like, you can stop and feed the cats along the way we chose not to. One, we wanted to avoid any accidents in the carrier and two, we have a cat who vomits.

    Instead, we free fed them in the hotel so they ate in the morning and evening and that was fine for them. They didnt seem too hungry when we stopped for the night.

    Moving Mondays: How To Prepare Your Cat For A Cross Country Move

    *Updated May 2020*

    Im not gonna lie, my cat wasnt the first thing I thought about when I began preparing for my move.

    Dont get me wrong, I love my cat, Ollie. My husband and I adopted her a few weeks after we got married. She is an important part of our little family. But shes almost self-sufficient .

    Once I started thinking through the moving plans, I quickly realized I needed to prepare Ollie for the move. She is generally low-maintenance, but there were still tons of details to work out. I had to decide how to transport her, take her to the vet, get her medications, and start leash training her. I needed to map out pet-friendly hotels, plan her new eating schedule, and figure out her litter box situation.

    Have I mentioned that moving cross-country is a very involved process?

    But even though it initially sounded challenging, preparing my cat for the move ended up being much easier than I anticipated. Of course my experience might not be the same as someone elses and I am definitely not a veterinarian, but I still want to share my tips for cross country moving with cats.

    I have moved cross country twice with my cat . For todays Moving Mondays post I am taking a deep dive into this process to give you all the tips and tricks Ive learned from both moves.

    Read on to find out how I prepared my cat and how she handled the moves.

    Spoiler: she handled it pretty dang well!

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    Watch Out For Feline Depression

    You may have been acclimated to your new place but with cats especially, they may not have.

    Some cats go through feline depression after moving cross country and they become sensitive to the changes in their environment.

    Some of the most common symptoms that coincide with feline depression are loss of appetite, aggression, excessive sleeping, prolonged periods of the cat not meowing

    If you believe that your cat is showing any of these symptoms, then you should consider scheduling an appointment with your vet.

    Hopefully, you made copies of your cats medical records then when you visit your new vet, it will make the transition go smoothly.

    You will need to monitor your cats behavior more frequently for any worsening symptoms. As well as being there for your cat as much as possible.

    Now and then try to have them play with you and show them as much love and attention as you can.

    Whether youre planning to move cross country with cats, the best thing you can prepare ahead of time and make sure you have everything ready.

    If youre confused about what would be better either to fly or drive, then talk with your vet first to determine which of the two your cat is qualified for.

    So, plan accordingly and when you move cross country with cats it will make the transition easier.


    Option #: Hiring Specialized Pet Movers

    Driving Across the Country with my Cat I Moving Vlog

    Professional pet movers can be a good choice when youre moving across the country with pets.

    If neither of the above two options is good enough for you, then maybe the answer youre looking for will come in the form of professional pet movers moving companies that specialize in pet transport across the country.

    Pet transportation companies have the experience, skills, and equipment to transport pets safely and quickly between various locations in the United States.

    When it comes to hiring professional pet carriers, experience in a huge factor some pet movers may have very little experience in transporting birds, so if your pet happens to be a bird, then its best to look for another more experienced pet transportation company.

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    Tip #: Give Them Lots Of Love

    Anyone whos ever moved knows the moving process is chaotic. Theres so much to do and so little time. Even so, make sure you spend more than enough time with your cats before their big move.

    Buying your cats a new toy or treating them to their favorite meal will go a long way towards letting your cats know you love them. Be sure to give your felines a ton of affection so that they approach the move with a hugnot a hiss.


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